Do AirTags Make Noise? – Complete Guide

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do airtags make noise

The AirTag is a small circular tag made to be attached to gadgets like keys, wallets, backpacks, purses, and luggage to allow you to keep track of these items using your iPhone or iPad. The AirTags are usually attached to precious items that can be lost, making them an invaluable tool for tracking and location.

If you own an AirTag or are planning to get one, you will notice that this cool gadget makes certain types of noise with different meanings. Some of these distinctive sounds are produced when:

  • During set up
  • When you finish the setup
  • When using the Find My app to track down your AirTag
  •  When you have changed your battery successfully

Key Takeaways

  • AirTags integrate built-in speakers to make beeps, chirps, and noises to indicate alerts and notify you about poor connection between your AirTag and your device.
  • AirTags make beeping sounds for several reasons, including giving you an audible cue to the location of a lost item during setup, tracking, or battery replacement.
  • AirTags won’t produce sounds when running battery low but rather during battery replacement.
  • You can disable or pause the AirTag sound alerts from your iPhone.

What Does It Mean When an AirTag Makes a Noise?

When your AirTag makes noise, it alerts you of something, or the connection between your AirTag and your device is poor. Understanding why an AirTag makes noise is essential because it will enable you to act appropriately and resolve the issue before it becomes a nuisance.

So, what precisely does it mean when your AirTag makes noise? Since the AirTag alerts you to your lost items, your AirTag making noise is not something out of the ordinary. Your AirTag making noise will therefore mean the following:

  • The AirTag has lost connection with your phone
  • The AirTag alerts you of a lost item
  • You have accidentally triggered “lost mode”
  • Your AirTag is not updated
  • Your AirTag needs resetting

The AirTag Has Lost Connection With Your Phone

Improper connection to your phone is one of the most common reasons your AirTag will make a beeping sound. As luck would have it, this is simple to correct by erasing the device from your Find My app and then adding it as a new tracker. This change should address most problems associated with noisy AirTags. Experts recommend a permanent Bluetooth connection to avoid this problem.

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The AirTag Alerts You of a Lost Item

AirTags are designed to give alerts when separated from the user; therefore, an AirTag will chime when the user gets far from an item to which they have attached the AirTag.

You Have Accidentally Triggered “Lost Mode”

You might have accidentally activated lost mode, causing your AirTag to begin annoyingly beeping even if it is physically close by. An AirTag device on alert may make a noise whenever it is touched. Disabling lost mode in the Find My app is all that you need to do to fix this.

Your AirTag Is Not Updated

The introduction of new firmware updates is a common practice by Apple to help improve device performance. Since AirTags cannot allow manual updates on the device, they make sounds to alert on available updates. To fix this, you need to keep the AirTag connected to your phone and have an internet connection to ensure you download updates.

Your AirTag Needs Resetting

When your AirTag persistently makes noise, a measure you can take is to go through the resetting process, which involves removing the battery.

The AirTag Might Be Tracking You

AirTags integrate location-sharing capabilities, hence can be extremely risky.  Using Apple Find My app someone can track you via connected AirTag. But, you can simply disable the tracker or factory reset to ensure proper function.

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Why Does My AirTag Make Noise When I Move It?

Your AirTag device makes noises when you move it, probably because it is on alert after you willingly or accidentally triggered lost mode on your iPhone. In addition, your AirTag will likely get into the fail-safe mode when in motion to prevent it from theft hence the noise.  

Does AirTag Make Beeping Noise?

Yes, AirTags make beeping sounds for several reasons, including giving you an audible cue to the location of a lost item, tracking AirTag in Apple find My app, or when it is ready to be set up.

Do AirTags Beep When Tracked?

Yes, AirTags beep when you track them to give you a sound cue to the direction of their location. You can scan for an AirTag or other item tracker to see whether somebody is using it to follow your movement. The software will make a noise to assist you in locating a misplaced AirTag or compatible item tracker if it has been in your immediate vicinity for at least 10 minutes.

The Tracker Detect app is available on the Google Play Store for those who use Android devices. Also, Bluetooth-enabled trackers sync with Apple’s Find My Service and are lost or forgotten about, and users can locate them using “Tracker Detect.” Devices like AirTag and others that are compatible use the Find My Network.

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Do AirTags Beep in the Luggage?

Yes. Your AirTag will beep in the luggage if you try to locate it in the Find My App. However, this beep from the AirTag can be insignificant if the AirTag is tucked deep in your luggage or in a noisy environment.

Do AirTags Make Noise When Battery Is Low?

No. Your AirTag will not sound when your battery level is low. Instead, you will receive a notification alert on your iPhone reading AirTag Battery Is Low,” plus a message reminding you to replace the battery on your AirTag soon. Also, the battery icon next to your AirTag’s name in the Find My app will turn red to indicate that your battery level is low. However, when you finally replace the battery, the AirTag will produce a chiming sound.

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Can You Turn off the AirTag Sound?

Yes. You can disable or pause the AirTag sound alerts from your iPhone. However, if an unknown object is spotted traveling with you, the owner will be able to view your location, and you will no longer receive alerts when this occurs. To turn off the sound alerts, follow the following steps on your iPhone:

  • Open the Find My App on your ‌iPhone‌
  • Tap the Me icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Turn off the switch next to Item Safety Alerts
  • Tap Disable to confirm
Can You Turn off the AirTag Sound

However, you should note that the AirTag speakers cannot be disabled; therefore, your AirTag will, in some instances, produce alert sounds because of one reason or another. Some users, although strongly discouraged, take the drastic step of physically removing the AirTags built-in speaker to silence the annoying noises.

Final Thoughts

AirTags ease life by incorporating a nearly foolproof ability to locate items using sounds. In summary, AirTags have embedded speakers to produce beeps and sounds to indicate something specific. Airtags make four varying noises in instances like during setup, tracking, battery replacement, and cuing a direction to follow. We hope you can now differentiate the various sounds produced by an AirTag.

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