Ultimate Review Of The Best Travel Shavers In 2023

Best Travel Shaver

When traveling, it’s easy for men to put grooming at the backseat; after all, shaving on the go comes with a lot of nuances.

However, if you take pride in looking well groomed, you can still achieve your gentlemanly look even on the go with the best travel shaver.

While the disposable razors from hotels or some random convenience store will provide a decent shave, you don’t have to settle for that while there’re plenty of other great products around.

I'm referring to the travel shavers.

As their name suggests, these grooming gadgets are specifically designed to suit the shaving needs of travelers.

They're lightweight, compact, and come with a host of travel features, making them an ideal option for those on the go.

However, like anything in life, some of these mobile shavers do exhibit some specific limitations and so when choosing the ideal travel shaver; you should take into account several key aspects. This is particularly true if you have thick hairs because the flimsy plastics shavers just won't do.

Fortunately, in this article, we'll take a look at what makes a good travel razor and what are their pros and cons. We'll also check out some of the top 5 popular models in the market.

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!



Wet / Dry

Run Time





60 Minutes

6.9 Oz



60 Minutes

5.9 Oz



60 Minutes

5.4 Oz

Other Great Recommendations



30 Minutes

12.8 Oz



60 Minutes

5.6 Oz

Top 5 Travel Shavers in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Travel Shavers

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver - Editors Choice

The M90 is probably the most popular model from Braun’s line of mobile shavers, and in my opinion, one of the best electric shavers for travel.

This little shaver is an updated version of both the M60 and the M30, and it comes with quite a few aces down the sleeve, which makes it quite a compelling option for the travel enthusiasts.

Best Travel Shaver

Some of the crucial features on this shaver;


Overall, we were impressed by the build quality and design of M90, especially considering the price range on this unit.

This shaver is entirely constructed from plastic, and though it lacked the rubberized surfaces, the matte finish provided us with a decent amount of grip.

Generally, the razor feels rock-solid, and the plastic doesn't flex or cringe, even when we exerted serious pressure.


Weighing at 7-ounces and with a modest dimension of 1.5 x 3.11 x 5.16 in, we feel that this shaver is actually designed with travelers in mind.

Unlike other bulky designs, M90 allowed us to use it as a backup shaver when traveling as it was easy to stash in the bag.

In particular, we were impressed by the integrated protective cap, which, in my opinion, is the greatest feature that primes M90 as a travel shaver.

The protective cap protects the foil head from damage, and it automatically shuts the shaver, meaning it'll not randomly buzz alerting the paranoid TSA or even drain the battery.

Smart Foil for Sensitive Skins

The shaving experience on M90 is a bit of mixed bag; nonetheless, I will say that right off the bat, this unit offered a decent shave, and it delivers what it promises.

Braun uses a Smart Foil cutting head that a lot of men say that it gives a good shave, and when used for daily shaving, it performs well.

Though it doesn’t feature the same number of cutting elements we saw in the expensive Braun 7 or 9 models, it still offers a decent shave and will give you a close enough shave to take you through your business trip without looking too bland.

Being a basic razor, the closeness of the shave is adequate, and dealing with short hairs wasn't a problem, either.

One gripe we had we the foil cutting head is the potential issue over the long term use; according to some of the reviewers, pushing too hard usually resulted in bending on the head. The good news is, the shaver is inexpensive, and most of the parts come at a fraction of the cost.

Integrated Trimmer

Built-in trimmers are rare to find in travel shavers, and though the trimmer on the M90 is quite small, it's definitely a welcome addition and suitable for grooming your sideburns, mustache, and light touch-ups.

Wet and Dry Use

M90 is completely washable, and we loved that we could use it wet or dry.

What’s so handy when washing wet is that you can use the shaver in your bathroom, and even with a combination of shaving gels, creams, and lotions for a better shave.

