55 vs 65 Inch TV – Which TV Size Is Right for You?

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55 vs 65 Inch TV

The choice between a 55-inch and a 65-inch TV ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the size of your room. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Room size: A 55-inch TV is a good choice for smaller rooms, such as a bedroom or a small living room, while a 65-inch TV is better suited for larger rooms, such as a large living room or a family room.
  2. Viewing distance: Consider the distance you will be sitting from the TV. For a 55-inch TV, it is recommended to sit at least 7 to 8 feet away, while for a 65-inch TV, it is recommended to sit at least 9 to 10 feet away.
  3. Picture quality: Both 55-inch and 65-inch TVs can have great picture quality, but a 65-inch TV will generally have a larger screen and can provide a more immersive viewing experience.
  4. Budget: 65-inch TVs are generally more expensive than 55-inch TVs, so you may want to consider your budget when making your decision.

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Ultimately, the choice between a 55-inch and a 65-inch TV comes down to personal preference and the size of your room. If you want a more immersive viewing experience, a 65-inch TV may be the better choice, but if you have a smaller room or are on a tighter budget, a 55-inch TV may be a better fit.

Let’s dive in!

How Big of a Room Should You Have for a 65-Inch TV?

A few ideas could help you decide what TV to take, depending on your space. A smaller space will call for a smaller TV, and a bigger space could make a blogger TV appropriate.

A general rule for deciding a proper TV size is to convert the watching distance into inches and divide the distance by 1.6. That will give you a rough estimate of the TV size to buy. If you’re still not convinced about the right size, there is another method.

You can use sticky tape, such as painter’s tape, to draw both TV sizes. This way, you can test out the best TV to buy. The outline of the 55” and the 65” will give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Also, it is essential to consider the room where the TV will go. Is it an entertainment room or just a room for general use? An entertainment room should take the 65-inch, but a 55-inch TV will suffice if it is a mixed room.

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Is a 65-Inch TV Better Than a 55-Inch?

If you are not on a budget and have enough room, consider buying a larger TV. A bigger TV will always give you a better experience. The only reason not to buy a big TV is if it is too big for your room or the supporting furniture.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you considered other factors such as the size of your room, the size of your furniture, viewing distance, and, most importantly, your budget.

The performance of the 55-inch and the 65-inch TVs will be comparable if they are of the same make. So, your more significant concern should be the size, not which is better than the other, as they will most likely be the same.

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How Much Bigger Is a 65-Inch TV Than a 55-Inch TV?

TV inches are measured diagonally. Therefore, the 65-inch TV will likely be bigger by 5 and 9 inches in height and width, respectively. This is a significant difference between the 55 and the 65-inch TV.

Putting a 65-inch Tv in a small room will have you bending backward to have the full view. This could be detrimental to your health. You need a TV that is comfortable to watch in your room.

Similarly, you might find the 55-inch TV “small” if you have a big living room or entertainment room. Striking a balance between room size and TV screen size is the key to finding your right fit.

If your watching distance is more than 7 ft, the 65-inch TV will be appropriate. However, a 55-inch TV will be ideal if the watching distance is less than 7 ft.

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55-Inch vs. 65-Inch in CM

Today, TV sizes are standardized. Therefore, they have comparable aspect ratios, meaning that the height and width will be almost identical for similar TV sizes, even when they are of different brands.

Size Height in centimeters Width in centimeters
55-Inch TV 71 123
65-Inch TV 83 145
Difference 12 22

Given the differences in height and width outlined in the table above, you can almost visualize the size differences considering they have a difference of about 12 cm in height and 22 cm in width.

Is a 65-Inch TV Too Big?

It is essential to consider your TV size based on the watching distance, which is the distance between your Tv and the couch.

We recommend that the watching distance be at least 7 ft in a living room to have a 65-inch TV. If the watching distance is less than 7 ft, the 6-inch TV might be too big.

If the TV goes to the media room dedicated to entertainment, consider a watching distance of about 5 ft. If the watching distance is less than 5 ft, the 65-inch TV might be too big.

The 65-inch TV is probably bigger if you bend backward to get a better view.

For ergonomics, consider a TV size that fits well with your furniture.

You should consider a distance of 61 inches for the 55-inch TV, measured from the floor to the center of the TV. For the 65-inch Tv, consider measuring 65 inches. You can determine the best TV to buy depending on your room size and furniture.

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Is a 55-Inch TV Big Enough?

You might have skipped a critical step in determining your TV size if you have not considered the distance between your TV and the couch. 

Mixed rooms, such as living rooms or family rooms, require a maximum watching distance of about 7 ft for the 55-inch TV. If it is more than 7 ft, the TV might need to be bigger than 55 inches.

If the TV goes to a dedicated media room for entertainment, consider a watching distance of about 5 ft. If the watching distance is less than 5 ft, the TV might need to be bigger than the 55-inch.

You can get a vivid picture of what the TV will be like using painter’s tape. Use the dimensions above to mark out the TV dimensions and serif the 55-inch Tv would be a good fit.

Something Else to Consider

Upgrading to another Tv after a few years might be in your plans. You might want to add another Tv to the bedroom or another room in the house. If this is the case, you can buy a smaller TV and upgrade to the bigger one later.

The advantage of this approach is that you can work with a smaller budget. It is the most convenient approach if you are on a budget. Also, you will experience using both the 55-inch and the 65-inch TVs. 

You will have a better idea of the TV size you need. 

More importantly, you might find that the TV you need will be cheaper by the time you upgrade. New TVs are often expensive, while those on the shelves sell at a more affordable price. This is a critical consideration when you are on a budget.

55-Inch vs. 65-Inch TV for Gaming

The 55-inch TV is ideal for gaming if you have a smaller room. You will require a distance of about 2.1m if the TV has a 1080p resolution. However, you can consider a sitting distance of approximately 1.4m if you use a higher resolution, such as 4K. 

The 65-inch TV is better for gaming, but only if you have enough room. You will require a watching distance of 2.4m if you use the 1080p resolution. A better resolution, such as the 4K TV, will require a distance of at least 1.6m. 

A bigger TV is often the better choice. But it would be best if you had enough to accommodate the big screen. Other factors, such as your budget, could limit you to specific options.

55-Inch TV vs 75-Inch TV Size Comparison

The 75-inch TV has a width of 65.37 inches and a height of 36.77 inches. The size is significantly more significant than the 55-inch TV, which features a width of 56.65 inches and a height of 31.87 inches.

The only catch is that you need enough room for sufficient watching distance. The cost is also significantly higher than the 55-inch TV. You should reconsider buying the 75-inch TV if you are on a tight budget.


The choice of your TV size depends on various factors. Key among them is the space you have, furniture, and budget. If you have enough space and your budget allows, always go bigger. However, you might have a smaller space, and the 55-inch TV might be more appropriate.

Using painter’s tape to mark the TV dimensions will give you a clear picture of how the TV will look in your house. Try out the two sizes and see which best meets your needs.

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