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Drone Business Opportunities

Many people think of drones and UAVs as toys, but many of the more expensive drones in the DJI or Parrot line are designed for adults. The drone hobby can be exciting, but it can also be rewarding too. As the drone craze catches on, there are going to be many drone business opportunities.
Many types of companies can benefit from using drone business opportunities. An aerial photography drone business can be profitable for the photography business that wishes to add more services for their clients. There are also many drone business opportunities for having a business that just sells drones for business. It can be lucrative selling the premium lines of drones to people who are purchasing them for fun, gifts, or for use in their own businesses.

Two of the best manufacturers of flying drones are DJI and Parrot. DJI has two great lines of quads, the Phantom and the Inspire line. Parrot has the great Bebop line. 

Drone Business Opportunities Selling Business Drones

If you’re considering a  business, selling them may be a great drone business opportunity. Drones are commonly sold in real stores that only sell UAVs or other types of flying drones, but they can also be sold online too. The new business startup may decide to start the business from a spare bedroom in the home, or in the basement. Customers can place orders from a website or through phone call or email.

If you choose to sell drones, be sure to offer a variety of different manufacturers, types, and price ranges. Be sure to have something for every type of customer, thus increasing your chances of making a sale.

Owning your own business can also be advantageous, as you’ll be able to purchase your own drones at wholesale prices. You’ll be able to collect together a large collection of your own drones. If you use these “demos” to market your business there are also many tax advantages. You’ll also be working in a field that is a lot of fun—not too many people have the opportunity to work in a field they enjoy.

Aerial Photography Drone Business

If selling drones isn’t to your liking, there are many other drone business opportunities, such as an aerial photography drone business. In this type of business you’ll have several premium drones that come with video cameras. The services you will be selling will be either taking snapshots from the air, or recording video from the air.

The possibilities can be endless. You can be hired to record events such as weddings, festivals, concerts, and plays. A real estate agent may hire an aerial drone business to record video of a house or property. This is extremely beneficial for larger properties such as ranches or farms, where it may be difficult to present all a property’s features in only a few photographs on the real estate website.

Other drone business opportunities may present from film companies who want to hire an expert to film outdoor scenery and landscapes. You can also create a stock video or stock photography website where people can register and then download photos or video clips for a price.

There may be many more possibilities for owning and managing drone business opportunities. Amazon has been testing their own delivery drones for the past few years. You never know when you may think up a great idea too.

How to Start a Drone Business

Once you have the spark of an idea for a business, your next step is to learn how to start a drone business. Starting a business is pretty much the same, no matter what type of products or services you are selling. You can find some evening courses on how to start your own business near you. Often these are held in high schools, or the local Chamber of Commerce. Some cities have small business bureaus that offer free services for new start ups. You can also check local Meetup groups to see if there is anything in your area.

It’s best to make your business as official as possible, so that you build up trust with your customers. Be sure to get a business licence from the city (usually around $100), and apply for tax numbers. It’s not required to have a separate office—many people register their small businesses from their own homes. Register your own website domain name, and start a blog. Have business cards made up so you can hand them out to your friends and family. You’ll also want to establish a good working relationship with each of the drone manufacturers, so that you can obtain the best wholesale prices.

Best Aerial Photography Drones for Drone Business Opportunities

Once you’ve decided to start your own company, you’re going to need to consider the best drones for drone aerial photography business. You’ll need to choose wisely, as you’re going to need a reliable and trustworthy drone to film your aerial footage for clients.

It’s best to stick to the name brand manufacturers. There are many other unbranded drones that are sold with cameras, but these are cheap knockoffs, usually made in China, and they often have no warranty. You don’t want to buy a cheap model of drone and then have it fail just at the time you’re trying to impress a client.

Brands such as DJI or Parrot make reliable and well-built flying drones. These are backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty, so they can be returned if something goes wrong. If you do plan on selling aerial photography for profit, it can be beneficial to keep a couple extra drones in the car, in case of failure. You may also wish to carry some extra battery packs with you, increasing the likelihood that you’ll have filmed several minutes of great aerial footage. Considering any mishap in advance is better than having to return to the same location to film again.





  • fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal
  • Vision Positioning system


  • Maximum Transmission Distance of 0.75mi (1.2km)
  • Intelligent Flight System


Other Great Recommendations

  • Micro Four Thirds aerial camera
  • Reliable locking mechanism


  • Quick climbing speed of 6 mps
  • Long battery life


DJI Phantom 3

Drone Business Opportunities

The DJI Phantom 3 was a new release for 2015. There had been great speculation, but in the end it had that same distinctive glossy white finish but with gold bands. This drone comes with a professional camera that will take both crystal clear snapshots and smooth colorful video. The Phantom 3 also has some great features that make the quad easier to control in the air.

