How to Turn Off Beats Solo 3 And Similar Models?

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How to Turn Off Beats Solo 3

Beats solo 3 are some impressive noise-cancellation headphones, and the last thing you need is to have problems turning them off. These headphones come as the successor of the solo 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Beats solo 3 headphones are an improvement of the solo 2 headphones.
  • Beats solo 3 are easy to turn off using the power button.
  • Beats solo 3 has a 40-hour battery life which is quite impressive compared to other headphones in the same price range.

Turn them off using the beats buttons: press and hold the power button for some time. They will be off when the light indicator changes to white from red.

Here we will discuss how to turn off the beats solo 3headphones and some helpful tips. 

Do You Have to Turn Off Beats Solo 3?

Yes, you do. Several benefits are involved with this action:

  • You get to prolong the life battery of your beats solo 3 headphones
  • If you’re having audio problems, turning off the headphones is the way to troubleshoot and fix the issues
  • Turning off beats solo 3 helps to cool off the headphones, which in the long run, prolongs their life

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Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn Off

You should note that beats solo 3 headphones don’t turn off automatically. Therefore, you shouldn’t sleep with them because they can get damaged or overheat while you’re asleep.

If you’re trying to turn off your beats solo 3, but they’re not responding, then there is a possibility of a few reasons:

The Beats Solo 3 Firmware Is Outdated

To update in android, you need the beats app on the android:

  1. Pair the beats solo 3 App on your device by downloading the application from the google play store
  2. Set and check the notifications
  3. If your tab suggests you update the firmware, update it

Keep the App on until the complete updates

To update on iPhone,

  1. Have the latest ios version
  2. Download the Beats pill + app and continue with what the app suggests
  3. This way, you can turn off the headphones

Your Headphones Are Damaged

If they’re not turning off due to hardware problems, you should consult beats customer care. They can either fix the problem or replace the headphones.

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The Power Button Is Damaged

You cannot turn off your headphones when the power button is defective. For example, if your power button is loose, it might cause turning off problems.

You should fix this by taking your headphones to a technician so they can repair the power button. Consider going to a technician instead of doing it independently since it can get tricky to repair this button. 

The Headphones Are in Pair Mode

Your headphones may still be connected to several devices, causing them to refuse to turn off. To fix this, ensure that you’ve removed the audio jack from other devices connected to it. Also, remove the App. It might be why they’re not turning off.

Other Solutions When Your Beats Won’t Turn Off

Reset the Headphones

If your headphones have some bugs in the software, it might be why they’re not turning off. Resetting will refresh them. Here are the steps to reset them:

  1. Press the power and volume buttons together for around 10 seconds
  2. Release both buttons, and a led light flash will appear
  3. Your beats headphones are reset

Plug into a power socket

If your beats solo 3 has refused to turn off,

  1. Connect a charger to the headphones for around 20 seconds
  2. Remove the charger and pair the beats with your device
  3. Unpair from the device and try to turn them off again. This trick is supposed to work.

Beats Solo 3 Turn Off Randomly

If your beats solo 3 keeps turning off randomly, the issue might be primarily because of the cold weather. Most headphones don’t work well in cold temperatures and tend to turn off when outside, but if you get inside and they warm a little, they come back to life and work efficiently.

Cold drains batteries, especially if the headphones have lived several years. Using your headphones in extreme weather will drain your batteries, turning off your headphones randomly. 

How to Turn Off Beats Solo Pro

Beats solo pro headphones have one of the best features. Turning them off needs you to fold them, and they’re off. Folding is a good feature, especially if you’re one person who forgets to turn your headphones off with a button after use.

How to Turn Off Beats Solo Pro

How to Turn Off Beats Solo Pro Without Folding

One of the most outstanding features of beats solo pro is its ability to turn off after folding. Well, as much as this is a great feature, it might not be your preferred method.

To turn off your beats solo pro, you can also return them to their case. They save their power through sleep mode. However, this method must be confirmed by its sensors first that they’re idle. Also, removing the beats solo pro batteries is another way to quickly turn off the headphones without folding them.

What Are the Key Differences Between Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro

Here is a direct comparison of these two devices:

  • The beats solo 3 can be on for up to 40 hours. Beats solo pro goes for 22 hours with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) but 40 hours without ANC
  • Beats solo 3 stays 3 hours with a 5-minute charge, while solo pro stays 3 hours with a 10-minute charge
  • Charging time for beats solo 3 is 2 hours while for beats solo pro is 1hr 45 minutes
  • The beats solo 3 has the W1 Bluetooth chipset, while the beats solo pro has the H1 Bluetooth chipset
  • The beats solo 3 doesn’t have ANC support, unlike the beats solo pro that comes with ANC support
  • Beats solo 3 comes with USB-A to USB Micro-B charging cable, while the beats solo pro comes with a USB-A charging cable
  • The beats solo 3 has one microphone, while the beats solo pro has 6 microphones

Do Beats Studio 3 Turn Off Automatically?

No, they can’t turn off automatically because there are no auto-off features. You must turn off Beats Studio 3 headphones manually.

How Do You Turn Off Beats Studio 3?

Beats Studio 3 headphones are magnificent headphones with lots of features. However, you can’t use them all the time, so let’s discuss how to turn off beats Studio 3 when you’re not using them. 

Here are the methods:

Use the Beats Button

The beats button is on the right earcup. Click and hold the button for two seconds till the beats logo flashes. It will turn off the headphones.

Use the App

Open the App and click on the three dots on the left. Click ‘device,’ then click ‘power.’ Select ‘beats Studio 3’, and the menu options will appear with ‘power off’ and ‘sleep.’ Click on ‘power off’, which will turn off the beats Studio 3.

Use Bluetooth Connection

Open Bluetooth, then on the settings, disconnect it from the headphones. Bluetooth disconnect will instantly turn them off.

Use Bluetooth Connection

Why Won’t My Beats Headphones Turn Off?

Several reasons might be the cause of your headphones not turning off.

  • Maybe the power button is stuck. You solve this by carefully pressing the button down.
  • Your headphones may require some resetting.

To reset, hold down the power button together with the beats logo until the headphones are off.

  • Your beats headphones require a firmware update.
  • The headphones are connected to several devices.


Beats solo 3 are excellent sound quality headphones that use Bluetooth to pair to other devices. Use the methods and tips above to solve any issues you might face with turning the headphones off. If they also don’t turn off, follow the steps above to solve the possible problems.

However, if you can’t get the hang of the turn-off methods, contact customer care or visit your nearest electronic shop for more advice.

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