Ultimate Review Of Best Luxury Driving Gloves In 2023

Best Luxury Driving Gloves

Driving is cool, but what’s even cooler is looking good while you’re behind the wheel, and luxury driving gloves are a key part of that.

Not only do the best luxury driving gloves look great, but they're also legitimate benefits of wearing them.

Some of these include improving your overall driving experience, promoting comfort, preventing wear of your wheel, and much more.

Now, whether you're looking to complete that bad-boy look, you've been chasing, or simply improve your grip from behind the wheel, here is a list of the top 5 luxury driving gloves in the market.

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Top 5 Luxury Driving Gloves in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Luxury Driving Gloves

ELMA Luxury Men's Driving Gloves - Editor’s Choice

The Elma Luxury Gloves are the perfect combination of comfort, luxury, and functionality.

In our opinion, though, we consider them as the best all-rounder gloves in the market.

The quality alone makes you think that they’d cost hundreds of dollars and only seen in Ferrari drivers, but surprisingly, they’re an inexpensive option; a real bargain and value for your money.

But are the Elma Luxury Gloves the best for you?

Let’s find out.

Best Luxury Driving Gloves

Features and Benefits

Design Quality and Material Construction

A firm favorite amongst the drivers due to the classic design, Elma Luxury Gloves boasts of Italian Napa leather construction.

Napa leather is a type of leather made from the skin of lambs, and if you know anything about leather, you know that this type of leather is known for its suppleness.

While it's a bit more expensive than the standard leather, the Elma gloves give you flexibility and an increased grip on your wheel for the ultimate driving experience.

Interior Lining

The second feature that makes the Elma a standout is the choice of lining.

Here, the Elma glove gives you an option to choose wool, cashmere, or fleece lining, though at slightly different prices.

Either way, any of the materials you choose is comfortable and warm, too.

However, I prefer cashmere lining over the rest because it's warmer, and if you look at the customer reviews, those with cashmere lining didn’t have to upgrade to a new glove even during winter.

Unfortunately, like any other lined glove, the Elma tends to get a tad warm and uncomfortable during the warmer days.

Touchscreen Capability

When you need to operate your smartphone or even your touchscreen-enabled GPS, you don’t need to go through the hassle of removing the Elma gloves.

This is because the Elma has been fitted with a revolutionary nanotechnology on the fingertips, which like your fingers, respond to all touchscreen demands.


The Elam design takes a more traditional form, devoid of wrist wraps. So, at times, it’s easy for the gloves to become cumbersome to manage.

But away from that, the Elma is a high-quality glove, feature-packed with functional components.

However, this pair stands out from the rest because it’s an inexpensive option that doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

  • Premium material construction
  • Soft and lush
  • Elegant
  • Not ideal for high temperatures

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Riparo Full-finger Driving Gloves

If you can afford a slightly higher-priced driving glove, the Riparo Full-Finger Glove would be an ideal option.

While it’s not exactly a premium option, it has all the necessary components to take your driving to a whole new level.

Unlike the Elma, we reviewed above, the Riparo has excellent breathability properties, but lacks an internal lining, and so a great option for those driving in the hot and warm conditions.

Riparo Full-finger Driving Gloves

Features and Benefits

Design-Build and Material Construction

Riparo is designed from premium leather material, thus offering a classic mix of comfort and toughness.

The genuine leather glove is thin, and so, it makes your hand take a natural position while wearing them.

Better yet, the gloves are durable and protective enough to prevent your palms from friction and calluses.


Riparo, a full-fingered pair boasts of reverse stitching, which adds to the overall strength and toughness, especially compared to the regular gloves.

While strength is not always an essential factor with luxury driving gloves, it’s reassuring to know that this glove is going to last you for several sessions without breaking down.

Now, despite holding their shape well over time, we would recommend that you periodically rub leather cleaner to extend their use.


Riparo gloves lack an interior lining and while this might not sit well with the drivers in the cold climates, it's an incredible option for those driving in the warm conditions.

This is because Riparo doesn't result in the buildup of heat or sweating.

The breathability element is further improved by the cut-out knuckles that will promote the free flow of air into your hands.

The vent holes provide plenty of cool air, which helps to keep your hands from getting sweaty, even in long journeys.


Contrary to the Elma, the Riparo comes with a wrist wrap with a snap button, which supports your wrist, without hindering the flexibility of the glove.

