Beats Solo 2 Vs Solo 3 – Which One Should You Buy?

Beats 2 vs 3

Dj Khaled, Nicki Minaj, LeBron James, Lil Wayne, Neymar Jr, Conor McGregor

And the list continues. These are some of the celebrities who’ve put their reputation on the line to endorse Beats by Dre headphones.

It’s a fact that BEATS is one of the leading headphone brands in the world. 

Why do we spend time sorting through the myriad of choices of headphones instead of taking the first one you see in the local store?

The quality of the audio?

The visual appearance of the headphone?

Or is it the reputation of the brand?

Whatever your reason, Beats headphones got you covered.

There are varieties of headphones that offer us good quality audio and performance.

Today we will be examining Beats Solo 2 and the Solo 3. When you look at the two headphones, you may be mistaken to think they are the same product. However, Solo 3 is an upgrade of the Solo 2.

In terms of appearance and design, you may not be able to tell the two apart. But is there any difference between the two? Allow us to dig deep and find out if the upgrade is worth paying for.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Beats Solo 2

Beats Solo 3

Thermostat Price


30% Less




Headset Type

On Ear

On Ear

Battery Life

Upto ~12hours

Upto ~40hours

Fast Charging?


Yes, Uses Fast Fuel Tech

Other Great Recommendations

Other Features

Universal USB, Carryit Case, Noise Absorption

Universal USB, Carryit Case, Noise Cancellation

Headset Comparison

How are the two products similar?

You should love the portability that comes with the two Beats products. Both are foldable, which eases their storage and carrying. They both come with a sleek looking casing to help in storage and portability while protecting the headphones.

They have a streamlined, flexible headband. They also have cushioned ear cups so that you can comfortably wear them the whole day while listening to your music.

How do you like your hip-hop served? Heavy? The two headphones are reputable for offering clear, high-quality audio with deep bass. What more do you want?

Beats Solo 2


Pomp up to some reggae and hip-hop at only ~$200.

Beats Solo 2


These headphones are a combination of versatility and portability. They are sleek and have a streamlined design, which gives you that sophisticated look as you wear them around.

The Beats Solo 2 can neatly fold down to save space when storing them. The complementary case further enhances the portability that you get.

Beats know that everyone has their favorite color, which makes them give you solo 2 in a variety of colors to choose from.

The body of the solo 2 is plastic which keeps it nice and light. The material is durable, and it is free to twist and bend.

Do you love to have some music as you exercise? The solo 2 headphones have a firm grip on the ends so that they will not fall off as you jog around.

Note, the Beats Solo 2 comes with a glossy look.


Solo 2 offers you a generous battery life such that when it is at full charge, the solo 2 offers you up to 12 hours of nonstop music.

You get an inbuilt control system when you purchase the solo 2. The Beats logo on your left side is a built-in control system in disguise, and you can skip tracks by pressing the logo twice. You can also pause by pressing the middle button once.

Quick pairing. It is simple to pair your Beats solo 2 with your phone or laptop. The LED on the left side will flush when it is pairing and change to a block color once it’s done.

Sound Quality  

Sound quality is the biggest determining factor when buying a headphone. Beats Solo 2 allows you to enjoy your rock, reggae, hip-hop, or any other genre of music with some quality sound performance.

The headphones have an extended bass that is slightly bold and not overwhelming. Their mid-range quality is on point, and have a well-balanced treble, which makes your music sweet and clear.

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Solo 3


Enjoy some award-winning sound and 40 hours of battery life at $134. During its invention in 2006, solo 3 was retailing at $300, which was a bit high for many. The price has hit its all-time low at this time.

Beats Solo 3

Note, Beats Solo 3 is an on-ear headphone just like other premium on-ear headphones. It is also just as sleek as the competitors, if not better (depending on your visual preference). But, it outdoes all of them in terms of price.


The Beats Solo 3 has remained true to its predecessor with a streamlined design and bold styling. The cushioned ear cups are adjustable so that you can comfortably listen to your music the whole day.

Did you know that wireless devices are heavier than the wired ones? When a manufacturer upgrades from a wired device to a wireless one, they have to sacrifice on weight because the Bluetooth device that is installed adds some weight. The solo 3 is only a little heavier than its wired predecessor.

The lightweight device also folds easily, which makes it even more portable.

If you are a gym fanatic, these headphones are ideal. Listen to some music as you do your pushups with these headphones that will fit perfectly on your ears.

These headphones come in red, white, navy, white, and yellow colors so that you can pick your favorite.


Most of the frame of the Solo 3 is plastic. It is only the fold-up hinge and headband skeleton being metal, which gives it extra strength.

There are some hidden controls on the right ear cup. The Beats logo acts as the play and pause button, while the ring above and below changes the volume.

You do not have to miss a call from your girlfriend as the mic hidden in the ear cup allows you to take calls.

 The device may not have active noise cancellation. However, the pads work to block out sound so that you can enjoy your music even in noisy public transport.

The Beats Solo 3 comes with a high tech W1 chip that makes the battery life of these headphones outstanding. At full charge, you can be sure to enjoy your music for 40 hours or more. Yes, you read that right: 40 hours! Plus, when it is low, a five-minute charge will add you three more hours of sampling your playlist.

Alternatively, you can plug in the 3.5mm jack to use the headphones without the wireless battery.

What’s more? The 3.5mm jack features an in-line remote that allows you to make calls without pulling out your phone.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the aspects that has made people have different opinions on Beats. However, for Beats Solo 3, they have outdone themselves in ensuring that the quality of sound is just perfect.

These headphones can transform your usual, poor sound quality into some vibrant, clear, and deep bass.

You can turn up the volume without hurting your eardrums.


Did you think the long battery life is the only remarkable thing with the solo 3? You were wrong.

Connectivity is another area where Solo 3 stands out. If you have an Apple device, connecting with the Bluetooth is effortless and fun. By the press of the Bluetooth button, the headphones will connect to all the devices on your iCloud account.

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Beats Shop

Beats products are all about style. You cannot go wrong with Beats headphones if you want to pull a stylish look. Thankfully, they do not concentrate on style over quality. Their products are spot on when it comes to comfort and functionality.

However, the products are not entirely the same as they differ in some aspects of features and specs.

Looking at the features and functionality, Beats Solo 3 carries the day between the two. The headphones are so light that you may forget you are even wearing them.

The solo 3 offers you a rich, deep sound that is just heavenly — not forgetting the remarkable battery life that will allow you to listen to your playlist for 40 good hours without interference.

Mostly, when brands come up with a new product that is different from its predecessor, it is cheaper and of low quality. This is not the case for Beats. Solo 3, that is an improvement of Solo 2 is more advanced in features and quality. It should, therefore, not hurt you to spend the extra bucks on the product.

Editor Notes:

The choice between the two headphones can vary between various users. If you want to upgrade from an outdated model of headphones and don’t want to spend a lot, Beats Solo 2 will be an excellent choice. The headphones are stylish, and they offer incredible sound quality. They also work well with devices that don’t use iOS.

Beats Solo 3 is an upgrade of Beats Solo 2. Although the headphones have some design weaknesses, they come with incredible features that help you enjoy your music. 

The headphones are less cumbersome than the Solo 2 as they are wireless. Beats worked with Apple to make improvements on the headphones, resulting in the latest wireless technology

Additionally, the Beats Solo 3 offers a longer battery life though the duration can vary depending on how much you use the headphones. The headphones are the best bet, especially for iOS users.

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