  • Travel-friendly
  • Dry/Wet use
  • Close shave
  • Budget-option
  • No low-battery warning

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Panasonic ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) Arc 5 - Best Value

Arc 5 line of shavers is an embodiment of the finest Panasonic engineering technology, and it’s currently in its 3rd iteration since launching in 2016.

Along with its latest updates, Panasonic has introduced a titillating model that departures from the standard mobile shavers.

The novelty of the ES-CV70 stems from the fact that it’s a high-performance shaver that appears to be a full-fledged grooming tool, despite its compact size.

And in spite of being branded as a travel shaver, it's by no means inferior, and in our opinion, it competes favorably with the regular Arc 5 models, which are arguably the best electric shavers you can get in the market.

Panasonic ES-CV51 (ES-CV70) Arc 5

Some of the crucial features on this shaver;

5 Blade Shaving System

Like its name suggest, this grooming tool comes with a 5-blade shaving system, tying up with some of its high end and bigger siblings such as the ES-LV9CX-S and ES-LV9Q.

What probably captured our attention is, unlike the previous generations, the shaving system on this tool revolves around two golden comfort rollers that allow the shaver to glide smoothly over your skin and improve the overall comfort of the shave.

In particular our attention was drawn to the Power Quick Lift cutter, which according to Panasonic, is an improved version of the former models, but honestly, users claim it wasn't so great with the longer hairs. In any case, on close inspection, it had plenty of similarities with other models.

Nonetheless, in a typical ARC 5 fashion, ES-CV70 offers a decent and close shave and is ideal for the sensitive skins as it doesn’t cause any irritation.


We were impressed by the Panasonic Nano-blades, which in my view are some of the best in the industry.

The blades are mounted on an aggressive 30-degree bevel, which promotes ergonomics, and above all, allowed users to attain an efficient cut, without needing to pull or yank the hairs.

14 000 CPM Drive Linear Motor

Traditionally, Panasonic is known for fitting less powerful drivetrains to some of the less expensive models in Arc 4 & 3. However, with the 5th generation models, the manufacturer has not made any compromises in this regard.

ES-CV70 comes with a punchy and reliable 14000 CPM motor, the fastest motor you’ll come across in the market currently.

For a normal-sized razor and more impressive a travel shaver like Panasonic ES-CV70, this is truly a worthy addition and will ensure that you get an incredible performance even when using on the coarse beards.

Beard Density Sensor

ES-CV70 comes with a unique special senor that will read the density of your beard, and adjust power accordingly to optimize the cutting performance.

In theory, this proprietary technology seems like a good idea, but when used practically, users complained that it delivered an inconsistent performance, or it was of little use.

Our concern, however, is more than just the practicality of the beard sensors but the fact that you cannot disable this sensor, contrary to the previous models, which gave users the option of using a full power mode.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Full-fledged shaver
  • Wet & Dry Operation
  • Tad expensive

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Panasonic ES3831K Travel Shaver - Best Budget

Panasonic ES3831K is my third recommendation for the best shavers for travel.

It has a few advantages over the previous models, but it similarly has its shortcomings too.

At first glance, Panasonic ES3831K seems to tick all the boxes; it’s lightweight, compact, and functional, exactly what you would want in the best shaver for travel.

Nonetheless, the compact size, and the low price means that you have to make several compromises, especially on the quality of the shaving performance.

Let’s subject this shaver to our usual test and see what it has to offer.

Panasonic ES3831K Travel Shaver

Some of the crucial features on this shaver;

Design Quality and Build

Aside from a spot-on shave, men want a device that is comfortable to use, and this what Panasonic ES3831K offers.

Weighing at 5.4 ounces with a modest dimension of 4.56” x 2.36” x 1.4”, we loved at how this shave fits in our hands.

This, alongside the ergonomically crafted design, makes it a cinch to hold the shaver, and won't slip out your hands when wet.

Single Blade Shaving Head

The shaving head on Panasonic ES3831K stays as basic as it can get, and it doesn’t come with pivoting or flexing capabilities.

Nonetheless, despite its simplicity, it can be depressed though it will require a bit of force.

