5 Best Headphones With Mic – A Helpful Guide and Reviews

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Best Headphones with Mic

Whether attending an important client call, FaceTiming your friend, or streaming videos online, a headphone with a built-in microphone is the best bet for seamless and clear two-way communication. This is especially true if you don’t want to be blamed for that crackling sound at your end every time you try to speak. But what are the best headphones with mic?  

If you’re wondering about this, you’re not alone. The market is flooded with headsets with microphones, making it difficult for anyone to choose one.  

To help you out, I’ve prepared this article with detailed reviews of the 5 best headphones with mic after thorough research, expert analysis, and, yes, reading customer reviews, too. Whether you prefer wired or wireless models, you’ll find detailed descriptions about both! 

Key Takeaways

  • Sony, Sennheiser, JBL, Bose, and Phillips are the top brands for headphones with built-in microphone(s). 
  • You should mind the headset’s design factor, battery life, comfort, noise cancelation, and sound quality, among others. 
  • Wired and wireless headphones with mic have their pros and cons. Thus, choosing a product is all about your personal preference. 

Which Brand for Headphones With Mic Is the Best?

We’re spoiled for choice as far as headphone brands are concerned. There are too many to even compile in a single list! But a few of my (and everyone’s) favorites are Sony, JBL, Bose, Sennheiser, and Phillips.  

Here’s how the above brands compare on different parameters, such as price, sound quality, design, comfort, etc. 

BrandPrice (Avg.) Sound QualityDesign & ComfortActive Noise Cancelation
Sony$$$Exceptional Sleek & modernYes
Sennheiser$$ExceptionalPremium build qualityYes
Bose$$$DecentComfortable & durableYes
JBL$BalancedSleek, modern, stylishYes

Disclaimer: The above information varies from model to model. It would be best to check the specs of specific headphones for confirmation. 

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How to Choose the Right Headphones With Mic?

Follow this buying guide to choose the right headphones with mic. 

Wired or Wireless 

Both wired and wireless headphones have their advantages and disadvantages. 

While wired headphones mean no battery or Bluetooth dependency, along with minimal latency, their wireless counterparts are mostly preferred for convenience and ease of use. 

Number of Mics

For general use, say, making/receiving phone calls, one to two mics are sufficient for noise cancelation and easy voice pick-up. 

Conversely, demanding applications, like gaming, require at least three mics for a wider soundstage and more accurate audio reproduction. Alternatively, a single, smart boom mic can do the job here. 

Design Factor

Over-ear and on-ear are the two most common design choices when it comes to headphones with mic. For more comfort during extended wear, I highly recommend the former. 

Headband Material

The headband of your headphones is usually made from a variety of materials, including leather, synthetic leather, fabric, memory foam, and silicone. 

Below are some tips for choosing the best headphones, based on the material of the headband.

  • Leather: For a luxurious feel and durability; 
  • Synthetic leather/fabric: For a tight budget;
  • Memory foam: For extended wear;
  • Silicone: For being allergic to latex or other materials.

Charging Time

If you’re going with wireless headsets, don’t forget to check their charging time. Ideally, it should be no more than 2 to 3 hours.  

Other Features

Some other features to look for in the best headphones with mic include multipoint connectivity (wireless models), Transparency Mode, noise cancelation, etc. 

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5 Best Headphones With Mic – Summary

5 Best Headphones With Mic – Detailed Review 

Below is a detailed review of the above headphones with mic and their specs, pros, and cons. 

1. Best Overall Headphones With Mic 

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones
Amazon price


  • Design Factor: Over-ear
  • Number of Mics: 8
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, v5.2
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours

The Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones comfortably sit at the top of the list and for good reasons.    

Be it canceling out the unwanted noises around you or providing a clear hands-free calling experience, the WH-1000XM5 scores a 5/5. This is because of the model’s eight microphones (two dedicated to voice pickup from each earcup) that Sony’s integrated V1 and HD noise-canceling QN1 processors control.

Additionally, this wireless headset’s ability to automatically optimize ANC (Active Noise Control), based on location conditions (ex: gym, airplane, office, or home) gets a big thumbs up from me.  

On the connectivity front, the model uses Bluetooth’s v5.2 chipset to form a stable and uninterrupted connection with any of your devices. And if you want to connect to two devices at the same time, a multipoint connection makes it possible. 

Sony has also done a great job regarding the battery life. A single charge delivers up to 30 hours of non-stop listening. In case you’re in a hurry, a quick 3-minute charge will keep your headphones powered up for 3 hours. However, you would need a USB-PD-compatible AC adapter for this. 

