Ultimate Review Of Best Hip Waders In 2023

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Hip waders are possibly one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor gear.

Though they’re commonly associated with anglers who want to reach further waters and fish in areas that may have previously been off-limits, they're also ideal for hunters, and those who simply spend a lot of their time in the mud and murk.

A staple for the outdoor enthusiast, a hip wader is less restrictive than a chest wader.  More importantly, however, a hip wader keeps you warm, dry, and safe from collecting harmful bacteria on the ground.

A great pair of hip waders ought to be tough and at the same time, flexible and supple. And of course, it should be comfortable to use, just like your regular shoes.

If you're into angling, you should pick hip waders with reliable cleats to avoid slipping and falling when walking with wet legs.

But with all the types, styles, materials, and brands of hip waders in the market, choosing one that will fit your needs is quite challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work, and researched to make the process of choosing your next hip wader simple.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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All Weather Conditions?


Nylon Shell Fabric with Cleated PVC boot


Non-insulated molded PVC boots with cleated/felt outsole


Rugged Waterproof Polyester Fabric


Other Great Recommendations

100% Rubber


Neoprene Titanium Laminate Plastic

Mucky & Wet

Hip boot with knee harness, belt loop straps, cushioned insole, steel shank arch support with lug soles.


The Best Hip Waders In The Market For The Money!

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Hodgman Mackenzie - Editors Choice

Hodgman Mackenzie is a household name and is infamous for manufacturing rugged and high-quality outdoor gears.

The Hodgman Mackenzie wader is no different and it checks on all the boxes of the best hip wader.

Hodgman Mackenzie


Hodgman Mackenzie is a bootfoot fishing wader that sports a brown color, which is more or less like a champagne shade.

If you're a hunter, this color option will provide you with the much-needed camouflage, since it easily blends with the similarly-colored environment.

Material Construction

A majority of the hip waders are primarily built from rubber.

The Hodgman Mackenzie, however, comes with a heavy denier nylon fabric.

Like the rubber fabric, denier fabric is water-resistant and rugged enough for the tough terrains.

Further, the nylon shell is bolstered with PVC, for added security and without adding to much weight.


Speaking of weight, the nylon and PVC combo makes the Hodgman Mackenzie 35% lighter than the typical hip waders on our list.

Consequently, the lightness of this unit makes the Hodgman Mackenzie more flexible and less resistant to abrasion, thus extending its longevity.

Cleated Boots

Regardless of whether you’re wading through the slippery waters or climbing the slick rocks, the Hodgman Mackenzie offers a strong foot, thanks to the cleated boots.

Thes cleats will provide you with more traction without the need to exert yourself too much.


An easy to use hip wader, Hodgman Mackenzie comes with suspenders, meaning it can be adjusted according to your size for a true fit.

The hip wader has also included internal pockets that will allow you to store the fishing accessories and other essential for easy retrieval and access.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable nylon and PVC
  • Cleats for a stable and stronger footing
  • Rugged


  • Limited pocket space

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Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Wader - Best Budget

The Frogg Toggs Rana II is an economical option with no-frill.

Still, it’s a functional unit, and the durability of the wading material and boots is quite tough.

An incredibly lightweight and resistant hip boot, the Frogg Toggs Rana II will hold up nicely to some heavy hiking and fishing.

Frogg Toggs Rana II

The presence of adjustable belt leashes, alongside quick releasing buckle is a nice addition to this budget option.


Frogg Toggs Rana II is a versatile unit and is available in a range of sizes from 7 to 13.

These hip waders are available in a chic brown color, which helps in adding more camouflage, and at the same time, adding more style to your look.


Ideal for hunting, fishing, and any outdoor activity, this hip wader is built to resist the roughness and ruggedness of the outdoors.

In particular, you will love the stitching and seaming of the upper that reinforce the already rugged body for overall sturdy construction.

The boot portion on this unit is joined to the upper through welding to prevent weak links between the two, and this helps in preventing leaks.


Like the Hodgman Mackenzie we reviewed above, the upper on this hip wader is constructed from nylon, reinforced with PVC material.

Nylon will keep your feet and legs from water, while the PVC material will provide the rugged protection against the outdoor elements.


The Frogg Toggs Rana II has integrated the gravel guards within, and this goes a long way to keep your feet from the dirt and dust particles.

The boots are further reinforced with cleated soles, and this helps to keep your feet steady, add more traction, and improve the rigidity even in muddy areas.

A major concern that users had with this hip wader boots is they are constructed from molded PVC and not insulated.

This means they will not protect you against the chilling cold and are only ideal for use in the warm weather.

Easy to Use

The Frogg Toggs Rana II feature handy poly-webbing belt leashes that help to keep the boots in place. These leashes are adjustable and can be tailored according to your sizing needs.

