Ultimate Review Of Best Drones For Kids & Beginners In 2023

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Drones for Beginners

Many adults are catching onto the big drones craze. It began with buying kids remote controlled cars and trucks, progressed to boats and helicopters, and now quadcopters are one of the most popular RC toys today.

As with most things, there are so many kinds of drones on the market. Toy drones, camera drones, cheap, and expensive ones. With so many options, it’s easy to get lost when trying to figure out which one is the best to buy. 

Drones are great hobby items that people of all skill levels can enjoy. You may be thinking that drones are too expensive or only for professionals to use, but this isn’t the case. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can find some amazing, high-quality drones that can get you started flying. 

The best part is, you don’t have to empty your pockets to get started either. There are some amazing drones on the market that are extremely easy to use and affordable too. Whether you’re looking to get into the drone hobby for yourself, or looking to buy a drone for your child, there are some great options to choose from. 

A quadcopter is similar to a helicopter but it has four rotating blades instead of just one. This means that each quad contains four motors which help to keep it stabilized in the air. While they look fun and easy to fly, often that’s far from the truth. It’s best to find a drone for beginners for a variety of reasons.

A starter quadcopter can vary in price from $20 to $200 and more. If you’re new to the field of quads you probably don’t want to risk a larger investment. Flying drones can be trickier than you think.

There’s the hazard that they can crash into buildings or walls and break. If you’re flying them in an outdoor setting, you may lose them in a lake or up a tree. Or worse, your neighbor may send you a bill because you damaged their prize rose bush.

It’s best to choose a beginner quadcopter, if you just dipping your toes into the drone scene or getting your child his first quad. Most beginner’s drones start at a low price point and they have additional features such as a six axis gyro system that enables it to easily stay upright in the air.

Many beginner drones also have special features such as blade guards and are made from resilient and durable materials that resist chipping and cracking. Their motors are encased within protective housing so if the drone crashes, the motors don’t break, which if you think about it, is almost perfect for a novice user.

Almost all starter drones have four running lights, but some of the cheaper models may have none. Bright LED running lights can help the eye to view the drone out to farther distances. LED lights also help to see your quadcopter when it’s dark outside.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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  • Longer Flight Time
  • Stable Flight & Durable Construction 

120° wide-angle 720p 

  • GPS Flight Mode
  • 3 Return To Home Functions

On-Board 1080p Camera 

  • Long Range & Flight Time
  • Best Gift For Kids, Beginners & All Skill Levels

120° wide-angle 720p 

Other Great Recommendations

  • Headless Mode
  • Anti-Interference
  • Good Flight Time


  • Best anti-interference ability
  • Anti-collision, anti-fall performance


  • Latest 6-axis flight control system
  • Lightweight airframe with nice durability


  • With four flight modes & advanced stabilization system
  • Built for hard impacts, durability


Kid is playing with drone

What Is A Budget Drone?

You no longer have to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to find a drone jam-packed with amazing features and easy for beginners. Cheap drones have become much more popular in recent years and there are now plenty of budget-friendly options available for you to find. 

Drones are often considered budget options when they cost less than $200. The best thing about these is that even though you’re not paying as much, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting a high-quality product. Many drones in this category have features that match up to more advanced models and they are a great way for beginners and kids to learn the ropes of flying. 

What Should I Look for In A Beginner Drone?

There are many different types of features that you can look for when searching for the perfect beginner drone. You’re going to want a drone that’s not overwhelming and one that is easy to fly. Thankfully, many drones are built with beginners in mind and include great features to help you start flying. 

Some features that help beginners include altitude hold and one-touch takeoff and landing. Altitude hold is a feature that will keep your drone in place while it’s in the air, making it easier for you to stay in control while flying. One-touch takeoff and landing is another great feature. Landing and taking off can be some of the more difficult parts of flying a drone, especially when you’re just learning. This feature helps because all you must do is push a button and your drone will effortlessly takeoff or land itself. 

Finally, if you can find a drone that has multiple flight modes, you will be in a good position for learning how to fly. Drones with multiple flight modes can start you off in an easier mode and you can fly slowly while you begin to grasp the controls and learn how your drone flies. Then, as you get more comfortable you can switch into more advanced modes to challenge yourself and become a better pilot. Flight modes are great as your drone can grow with you as a pilot, and you won’t ever be bored or stuck in one mode as your skills advance. 

