Do AirTags Work With Android? Answer and Alternatives

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Do AirTags Work With Android

AirTags are primarily designed to work with Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs that run on the latest operating systems. However, they can also be used with Android devices, but with some limitations.

For instance, while an Android user can track an AirTag’s location, they cannot set up or program an AirTag using their Android device. This is because the AirTag setup process requires an iOS device with the Find My app installed. Additionally, Android users cannot receive notifications or alerts when an AirTag is nearby, as this functionality is only available on Apple devices.

In summary:

  • AirTags work with Android. However, you would need an iPhone in order to set up the AirTag. Once it is set up, you can use it with your Android device.
  • The best AirTag equivalents for Android include The Tile Mate and Pro, Chipolo One, and the TrackR Pixel.
  • The Tile Mate and Pro are the most popular AirTag equivalents because they offer the most features and are easiest to use.
  • To set up AirTag on your other Samsung phones, you’ll need a compatible Samsung smartphone running Android 11 or later.

Best AirTag Equivalent for Android?

There are a few different choices regarding the best AirTag equivalent for Android. The Tile Mate and Pro are the most popular options, but the Chipolo One and the TrackR Pixel are also available. All four of these devices work similarly, using Bluetooth to help you track down your lost belongings.

  • The Tile Mate and Pro

The Tile Mate and Pro are the most popular AirTag equivalents because they offer the most features and are the easiest to use. Both devices have a built-in Bluetooth tracker, so all you need to do is attach it to your keychain or put it in your wallet. You can use the tile app to find your keys if you lose them. The app will show you where they were last seen and estimate how far away they are.

The Tile Mate and Pro

  • The Chipolo

The Chipolo One is another option for those looking for an AirTag equivalent. It also has a built-in Bluetooth tracker, but it doesn’t come with as many features as the Tile Mate or Pro. However, it’s still a good choice for those who want a simple way to track their belongings.

The Chipolo

  • TrackR Pixel

The TrackR Pixel device is similar to the Chipolo. It has a built-in Bluetooth tracker and an LED light that helps you find your belongings in the dark. It’s a good choice for those who want extra help finding their things.

TrackR Pixel

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Android AirTag Wallet

Android AirTag Wallet is a safe and secure way to store your AirTags. With this app, you can always keep your AirTags with you, making it easy to find them when you need them. The app also allows you to manage your AirTags, so you can keep track of where they are and what they’re doing. With Android AirTag Wallet, you can also add AirTags to your existing Android devices.

Android AirTag Wallet

AirTag on Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 smartphones come with an AirTag feature. This is a small, round tag that you can attach to any object and then use your phone to track the object’s location. You can also use AirTag to find your lost phone or remotely control certain smart devices in your home.

Airtag on Samsung

To set up AirTag on your other Samsung phones, you’ll need a compatible Samsung smartphone running Android 11 or higher. Once you’ve installed the latest software update, open the SmartThings app and tap on the “AirTag” icon. Tap “Create AirTag” and follow the on-screen instructions.

How Do AirTags Work

AirTags uses Apple’s Find My network to communicate its location to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, so you can see where it is and get directions to it. You can also AirTags to trigger certain actions on your devices when they’re in proximity to each other.

Here’s how AirTags work:

  1. You attach an AirTag to an object using the included key ring, adhesive strip, or other accessories.
  2. The AirTag will automatically connect to any nearby Apple device that’s signed in with your iCloud account and has the Find My app open.
  3. If you lose track of the item, you can use the Find My app to see its current location on a map. The app will also show you the location history of the AirTag, so you can see where it has been over time.
  4. If your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is in range of the AirTag, it will play a sound to help you locate it.
  5. You can also use AirTags to trigger certain actions on your devices when they’re in proximity to each other. For example, you can set up an AirTag to automatically open a specific app or webpage on your iPhone when you tap it with your NFC-enabled iPhone or iPad.

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How Does Tile Work?

Tile is a location-tracking device that attaches to personal belongings and keeps track of their whereabouts via a smartphone app. Each Tile has a built-in Bluetooth tracker that can communicate with the app so that users can see the last known location of their belongings on a map. If an item goes missing, users can mark it as “lost” in the app, activating all other nearby Tile users to help find it.

First, download the free app from the App Store or Google Play to use Tile. Then, create an account and log in. Next, attach a Tile to each of your belongings that you want to keep track of. Once a Tile is attached, it will automatically begin tracking its location. 

To see the location of your belongings, open the app and view the map. If an item goes missing, you can mark it as “lost” in the app, which will send out an alert to all other nearby Tile users. With the help of the community, you’ll be able to locate your lost item quickly!

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Tile vs. AirTag

Tile vs. AirTag

Tile and AirTag both have pros and cons, so it all depends on what you need and want in a tracker. They both use the Bluetooth technology with Tile having a wider range (250 to 400 feet) compared to about 35 feet for AirTag.

Adding to Bluetooth, AirTag also uses Ultra-Wideband technology UWT to enable “Precision Finding,” a function only available on Apple devices. Another great asset of the AirTag is the huge Find My network that can be invaluable when you need to track an item lost far away.

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AirTag for Google Pixel

Google’s Pixel phones are some of the most popular Android devices on the market, and for a good reason. They offer a great combination of features, performance, and value. However, one area where they have always lagged behind the competition is in support of NFC tags. That changed with the release of the Pixel 3 and 4, which added built-in support for reading and writing NFC tags. With the release of the Pixel 5, Google is taking things a step further by adding support for AirTag—a new type of NFC tag specifically designed to work with Google’s ecosystem.

Google’s decision to add support for AirTag is not a smart one. Pixel users can take advantage of NFC tags without worrying about compatibility issues. And because AirTag uses Google’s ecosystem—including the Find My app—it should be easy for users to get started and locate their lost item.


AirTags can be a great addition to any Android device owner’s life, providing added security and the ability to track lost items. With Apple’s own Find My app or other third-party apps, you can easily pair your AirTag with an Android device and start using it immediately. Whether you’re looking for that stray purse or want to keep tabs on smaller, more expensive items, AirTags are worth considering if you’re an Android user.

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