What we loved most about this shaving system is that it stays sharp, even when used consistently.

Above all, the blade system is manifested in a floating head that is founded at an optimum 78-degrees angle.

The precision angled head allows the shaver to follow the angles and contours of your face and will snip off all hairs down to the skin level without having to wiggle your hand around too much.

Travel Lock

A must-have feature for a travel shaver is a travel lock, and this Panasonic model ticks this box.

Though its implementation is not as superb as what we had earlier seen from the Braun model we still have to give props to Panasonic for putting a lot of thought into designing the travel lock mechanism.

8500 CPM Motor

Under the hood of Panasonic ES3831K we’ve a snappy 8500 linear motor, a quite depressing bump in performance, especially when compared with its sibling the Panasonic ARC 5 we’ve just reviewed above.

However, this is quite expected given the price we had to pay for it.

Despite this, we were impressed by the performance of the shaver, and if anything, it resulted in a faster and closer shaver. However, don't expect the full-size level of shaving performance, but it's definitely a worthwhile consideration for the travel shaver.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Floating head for easy contouring
  • Close shave
  • Does not offer professional performance

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Shavetech USB Electric Razor - Best USB –Shaver Type

Shavetech isn’t probably the best shaver you can buy, but for many travelers, the idea of having a lightweight and compact unit that supports USB function rather than changing disposable batteries or plugging in cables and adapters is quite compelling.

Despite its size, Shavetech is a full-size electric shaver, complete with all the essential shaving components, yet it’s about the size of a smartphone.

Shavetech USB Electric Razor

Some of the crucial features on this shaver;

Design Features

From first glance, this shaver comes with a slim, sleekly, and flat design that is a tad smaller than a regular smartphone.

In my opinion, this shaver is built with aesthetics in mind, and in particular, built for users who admire the sort of product design that Apple does.

Nonetheless, despite the Apple-like design, it would be a far-fetched call to suggest that the quality and design of this model come near what Apple offers.

In particular, were concerned with the flimsy plastic feel, and unlike the previous models we’ve reviewed above, I wouldn’t want to drop it too many time to test its solidity.

 When all is said and done, we liked this shaver because of its simplicity and compactness; two of the crucial features that are essential for the frequent traveler.


Shavetech is recharged through a built-in folding dongle that easily plugs into the USB port of electronics.

We liked this recharging idea because we didn’t have to worry about foreign voltage adapters, though you’ll still need one for your laptops.

Either way, Shavetech makes charging a cinch and removes the hassle of having to find the right power outlet.


Given that Shavetech is a compact unit, you might get tricked into thinking it skimps on performance.

In reality, we were surprised at how just powerful the shaver is, and though not at par with the Braun and Panasonic models we’ve reviewed above, it’s quite a functional unit.

Above all, it’s far less “toy-like” than the battery-powered model, and it will do a nice and quick job on your face.

However, we noted that Shavetech had some challenged dealing with the inward-curving and longer hairs, and this is inadvertent because it lacks some of the essential accessories such as a trimmer, which would ordinarily be used for such offenders.

The lack of a trimmer also puts it off the list for travelers looking to make light touchups and working on their mustaches or sideburns.

Battery Life

Battery life on Shavetech is rated approximately 30 minutes, which is still pretty decent for users traveling for a few days.

Ideally, this should give you at least a 5-minute shave for six consecutive days.

For longer trips, however, I'd suggest that run it down and recharging it every two or three days to avoid losing track or forgetting.

  • Apple-like
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • USB-Charged
  • Close shave
  • No trimmer head

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Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor - Best Rotary Travel Shaver

Our biggest concern with the previous foil shavers on our list is that they don’t follow the contours of your face.

For instance, while models like M90 will perfectly work on flat surfaces, they usually struggle on areas such as the chin, neck, and cheekbone area.

This is where rotary shavers come in, and the Phillips Norcelo PQ208 could be your solution if you’re looking for a compact and lightweight travel shaver that will give you an extremely close shave.