Besides the leashes, this hip wader also comes with quick-release locking buckles and elastic stride flex that will add even more stability to this unit.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable nylon/PVC construction
  • Stable
  • Fits true to size


  • Insulated boots

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Allen Company Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader BootBest Camo Hip Wader

The Allen Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot is a solid option for anyone looking to keep themselves dry and comfortable.

Boasting of 2 ply construction, the Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot will keep the water from your feet and at the same time, offer the comfort of your regular pants.

Like the other hip waders we’ve reviewed, the Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot also features cleated sole to give you a strong leg footing.

Allen Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader


An ideal option for hunters, the Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot comes with tree patterns all over to help you camouflage properly in the trees and woods.

The proprietary “Realtree Max5” camo patterns are much more effective than the typical army camouflage since they display realistic motifs.

Material Construction

Unlike the typical rubber or nylon we’ve seen, the Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot is constructed from polyester fabric.

Contrary to other natural fibers, polyester is extremely resistant to wind and water. A major highlight of polyester is that it has a great holding capacity for water and will easily wick away water or perspiration.

And so, this unit is ideal when getting into the pond or lake as it lets you spend the whole day and get back home with the same comfort you left in the morning.

Cleated Boots

The soles on this hip water boots are cleated, while the upper is constructed from two-ply fabric.

The cleating lets you move on the slippery and uneven terrain with less effort.

While the cleats are quite standard in many of the boots, these boots are a bit sturdier and more durable compared to other boots in the market.


For ease of use, this hip wader feature belt straps, which will help in securing the wader throughout the expedition and at the same time, provide the support you need.

Further, the belt straps are adjustable, and this will ensure a proper fit.

Speaking of adjustable, the Allen Dillon 2 Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot will allow you to add arch support, and this makes your walks comfier.

Finally, the Allen Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot is extremely lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Realtree Max5 camouflage


  • Not built to last

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LaCrosse Men's Big Chief - Best Hip Wader for Fishing

The LaCrosse Men's Big Chief was originally released in 1951, and these boots have been a staple for many anglers for several decades.

Though the design on this wader is a bit traditional and old, they're still used in the modern-da

angling, and it's for a good reason.

LaCrosse Mens Big Chief

Material Construction

The LaCrosse Men's Big Chief is constructed from waterproof ZXT rubber.

According to the manufacturer, the rubber construction on this hip wader makes it naturally water-resistant, and it’s one more reason this hip wader is ideal for fishing expeditions.

Further, rubber exhibits high resilience and tear resistance.

The above characteristics make this boot a durable piece of equipment and will go a long way to providing you the protection you need against the external elements.


Like a majority of the hip waders we’ve reviewed, the LaCrosse Men's Big Chief offers superior traction, thanks to the chevron-style cleats.

These types of cleats are rugged and are specially designed to handle mud and muck and prevent slips or fall on the sick surfaces.

EVA Footbed

 Another incredible asset on this hip wader is an EVA footbed.

The EVA footbed is a rubber-like plastic with high heat and cold resistance.

The EVA footbed has special cushioning properties, and this helps in gentle absorption of every step, thus promoting a smooth and fluid walk.

Fiberglass Shank

Shanks are the shoe components that keep your boots in shape.

They do so by stiffening the outsoles, and this gives you a stable platform for walking.

The fiberglass shank on the LaCrosse Men's Big Chief offers a supportive structure and is critical for the functionality of the rugged and performance boots.

This is because they help in diminishing the load incurred by the wearer.

Support on this hip wader is further bolstered by the internal calf harness and snaps around the legs. Combined, these features deliver extra support as well as superior fit.

A major concern with these hip waders is the lack of insulation, meaning they’re only ideal for use in mild or warm temperatures, as opposed to the sub-zero conditions.


  • Water-resistant rubber
  • Supportive features
  • Removes the smell of sweaty feet


  • Lack of insulation

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NRS Boundary Shoe - Best Boot Wader

The NRS Boundary Shoe are not exactly hip waders, but these boots are an incredible choice for wading.

If the reviews are anything to go by, the NRS Boundary Shoe are a killer choice for shore fishing and kayaking.

NRS Boundary Shoe


Like we’ve mentioned in the intro, these waders are more like boots.

They're ideal for users looking for something ideal for the less gnarly terrain and don’t require a full-fledge hip wader.

A budget option, this boot is incredibly versatile, and it comes with a plethora of performance-oriented features.

Material Construction

These boots are constructed from a combination of neoprene, titanium laminate, and plastic.

Sure, it's not the best combination for ruggedness, but the construction is sturdy and durable.

We like waterproof 5 mm neoprene upper, which is glued, and blind-stitched to keep your feet warm and dry all through.

The double-taped seams, in particular, helps to bolster the water-resistance on this boot.

