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According to a study conducted by the Sol Republic, at least 53% of people under the age of 34 years own about three pairs of earphones, and they admitted to using the headphones for at least 4 hours daily. 89% of people use headphones to listen to music, 9% use them to create music, or to work with sound, while 49% use them to watch movies or TV shows.

As such, you need to get quality earphones that guarantee a quality sound, which means you can listen to music or watch a movie with the appropriate volume without hurting your ears.

Apart from offering high-quality sound, proper earphones add to your sense of style, they are comfortable, and they allow you to have control such that you can switch between taking a call and listening to music without much hassle.

Wireless headphones are known for their flexibility as you do not have to struggle with cable from your phone and so on. Among the many companies that deal with wireless headphones is Beats, which was recently acquired by Apple.

In this comparison article, we will be comparing three earphones by Beats, which include Beats X, Powerbeats 3, and Powerbeats Pro. We will take a look at their similarities, differences, and specific features that help you to tell them apart so that you can make your choice on which one you want.

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Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Similarities Between Beats X, Powerbeats 3 And Powerbeats Pro

The earphones offer you different timelines when it comes to their battery life, but they all promise you a long battery life so that you can carry them around and enjoy listening to music for a long time.

As much as the main reason for getting quality earphones is to get quality sound, you also want earphones that look stylish. Each of the headsets above has a sleek design that makes you look stylish as you walk around with them. They also come in a variety of colors so that you can choose the one that will match well with your outfits.

No matter the quality of sound that your pair of earphones offer, they would be of no use if you cannot have them for long because they hurt your head or ears. If you purchase either of the above earphones, you can be sure to enjoy your comfort as they are lightweight and have comfortable earbuds.

Additionally, the earphones have a strong body construction, which makes them sturdy and assures you that you will not be going back to the shop soon.

Also, the three earphones by Beats are all wireless; thus, they are less cumbersome and less likely to get spoilt as there are no cables or wires that you will be struggling with.

 The whole essence of getting quality earphones is because you want to have high-quality sound. If you get yourself a pair of either of the above Beats earphones, you can be sure to get a balanced bass and treble so that you can enjoy listening to your favorite music or watch a movie even at high volumes.

Let us now have a look at each pair of earphones in depth.

Beats X

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Beats X wireless headphones will cost you $94.99.


You cannot talk about elegance without mentioning Beats X wireless headphones. They come in a variety of colors, including black, satin silver, and black red, so that you can choose your most preferred one.

The fact that they are wireless increases their flexibility and portability and also makes them less cumbersome.


If you wish, you can conveniently change from listening to music and start making a call using the built-in controls. The controls are also simple and straightforward so that you will have an easy time learning how to use them. Making calls becomes easier when using the Beats X wireless headphones as the built-in mic assists you.

Now that the earphones are wireless, how do you connect to your phone or tablet to play music? Beats X features a Bluetooth wireless connection that enables you to connect with your phone in the pocket so that you can play your favorite tunes.

Do you like taking a walk in nature while listening to some mix of hip hop? Now you can enjoy your walk without worry with the Beats X wireless headphones that come with a rechargeable battery that promise you about 8 hours of listening to your mixes without worrying about the battery running low. In case the battery runs low, you can use the fast fuel charging where five minutes of charging will add you up to 2 hours of battery life.

Beats X earphones also come with an Apple W1chip, which comes in handy in helping you pair with your iPhone device. When you pair your earphones with the iPhone device, you can automatically connect with other devices in your iCloud account, which means you can change from your phone to Mac without having to pair the earphones again. 

Beats X wireless earphones may not have an active noise cancellation feature. However, they go deep into the ear canal, creating passive noise isolation, making them the ideal earphones to use in noisy places.

Isn't sound quality the most important aspect of any earphones? Yes, as much as you will love stylish earphones, what you are most likely to look out for is high-quality sound. With the Beats X earphones, you get a neutral sound with balanced output for the lows, mids, and trebles so that you can have a good listening experience irrespective of the genre of music you are listening to.

In terms of comfort, the wireless earphones come with a thick cord that will sit comfortably on your neck instead of dangling down, and the earbuds will also fit comfortably in your ears such that you will not always have a feeling that they are falling off. The tips of the earbuds have a silicon material that is soft such that you can have the earphones for an extended period without hurting your ears. It also comes with an easy purse that you can comfortably carry in your pocket.


  • Balances neutral sound
  • Easy to operate
  • Stylish look
  • Comfortable
  • Highly portable
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone devices
  • Long-lasting
  • Long battery life
  • Fast fuel charging feature
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No active noise cancellation feature
  • No warning for battery running low

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Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats 3


You can enjoy high-quality music and comfort with the Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones that will cost you $120.


You can choose your favorite color between black, white, and defiant black red that the earphones are available in.

Regardless of the shape of your ears, you can be sure to get your perfect size fit as the earphones come in four different sizes that you can choose from. They also have a strong body construction, which makes them durable.


Are you looking for the best earphones to use while going for your morning jog or while going for a workout in the gym? Look no further as Powerbeats 3 comes with a firm hook that ensures that the earphones remain secure in your ear even when you are working out.

In terms of battery life, Powerbeats 3 comes with a rechargeable battery, which assures you to last up to 12 hours on a single charge. If the battery runs low, the earphones have a fast fuel charge option where 5 minutes of charging can add you up to an hour of listening to your music. Unlike its predecessor, Powerbeats 3 comes with a USB port that you can use for charging.

Another thing that makes the earphones perfect for use in work out is that they are sweatproof such that sweat will not enter the earphones and damage them.

When it comes to comfort, the earphones are lightweight, and they have a hook that ensures they remain firm in your ear even when you are jumping up and down in your workout.

