Hubsan X4 H107D manual

by Pierce Lancaster
Hubsan X4 H107D manual

Hubsan X4 H107D manual
Hubsan X4 H107D one of the world’s smallest quadrocopter with a digital camera and FPV system.
Quadrocopter can be comfortably used outdoors and indoors. Flights can be made even in windy conditions.

Special flight mode Expert will allow you to perform aerobatics, including clips. (Full list of figures and how to do it you find in Hubsan X4 H107D manual).
In Hubsan X4 H107D is a system of side lights on and off with the remote control.
In FPV modifications you can watch the quadrocopter from the camera in real time.

For download full version Hubsan X4 H107D manual click here.

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