Ultimate Review of the Best Spark Plugs in 2023

Best Spark Plugs

Changing the oils, testing the lights, and maintaining brake pads are often at the top of the list when it comes to car maintenance, making it easy to forget the spark plugs.

Understandably so, spark plugs are tiny and easy to ignore.

However, despite their size, the seemingly humble sparks bear a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

See, a spark plug is essential for the internal combustion in the engine and determines your car's overall performance.

A faulty or worn spark plug can result in myriad issues, including engine misfiring, reduced performance, and poor fuel economy.

If left unchecked, a worn-out spark can damage the catalytic converter, which is costlier to replace.

When looking for a replacement spark, most vehicle users often look for the exact spark plug that came with their vehicle. But there’s more to finding the best spark plug just than shopping for the exact one.

In the review text below, we shall review some of the best spark plugs in the market.

We’ve also included a handy buying guide to help with the selection process.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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Best Top 7 Spark Plugs in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 7 Spark Plugs in the Market for the Money

NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs - Best Overall

NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs

Topping our list of the best spark plugs is the NGK 6619 Iridium Plugs.

Though it's a bit expensive, it's worth every penny because it's one of the premium packs on our list.

It also comes as a multipack or six, a rare aspect as most of the plugs are sold individually.

It's a suitable option for hobbyists and professional mechanics as it offers a practical option, especially when you've several cars to maintain. Even if you don't use all the plugs on a single go, you can always keep them safe or use them later use.

The sparks are also durable, with the manufacturer claiming they last up to 25% more than the regular sparks.

We haven’t verified the claim yet, but what we know is iridium, the material choice of NGK 6619, is a premium and reliable option.

Their durability means you don’t require extensive maintenance, and replacement is rare as it gets. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to check on them regularly, especially when your vehicle maintenance is due.

The performance of the plugs is also quite impressive as the electrodes are fine threads, which enhance the over efficiency of the plugs.

If your car is misfiring or doesn't run better, then the NKG plugs might just enhance the performance for a better power experience.

The NKG usage spans across various drivetrains and can be used on any car requiring iridium components. However, as with any other car components, it's always good to verify with the car's manual to ensure it's compatible with your car.

Sure, these sparks plugs are a tad expensive, but there’re plenty of positive reviews underlining their performance.

They’re a nice option for anyone looking for a premium spark plug that won’t wear out easily after a short period.


  • Reliable
  • Premium iridium
  • Long-lasting


  • Expensive

Check NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs Price on Amazon

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug - Best Value

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

Our runners up is yet another spark plug from NGK, and it underlines the superiority of the brand when it comes to high-quality products.

Similar to the NGK 6619, NGK 7090 also comes in a pack of 4, though with this option, you can as well pick a plug individually.

Either way, the NGK 7090 is one of the sparks designed to give the best when it comes to performance. I mean, by choosing the plugs, you'll start to notice several benefits, including better stats, better fuel economy, better fuel emission, and better overall performance.

A fine platinum tip welded on the central electrode offers long-lasting performance, while the platinum alloy ground electrode furthers the durability, while maintaining a precise gap throughout the life of the spark plug.

Speaking of the gap, the 0.6 mm platinum disk is quite narrow, using less voltage than the wider tips.

The trivalent metal plating offers a robust cover, shielding the spark plugs from the elements, especially corrosion. The shield extends the longevity of the spark plugs, and when they wear, you won’t have a hard time removing them for replacement.

The gasket seals create a tighter seal that prevents the escape of air from the combustion chamber, and in effect, enhances the overall performance.


  • Easy to install
  • Anti-corrosion plating
  • The precise and narrow gap for performance


  • Not compatible with several cars

Check NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug Price on Amazon

ACDelco 41-101 - Best Iridium Plug

ACDelco 41-101

ACDelco 41-101 is among the better options for those looking to enhance a smooth performance and promote engine idle stability.

These plugs are the perfect replacement plugs to suit your car's engine requirements, such as function and performance.

But how’s their performance?

For starters, the ACDelco 41-101 are iridium-based, as typical of any iridium plug, they offer better acceleration.

Iridium is also durable, and more importantly, has strength and the highest melting point, which is why the ACDelco is the perfect replacement of the original components.

They excel at burning away all the carbon deposits, which improves the overall fuel ignition.

