Ultimate Review Of Best Zephyr Range Hoods In 2023

best zephyr range hood

Since 1997, Zephyr Company has been a major competitor in the manufacture of quality ventilation products and range hoods. With 18 years of delivering high-end products and services to their customers, Zephyr has received mixed criticism from different customers, something which has enabled the company to claim a larger share in the marketplace.

With that being said, this article is aimed at providing a detailed review of each of the different range hoods manufactured by Zephyr Company.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Review!

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Suction Power

Dimension (Inches)


850 CFM

All Levels

695 CFM


400 CFM


The Best Zephyr Range Hood In The Market For The Money!

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Zephyr AK2136AS Power 36" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr AK2136AS Power 36" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet <a href=Range Hood" width="1024" height="438" title="Zephyr AK2136AS Power 36" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood" data-id="3509589" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/zephyr-ak2136as-hood-1024x438.jpg" style="">

The Zephyr AK2136AS 36” Stainless Steel under cabinet range hood is a new innovation of the under cabinet range hood which have gone through some major upgrades to achieve more desirable results. 

After testing this unit, we discovered that it comes with some smart features which are not available in cheaper hoods. Among these features include; 6- powerful speed levels which are touch controlled, a noise free 850 CFM powerful blower, 2×35-watts LED light bulbs, a delay off and a self-cleaning feature which makes the unit smarter as compared to its predecessors.

The Zephyr AK2136AS 36” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet RangeHood is indeed a perfect unit for those of you who treasure quality, style and performance. Although the unit is pricey as compared to other brands, its features are more advanced and upgraded giving you much more desirable results unlike other hoods along the line.


  • The unit is very easy to install and the motor is fairly silent especially working on the lowest setting.
  • The LED light bulbs which come with this appliance are very bright and shiny offering you with sufficient light required for your cooking needs.
  • The entire unit is lightweight and very easy to install even by a single person.


  • The only drawback with this unit is the LED lights which are dim as compared to the halogen lights. 

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Zephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Zephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet <a href=Range Hood " width="1024" height="768" title="The Zephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet Range Hood " data-id="3509590" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/products-zephyr-color-essentials-collection-under-cabinet-zephyr_ak2500s-b-1024x768.jpg" style="">

The Zephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with different colors of your choice which will perfectly complement your current décor. Its powerful Hurricane motor is the best for sucking grease and contaminants from the air while still releasing fresh air into your kitchen. The motor has a maximum noise level of 5.5 sones and 3-speed 695 CFM blowers which suck allergens and odors from your kitchen with ease.

The self-cleaning feature is another selling point of this appliance. Users only need to operate in the low setting, spray a grease cutting detergent to the fan blades then leave it to self-clean for about five minutes after which you’ll remove the cleaning cup and wash it. Its sleek and stylish design has been another selling point of this unit with most customers saying that the unit can fit in any modernized kitchen. With a weight of 40 pounds, dimensions of 32.5×25.7×10.4 inches and a 10 year parts warranty, this is a must have unit for any cooking enthusiast.

The Zephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet Range Hood is a powerful unit which sucks out smoke, odors, steam and heat through the dusted system. Most customers have praised the performance of the motor, the halogen light bulbs and other smart features saying that they have been a major contribution to its performance.


  • The Zephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet Range Hood has a sleek design which complements any type of kitchen.
  • The powerful 695 CFM blowers offer a complete suction of any contaminated air from your kitchen giving you more desirable results. 
  • The self-cleaning feature is another amazing upgrade which adds value to the unit and promotes durability.


  • Despite the motor being very powerful, a number of customers have commented about the noise level saying that it’s too loud especially when the fan is turned on the ‘high’ setting.

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Zephyr Europa Pyramid Series ZPYE30AS 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood, 400 CFM Internal Blower

Zephyr Europa Pyramid Series ZPYE30AS

Since launching their first hoods in 1997, Zephyr Company has maintained their vision of offering quality products to their customers alongside seeking to change and dominate the marketplace. The classic and architectural design of the Zephyr Europa Pyramid Series ZPYE30AS Range Hood is an example of what the company is capable of achieving. 

This unit comes with credible and outstanding features which include a 400 CFM internal blower, 3-speed control, 2 powerful halogen lights and a maximum noise level of 5 sones. The unit has received mixed criticism from different verified customers but the best part is that its weight of 31 pounds and dimensions of 21×29.9×10.2 inches have been a major contribution to its performance.

Although suffering some minor setbacks, the Zephyr Europa Pyramid Series ZPYE30AS Range Hood is a unit which has been preferred by most customers due to its affordable price and stylish design. With features which are readily available in its top-rated predecessors, this unit is the best for people looking for a cheaper substitute which will meet their cooking needs.


  • The unit comes with a very detailed instruction manual which takes you through the installation process fast and softly.
  • The powerful fan is silent and performs a uniform suction of contaminated air, heat and steam leaving your kitchen fresh and clean.
  • The unit is very easy to install thanks to its 31 pounds weight.
  • Most customers have really praised the halogen lights saying that they’re bright and offer sufficient lighting to your cooking projects.


  • A number of customers have criticized the fan saying that it’s too loud.
  • Some people have also complained saying that the unit arrived with some parts missing. The best part is that Zephyr has an effective customer support which responds to customer needs with ease.

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What if I use Zephyr range hoods, but the air doesn’t vent properly?

If you are using Zephyr range hoods, but the quality of air in your kitchen doesn’t improve, it means that the range hood is not working correctly. 

Check the vent duct to ensure that it is not obstructed and make sure the end cup is not too close to the discharge pipe's end. Also, you should make sure the damper was installed correctly. The flaps should operate well without obstruction from the pipe adapters. 

What is there is cold air coming through the range hood?

If your Zephyr kitchen range hood is properly installed, you shouldn’t experience cold air coming through the range hood. 

If there is cold air coming through the range hood, check whether the damper was installed as it is supposed to eliminate backdraft airflow. Also, ensure that all the pipe connections are properly sealed.

How can I clean the filters?

If you wish to maintain the efficiency of the filters, you should clean them regularly. But how do you clean them? 

Most filters are dishwasher safe. As such, you can clean them in the dishwasher at low heat and using a non-phosphate detergent. You should make sure there are no other items in the dishwasher to prevent the filters from catching food residues. 

If you use phosphate detergents, it may lead to discoloration of the filters. The discoloration can also be caused by water conditions. However, the discoloration won’t affect the performance. 

You can also use warm water to clean the filters by hand. Soak them for 1-2 hours, and then rinse them with water.   


After an in-depth review of the best Zephyr range hoods, it’s evident that the Zephyr AK2136AS Stainless Steel Range Hood is the leading unit in the category. Among the selling features which have kept this appliance at the top of the line include a 6-speed touch control, two powerful halogen bulbs and an 850 CFM internal blower.

TheZephyr 30W in. Hurricane Under Cabinet Range Hood is the second unit in the category which adds style, value and performance in your modernized kitchen. The unit has been designed with smart and user-friendly features which include a powerful 3-speed motor, a self-cleaning feature and a maximum noise level of 5.5 sones. 

Last but not least we have the Zephyr Europa Pyramid Series ZPYE30AS Range Hood which is another unit manufactured by Zephyr. With numerous features which are also available, this unit is very cheap making it readily affordable to most users.

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