Do AirTags Need to be Charged and How Long Do They Last?

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With Apple AirTags, you don’t have to constantly worry about losing your car keys, umbrella, or purse. 

However, AirTags use non-rechargeable batteries, as there is no way of charging them. But do not worry; although you cannot charge your Apple AirTag battery, you can easily replace it.

One cool feature about the AirTag battery is that it is water and dust resistant. It is also durable, and once it runs out of power, you can easily replace it and keep track of your luggage and valuables.

Key Takeaways

  • AirTag batteries cannot be recharged; they need to be replaced.
  • Environmental conditions, usage, playing sounds, and class of manufacturer affect the lifespan of the AirTag’s batteries.
  • Battery charge does not affect the tracking capabilities of your AirTag.

How Long Does AirTag Battery Last?

AirTag batteries have a longer lifespan than others in the market. Your AirTag battery can go strong for more than a year from your purchase

Although all AirTag batteries have the same energy, different people use theirs for various purposes. One of your AirTags batteries might drain faster than the others if it is the one you use most to do your tracking.

Here are factors that drain your AirTag battery faster:

  • Environmental Conditions

You should operate your AirTags at temperatures between −4° to 140° F.  If you use your AirTags at extremely low or high temperatures,  your battery will drain faster. If the weather is extremely harsh, your AirTags may shut down.

Therefore you can check/replace your AirTags battery charge before one year elapses if you live in an area with extreme weather.

  • Usage

How much do you use your AirTags? If you frequently misplace your valuables and use your AirTags to track them, then the battery will drain faster. Use your AirTags when it is completely necessary. You can also change the battery when you are traveling to avoid losing your luggage with no way of tracking it.

  • Manufacturer

AirTags use CR2032 batteries, and the durability depends on the manufacturer. That is why it is crucial to buy batteries from reliable dealers to avoid buying batteries that will not last or ones that will not be compatible with your AirTags.

  • Playing Sounds

If you play sounds on your AirTags, then be prepared to replace the AirTags before the end of the one-year term. To extend the battery life of your AirTags, avoid playing sounds on them, and they could serve you for over a year.

  • Keeping It On

As long as your AirTag is on, it is consuming battery power. So, if you are not using your AirTags, you can switch them off to maximize the battery’s durability.

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How Often Do AirTags Need to Be Charged?

Unfortunately, you cannot charge the AirTags because there is no way to charge the CR2032 batteries they use. The batteries are replaceable, so once they run out of charge, you have to buy a new battery and replace the old one.

Although AirTag’s batteries can last for more than a year, it is important to check the battery before one year has elapsed if you use your AirTags too much.

When the AirTags battery level is critically low, you will receive a notification about it. You can also check the battery level on your iPhone using the steps below:

  • Open Find My App on your Apple device and choose the AirTag you want to check
  • Check the battery icon, which is below the AirTag name
  • You will see the battery power level; however, you will not see the level in percentages, so it is up to you to approximate the percentage.

How Often Do AirTags Need to Be Charged

However, due to recent upgrades with Apple products, the battery icon only appears after you have received the low battery notification on your Apple device. 

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How to Change an AirTag Battery?

Replacing your AirTag battery is a very straightforward process. Buy a CR2032 lithium 3V battery. If your AirTag has a case, remove it and then turn it so that the silver side faces you. Press down the silver portion and then rotate it anti-clockwise.

How to Change an AirTag Battery

Once the silver top is loose, remove it, then remove the dead battery and replace it with the new one.

How to Change an AirTag Battery 1

Make sure the + side is facing up before replacing the lid and closing it by rotating it clockwise. Ensure the AirTags are working properly before attaching them to the valuables you want to keep track of.

In case you think you may forget to replace the battery, you can set a notification on your iPhone device to remind you when it is time to check and replace the batteries.

Additionally, if you hear a chime sound from your AirTags, you must reset them.

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Does the Battery Charge Affect the Tracking Range of AirTags?

No, battery charge does not affect the tracking range of your AirTag. AirTags use the huge Apple device network to track and locate lost items. However, if your battery dies, your AirTag will stop transmitting, which means you may lose your valuables. So, make sure your battery has sufficient power.

Additionally, an AirTag relies on being within 30 feet of an iPhone to deliver the location to the network. That is why your AirTags may not be of much help if you lose your luggage in a rural area.

Final Thoughts

AirTags have made life better for people who misplace their belongings easily. With AirTags, you will know where you left your car keys, umbrella, purse, or other items that you can forget in hotels or misplace in places like Airports.

However, the AirTag battery is not rechargeable; if it runs out of charge, you may lose your valuables for good. That is why it is important to check the battery level before traveling and replacing it if it is low.

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