If you usually wear your headphones for extended hours as I do, Sony WH-1000XM5‘s lightweight and elegant design will suit you perfectly. Made from soft leather and finished to perfection, the headset fits snugly around your head. The headband is adjustable, too. 

Other features like intuitive touch controls on each earcap, a collapsible case for travel, adaptive sound control, and voice assistant support also make the Sony WH-1000XM5 a must-have headphone pair. 


  • Great noise cancelation
  • Great sound clarity and fidelity
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Lightweight design


  • The auto shut-off feature often lags
  • Non-foldable design

Check the Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones’ latest prices on Amazon.

2. Best Over-Ear Headphones With Mic 

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 Headphones

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 Headphones
Amazon price


  • Design Factor: Over-ear
  • Number of Mics: 4
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, v5.0
  • Weight: 10.8 ounces
  • Battery Life: Up to 17 hours

A perfect combination of A-grade build and sound quality, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 Headphones are a really great choice. 

Thanks to its Bluetooth v5.0 chipset and multipoint connection tech, MOMENTUM 3 quickly pairs with two gadgets simultaneously. Hence, you can quickly go from listening to your Spotify playlist on your phone to taking a conference call on your laptop! 

Tip: MOMENTUM 3 lets you choose among 3 Bluetooth codecs – AAC, aptX, and aptX Low-Latency. For the best audio quality, set it to either of the last two! 

Two microphones on each earcup ensure decent noise cancellation, giving the overall audio clarity a boost. You can further optimize it from Sennheiser’s Smart Control App, which has a built-in EQ, too. Still, the headphones appear more suitable for general consumers than for professionals. For the latter, I would highly recommend MOMENTUM 4

Regarding the battery life, it’s beyond any competition. When completely charged, with ANC turned OFF, they give you up to 17 hours of playback. But luckily, the headphones’ fast-charging ability is worth appreciation here. When the battery drains out or you’re in a hurry, a quick 10-minute charge yields 1.5 hours of listening. 

Lastly, Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 is also worth the money for its intuitive design. The headphones’ leather-based headband fits every head size perfectly, due to the sliding mechanism on the two matte steel arms extending from it. The earcups have a plush memory foaming to keep every unwanted noise from your surroundings at bay. 


  • Big dynamic drivers for great sound quality
  • Multiple connection options
  • No audio distortion, even at high volumes
  • Connects to two devices simultaneously 


  • ANC isn’t great
  • Not great for people with glasses

Check the Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 Headphones’ latest prices on Amazon.

3. Best Active Noise-Canceling Headphones With Mic

 Bose 700 Over-Ear Headphones

Bose 700 Over-Ear Headphones
Amazon price


  • Design Factor: Over-ear
  • Number of Mics: 8
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, v5.0
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours

Among the various noise-canceling headphones I tested, Bose 700 Over-Ear Headphones easily made it to this guide. Here’s why. 

Based on Bose’s active noise-canceling technology, the headset comes with eight microphones (both inside & outside the earcups) to monitor the sounds around you and cancel them out. You can even control how much or how little of the outside world you hear from the Bose Connect app. Enable the Conversation Mode for this, and select any of the three levels – Low, Medium, or High. 

I also recommend this wireless pair of headphones for its high-fidelity audio quality, without aptX, that stays consistent at all volumes. Again, you can adjust the sound per your taste through the built-in EQ. 

Talking about the design and build quality, I found it good, if not the best. This is especially true if you compare it with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. Weighing under 9 ounces, the headphones are lightweight and suitable for prolonged use, be it for gaming, voice calling your friend, and more. 

The headband is primarily made from metal and is, thus, hard to accidentally break. Earcups are also well-padded with high-quality foam, with rotation up to 90° for comfortable wearing. But no folding hinges mean you need a hard case to carry it along. 

On the connectivity front, the Bluetooth v5.0 chipset lets the headphones pair up with your Android/iOS devices, and the operating range is about 30 ft. If not wireless, you can also go with a wired connection via a 2.5 to 3.5mm Aux cable. The battery life is up to 20 hours/charge, even with the ANC enabled and set to High. So, good work here! 


  • Built-in voice assistant access
  • Sleek design for storage and travel
  • Quick charging support
  • Adjustable noise cancellation


  • No aptX Bluetooth codec
  • The placement of controls isn’t good

Check the Bose 700 Over-Ear Headphones’ latest prices on Amazon.

