How Proxies Reduce Threats in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has grown significantly in the last few years, especially as more and more things become available online. However, as the gaming industry develops, cybersecurity threats become more dangerous. Proxies are an excellent way to ensure you protect yourself against online threats. Besides, you can even play with friends or rivals from other countries using tools like a Vietnam proxy or one set to any other location.

What are eSports?

eSports are online competitive multiplayer games you play with others spectating. Famous examples are League of Legends, Dota, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and Overwatch. Gamers can play these games in competitions, win prize money, and travel the world for events, as it’s a legitimate job.

Massive tournaments and more are held, with players from all over the world gathering to participate. However, since the gaming industry has become this big, the threats have also grown to match it.

Security Risks in the Gaming Industry

We look at why the gaming industry has become such an attractive target for cybercriminals.

Digital Purchases

Most games are purchased online using your PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or EA Games account. As you buy games online, cybercriminals will try to hack the digital footprint you left behind to access your credit card information. With this, it’s easier to steal payment details online than in person.

Game Popularity

As online games become more popular, we also find more multiplayer games. You can play games like Fortnite across shared platforms and connect with friends in other locations or countries. However, connecting your device with so many others introduces vulnerabilities in your system and can result in cybercriminals hacking your device.

Multiple Online Platforms

As there are so many online platforms, you can choose which you want to use to play. However, not all platforms are equally protected, so it creates vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit. The other danger is if you have multiple accounts on several platforms, and use similar login details, then a hacker accessing one site can cause all your logins to be at risk.

Significant Game Events

Thousands of spectators and gaming teams from various countries attend massive gaming events. Many of these events offer public or free Wi-Fi, which cybercriminals can exploit and hack. If they hack the Wi-Fi, then your connected device also becomes vulnerable.

How Proxies Reduce Threats

Proxies are an excellent way to ensure your device remains safe while gaming. Proxies act as a middleman and keep the online platform from directly connecting with your device and IP address. Below, we looked at some benefits these tools, like a Vietnam proxy, offer you.

Protects Sensitive Information

First and foremost, proxies conceal and protect your sensitive information. That includes your IP address, name, payment details, and other data. When you’re playing online with other players, you leave behind a digital footprint, and professional cybercriminals can follow this footprint to access restricted information.

By using a proxy, you can ensure you leave cybercriminals with a dud digital footprint. Using a residential proxy ensures you still look like an actual person, as it routes its IP addresses through home devices.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

One of the biggest pet peeves of gamers is geo-restrictions. Geo-restrictions can keep you from gaming with overseas friends, purchasing a specific game, or accessing exclusive content. It can be incredibly annoying if you want to play a new game with your friends, but geo-restrictions pop up and stand in your way.

Using a Vietnam proxy, or one set to any other country, lets you bypass the restrictions your location imposes. You can access other countries’ servers, play online with friends, or even purchase a new game that your country doesn’t have.

Better Connections

There’s no quicker way to anger a gamer than when they have to play with a poor connection. For eSports, a split-second lag can cause the difference between winning and losing a match or game. You must ensure you have the fastest connection, with no game lags, to be on par with other players.

Proxies can ensure you have a faster connection, as they can help you access a network that isn’t heavily traveled. A game will have a primary server and separate smaller servers players use to access it. If your server is located further from the main one, you might find it takes longer to load. A proxy ensures a shorter connection route and lets you access it without competing with hundreds of other players for server space.

Safely Enjoy eSports

eSports are rapidly growing, and it seems like this is still just the start of its fame. However, if you’re interested in this industry, you must keep yourself safe. Using a proxy is the best protection for your device when playing online, so ensure you use a Vietnam proxy, or any other, to protect your accounts and games.

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