Further, the gloves are available in various sizes as well as colors and so, you can never miss finding an option that suits you.

And for the colored options, you'll no longer have to worry about the dye bleeding into your hands, even after wearing them on a sunny afternoon.


  • Durable and stylish
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Tend to stretch over time

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Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves - Best Breathable

If you're in search of luxury gloves that provide better grip and control, then these traditional driving gloves must just be the perfect option.

For starters, they’re unlined, and so, they give you a much better feel and hold of the steering wheel, which I think is the main role of any driving glove.

They're also highly breathable, and despite this, they're not quite bad to out on cold weather.

Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

Features and Benefits

Design-Build and Quality

Like a majority of the driving gloves on our list, Pratt and Hart is constructed from premium leather material, which offers a mix of comfort and toughness.

Secondly, the leather material is highly breathable, and so, you’ll experience optimal comfort while driving.

Finally, leather, unlike a majority of the synthetic materials, is durable and protective enough to keep your hands safe for several sessions.


Unfortunately, Pratt and Hart is not lined.

Instead, the thin leather material on the softshell extends to the interior of the glove.

This is a good thing because the gloves don't feel chunky while driving.

More importantly, however, the glove will not result in your hands sweating, or even the uncomfortable accumulation of heat.

That said, the usefulness of this material isn't only limited to the warm climates, but according to some users, Pratt and Hart also stand up well to the mild cold conditions.


Better ventilation is a critical element for any luxury driving glove, and the Pratt and Hart; you get a pair of gloves with open knuckles.

The open knuckles, alongside with the air vents promote greater airflow so that your hands don't get hot in the first place.

But away from keeping your hands cool, the knuckles are a major stress point for bending the fingers, and so, the Prat gloves give your bones somewhere to go, rather than stretching or ripping the leather.

Combined, all the above elements help to improve the overall use, comfort, and breathability on the Prat and Hart glove.


These gloves are available in multiple sizes and provided you choose the right size, you'll soon realize that they run true to size, and they offer a snug fit.

Better yet, they come with a Velcro strap with a snap that ensures they stay in position.

  • Premium leather construction
  • Durable
  • Breathability
  • Not suitable for the extreme cold conditions

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WARMEN Warm Nappa Leather Daily Dress Driving Gloves - Winter Driving Gloves

It’s no secret that the Warmen Leather gloves are an expensive pair.

However, true to their price, the Warmen Glove embodies a premium and functional luxury glove.

In particular, they’re a handy option if you happen to do most of your driving in the chilly and cold conditions.

Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

Features and Benefits

Design Quality and Material Construction

Warmen boasts of a premium leather construction.

The manufacturer has not indicated the actual type of leather, but from what we know, leather, regardless of the type, has a unique grandiosity for the ultimate luxury feel.

Away from the luxury element, leather is supple, and equally tough.

When in use, the Warmen eels luxuriously comfortable and will allow you to spin your wheels with ease and comfort.

Additionally, the material is long lasting, and it’s easier for you to use the Warmen for several sessions without the pair breaking down on you.


The insulation element is what probably separates this pair from the rest of our gloves.

Like the Elma, the Warmen comes with an insulation material consisting of either cashmere or fleece.

Both the materials are plush, comfortable, and will keep your hands warm during the chilly conditions.

As I had mentioned earlier, if I were to choose between the two linings, I would prefer the cashmere because it’s more comfortable and easily traps the heat into my hands.

Unfortunately, the lining on the glove makes them unsuitable for use in the warm conditions.

This is because the trapped heat is likely to get your hands sweaty, which is discomforting.

Touchscreen Function

With the Warmen, you’ll not get inconvenienced while operating your smartphone.

Rather than having to get your gloves off, you can easily operate your smartphone with the gloves on, since they act more like bare hands.


It’s easy to assume that since the Warmen is insulated, it lacks the flexibility and ease of use.

Surprisingly, however, the Warmen is not bulky and easy to use too.

Better, the glove is available in a whopping five different sizes, and so, it's always easy to find a pair that will easily fit your needs.

  • Durable
  • They keep warm
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Can result from heat build-up

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Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Gloves - Best Fingerless

Though the Riparo Motorsports gloves are tailored for the motorsports enthusiasts, they can also be of great help for the regular drivers.

Uniquely, however, these gloves move away from the standard gloves. Instead, they come with a fingerless design.

Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Gloves

Features and Benefits

Quality Build and Design

Though I prefer the full finger design, I found the fingerless design a quite practical solution, especially that it gave me the freedom of movement.

Surprisingly, the fingerless design is protective enough to prevent abrasions that normally build up after extended periods of clutching the steering.

Finally, with a fingerless design, it’s always easy to operate your touchscreen devices like smartphones and high end radio.

Moving on, the leather construction on this glove is soft and tough.

The plushness on the leather promotes a comfortable fit, and when you combine this with the toughness of the glove, you get a comfortable driving experience.


Speaking of comfort, this Ripario glove is unlined, and so, it doesn’t come with the chunkiness we often see with a majority of the insulated gloves.

The glove feels light and flexible too.


Another standout feature on this pair is the cut out on the knuckles.

The cutouts on the knuckles, plus the perforated leather, help to promote breathability and the free flow of air on the glove.

When in use, these gloves will prevent the heat buildup and help to keep your hands cool at all times.

Moreover, the cutouts promote flexibility since they're located at the end of the knuckles, where you lex your fingers a lot.

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Airy
  • Not insulated

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Best Luxury Driving Gloves Buying Guide

Best Luxury Driving Gloves Buying Guide

Unlike gloves used for driving your speedy motorbike, When picking the best luxury driving gloves, there’re several critical factors you need to consider.

These include:

Material Construction

The material construction is something that you shouldn't overlook since it greatly contributes to the overall quality of your glove.

For luxury gloves, they don't need to be durable as the baseball gloves or anything like that, but they need to be strong enough to hold up to basic usage.

In most cases, the preferred material option for the luxury gloves is leather, though some are also designed from synthetics such as nylon.

Now, whatever material you choose, understand that these driving gloves are strictly for use in driving and shouldn't be used for other tasks, including chores.


The lining on your glove is incredibly crucial, and the beats choice is entirely dependent on your personal preferences.

However, a large selection of the luxury driving gloves are unlined, and if you're a driver who spends a majority of their time in warm conditions, this would probably be an incredible option since it offers the coolest form of a driving glove.

However, for winter driving gloves, you might consider material lining such as wool, cashmere, or polyester.


If your need for luxury driving glove is to be much of a fashion statement as a functional accessory, the overall design is crucial.

Your glove should have some aesthetics to them; the exterior material should have distinct styles associated with them.

There’re certain optional features such as fingerless gloves, knuckle holes, perforations, and wrist wraps that may help to add or even take away what you’re going for.


Despite how functional a glove is, it's of no use if the glove is either too restrictive or to lose. And so, you need to select the right size for your driving glove.

The good news is, most of the manufacturers have a helpful sizing chart to help you know what you need and whether a glove can accommodate you.

Ideally, your glove should run true to size, and it should fit your snugly.

Touchscreen Compatibility

While it’s not an essential feature, having a touchscreen-enabled glove is convenient.

The need for this feature becomes more vital, considering that most of the vehicles today have several touchscreen-enabled functions such as GPS navigation, touchscreen radios, and more.


Luxury gloves are more than the “feel-good” element.

They also play a crucial role in your overall driving performance.

When you select the best luxury driving glove, your driving experience becomes more gratifying.

However, you need to choose the right luxury glove for your needs, and the most crucial elements are fit, comfort and performance.

Of course, for a luxury glove, you want something that screams of quality build and aesthetics too.

Editor Notes:

Are driving gloves worth purchasing? 

Driving gloves are essential. They add grip between your hand and the steering wheel to ensure you keep the hands free from injuries. The gloves also come in when there is a drastic drop in temperatures hence keeping your hands warm while driving.

How tight should the driving gloves be?

The gloves must not feel too tight on your arms or too loose to hold.  Comfort is key and when selecting a pair of gloves for driving, always consult the sizing chart to get a perfect fit. Also, note that some materials are stretchy and will become loose once you use them over time.

Can I operate my phone with driving gloves?

Touch screen compatibility is a crucial feature to help you operate your phone without removing the gloves. This means you’ll need to check the compatibility and find a pair that works with a touch screen.

Do you recommend leather gloves for driving?

Yes, leather gloves are durable and will work in different environments when driving. However, leather tends to shrink depending on the weather, and the tough cover can feel uncomfortable on your hands.

Current Best Selling Luxury Driving Gloves

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