YouTube TV vs Hulu Live – Which One is Right For You?

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YouTube TV vs Hulu Live

YouTube TV and Hulu Live are two of the most popular live TV streaming services available in the US. Both offer a wide variety of channels, live sports, and on-demand content. Here’s a breakdown of each service to help you decide which one is right for you.

YouTube TV:

  • Channels: 85+
  • Price: $64.99/month
  • Key Features: Unlimited DVR storage, up to 3 simultaneous streams, access to YouTube originals
  • Pros: High-quality streaming, user-friendly interface, a wide range of channels, unlimited DVR storage
  • Cons: One of the more expensive options, not available in all markets, limited customization options

Hulu Live:

  • Channels: 65+
  • Price: $64.99/month
  • Key Features: Access to Hulu’s on-demand library, up to 6 user profiles, up to 50 hours of DVR storage
  • Pros: Good channel selection, access to Hulu’s on-demand library, affordable pricing, an option to add premium channels
  • Cons: Limited DVR storage, more limited channel selection than YouTube TV, can be difficult to navigate

Ultimately, which service is right for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. If having unlimited DVR storage and access to YouTube originals is important to you, then YouTube TV may be the better option. If you’re looking for an affordable option with access to both live TV and Hulu’s on-demand library, then Hulu Live may be the way to go.

Is YouTube TV Better Than Hulu Live TV?

Since you can watch live TV without a cable subscription, you might wonder which streamer is the greatest substitute. If you’re one of the many individuals who recently cut the cable cord, you’ll have to decide between YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV.

YouTube TV is generally better than Hulu since it offers a few key channels that Hulu does not, such as your local PBS station. At $65 a month, it’s also $5 less expensive. However, Hulu also offers a fantastic variety of channels, a sizable library of on-demand television series, and the Disney Combo, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus, which is part of the $70 pricing. Read on to find out if YouTube TV is better than Hulu live TV.

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What Channels Does YouTube TV Have That Hulu Live Does Not?

Both packages include a wide range of live channels, including CNN, ESPN, and TNT. Regional networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are also covered. You can use your gaming console, smart TV, or video streamers like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV to access them.

The availability of MLB Network and NBA TV as part of its standard package gives YouTube TV a significant edge in national sports channels. The “Sports Plus” add-on, including Fox College Sports, GolTV, NFL RedZone, and Fox Soccer Plus, is also available for an additional $11. 

The NFL RedZone, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, MAVTV Motorsports Network, TVG, and TVG2 are all included in the $10 Hulu plan. Previously, any live TV provider you choose could offer various broadcast affiliates and regional sports networks based on your area. 

However, both YouTube TV and Hulu discontinued regional sports networks in 2020. Therefore, neither provider serves many of them.

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What Is the Downside of Hulu Live TV?

Hulu Plus Live TV isn’t flawless, nor is any other streaming service. You could anticipate receiving more DVR storage than 50 hours for a monthly fee of $64.99. You will need to pay an additional $9.99 each month to receive more storage than 50 hours. Ads are included in the $64.99 purchase, though. 

For an extra $6 per month, you can receive Hulu Plus Live TV without advertisements. If you want extra DVR storage and an ad-free experience, it might cost you up to $80.99 per month with no additional premium channels.

The cost is one of Hulu Live TV’s most significant drawbacks. It is not the cheapest live TV subscription available at $69.99 per month, and some customers might find the cost high for their needs. Although Hulu technically offers a Live TV Just package, the monthly savings are only $1, making it redundant.

The whole app experience is another drawback that some users may discover with this live TV service. The app occasionally has some usability issues and puts less emphasis on live TV than other live TV service providers. Not to add, customers periodically experience problems with streaming and general functionality.

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What Is the Downside of YouTube TV?

The price is YouTube TV’s significant drawback. It’s one of the priciest live TV service providers at $64.99 a month. The cost increases if additional features, like 4K support, or channel options, are added. 

A monthly fee for YouTube TV reflects its premium service with premium features. There are solutions available for individuals looking for a live TV subscription that is economical and a better choice.

Aside from the cost, there are better live TV choices than YouTube TV; certain users could have additional drawbacks. For instance, there are restrictions on the number of devices used simultaneously.

Additionally, there’s the inability to erase recordings from the DVR library manually, constraints while watching away from home, and 4K streaming costs extra per month.

YouTube TV also lacks the option of offline viewing, which is a downside. Even their DVR is cloud-based, so YouTube TV is unsuitable for viewing your episodes on the road without using mobile data.

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YouTube TV vs Hulu + Live Channel Comparison 2023

The difference that matters most is in the channels. When comparing the overall channel counts from our comprehensive list of the top 100 channels on each service, YouTube TV outperforms Hulu with up to 79 channels from that list. 

Although just the top 100 channels available through the services are included in that number, it still gives a good idea.