Though Norcelo PQ208 is the most basic model in Norcelo’s PowerTouch Series, it leverages on Norcelos’ signature flexing heads that offers a close shave.

Unlike Braun with a single cutting element, Norelco comes with two independent rotary blades that will do a better job on tight areas, and its supremacy is reflected by the plenty of positive reviews on the shaving performance of this model.

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor

Some of the crucial features on this shaver;

CloseCut Heads

The CloseCut Heads are simply Philips fancy terms of referring to the two rotary heads.

According to Phillips, the free-floating head is designed to deliver a smooth shave on the go and are adapted for cutting hairs in the hard-to-reach spots such as the chin as well as the jawline.

However, take note that if you're coming from a foil shaver, you'll require a different technique to use this rotary shaver. Rather than using the up and down motion, these rotary shavers require you to move it in a circular motion, which to me, requires a learning curve if you're doing a transition.

Self-Sharpening Blades

Norelco's line of shavers is known for its self-sharpening blades, and this travel shaver comes with the same technology.

For users like me who always have a hard time sharpening or replacing the blade, we loved this handy feature because it lets the shaver work as well as when you first bought it.

Regardless, you’ll still require replacing the blade once every year.

Run Time

Phillips Norelco PQ208 doesn't include a built-in battery, but instead, it comes with two AA batteries, which Phillip generously includes in the package.

The batteries have a generous runtime of 60 minutes and will let you make several shave sessions.

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Close shave
  • Compact
  • Requires a learning curve to use

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Best Shaver for Travel Buying Guide

Best Shaver for Travel Buying Guide

As you’ve already seen, travel shavers are massively differentiated from the regular shavers, and they do come with specific features that promote their ease of use during travel.

In the section below, we shall highlight some of the crucial features of the travel shavers, and hopefully, allow you to make a more informed decision in your next purchase.

Travel Lock and Protective Cap

This is pretty self-explanatory and of the essence, in my opinion.

A shaver for travel should be fitted with a locking mechanism that will prevent it from automatically turning itself on.

The shaver must further come with a protective cap, particularly the case of foil shavers because they're quite sensitive to mechanical shocks.

Replaceable Batteries/ USB Charging

I think replaceable batteries are a decent option in any travel shaver because they eliminate the need for charging, and they're cheap and readily available.

And unlike the corded-version, there's no need to carry an extra cord, and you can use them anywhere on the go.

Compact Size

Portability is one of the major reasons people would want a travel razor.

Get a lightweight and compact unit that will not weigh you down, and one that is easy to stash on your bag.


Performance-wise, a travel shaver can’t match that of a regular shaver.

However, some of the travel shavers are more functional than others and manage to perform quite decently. Very handy if are travelling on cosy cruise ships..


Travel shavers are adorned for their simplicity, lightness, and compact nature.

They’re extremely portable and will not take much space in your travel bag.

Now, all the shavers we’ve reviewed above tick all the boxes of what we’ve mentioned, but some are more suitable for your shaving needs than others.

Go through the list and pick a model that you think will best address your shaving needs while on the go.


Are travel shavers allowed on the plane?

The shavers are allowed, but the length of the blade matters. Ensure you get the specific flight requirements before you travel, as most of the flights do not accommodate long blades.

Are the travel shavers worth it?

 The design, weight, and features make the shaver ideal for traveling. You'll like the lightweight nature and ease of use for a variety of shaving styles. Additionally, the shaver is a DIY type that makes shaving easy.

Is it safe to use travel shavers?

Most of the shavers are small and portable. They also come with small blades for a clean shave. You have guidelines to ensure comfortable usage. You'll need to be careful with the cleaning to prevent interfering with the motor for the electric types. Most of the electric shavers come with a cleaning guide.

Do the travel electric shavers cause less irritation on the skin?

When you compare the blade options, the electric types are comfortable on the skin and perfect for sensitive skin. You'll need to check the brand and get the right shaver for your budget.

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