At the same time, they enhance the fuel economy and wear resistance.

Sure, the plugs run a little expensive, but they're worth it as they offer the best durability and wear resistance.

The seal matter also enhances the longevity of the spark plug, by shielding the plugs against combustion.

Finally, the ACDelco aren’t pre-gapped options, but it’s not a huge deal-breaker since it’s easy to adjust the gap using a gapping tool.


  • Long-lasting option
  • Improved fuel ignition
  • Better acceleration


  • Not pre-gapped

Check ACDelco 41-101 Price on Amazon

Bosch (4501) FGR8DQI - Best for Horsepower and Performance

Bosch FGR8DQI spark plug

Bosch is a reputable brand in the electronics domain, and they're known for manufacturing high-quality equipment.

The brand has also been actively involved in various high-profile racing events, perhaps displaying the quality behind their plugs.

Enough with brand reputation, how do their spark plugs fare?

Today, we shall look at one of their offerings-the Bosch Platinum IR.

It's among the top-rated spark plugs in the market and suitable for looking to add more horsepower and performance to their vehicles.

The fused iridium and platinum electrodes are behind the impressive performance and firing capability of this plug.

In addition, the plugs are insulated enough to prevent wear resistance and corrosion.

A notable performance feature is a narrow wire, which creates room for a precision gap and firing potential.

The four ground electrode design ensures the plug generates powerful sparks, which are needed for efficient combustion and better performance, without necessarily increasing the voltage requirements.

And as you know, iridium has numerous benefits over other metals such as copper and platinum. The iridium is durable, and more importantly, has an impressive performance.

The spark plug also has Yttrium coating, which alongside the insulation, prevents wear and oxidation, even when exposed to high-temperature conditions.

Finally, installing the Bosch Spark Plug is as easy as it gets, as the folks at Bosch makes it easy by including a factory pre-set gap.


  • Easy to install, thanks to factory pre-set gaps
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for all vehicles

Check Bosch (4501) FGR8DQI Price on Amazon

DENSO 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT - Best for Performance

DENSO 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT

Denso is among the pioneers of titanium spark plugs, and for my case, I've used their spark plugs for several years on all sorts of cars.

If a Denso plug is available, it's usually my go-to brands, and performance-wise, they've not let me down yet.

Today, we’re going to look at one of their popular offerings, the Denso 4504.

It's a uniquely designed spark plug boasting of a titanium and platinum blend. Combined, both of these metals offer the highest natural corrosion resistance.

Titanium is also a great conductor, allowing a tiny electrode top of only 1.1 mm. Now, if you know anything about plugs, you know the narrow tip is cleaner, and it requires less energy to fire. It also results in a bigger flame that spread faster, thus improving fuel efficiency.

Another benefit of the plug is the enhanced thermal conductivity, which is promoted by the purified alumina powder insulator.

Thermal conductivity is crucial to the overall resistance of the plug to high temperatures and ensures the spark plug has a long-lasting performance.

The best benefit of these spark plugs lies in their versatility; they're available for use and can fit a huge range of cars, SUVs, and trucks.


  • Offers better acceleration
  • Durable
  • Resistance to wear


  • Not iridium plugs

Check DENSO 4504 PK20TT Platinum TT Price on Amazon

Champion Copper Plus - Budget Option

Champion Copper Plus

Champion brand, similar to Bosch or NKG has many years under their belt in the auto industry.

Now, despite their plugs coming at an affordable price, they’re quality products.

The Champion Copper Plug is one of their offerings, and to say, at the least, it has an impressive performance and durability.

Sure, copper isn't anywhere close to iridium, but the copper electrodes on this option are built to allow higher control of the plug heat range. In effect, your car is treated to consistent engine performance.

The electrodes are also insulated, and so, they shield the Champion Plugs against elements, including corrosion.

The best part of the Champion Spark plugs is the SAC-9 semiconductor resistor contributing to the suppression of the radio frequencies.

On the other hand, the platinum alloy construction contributes to a sharper spark focus.

I like how the nose on this spark is corrugated as it enhances the throttle performance and reduces instances of flashovers.

