Car Charging Port Not Working – Reasons & Solutions 

Car Charging Port Not Working

Key Takeaways

  • Not all USB ports charge phones.
  • The problem might be the hardware or the software failure.
  • Your charger might be the problem.

Sometimes, a car’s technical problems can be frustrating. However, there is no need to worry as there is always a solution. Car charging ports are prone to breakdown as we use them daily.

The charging port surface is open, meaning specks of dust and food particles get in, blocking the current transmission.  This article will give you more reasons and solutions for why your car charging port is not working.

Why Does My 12v Socket Not Work?

If your 12v sockets stop working, check if there is any debris in your socket. Clear anything that might hinder your charger from making direct contact with the positive terminal at the bottom of the socket Burrell. After that, confirm if your phone responds to charging.

If you’ve done the above and it still needs to be fixed, the socket might have been blown or disconnected. That means the wires connecting to the battery are not working anymore.

Here, you will need a professional to fix the wires and look deeper into the problem.

Can You Replace a Car Charger Port?

Yes, you can replace your car charger port. These ports are prone to spoil, but that does not mean it’s the end.

A complete functioning charger kit is more of a basic need for us. If you get yourself in a situation where your port needs a replacement, find the problem and remove the spoiled part from the rest of the device.

A replacement wire will work best if they have the same diameter. Or rather, pull the old power port out using your pliers and replace it with the new USB. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Charging Port?

The cost of fixing a charger port depends on the model and the expert you are partnering with. Third-party servicemen will charge you $40-$105 to repair a charging port.

The price contrasts with the owner of the phones. For instance, if you use Apple, the cost will range from $149 for iPhone 3G to $849 for an iPhone 12.

Here is a list of other brands with their repairing approximated price:

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s/ 6 Plus – $100
  • iPhone SE/5/5C/ FIVE – $80
  • The Majority Of Nokia Designs – $75
  • Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/ S6/S7 – $100
  • Samsung Note – $100

Why Is My 12v Car Charger Not Working?

The possible reason is that your charger is faulty. Most car chargers don’t come with fuses and surge protectors, meaning if the socket is overloaded, the chances of your charger burning out are high.

In addition, the electric fuse that supplies the power to the port might have blown. Try to use the same charger in another car to be sure that your fuse has the problem.

USB Car Charger Not Working 

 Here are the possible reasons why your USB car charger is not working.

First, you may need help with your power cable fitting your phone well. Data cables have two to three terminals, whereas charging cables have four. The charging cable must be fit and clean. The port on your phone should also be clean.

The main reason being some particles might be blocking the transmission.

In addition, you might have blown your charger. You won’t have any other option but to get a new one with the same amperage.

Car Charger Fuse Replacement 

Fuses play a massive role in your car; they protect all electrical components. In cases where one of the wires has an overflow of the electric current, fuses prevent the flow from causing too much damage.

Therefore, if a fuse blows, it might indicate a problem that needs fixing with immediate effect.

Here are five simple steps for replacing your charger fuse.

  • Switch off the engine
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Open the fuse box and locate the fuse.
  • Remove and inspect the old fuse.
  • Insert the new fuse

Why Isn’t the Power Outlet in My Car Working

A dead fuse could be the cause of your power outlet not working. It might be old, or the plug used previously used too much current, or it was faulty.

You will see a black spot on the fuse to mean it’s dead, and you have no option but to replace it with a new fuse with the same amperage. If the used fuse is good, move on to the following.

Check if power is getting to the outlet. Use a voltmeter or tester. If the voltmeter shows enough power, your outlet might be the problem.

To add one, the accessory you are plugging in might have issues. To be sure it is the outlet that has the problem, try to charge it in another car outlet. If it charges then your outlet has a problem.

Car Charger Port Fuse 

If your car charger port fuse is not working, don’t worry. Here are ways to fix it.

  • Clean connection: Your port fuse might need to be fixed because of the contamination. Blow the dirt or the debris and try it out again.
  • Get a new cord: Some things are beyond repair. To be sure the cable has the problem, try charging your phone with a different port. If it responds positively, there is nothing wrong with your code. However, if it doesn’t respond, you will have to get a new one.
  • Repair wiring: Rodents can damage your wires, although they can rarely mess you up. They eat wires which later leads to disconnection.

Electric Car Charger Is Not Working 

There are a couple of reasons why your electric car might stop charging. Here are the reasons:=

  • You should connect the charger to the car properly. In this scenario, ensure you correctly use the correct cable and that it is related to an outlet.
  • The battery might also be the problem. Here you have to take the car for service.
  • The car has run out of power. Some cars stop charging because they are short of power.

Car Charger Not Working iPhone

There are various reasons why your car charger is not working. Below are the possible causes

  • Wrong code. You should use the correct code to charge your iPhone. Some come with their codes, or you purchase them yourself.
  • Blown fuse. Everything electrical in your car runs through the fuse. Meaning if the fuse is dead, nothing electrical will run.
  • Defective socket. The charging port installed in your car can get defective like any other car part. It might be the reason why your iPhone is not charging.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a USB Port in a Car? 

The average price for fixing a car USB port ranges from $5-$50, depending on the damage.

Some cars have numerous USB ports, while others are single.


In conclusion, your car’s charging port is just like any other part of your car. Thus it can get damaged and get serviced. Don’t worry because it’s something that you can solve.

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