4. Best Budget Headphones With Mic 

JBL Tune 660NC Headphones

JBL Tune 660NC Headphones
Amazon price


  • Design Factor: On-ear
  • Number of Mics: 2
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, v5.0
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Battery Life: Up to 55 hours

While the headphones discussed so far require a hefty investment, the JBL Tune 660NC Headphones won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Ideal for casual users on a tight budget, the JBL Tune 660NC costs under $80 and has loads of features to impress you. To start with, these wireless headphones are based on JBL’s distinct Pure Bass Sound technology. This makes you feel like you’re listening to music in a concert hall, arena, or recording studio. My experience was amazing. 

With two well-balanced mics on each earcup, you can answer your calls hands-free without worrying about background noises or crackling sounds. However, more microphones would have made things better! 

Connectivity-wise, the product has Bluetooth v5.0 chipset that enables quick connection with your device(s). Though multipoint isn’t a thing here, still, JBL Tune 660NC‘s ability to quickly switch between two devices is worth appreciation. No more missed calls anymore! 

The battery life, surprisingly, is far better than what other premium headsets offer. Here, a single charge gives up to 55 hours of playback! Hard to believe, isn’t it? With ANC ON, you again get a massive 44 hours of immersive listening. And if the battery seems to be running out of juice, a quick 5-minute charge is enough to keep you going for two hours. 

Lastly, JBL has also done a remarkable job on the design and comfort of these headphones. Made from A-grade leather, the headband feels super soft yet sturdy. It’s foldable, too. And as for the earcups, they are well-padded and snugly sit around your ears. 


  • Good insulators from outside noise
  • Best-in-class battery life
  • Comes with an audio adapter 
  • Heavy on bass


  • Not many controls on the earcups
  • Some audio leaks at high volumes

Check the JBL Tune 660NC Headphones’ latest prices on Amazon.

5. Best Gaming Headphones With Mic 

Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones

Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones 1
Amazon price


  • Design Factor: Over-ear
  • Number of Mic: 1
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Battery Life: NA

Lastly, here’s a dedicated gaming-ready headphone set from Sony, the INZONE H3 Headphones

What makes the headset stand out from the crowd is its 360° spatial sound activated by all-new INZONE Hub software with an intuitive visualizer. Combine this with Sony’s distinctive hardware and pinpoint your enemy’s location like a pro. If you frequently play FPS like Fortnite or Valorant, can you ask for more?

Sony INZONE H3 comes with a single responsive and voice-focused unidirectional mic in a smart ‘boom’ design. It’s attached to the left earcup and picks your voice cleanly, even during the most frantic game moments. This is very much to the level of a professional USB mic for gaming

Note: Sony INZONE H3 works well on Discord for a seamless chat with your friends online. 

When it comes to the design, the flat and wide headband is something I liked the most. It fits perfectly around your head without any pressure, no matter how long you wear the headphones. The nylon ear pads, as well, are cleverly designed in a comfy oval shape with all the necessary control buttons at your fingertips. There’s also a volume dial with a protruding design for easy operation. 

In the package, you also get a USB audio box with a specialized DAC for high-quality low signal-to-noise ratio amplification. This takes your game to the next level with crystal-clear sound quality. 


  • Premium design for extra comfort 
  • Custom sound enhancements 
  • Multifunctional mic with built-in controls
  • Easy to connect with your PC or PlayStations


  • The headband cover comes off easily
  • Max volume is quite low

Check the Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones’ latest prices on Amazon.

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Best Headphones With Mic: FAQs 

Q: How Do I Know If My Headset Mic Is Good? 

A: There are multiple ways to know if your headset mic is good. For example: 

  • Check its sensitivity;
  • Check its frequency response;
  • Record yourself & listen back.

Q: What Is a Good Headset for Zoom? 

A:  Bose 700 & Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 are two of my top suggestions for Zoom. These headsets have eight built-in microphones that let you hear and speak to other participants clearly. 

Q: Are USB Mics Better Than Headsets? 

A: Both USB mics and headsets have their pros and cons. But the former is the ultimate choice for recording voiceovers, creating a podcast, or anything else that requires high-quality audio. 

If you just want a mic for call-related purposes, a headset is the most budget-friendly option. 

Q: Are AirPods Good for Calls?

A:  Yes, AirPods are good for calls. Their built-in microphones allow hands-free calling with minimal to no background noises interrupting you. 

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I hope this guide helped you get the best headset for your money. Whether you’re a fan of wireless headphones for gaming or prefer wired ones to chat with your friends, I hope you’ve got a clearer idea of what to get with this review. 

With so many headphone brands on the market, you’re bound to find what you need, fits your budget, and meets your requirements.

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