How To Use Rubber Hair Rollers (The Easy Way!)

rubber hair rollers

Hair rollers are one of the classic hair tools you’ll find in your grandma’s kit or down at the salon. It’s so widely used that there have been so many rubber hair roller styles you’ll see in the store.

But before any of those electric hair curlers existed, our grandparents already made huge statement curls without the help of electricity. And it worked for them. Honestly, the only edge that electric rollers have is they are more convenient. But for those who want to go old school or save up on not buying an electric hair curler, then this post is for you. Here you’ll know about those long rubber hair colours that look like colourful foams.

What are Rubber Hair Rollers?

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If you’ve been to a salon or to a department store, you know that there are so many types of hair rollers in the market. Some are bendy, some are in circles, etc. They basically come in different shapes and sizes now. However, one of the oldest versions of the hair rollers is the rubber rollers. Some people call it “bendy rollers” simply because they can bend wherever you like.

At first glance, these rubber hair rollers look like they won’t be able to curl your hair. Just look at it - it’s just a cylindrical type of roller. There’s no lock, velcro, or whatever it is that will keep it on your hair. Compared to other rollers, this is probably the most trivial.

Different Types of Rubber Hair Rollers

First of all, there are different lengths and widths of a rubber hair roller. There are chubby long ones while there are those thin and short ones about half the length of the chubby ones. It’s important to know why they’re different and where you will use them for.

The shorter rollers produce tighter curls. If you want those small curls, then this type is for you. It’s also easier to use because they’re not so thick on your hair. Some people use this if they have thin hair and they worry that the thick rollers will be too much for them.

On the other hand, the long and chubby rubber rollers create big curls. Depending on how you style your hair with it, it can also produce those beach waves that everyone is raving about. It’s definitely harder to use the fatter rollers simply because they’re bigger.

How To Place Rubber Hair Rollers

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you place any kind of rubber hair roller and end up having nice, natural-looking curls.

Step 1: Prep your hair.

Even without any electricity heating your hair, there’s still a chance for it to go dry and frizzy. After all, you’re still styling your hair. To keep your hair healthy, what you do before you style it is really important. In fact, how you take care of your hair every day is what will keep your hair looking nice and smooth no matter what the style is.

The best way to prep your hair before curling it is to wash it. Wash your hair like you usually do, which means pairing shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t use conditioner often, it might be useful to use it now for the sake of adding extra protection to your hair.

Step 2: Dry your hair.

Dry your hair a bit but don’t do it to the point that it’s actually so dry. Basically, you just want it to be damp at the end. Use a towel to squeeze off any excess water and then towel dry it afterwards. You can use a hairdryer but use it for only a few minutes just enough for you to dry off the excess water. If you want, you can also airdry with the use of a fan.

Step 3: Comb your hair.

When your hair is already damp enough, use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles. A common misconception here is that since you’re going to be curling your hair, you don’t have to get rid of knots. However, if you keep your hair in tangles and you use rubber hair rollers, you’ll end up damaging your hair even more. Aside from creating more tangles, your knots will end up staying that way for hours if you don’t comb them. Brushing your hair before you style it will help lessen the damage later. Besides, brushing spreads the natural oils coming from your scalp.

Step 4: Create partitions.

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The next thing you have to do is create partitions. Using claw-style hair clips, group your hair into sections. Usually, you divide it into four parts, but that depends on the thickness and shortness of your hair. If you have long and thick hair, then you might need more than four partitions. These partitions are meant to help curl your hair faster and easier.

Step 5: Roll your hair.

And now it’s time to actually curl your hair. To do this, untie one section of your hair. Get a rubber hair roller and get an inch of hair. Wrap that hair around the middle part of the rubber roller (usually 3-4 wraps) and then get the ends of the roller. While holding the ends, bend them over each other, so they end up overlapping. It should look like a pretzel when you’re done. No, there won’t be any knotting needed because those rollers will stay in place. After that, continue with the other sections until you cover all your hair.

Step 6: Apply hair spray.

For the finishing touch, apply hair spray all over your hair to keep the rollers and the curls in place. Some shy away from hair spray because of the chemicals, but using this occasionally is not going to be so bad on your hair. Let your hair rest for a few hours before removing the rollers. The longer the rollers stay on your hair, the longer they will last after you remove it.

There you have it. With just 6 steps, you can already achieve those bouncy curls everyone loves!

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