However, according to reviews, these spark plugs are built for the older model components and normally help improve gas mileage while restoring engine power.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • OEM standards


  • Might create misfire error codes

Check Champion Copper Plus Price on Amazon

E3 Power sports Spark Plug Each - Best for Fuel Combustion

E3 Power sports Spark Plug Each

E3 Power Plug is a long-lasting and powerful spark plug and performs better than most of the competing models.

It's also a versatile option and can accommodate various types of engines, including those on boats, cars, ATVs, chainsaws, and others where a plug is needed.

E3 Power Plug also boasts of a proprietary DiamondFire Technology, which promotes a superior electrode design.

Contrary to the traditional option whose design interferes with the flame kernel, the E3 Power Plug design has an open for greater combustion.

The great combustion reduces the level of emission, and in effect, your engine is treated to low carbon deposits.


  • Greater compatibility
  • Complete combustion
  • Easy to use


  • Quite small

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Best Spark Plug Buying Guide

Best Spark Plug Buying Guide

While spark plugs aren’t a purchase you make frequently, you must ensure they’re worth every penny.

Plus, it’s also safe if you get the right plug for your car.

But with plenty of options in the market, choosing the right spark plug can feel a bit challenging.

Fortunately, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know about purchasing spark plugs for your car.

But before I share with you the factors, let’s look at the different types of spark plugs.

Types of Spark Plugs

  • Copper Plugs

Though they’re named copper plugs, their inner core is mostly nickel.

They’re a less expensive option, but they tend to wear out fast.

However, for many engines, they’re quite efficient.

  • Single Platinum Spark Plugs

The platinum plugs are a bit more expensive than the copper plugs.

They’re also harder than nickel, and so they don’t corrode easily.

Regarding durability, they’re twice as durable as the copper plugs.

  • Iridium Spark Plugs

The Iridium spark plugs are probably the best plugs you can get for performance.

Though quite expensive, their high cost is often offset by performance and reliability.

They've a greater lifespan than the traditional plugs, and they're designed for conducting electricity for optimized performance.

  • Silver Spark Plugs

The silver spark plugs have the best thermal conductivity.

Unfortunately, durability is a huge concern with the silver plugs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Spark Plugs

  • Compatibility

When picking a spark plug, you’ll want to pick one that is compatible with your car engine; otherwise, it’ll be of no use.

As far as compatibility goes, the best spark plug bards will indicate the car models for which their products are compatible.

  • Ease of Installation

If you’re a DIYer, and probably consider installing the spark plug on your own, you might consider an item that is easy to install.

  • Insulation

While all the sparks have ceramic insulations to protect against heat, the amount of insulation determines whether your plugs are “hotplugs” or “cold plugs.”

Hotplugs have less insulation and often allow the ignition to burn hotter, and tends to remove carbon buildup around the spark.

On the other hand, the cold plugs are a suitable option for high-performance cars because they tend to run at exceedingly high temperatures.

  • Adjustable vs. Fixed Gap

The gap in a spark plug set up refers to the amount of space between the center and the side electrode of the spark plugs.

It’s a crucial aspect when selecting the right spark plug for your needs.

If you select a fixed gap, ensure it’s the right size.

Plugs with adjustable gaps are preferred as they’re versatile and will let you adjust the gap on each plug before installation.


Spark small might be small, but they're mighty. So unless you choose to take the greener route of electric cars, They play a crucial role in the overall performance of your vehicle.

However, for the best performance, you need to pick the right spark plug for your car.

Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle anymore because we’ve already outlined the best models in the market.

Current Best Selling Spark Plugs!

Editor Notes:

When should I change my car spark plug?

First, check the expiry of your replacement period and change the plugs immediately. When your engine misfires and gets poor fuel consumption, you need to change the plugs. Spark plug changing will keep your car in good ignition form and enable you to enjoy how you ignite your vehicle.

How do I find the matching plugs for my vehicle?

Before you get the plugs, you'll need to check the type of engine to make sure it has the right plug pattern. After that, get the correct size of the plugs. You can also share the engine model with your seller to ensure you have the right plugs for your vehicle.

Are the plugs easy to change?

The plugs are easy to change if you have the proper guideline. If it’s your first time, you are likely to find it challenging. The learning process is easy. Alternatively, you can get a professional to get the work done.

How do I clean the spark plugs?

Cleaning can restore your spark plug condition. Remove the plugs and clean the areas that house the plugs. You can use a cloth to wipe the area or get a compressor with air for thorough cleaning.

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