It is effortless and straightforward for you to control the earphones as they feature a single physical button that assists you in powering on and off, and they come with a remote that helps you to control your media playback.

You can connect the earphones with your Android device, but it also comes with a W1chip that helps you in paring them with an iPhone device and switching between other devices on your iCloud account.

The last thing you want while working out is cumbersome wires that distract you from your activities. You do not have to worry about that with the Powerbeats 3 earphones that feature a class 1 Bluetooth connection so that you can connect to your phone in the pocket without using cables. 

Setting up the earphones is also an effortless process. You just need to power them on and hold them close to your iPhone for them to pair, and then you can switch to your other listening devices on your iCloud account.

The earphones also do not have an active noise cancellation feature, but they also go deep in your ears, making it difficult for you to hear the other noises; thus, they are ideal for use in noisy areas.

If you love listening to bass-heavy genres of music, you should go for the Powerbeats 3 earphones that offer you a heavy bass that adds punch to your listening experience.


  • Comfortable
  • Heavy bass
  • Long-lasting
  • Long-life battery
  • Fast fuel charging option
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • W1chip
  • USB charging port
  • Firm hooks on the ear
  • Sweatproof
  • Passive noise cancellation


  • The cord is not very comfortable around your neck

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Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats Pro


You can enjoy flexibility, style, and excellent sound quality with the Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones that goes for $199.95.


The wireless earphones are available in black, ivory, moss, and navy colors, giving you the chance to choose your favorite and the one that will match your outfits.

The fact that they are wireless increases their flexibility and portability. They come with controls on either earbud, including a multifunction key and volume control.


One noticeable feature of the Powerbeats Pro earphones is the Siri feature, which allows you to carry out controls of the earphones using your phone. Note that the feature is only available for iOS devices.

When it comes to battery life, the earphones assure you of 9 hours of playback on a single charge, meaning you can enjoy listening to your songs for as long as you want. In case the battery runs low, do not fret as it also comes with a fast-charging option where 15 minutes of charging will add you up to 4.5 hours of enjoying your listening experience.

The essence of getting quality earphones is to get just the right sound while listening. Powerbeats 3 does not disappoint in the sound aspect as it offers a more refined bass and more detailed highs and midranges. The sound is so detailed that you can notice almost every instrument in the music, and you cannot miss anything when it comes to the lyrics of the song.

Powerbeats Pro is your work out partner as they come with ear hooks that make them secure on your ear so that they do not fall off when you are jumping and running around. They are also sweat resistant so that sweat cannot get in and damage the earphones. 

It also has four pairs of ear tips in different sizes so that no matter the size and shape of your ear, you will always get your perfect fit.

Instead of the W1chip that is found in the other two Beat products, Powerbeats Pro features the advanced H1 chip, which makes it extremely quick and easy to pair the earphones. The H1 also allows you to activate Siri by saying, "Hey, Siri."

With these pairs of earphones, you can make clearer calls because of the speech-detecting accelerometer that detects when the jaw is moving, and it also comes with two beamforming microphones.

The earphones also support Bluetooth connectivity. They are also lightweight, which enhances their comfort.


  • H1 chip
  • Bluetooth connectivity support
  • Comfortable
  • Clear calls
  • Earbuds controls
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Siri feature
  • Long battery life
  • High-quality sound


  • A little expensive

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Differences Between Beats X, Powerbeats 3 And Powerbeats Pro

girl with a beats headphone

Beats X earphone does not come with ear hooks like the other two

Beats X and Powerbeats 3 come with a W1 chip, while Powerbeats pro comes with an H1 chip.

They all come with different battery lives with Beats X offering 8 hours, Powerbeats 3 offering 12 hours, and Powerbeats Pro offering 9 hours.

They all come in different colors

Powerbeats Pro and Powerbeats 3 are sweat-resistant while Beats X is not

They also come at different costs

The three earphones also differ in the quality of sound that they offer

Powerbeats Pro has a 17% reduction in weight and a 23% reduction in volume as compared to the other two.

Powerbeats 3 and Powerbeats Pro come with four ear tips in different sizes

The clip-like design in the other two is replaced by a thinner and less obtrusive design in the Powerbeats Pro.


Without a doubt, Powerbeats Pro performs better than the other two though it is more expensive. For instance, it comes with an H1 chip feature, which makes it easier and quicker in pairing, and it also helps in connecting to Siri. Also, it has a reduced weight and volume than the other two, which not only makes it portable but also more comfortable. In terms of sound, Powerbeats Pro offers you the highest quality sound among the three with detailed high, midranges and lows, and refined bass. Additionally, the Siri feature makes it simple for you to control the earphones using your voice such that you can play, pause, and do much more without touching the physical controls.

What's more? Powerbeats Pro allows you to make clearer calls with the beamforming microphones and speech detecting accelerometer, which will detect when your jaw is moving. In terms of battery life, the earphones perform well as they offer you 9 hours of playback on a single charge. It also has a fast fuel feature that gives you 4.5 hours of charge after charging for only 15 minutes. 

Editor Notes:

Powerbeats 3 performs better than Beats X in that it has a lighter neck cord and a longer battery life lasting up to 12 hours with regular use. Additionally, Powerbeats 3 is water-resistant, making them ideal if you want earphones to listen to music on your morning jogs or exercises.

However, between the three earphones above, we recommend you go for the Powerbeats Pro. Although it may be expensive than the rest, it comes with features that make it a worthy investment. 

Like the predecessor, Powerbeats Pro earbuds are also water-resistant, which makes them ideal for work out. They also come with hooks that hold them in place as you jog. 

They are also wireless and lighter than Powerbeats 3. With the H1 chip, the Powerbeats Pro earbuds allow you hands-free access to Siri with iOS devices. In terms of sound quality, Powerbeats Pro performs way better than the predecessors. 

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