How to Find the Best Beginner & Kid Friendly Drones on a Budget

When looking for a beginner drone for either you or your child, remember to keep your budget in mind. As mentioned, there are some great affordable drones for beginners and kids that are packed full of features. 

Keep reading to see reviews of some of the best budget friendly drones that beginners and kids love. If you’re unsure about taking the plunge and purchasing a drone, you can always read more about the manufacturer company. Many companies take pride in their drones and are committed to providing excellent customer service, or money back guarantees if you’re unsatisfied with the product. 

By looking for the features listed above, and doing your research by reading reviews, you can find the perfect budget drone to get you or your child started with flying. Drones are great hobby toys and a great skill to learn, so don’t wait. You’re sure to find a drone you love and fits your lifestyle. 

Altair, Holystone, UDI, Parrot, Syma, Hubsan and Dromida all make great beginner’s quadcopters. You may wish to consider a purpose for the drone beginner. Are you buying it for your children? Consider their age range. Children 14 years and older may need minimum supervision. For younger children you’re going to need to learn how to fly it first, so that you can then teach them how to fly a drone.

Is this to be a gift? You may need to have additional features to impress your friend. Will the best starter drone be for yourself? Do you want to have the ability to take photographs and record video? If you’re purchasing an entry-level model most won’t take professional quality images, but these are great for learning how to take snapshots in the air, and to record video.

The Best Affordable Beginner & Kids Drones In The Market For The Money

Little Kids With Drone

Altair 818 Hornet Drone

Altair 818 Hornet

The 818 Hornet Drone is a great beginner drone that is perfect for adults, teens, and kids. This drone will help you stay in control throughout your entire flight because it comes equipped with altitude hold. 

This drone also comes with an HD action camera that you can mount to the body and take amazing aerial photos and videos while flying. One of the best features of this drone is that you get two batteries in the box, this gives you twice as much flight time so you can practice your skills or take turns flying with your family. 

You won’t be spending more than $200 on this drone which is great considering all of the amazing features you get when you buy it. That’s why it’s one of the best overall drones for beginners and kids. 

Check Altair 818 Hornet Price On Amazon

Altair AA300 Budget GPS Drone

AA300 Budget GPS Drone

GPS drones are some of the best quality drones that are available for customers to buy, and the fact you can get your hands on one for such a great price is amazing. The AA300 is a fantastic drone for beginners and comes with some nice GPS features

With GPS flight mode, the AA300 makes the whole flying process a lot easier because your drone will stabilize itself in the air giving you more control and peace of mind. On top of that, the AA300 has return-to-home functions that will automatically bring your drone back to where it took off if the battery is running low, or if it loses GPS signal. 

Since this is a budget option, you won’t be breaking the bank with this drone. Costing less than $200, the AA300 is the best budget option with GPS features and is a great drone for you or your child to start learning how to fly. If you’re interested in other GPS drones for beginners, be sure to check out Dronethusiast.

Check Altair AA300 Price On Amazon

The Altair 108 Best Small Drone

AA300 Budget GPS Drone

For a child or beginner pilot, a larger drone can be intimidating to start out with. Luckily, there are many smaller drones available that work just as well and are a great starting point. 

The AA108 is the best small drone for any beginner on a budget. It comes with a built-in camera for taking photos and videos in flight as well as an easy to use controller to help you fly easily. Plus, you get all the beginner basics like altitude hold, one-touch takeoff and landing, and multiple flight modes 

This drone costs just over $100 and is an awesome option for a kid who’s interested in learning how to pilot a drone. Don’t miss out on this small budget drone, as it’s easy to fly and small enough to fly indoors. 

Check Altair AA108 Price On Amazon

HolyStone HS170 Predator Drone

HolyStone HS170 Predator Drone

Holy Stone is a well-known drone brand, and the HS170 Predator model is one of their best budget options. It’s a real showstopper. The HS170 is a great starter drone because it comes equipped with headless mode which keeps the aircraft always facing forward. 

If you’re seeking a bit of a thrill this drone can also do 360 flips and has 3 different speed modes as you perfect your pilot skills. The only setback is that it doesn’t come with a camera, but it’s a great drone to start learning the ropes of flying.