Nevertheless, there are some differences that the two share, the majority of the major national networks, including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, NFL, TBS, and USA Network.

Base cost $64.9 ($54.99 for the first three months) $69.99/month
Free trial? Yes No, the regular Hulu free trial does not contain live TV.
Channels available 100+ 75+
Sports programming and on-demand television programs and movies? Sports networks are available, including MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, Golf Channel, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, FS1 & 2, and more. NFL Network, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, FS1 & 2, ESPN, CBS Sports, and more
Number of Concurrent streams 3 ($20 for unlimited and 4K) 2 ($10 option for unlimited)
Local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC channels Yes Yes
Use cloud DVR to fast-forward or skip ads. Yes No (Yes with $10 DVR option)

YouTube TV vs Hulu Live For Sports

YouTube TV is the better option of the two live TV streaming services for sports because it offers 16 sports channels. For about $65 per month, YouTube TV is the only live TV streaming service that offers NBA TV, MLB Network, and NFL Network. A superb option for anyone who enjoys live sports. 

The Sports Plus add-on for YouTube TV costs $11 per month to give you a different unique experience. NFL RedZone, Fox Soccer Plus, belN Sports, and other sports channels are part of this add-on for sports lovers. 

You can also add MLB.TV to your YouTube TV package for an additional $30 per month. With this, you’ll get access to all regular-season games played outside your local area.

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Compared to Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV provides a considerably greater range of extras, from NBA League Pass and AMC+ to AcornTSundanceNow. 

On the other hand, you can watch your favorite sports networks and premium channels like TNT and CNBC on Hulu + Live TV subscription. You’ll also have access to limitless DVR recording capacity with this package. If you enjoy watching college athletics, Hulu Live also offers ESPN College Extra and ACCN.

Overall, though, sports fans may prefer YouTube TV. Additional sports channels are included in the regular programming, and the sports extra gives even more coverage. The difference is less noticeable now that ESPN+ is a part of Hulu + Live TV. 

YouTube Vs. Hulu + Live TV: Pros and Cons

Here are some benefits and drawbacks associated with your decision after I’ve covered all the specifics of each key issue that might affect you as a cord breaker.

YouTube TV

The advantages include the following:

  • It has 100+ Channels available
  • Free trial available
  • $30 discount on your first three months
  • Amazingly flexible, offering a variety of options and add-ons
  • TV programs and movies are available on demand
  • Unlimited DVR storage

The disadvantages of YouTube TV include the following:

  • Lacks an ad-free option
  • There is only one English-language plan offered

Hulu+ Live TV


  • Disney+, and ESPN+ included
  • Highly customizable with multiple plans and add-ons
  • 75+ channels
  • On-demand TV shows and movies
  • Unlimited DVR storage
  • Ad-free package available


  • No free trial for Live TV
  • Allows for only two simultaneous streams
  • Relatively expensive compared to YouTube TV

YouTube TV vs. Hulu Live Channel Lineup

More than 75 stations are included in Hulu’s live TV bundle. However, the actual amount depends on your zip code (see the full lineup for your area here). Everyone can find stuff they enjoy, including local and national news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, wellness content, and family-friendly programs. 

Additionally, subscribers get access to the many thousands of streaming programs and films available on Hulu. You may quickly switch on the streamer’s interface between multiple programming categories and your “favorites” tab, which houses recorded material. 

The live TV interface on Hulu has a scrolling design that highlights what is now airing on each network, making the old-school cable a guide. On the other hand, YouTube TV has more channels in its standard package than Hulu, 100+ vs. 75+. However, the selections are the same. 

Each network offers a mix of live and on-demand programming, and during a free trial of YouTube TV, the service highlighted the timings of movies you’ll enjoy based on your preferences. Users may search for specific titles and browse between the platform’s main screen, live channels, and their library with YouTube TV’s simple interface.

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YouTube Live TV

The monthly price for YouTube TV is $64.99, but new users may reduce that price to $54.99 by receiving a total of $30 in discounts during the first three months. For $34.99 a month, YouTube also offers a Spanish-language package. Using YouTube TV to broadcast live TV shows, sporting events, and other activities is a great idea.

Hulu or YouTube TV for Football

Both YouTube TV and Hulu discontinued regional sports networks in 2020. Therefore, none of the providers now serve many of them. However, beyond RSN, YouTube TV has a significant advantage in national sports networks thanks to the inclusion of both MLB Network and NBA TV in its base package.


YouTube TV wins, but fans might still benefit from Hulu + Live TV. You could go for YouTube TV over Hulu + Live TV if you can’t live without NBA TV, MLB Network, PBS, and the Hallmark Channel. Furthermore, YouTube offers 25 more channels than Hulu + Live TV. However, despite the variances, the two share most major national networks, including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, NFL, TBS, and USA Network.

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