The Best Time of Year to Buy a Volkswagen

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The Best Time of Year to Buy a Volkswagen

Volkswagen has been producing passenger cars since the 1930s, and its current lineup includes luxury and premium vehicles. One of their most iconic cars is the VW Beetle that was introduced after the war and priced to meet the average person’s budget. It became a worldwide phenomenon, and the 1960s saw Beetles everywhere on the streets of the United States. In addition to the Beetle, VW has long-standing models for everyone. If you are in the market for a Volkswagen, there are sure to be many VWs for sale at SCA Auctions LLC held around the country.

Volkswagen SUVs

Atlas – This family-friendly SUV has abundant room for all the kids, the dog, and even the toys they want to bring along. If you need more room, you can fold the seats down and open up 96.8 cubic feet of cargo area, which is big enough to load small pieces of furniture or cargo boxes. If you still need room, add a top box to the roof and stow small items in it. The Atlas is great for taking long vacations across the country to your favorite beach or ski resort.

Tiguan – The Volkswagen Tiguan offers plenty of cargo and passenger space for you and your friends to load it up and take it off the beaten path. With its turbo power, you can expect high performance, and the luxury interior means you will be traveling in style. It has five-star ratings from NHTSA and IIHS gives it good marks for safety.

Taos – If you’re looking for bold and rugged, then the Taos is built to drive your next adventure. Because the Taos is an SUV, you will have all the space and comfort you can already expect from other Volkswagen SUVs. The Taos is turbo-driven and generates 158 horses with 184 lb.ft. of torque. It will get you there in style.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars

Jetta – The Jetta has been a staple of Volkswagen since 1979. It is a tested and proven winner as a popular passenger car for VW lovers everywhere. Today’s Jetta carries on the tradition of being a reliable, economical, yet luxurious sedan for VW. It is stylish and complete with the latest technology for both entertainment — a BeatsAudio™ speaker system ‘wows’ the crowds — and safety, like adaptive cruise control, active blind spot monitor, and travel assist.

Arteon – The Arteon is a large family car, but is classified as a mid-size car. It is available in either a 5-door liftback or a 5-door estate. It comes from the longstanding Passat family of cars, so you know you are getting a quality sedan. It has a hybrid option that keeps your fuel costs down.  

Volkswagen Electric Cars

ID.4 – When it comes to electric cars, the ID.4 combines the smart technology of an EV with the roomy interior of the SUV, giving you a reason to volunteer to drive everyone’s kids to school. If you need more room, then fold the seats down and open up 64.2 cubic feet of cargo space. With its AWD option, you not only get better traction, but you also get a second electric motor for the front wheels that improves response and acceleration. There is no sacrifice on styling to save the environment with the ID.4.

A sneak peek into the Euro version of the ID.4 reveals a bus body style that reaches back to 1949 for the origin of a VW Type 2 panel van. Like the Beetle, the panel vans, or VW bus as they were known, were another staple of the 1960s and 1970s roadways in America. It appears that VW will be bringing the electrified version of the old bus to the forefront. These buses were perfect campers for those who loved the nomadic lifestyle, which is gaining popularity due to remote technology that allows people to work anywhere.

Volkswagen also offers hybrid options on a few of its models for those who want to spend less on gas and do more to save the environment.

Volkswagen Motorsports

For those who like speed from their vehicles, the Volkswagen Motorsport team works the rally race circuit and competes in prestigious events like the World Rally Championship and Dakar Rally. Volkswagen has talked about shutting down the motorsports division, but they plan on continuing their participation in motorsports since they also own the Porsche and Audi brands. Both of those brands will be active in the F1 racing scene come 2026, according to Volkswagen CEO, Herbert Diess.  

What is the best time of the year to buy a Volkswagen? Anytime is good. They have something for every season, but if you are looking for a reason to buy one, then buy one as a “Back to School” gift to yourself, an SUV as a Christmas present, or a passenger car to beat cabin fever in the winter. Or, you could just buy one for each season. No matter what you decide, Volkswagen makes a safe, reliable car that is built on years of German engineering that you can trust.

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