The best thing about this little beginner drone is that it costs less than . For this great of a price, you really can’t go wrong and will have a ton of fun flipping and flying this drone through your house and in the backyard.  

Check HolyStone HS170 Predator Price On Amazon

Syma X5C Explorer

Syma X5C Explorer

The Syma X5C Explorer is also another option for drones for beginners. It is one of the best beginner’s quadcopters as it also has a high degree camera and a unique look that appears pro. It comes in a pure white plastic body with four white blades with curved blade guards. These protectors are made from a resilient plastic that will bounce back if they hit any surface. They also resist any cracking or chipping.

This drone also comes with a built-in camera that lets you take first-person view photos and videos while you’re flying. The only negative thing about the X5C Explorer is that it only comes with one battery that lasts about 7 minutes. While this is a relatively short flight time, it’s still good while you learn the basics of flying. 

What’s so great about this drone is that it costs less than $50 and yet still has amazing features and is easy to fly. Any beginner pilot will enjoy starting off with this drone before upgrading to something more advanced. 

Whether you’ve never picked a drone up in your life or are looking for an easy-to-use drone for your child, there are plenty of options out there. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either as many of them cost less than $200. 

Beginner drones have become increasingly in demand as you don’t need to be a professional to fly one. They are great hobby toys that can be enjoyed by the whole family and the reviews above are a great start in helping you find the perfect one.

There are two orange and two green LED running lights to help you to see it from a distance or in the dark. These lights flash, which will help you to see your best starter quadcopter more easily. There are four white landing feet. The camera is installed directly below the center of the body.

Most drones for beginners or pros utilize the six axis gyro direction stabilizer. This helps to keep the Syma in the air. The 3D lock will keep your drone in hover position and you’ll find that you spend more time flying your drone, rather than worrying about how to keep it flying stable in the air. This gyro system is just part of the anti-collision and anti-fall system of this drone.

This Syma X5C best starter drone can also do some great tricks! If you want to hide the fact that you bought this to be the best starter drone then you can impress your friends with its 360 degree eversion that allows it to do one roll, or a series of continuous rolls.

The Syma comes with a great camera. If you’ve been searching through the best beginner quadcopter choices you may not have considered a camera, but it’s certainly a fun toy to have. It can extend the tools for a quadcopter beginner even though you don’t expect the best beginner quadcopter to have one. It has a high degree camera so you can take snapshots or videos of your flights.

Like most quadcopters for beginners, the Syma X5C charges up with a USB cable. It can be plugged into the wall or the computer. It takes 100 minutes to charge up and provides about seven minutes of flying time.

Even the beginner learning how to fly drones for beginners still wants a fully functional radio controller. Drone pilots will be pleased with the Syma and its full set of controls.

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You’ll want to decide on which is the best price point for your new drones for beginners purchase. Do you want to pay the additional cost for a camera or is that not so important as you learn? Many people don’t want to worry about damaging their drone so extra safety features are important, as well as a six axis gyro to keep it in the air even when the beginner is uncertain how flight technology works.

No matter which quadcopters for beginners you look at, anything in the UDI, JJRC,Parrot, Syma, Hubsan, or Dromida line is sure to keep you entertained for years on end.

Whilst we aim to provide you the best priced products in the market in 2018, there are always special occasions like Black Friday & Cyber Monday where, all products are available at an extremely discounted price on Amazon through deals. Click Below! 

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Drones for beginners: UDI U818A

The UDI U818A is not necessarily in the drones for beginners class as many experienced drone pilots buy this model, but it has some unique features to capture the interest of someone who doesn’t know where to start.

It’s possible it’s one of the best quadcopters for beginners as it features four wide circular rings that cover each of the rotors and join together at the middle. This make it larger than other quads, yet provides an additional layer of protection.

This black blade guard not only keeps dirt and debris from accumulating around the blades, but it also protects your trees and bushes, and your walls and furniture if you choose to fly it indoors. The drone is mostly black, but does have two white blades to help you discern its forward direction. Underneath each of the motors is rubbery feet to help the drone come in for a soft landing.

Encased under the body of this drone is a built-in camera. The UDI U818A has HD quality and an impressive 1280x720 pixels. It records video at 30 frames per second. This is a great way to film amazing footage of your outdoor adventures. This is actually a great camera in this price range. You can expect to find it regularly priced at $100.