The camera lens records at high resolution. The camera stabilization system keeps it steady, eliminating blurry or shaky video. This camera is 2.7K video at 30 frames per second, with snapshots at 12 megapixels. The DJI Phantom 3 has a special camera lens that eliminates the usual distortion in the air. Its f/2.8 and a 94 degree field of view helps in filming from the air.

The flight controls are easy to operate and are intuitive, so that the moment you touch them, the moment the drone adjusts its flight pattern. You can choose to use the flight controller, or use an app through your smart phone or tablet.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is also a great drone, but it has a few extra differences than the standard Phantom 3. This drone has a 1080p HD camera. It also has about two minutes less flight time, presumably due to its more powerful features. It will record epic aerial video and take 12 megapixels photographs.

The video will record at UHD 4K and 30 frames per second. It will also travel out to farther distances than the standard Phantom 3. It can fly out to distances of five kilometers, while the standard only flies out to 1000 meters. The Professional also utilizes its Lightbridge video downlink technology. A live HD view is possible when you connect your smart phone or tablet to the controller. You will be able to watch live streaming video as it happens. It utilizes a GPS and GLONASS dual positioning module, and has a vision positioning module.

The remote controller will help to keep your DJI Phantom 3 Professional under control, even if you’re new to drone flying. The most accessed features will be right at your fingertips. There is also a safety feature where you can keep your drone within a specific distance of you. This eliminates the chances that you may lose your drone.

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DJI Inspire 1

Drone Business Opportunities

The DJI Inspire 1 is a durable quadcopter that also has a video camera. It’s made from white plastic, with four black legs. The camera is installed under the main body. One neat feature of this drone is after lift-off, the four legs raise up into the air to provide the camera with an unobstructed view. The camera will film around a 360 degree orientation, making it one of the best choices for shooting landscapes and scenery. There is even a switch that will turn the camera into the 360 degree mode so you don’t even have to control the drone to do this yourself.

The body of the DJI Inspire 1 is extremely durable. If it crashes, it just bounces back. The arms are made from strong carbon fiber material. You’ll want to learn how to fly properly though, if you plan on running any sort of aerial photography business. The controller makes it easy to learn how to fly. It has a flexible and stable flight control system.

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Parrot Bebop 2

Drone Business Opportunities

The Parrot Bebop 2 is made from white plastic and has a camera that faces forward. This drone is compact and lightweight, making it one of the better choices when filming around a canopy of trees. You can stream video directly to your smart device, keeping your hands free. In fact, it’s an additional purchase for the flight controller.

The Bebop 2 is also built with safety in mind. It has a flexible central body that bends and adapts to surfaces, just bouncing back. Each of its four arms is also reinforced. This is beneficial if you are hired for days of drone flying, but can’t control the weather.

If you’re seeking a drone with a long battery life, so you can fly out to farther distances than most other brands, you’ll be pleased with the Bebop 2’s twenty-five minute flight time. You’ll be able to capture more video, and have plenty of footage for editing your final project for clients.

The Parrot Bebop 2 can be held in a holding pattern, and it can fly out to a distance of three hundred meters. You’ll also be impressed by it’s quick climbing speed of six meters per second.

You may wish to purchase one drone to get started with your drone business, and then add to it as you gain more confidence in your flying abilities. A drone business will give you the opportunity to enjoy doing something you want to do, and offer plenty of times when you can fly drones for clients, or to demonstrate them to customers.

Starting a new business can be a lot of hard work too. It will take time to research and collect your tools together. You’ll need to build up your website and attract new clients and customers. You may need to obtain financing for your business if you don’t have any savings. The money may need to be used to purchase inventory, cover internet fees, and cover employee’s wages if you decide you need assistance.

Once you get started in your drone business you’ll find that they just fly off the shelves. If you’re selling your aerial photography services, it may take time to build up this portion of your business, but you can work on the photography portion of your business while it does. You could add your drone services as part of a wedding photography package. Once you have sold a few packages, you’ll have clients who will provide you with a good reference.

If any of these drone business opportunities sound exciting to you, you may wish to pursue a rewarding drone business.

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Editor Notes:

If you're searching for drones, we recommend the DJI Phantom 3 Professional*. It is an amazing starter for your drone business. On the high end, but a great advancement to the DJI Phantom 3.

With a 4k image resolution of 30 frames per second, the image quality is great for your pictures and videos. The phantom model comes with 12 megapixels and a 1080p HD camera. The remote controller makes it easier to operate the drone and have access to all features at a go.

You can also use your phone or tablet by installing an app for maneuvering the drone.

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