Can You Track the AirPods Case? Yes And This Is How

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Can You Track the AirPods Case?

It’s simple to locate your AirPods case, especially if one or both are inside. By doing this, you can find them on Apple’s Find My app. If not, different techniques, such as Air Tags, may be helpful.

Remember that Find My App doesn’t track the case alone. This is because the case only doesn’t contain Apple’s exclusive H1 chips. Standard chips from their vendors lack cutting-edge technology to enable tracking.

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How to Find Your AirPods Case Without Pods

It’s easier to locate your AirPods if you lose them without the case. Finding the AirPods case is a nightmare because the Find My app locates the pods only. Additionally, they lack Bluetooth connectivity, making it challenging to use third-party Bluetooth devices.

In case of a misplaced AirPods case, consider returning to the last known location. Maybe, some onlookers might have seen it. Remember to appreciate them for their goodwill.

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How to Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline and Dead

All the ways to locate lost AirPods offline are covered in this section. A pair of AirPods, a compatible Apple smartphone, a computer, and the appropriate application(s) are necessary; however, they are sometimes only applicable. Depending on the approach, one of these specifics is applicable.

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How to Use the ‘Find My’ App

The “Find My” app is a great way to track down your misplaced AirPods. When using AirPods, it is recommended that you have an active internet connection. Thankfully, it can operate without your AirPods attached.

On iPhone or iPad

To utilize this method, open the app on your iPhone/iPad. The straightforward steps to using the iPhone’s “Find My App.” 

  1. To locate your device, launch the Find My app.
  2. Choose the AirPods from the list of devices.
  3. AirPods will show a grey dot to indicate that they are currently not being used. Even so, the software can track down your AirPods in a physical sense.

How to Use the 'Find My' App

4. After that, you can tap on the automobile symbol or button to use the navigation to get there.

After that, you can tap on the automobile symbol or button to use the navigation to get there.

The procedure is simple, as you can see, but if your AirPods are not found after you’ve lost them and gone offline, their last known location will only be accurate for a while. In addition, it’s always good to have your AirPods connected and at least somewhat charged.

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On Your Computer/ Via iCloud,

Follow these instructions to use the Find My app on your computer:

  • Open your browser.
  • Use your login credentials to enter iCloud.

Use your login credentials to enter iCloud.

  • Occasionally, you may be prompted to enter a verification number sent to your gadget. You’ll need to enter the proper code if that’s the case.
  • Within the iCloud settings, you’ll see the Find iPhone option. When you locate it, tap on it. It only takes one click to open.
  • You will probably be requested for your logins again. A map will load up once you do that.
  • Choose the “All Devices” tab on the home page.
  • Select the desired AirPods from the drop-down menus.

How to Find One Lost Airpod

Take a big breath, grab your iPhone, and launch the Find My app after realizing your AirPod is nowhere to be found. After selecting the Devices tab, look for and select your AirPods from the list. Alternatively, you can use your computer to search for your missing devices by going to iCloud.

Once you locate the AirPods on the map, play a sound on one or both of them if they are within Bluetooth range. Start listening to chirping noises coming from each earphone after selecting Play Sound. One AirPod won’t play any sound if the other is in the charging case.

For the next two minutes, the sound will intensify. Tap Play Sound again if you’re having trouble hearing it. When you’ve located both AirPods, select Stop by clicking the L or R button in the Find My app to switch between them.

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How to Find AirPods in House

Suppose they’re Bluetooth-connected within a short range. You’ll hear the sound and determine its location.

Using ‘Play Sound’ To Locate AirPods

Unfortunately, while AirPods are not connected, this option is not accessible. However, if your AirPods have an internet connection, you can use this feature in the Find My app to find any of your earbuds. Follow these procedures to employ the “Play Sound” method:

  • Open the ‘Find My app.’

Using 'Play Sound' To Locate AirPods

  • Navigate to all devices.

Navigate to all devices.


  • Select AirPods from the list.
  • Click the ‘Play Sound‘ button when the position of your AirPods displays on the map.

Click the 'Play Sound' button when the position of your AirPods displays on the map.

  • After that, tap “Left” or “Right” to play the sound through the chosen earphone. Once you locate them, use the “Stop” button to turn off the sound.
  • You will be able to identify your earpieces for up to 22 minutes after they begin to make a sharp noise that gradually gets louder.
  • Make sure that your search team pays close attention. Hopefully, you’ll find your lost AirPods easily.

Find My AirPods Sound Pending

The following explanations may apply if you get a “Sound Pausing” message in Find My AirPods on your iPhone or iPad:

  • AirPods are not within reach.
  • ‘Find My’ needs to be turned on.
  • Your gadget needs to be updated.
  • It is not enabled for ‘Find My Network.’
  • There is no network connection available for your device.
  • Your device doesn’t have Bluetooth turned on.
  • AirPods’ battery is dead.

Final Thought

In essence, Apple’s Find My app tracks your AirPods and stores the last known location of your device. To find where you placed your AirPods when you need help remembering where you put them, utilize the Find My program. It will lead you to their last location.

You may also find your iPhone using the iCloud website if you lose or misplace it. Your smartphone will be located as indicated in Apple Maps.

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