Even though there are two white blades to help with forward orientation, there is also a headless mode so you can fly the drone forwards no matter which direction its head may be facing. This is a useful function for beginners who may have difficulty discerning the correct forward facing position in the air.

A return to home function is also handy for a starter quadcopter. When this button is pressed the drone will come back to its original take-off position. This can be handy when the drone is running low on power, or your child is losing interest.

It’s a great option to have on drones for beginners, preventing their loss or damage. The low voltage alarm will also alert you that it may be time to bring your UDI back home in order to minimize the risk of losing it. Because no one wants to run around in the dark trying to find a drone that has suddenly lost power and dropped out of the sky.

The UDI can also do great tricks such as 360 degree flips and rolls to impress your friends.

The UDI comes with a full-sized radio controller with real joy sticks. There are a lot of buttons on it, which is why you’ll enjoy the beginner’s mode to start while you learn how to fly your best starter drone. There is also an LCD readout screen that informs you which mode you’re in and how much power you have left.

Check Price Of UDI U818 On Amazon

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If you have ventured into a new hobby of flying drones and would like to take photos or videos later once you have got a hang of it, but are wary about how to use it? Then here is a small toy that provides answers to all your questions.

Learning how to fly many of the pro-level quads such as the Parrot Bebop can be difficult. Do you really want to invest that kind of money even before you know how to fly them? Absolutely not! So a clever to do is try your hands on a smaller version than then hit big.

Some beginner quad pilots would expect even a basic version to be cool looking and loaded with features while it is still easy to fly. Keeping these demands in mind JJRC has developed a fancy looking hexacopter which is easy to fly and very much controllable when in air.

The JJRC H20 is equipped with a great motor and battery system, easy to use remote controller, and has incredible flying capabilities. It has a built-in six axis gyroscope, and uses 2.4 G remote control technology. You can do some great tricks with the 3D rolling capability.

It does look smaller than the average quadcopter but its intuitive controls is what makes it special. The drone fits into your palm has the appearance of a hummingbird. The blades spins so quickly that you won’t even be able to spot them. The JJRC H20 has a variety of speed controls, so you can start out slow, and work your way up to pro level.

The JJRC H20 comes in two cool color choices: gold and black; and red and black.The hexacopter does not come with a camera, nor can one be easily attached. But the JJRC H20 is great for learning how to fly.

The gyroscope is used to detect changes in the positioning of the hexacopter. As it flies through the air it can sense when there is a change in direction and can reposition itself in a pretty tidy manner. The 2.4GHZ frequency makes it for more accurate controlling while your drone is in the air.

You’ll find that you can send your drone out to farther distances than any other compact quad, and that it responds immediately to your minute adjustments.The 360 degree roll over function enables you to perform cool rolling maneuvers in the air.

There are six guard circles built on this drone, which protect each of the six rotating blades. They also have the advantage of protecting your walls, furniture, and outdoor components from the rotating blades of the drone.

Check The Price Of JJRC H20 On Amazon

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Parrot Bebop

Drones for beginners: Parrot Bebop

The Parrot Bebop is a pricier starter quadcopter, but it still falls into the best drones for beginners as it has some amazing safety features. Not only was it built with safety in mind, but it utilizes some advanced technology.

The Parrot Bebop is built with lightweight materials so it can keep itself airborne more easily. It’s made from ABS plastic that is reinforced, and weighs about 400 grams in total. This also decreases any potential damage should it accidentally hit a tree or a human.

There is also an additional part in the box—an EPP hull that attaches to this best beginner quadcopter

In fact, if it collides with anything, the propellers will stop working and it will turn into emergency mode. This mode will pull the drone down into a landing position.

The Bebop contains a GPS system so it can figure out where it originally took off should you press the return to home function. This prevents you from losing the drone should it be running low on power, or you are simply too tired to pilot it back to home manually.

The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 was made first, but the Parrot Bebop has a much more powerful motor than the Parrot AR’s motor. The Bebop has a navigation computer with Parrot P7 dual core computer, a quad core graphics processing unit, and eight gigabytes of flash storage that can store photos and video. The Parrot uses Linux technology, and there is an SDK component that is available for software drone developers.

The camera is attached to a sturdy magnesium shelf. This protects the camera from bumps and jolts, as well as heat from the four motors.

