How Much is HBO Max on Hulu? Answer And Options

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How Much is HBO Max on Hulu?

Hulu is a leading paid-subscription service with approximately 45.6 million paid subscribers. Recent streaming services by Hulu have expanded to integrate HBO Max viewership. HBO Max is available as a Hulu add-on to cover exclusive channel add-ons and provide the best streaming experience.

HBO Max is one of the streaming platforms that viewers can add to their Hulu subscription. Viewers can integrate the HBO Max add-on with Hulu for approximately $14.99. Scroll below to learn more about the Hulu app with HBO Max subscription.

Key Takeaways

  • HBO Max is available as a Hulu add-on for $14.99 per month
  • Choose your Hulu base subscription plan, then add HBO Max
  • The HBO Max add-on allows you to access HBO’s catalog of addictive series, movies, comedies, and documentaries
  • New Hulu subscribers get a one-week free trial upon when signing up for the HBO Max add-on

Is HBO Max Cheaper With Hulu?

HBO Max on Hulu enhances streaming services to any base Hulu subscription. Adding HBO Max to any Hulu subscription is cheaper and ideal for viewers who want to save on entertainment spending but still want to view a wide range of channels and shows. HBO Max is cheaper than Hulu as viewers can unlock and access hit TV shows and movies like Game of Thrones.

The Hulu HBO Max add-on plan allows viewers full HBO streaming access to HBO live channels, on-demand shows, and exclusive HBO movies. Subscription of HBO Max add-on Hulu provides single-platform streaming.

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How Much Does It Cost to Add HBO Max to Hulu?

The best option for HBO on Hulu is subscribing to an HBO Max add-on. Hulu subscribers can add streaming services like HBO Max on the Hulu platform for about a $14.99 monthly subscription on top of the $6 Hulu base plan. The HBO Max add-on in Hulu features uniqueness and incorporates more scandalous plot lines than you can get on cable channels. The HBO Max add-on allows you to enjoy a streamlined watching experience via a single app.

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Signing up for HBO Max through the Hulu platform provides convenient streaming benefits like a seven-day free trial. Additionally, MAX Originals are available for free viewing through the HBO Max app. Subscription to HBO Max on Hulu gives you in-platform access to HBO live channels but with a limitation that viewers won’t be able to use Hulu’s recording tool but instead watch them live as they air.

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What’s the Cheapest Way to Get HBO Max?

HBO Max’s official app or website is the most affordable way to access it. The HULU HBO Max add-on plan is slightly more expensive than the HBO ad-based plan. It will cost an additional $15 monthly subscription fee to add HBO Max on Hulu.

On the other hand, viewers can get the cheapest ad-based plan on the HBO app at approximately $9.99 per month.

The HBO Max add-on gives access to everything on HBO directly through the Hulu app. The HBO Max app is cheaper, but you will require access to two different apps to stream. HBO Max base plans may encounter slower streaming rates due to ads on the app.

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How Do I Get HBO Max for Free on Hulu?

If you are a new Hulu subscriber, you can get a free HBO Max trial for seven days. Existing subscribers may not have access to any such free trial. HBO Max with Hulu is a relatively new streaming service launched in 2020. The partnership between Hulu and HBO Max allows viewers to stream popular shows like Gossip Girl and Sex in the City.

Incorporating an HBO Max add-on to your Hulu account requires you to authenticate your HBO Max account by selecting Hulu as your provider. 

Integrating an HBO Max add-on with Hulu is relatively simple, as shown below;

  • Go to the official Hulu website
  • Visit the sign-up page and click your preferred base plan
  • Enter your billing information and confirm your email address and personal information
  • Download the HBO Max app or visit their official website
  • Sign up for HBO Max and authenticate your HBO Max by selecting Hulu as your provider, then log in with your Hulu account
  • Finish creating your HBO Max profile
  • Go back to the Hulu app and search for HBO Max
  • Now you can stream HBO Max content directly from Hulu for free in the next seven days

Depending on your base plan, you can watch 2 to 5 screens. Adding HBO Max to your subscription plan allows you to unlock a seven-day free trial.

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Hulu and HBO Max Free Trial

The HBO Max add-on package allows Hulu subscribers to view HBO Max directly. When adding HBO Max to their Hulu subscription plan, Hulu members are eligible for a free trial of HBO Max that lasts one week. Once the free trial period is over, you pay for HBO Max monthly alongside your Hulu plan.

Think of Hulu and HBO Max add-on as a bundle that allows access to a wide array of live TV shows, movie originals, and documentaries, all under the same payment.

HBO Max App

Access HBO Max content via the HBO Max app or the official HBO website. HBO Max is a premium streaming app that integrates all HBO catalogs with more blockbuster movies and exclusive Max Originals. HBO Max is a platform that gives viewers exclusive access to content not available independently on Hulu. The stand-alone platform bundles all HBO catalogs for exclusive streaming.

You can access the HBO Max app if you already have an HBO Max add-on with your Hulu subscription. Combining Hulu with HBO Max makes it easier to manage your subscriptions in one place. Viewers can cancel their HBO Max subscriptions anytime via the Hulu website or by contacting Hulu’s customer support.

Subscription Plans for Hulu Users

To incorporate the HBO Max add-on to Hulu, viewers usually choose a Hulu subscription plan that fits their preferences. Here are available base subscription plans on Hulu:

Subscription Plan Cost Per Month
Hulu base plan (Ad-supported) $6.99
Hulu basic plan with no ads $12.99
Hulu Plus Live TV with ads $64.99
Hulu Plus Live TV with no ads $70.99


Hulu is one of the few platforms that offer viewers add-on channels. The recent add-on is HBO Max. Hulu subscribers can integrate HBO Max with ease by subscribing to the add-on. Try out the free mode as you build your subscription.

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