The 2mm plastic construction will protect your feet against all the sharp elements on the ground.

Besides the inherent risk that is associated with a puncture on the neoprene, this unit is sturdy and will serve you for long.


While the NRS Boundary Shoe does not feature cleats on the sole, the material construction alongside the design will provide the traction needed for traversing mud and sand.

However, don’t bring this boot to the icy conditions yet, because they’re not insulated.


Sporting a simple and intuitive design, the NRS Boundary Shoe utilizes an instep strap that makes them sturdy and allows your feet to stay put even in the mud.

Where they excel, however, it how easy it is to put them on and take them off. In addition, they're extremely lightweight and will not weigh you down during your outdoor expeditions.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent support


  • Not full hip waders
  • Tends to get punctured easily

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Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots - Best All Weather Condition Hip Wader

Regardless of the weather conditions out there, the  Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots are the ideal pair.

Built with functionality, durability, and comfort, these double-layered rubber hip boots will keep your feet bone dry and will last for several seasons without wearing out.


The Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots are pretty plain and come with a simplistic design.

The glaze of the fabric, however, adds some cool touches on your look.

Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots

Material Construction

The upper on this unit boasts of 2-ply rubber and cotton.

Therefore, users are guaranteed super-comfort and at the same time, resistance from the water.


The Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots comes with a plethora of safety-enhancing features.

For starters, this unit features a knee-harness and is a critical component as it will prevent any possible injuries from occurring as you roam through the rough terrain.

The included knee harnesses are further adjustable, meaning you can tailor to fit true to size.

Safety on this boot is further reinforced by the inclusion of semi-hard toe caps. The toe caps will offer much-needed protection to your toes to ensure maximum safety.


The presence of belt loop straps and take-up straps will safely secure the boot in place and prevent it from coming off.

Like the Caddis, this boot does not feature cleats on the boot, but instead, it comes with large lug soles.

The lug soles will provide you with super-traction and enough footing, even when traversing the slick grounds.


Comfort at its best, the Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots comes with cushioned insoles that keep your feet soft, regardless of the roughness of the ground.

Comfort is underlined by the presence of steel shank arch support in between the soles. The steel shank provides more stability on the boot and reduces the possibility of pain occurring by diminishing the weight you’ll be carrying.

All-Weather Boots

The Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots are suitable for all-weather conditions. Similarly, they're incredible for a variety of activities ranging from fishing, digging for calms, and even cleaning the ponds.

Their versatility is largely contributed by the presence of an EcoSmart II sole design that makes the boot more breathable.


  • All-weather use
  • Versatile use
  • Stable


  • Tad expensive

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Hip Wader Buying Guide

Even after listing the best seven hip waders in the market, finding one that is right for your needs is still a real adventure.

Woman in wader

Given the staggering options that one has to choose from, choosing the ideal buying guide requires a bit of research.

The good news is, it's not an impossible task; in the section below, we've compiled a short buying guide to help you make a more informed choice in your next purchase.

Factors to Consider

Durability and Material

Hip waders are specifically tailored to tackle the rugged and murky conditions.

Therefore, when choosing a wader, you must ensure that you pick one that can handle diverse and rough conditions.

The ruggedness of a hip wader is largely affected by material construction.

One of the most durable materials is the PVC reinforced rubber.

It's sturdy and can easily withstand the scrapes, tears, and punctures. This is not to mention it's a waterproof fabric.

Size and Comfort

Similar to choosing your regular garment, a hip wader should run true to your size,

Getting a model that is either too loose or too tight can severely affect your overall performance.

So, go for a model that snugly fits and gives you the flexibility of use.


While accessories will not influence the performance of your hip wader, these small features make the entire experience more comfortable.

For instance, the presence of pockets will ensure that you have easy access to some of your fishing accessories.

A boot and wader drier, on the hand, will contribute to the longevity of your wader by removing the excess water.


Hip waders are integral equipment for any outdoor enthusiast.

They offer plenty of comfort-enhancing features and will make your outdoor experience exciting and worthwhile.


Are the Hip Waders durable?

Most hip waders are durable because they are intended for use in harsh environments like wading through water. They are supposed to protect you from injuries. Find out the quality of materials used during manufacturing to get the best quality.

Which is the best hip wader to pick?

We recommend a universal hip wader that will work in all weather conditions. You need the best quality model to last you longer. 

Are the hip waders heavy?

Depending on the materials used, you’ll come across a variety of weights. Some of the fabric is heavier than the others. We recommend you pick the weight that will allow you to use the hip wader without sacrificing the functionality.

Are all the hip waders a good fit?

When it comes to fitting, not all waders will fit well. Check the sizing chart to pick the size that will snugly fit so that you can move comfortably as you traverse through harsh environmental conditions.

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