It also helps the camera to film stable video footage. The camera has a fisheye lens to capture more of the landscape, and to look more natural than your regular video camera that you may attach to your drone.

Many drones for beginners don’t generate their ownWiFi hotspot like the Parrot Bebop drone does. This is useful as you can run it with a variety of smart phones, tablets, and other types of devices, instead of the radio controller with the Freeflight App.

This gives you the opportunity to film the best video while also controlling the drone, rather than juggling a radio controller with a smaller video screen. It also allows your friends or family to watch the video, while you pilot the drone through the air.

The Parrot can be quickly disassembled so you can pack it up for a trip or hiking. The blades can also be quickly changed should one become broken.

Check Price Of Parrot Bebop On Amazon

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Hubsan H107D

best starter drone : Hubsan H107D

There are so many great drones for beginners, but the Hubsan H107D is another worth noting. It has the distinction of being the world’s smallest FPV quadcopter with 480p camera. It comes in a white/grey plastic body with blue graphics and two red blades and two white blades.

It has LED running lights so you can fly it in the dark. It can be the best drone for beginners as it’s perfect for flying around the home, or to be taken on a trip.

Even though the drone is small, you still get a fully sized Hubsan radio controller unit with an actual 4.3 inch LCD viewing screen. This comes in a black plastic box with mini joysticks. There is a great full color sized screen so that you can see video as it’s being filmed. The radio controller works with 2.4Ghz technology.

The Hubsan line may not look like quadcopters for beginners but it’s still one of the best drone for beginners due to its nifty safety features. The plastic materials in the Hubsan will resist bumps and scratches.

All drones for beginners need to have a flip and roll function like the Hubsan.
It will do one flip or roll, or several in a continuous motion. There are plenty of exciting features on the Hubsan H1067D for both the beginner and the advanced drone pilot so you won’t be putting it to the back of the closet any time soon.

Check Price Of Hubsan H107D On Amazon

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Dromida Ominus

Dromida Ominus

The Dromida Ominus may not be as well known a name for quadcopters for beginners but it’s a great option to look at. It has an exciting black and green body that looks more like a space creature than a quad. Ominus promises that it’s almost ready to fly out of the box—just charge up first.

Ominus can also be the best drone for beginners as the company promises that it’s nearly impossible to break, but there’s enough to interest the intermediate flyer as well. There is flight assistance for beginners but this can be turned off for full manual control.

Some other features that make this the best drone for beginners include the price tag of just under $80. Not only does it promise to be durable but it promises stable flight too. There’s even batteries in the box to help you get started!

The gyro stabilization will help to keep the drone not only in the air but to keep it stable as well. Even if the beginner is a bit sloppy at the controls they won’t be embarrassed as flight will be stable, not erratic.

The radio controller runs on 2.4Ghz technology. You can press a button and do some neat flips as there are some powerful motors in the quad. The secure link technology will ensure that your drone always stays in contact with the radio controller. All these features add up to a drone that is a dream to fly.

What else can one expect for a best drone for beginners? There are four different color choices. You can choose from blue and black, yellow and black, green and black, or red and black. Since the radio controller has four channels you can buy up to four drones and fly them around your yard. It’s a great way to keep the kids from fighting, and the four colors allows each to see which drone they’re flying.

Check Price Of Dromida Ominus On Amazon

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Drone Flight Time - What It Is and What It Depends On 


What happens if I face a battery discharge during a flight?

Most drones will come with an estimated flight duration when fully charged. Thus, you should check the time to estimate when it is time to bring it down. Additionally, drones will come with a warning feature that will warn you when the battery is too low so that you can take appropriate action. However, it is essential for the pilot to always keep an eye on the battery charge level. If the battery level goes down, the drone will get down or come home depending on its features. 

How are drones controlled?

Most of the drones are controlled using a remote control. The remote control comes with buttons to help you navigate, and some can also come with an LCD screen. The screen displays various information, including the battery level, altitude, etc. You can also control a drone on your mobile device using an app. The latest invention involves controlling the drone using a tracking device. 

Is it hard to operate a drone?

The first instance of controlling a drone seems quite easy, even for kids and beginners. However, as you continue, you need to learn how to deal with obstacles and various hurdles. The blades of a drone are also sharp and rotate fast, which makes them dangerous. Thus, you need the experience to fly them around animals and people. 

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