How to Clean a Beard Trimmer (Without Leaving Hair Behind!)

How to Clean a Beard Trimmer

Do you have a beard trimmer? If you do, then you know how annoying it is to see it with hair stuck on it. Obviously, this is all part of the job of a beard trimmer. What do you expect? If not for the beard trimmer, people will end up looking like cavemen.

However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that a beard trimmer’s performance is highly affected by how you clean it. Did you know that you’re supposed to clean it every time you use it? Surely, not all of you do that even if you deny it. If you don’t know that it means to be cleaned after every use, then you should also know how to properly clean it. It’s not just rinsing it with water. There’s certain maintenance to it. Here, you’ll know what to do and a few other things about beard trimmer maintenance.

Steps in Cleaning Your Beard Trimmer

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Before diving into what you should do, note that there are different kinds of beard trimmers. There are manual and electronic ones. Nonetheless, it is more or less the same way to clean them, only slight changes depending on the model of your trimmer.

1. Rinse the Trimmer

As mentioned a while ago, most people know that they should rinse the beard trimmer, but that’s just the first part. In fact, rinsing the trimmer is not very helpful, especially if there are tiny strands of hair that got stuck in the motor. And even if you’re using a manual trimmer, rinsing can only do so much.

Anyway, to properly rinse your beard trimmer, simply run it under cold or warm water. Don’t use your fingers to remove the hair because you might get nicked. Just let the water do it. This is only the first step anyway.

2. Use a Brush

Next is to use a brush. Most of the time (even if you don’t see it), there will be short strands of hair stuck beneath the blades or near the motor. Since the water’s pressure isn’t too high, there’s a chance that all the hair will not be removed.

This is where you’ll need a brush. Most beard trimmer packages have a brush in them. If they don’t, use an old toothbrush with medium or hard bristles. Using the brush, gently clean the blades. Keep an eye out for the hair, so you know which areas to target.

Here’s a tip: If you are trying to get the hair out, stroke the brush outward. Using the brush to plunge deeply into the blades might just push the hair further back. And you obviously do not want that.

3. Apply Oil

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When you don’t see any hair, that means you’re done with the brush. The next step is to apply oil to the blades. Just like any metal, you will need to lubricate it so it can last long. It also improves the life and performance of your beard trimmer. You don’t want a blunt trimmer, right?

Here’s how to do it. If your beard trimmer comes with a bottle of oil, that’s the one you’ll use. If it doesn’t, you can use alternatives like vegetable oil, olive oil, or rubbing oil. Then, use 1-2 drops directly onto the blade. Be careful not to put too much because it will damage the motor. A few drops will be enough to do the trick.

4. Let It Air Dry

Finally, you leave your blade to air dry. If your beard trimmer comes with attachments for body grooming or with a cover, don’t place it yet and just let your trimmer dry for a while. While you can opt to wipe it with cloth, it’s best to leave it alone so that you avoid having threads get stuck on the blade.

And there you have it! In all honesty, it’s not fun to maintain a beard trimmer after every use. In fact, it’s kind of an inconvenience, but it’s a smaller price to pay than buying a new one after a few uses.

Can You Put Soap On Your Beard Trimmer?

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This is a common question among those who have electric trimmers. While electric trimmers are definitely okay to get wet (otherwise they won’t be useful in trimming the beard), you’re not supposed to submerge it in water if that is what you are asking.

On the other hand, yes, you can use soap but as much as possible, use liquid soap. Don’t try to scrub a soap bar onto the blades because you’ll end up ruining the soap bar itself. As for the blades, they won’t be clean enough. When using the liquid soap, just apply a few drops and turn on your electric beard trimmer. Turning it on will rotate the blades that already have soap on them. The soap will then end up cleaning the other side of the blade and the motor.

Why You Should Clean Your Beard Trimmer

After all that fuss, you might still be wondering if it’s really necessary to clean your beard trimmer. The short answer here is yes. Every time you use it, you have to make sure that there’s no hair or shaving cream left on the blades. This will help prolong the life of your beard trimmer.

The frequency of cleaning depends on how many times you actually shave. There are men who grow their hair right away, so they will definitely have to clean their beard trimmer more often than others. The rule of thumb here is that after every use, you have to clean it. It’s not enough to rinse it.

Aside from hygienic reasons, you also have to clean your beard trimmer to make sure that it works well even after a lot of uses. Without proper cleaning, your blades will end up blunt. What’s worse is that the motor will seize and it becomes too inconvenient to repair. If you really want to maintain your beard trimmer, make sure that you do the right cleaning and storage procedures.

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