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Apple developed AirTags to help its customers track their lost items. Knowing Apple AirTag’s range will help you track your items easier and more efficiently.

Apple hasn’t officially released the range for the AirTags, but it’s approximately 35 feet. The range depends on your phone’s Bluetooth quality. Yet, as long as your AirTag is within range of a Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, you can track it anywhere through the Find My network.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no definite range for the AirTags, but it’s about 35 feet from your ‘Bluetooth 5.0’ iOS device.
  • The Bluetooth range for AirTags depends on your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity.
  • AirTags can be traced anywhere in the world within the range of an iPhone in the Find My network.

How Far Away Do Apple AirTags Work?

Although the distance between Bluetooth devices might vary, the Class 2 standard is frequently linked with 33 feet. It is unknown if an AirTag is classified as a Class 2 device, but it seems to be. Bluetooth headphones and other mobile devices frequently use class 2 chips.

The U1 chip is a more recent addition to AirTag. However, it is primarily there to facilitate ultra-wideband. The maximum range of the Apple Watch Series 7 is 33 feet, but it also has a U1 chipset and supports Bluetooth 5.0.

AirTag’s Bluetooth range is noticeably worse compared to some of the competition.

For instance, the Tile Mate has a 76-meter/250-foot Bluetooth range.

is much more powerful, producing a 400-foot/120-meter range. The same applies to Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag, which has a 400-foot range like the Tile Pro.

Apple AirTags exceed other trackers because there are millions of Apple devices that run the Find My network that can help you locate your lost items.

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Do AirTags Go Out of Range?

AirTags can go out of Bluetooth range, but you can still find them in the Find My network. Bluetooth is not the main function of an AirTag, regardless of class or range, and Find My fills the gaps it leaves.

For instance, when an AirTag is outside the Bluetooth range, the Find My can determine its general location.

The short-range ultra-wideband then helps to ensure that the precise location of an AirTag may be determined, even when Bluetooth has challenges locating the item when one isn’t close enough to the device.

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Can You Track AirTag Miles Away?

You can track your AirTags far away if someone in the Find My App tracks them. Although Bluetooth can help you track your items within the 35 feet distance for a Bluetooth 5.0 device, you can still get them if another iPhone user locates them.

To do that:

  • Tap the Items tab after opening the Find My app
  • Select the desired AirTag from the Items list
  • You can see the AirTag on the map if it is close to your device or if the Find My connection recently picked it up. Under its name are a timestamp and an updated location
  • You can view the AirTag’s most recent location and timestamp if it isn’t in range of your phone or any other devices connected to the Find My network. Switch on Notify When Found in Notifications to receive an alert when your AirTag enters the range of your phone or is picked up by a user in the Find My network

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AirTag Distance Limit

The maximum distance for AirTags can change depending on several factors. For instance, it’s crucial to be aware of AirTag’s restrictions. Since it needs to be within 30 to 35 feet of an iPhone to transmit its location to the network, it is not a genuine GPS tracker. That’s helpful in urban regions with many iPhones but much less in rural areas.

With Apple Air Tags, you can locate anything within a distance limit, thanks to their improved tracking technology and range. That’s possible through the precision Finding tool in the Find My app. The AirTag is a precise and practical gadget to assist you in locating an item you don’t want to lose, with frequent upgrades that safeguard user privacy and boost enhanced functions.

Can Apple AirTag Track a Car?

Using AirTags with a GPS tracker for a car is tricky. Although that doesn’t mean that you won’t track your car with AirTags, it will take a while for your AirTags to update their location. So, it’ll take time to track the vehicle, even if we assume every gadget along the route is an Apple product.

A GPS tracker would deliver live tracking information in all locations without interruption. It is also not restricted to other systems, networks, or areas. It operates more quickly and uniformly than AirTags.

AirTags are undoubtedly less expensive than GPS trackers, yet they can’t be used to track moving objects like cars.

When the object is moving, AirTags aren’t supported for live tracking. It provides the last position where the thing was located using neighboring Apple devices. If there are no Apple devices close by to the AirTags, you will undoubtedly lose touch with your automobile. Try LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker for vehicles and other moving objects.

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Apple AirTags Battery Life

Apple says the AirTag battery will last about a year. That time depends on how regularly you use or navigate them through the Find My AppWhen that happens, replacing the battery is very simple. A CR2032 battery, frequently used in remotes and other practical gadgets, powers the AirTag. They cost a few dollars each and are available at most battery-selling outlets.

AirTag Range vs. Tile

AirTags and Tile devices use Bluetooth to track objects within a specific distance. Based on the model, the Bluetooth ranges of Tile’s trackers range from 250 to 400 feet, although Apple’s AirTag doesn’t have a precise range listed.

Adding to Bluetooth, AirTag also uses Ultra-Wideband technology UWT to enable “Precision Finding,” a function only available on Apple devices.

In contrast to Tile tackers, Precision Finding can direct you to nearby objects and estimate distances. 

AirTags Tile Sticker Tile Pro
Price $29 $29.99 $34.99
Range 35 feet 250 feet 400 feet
Features Bluetooth and Find My network Bluetooth tracker Bluetooth tracker
Durability IP67 water-resistant IP67 water-resistant IP67 water-resistant
Battery life One-year replaceable battery One-year replaceable


One-year replaceable


The function gathers data from your iPhone’s camera and other sensors to offer an accurate position. For it to work, you need an iPhone 11 or a newer model.

Because of the fine-tuning tool that lets you track your objects from a greater distance, AirTag surpasses Tile. Other iOS users can locate the AirTags and get in touch with you.

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How Often Does AirTag Update Location?

You can first comprehend how the gadget functions to learn how frequently your AirTag location updates. In particular, it lacks built-in location functionality. You’ll get information about your AirTag’s last location through your iPhone.

The location of your AirTag determines the frequency of location updates. The location may be checked as frequently as every 60 to 120 seconds if the device AirTags is in a congested area with many other iPhones nearby. 

However, if the device is located in a place that is quite remote, you can cease getting updates because the device can’t link with your phone on its own.


You can easily find your stuff now that you know the AirTags’ range. You can apply Precision Finding and simplify things if your iPhone has a U1 chip. Even better, privacy and safety were considered when designing these tiny trackers.

Any Apple device user within range of a lost AirTag is sufficient to notify the owner of the AirTag of its precise position.

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