Cinema HD Alternative – Top 13 Services to Consider in 2023

Cinema HD

If you enjoy watching films, especially on the go, then you have probably heard of Cinema HD. It is a video streaming software available on the android platform. It also offers download services for your favorite movies and shows from its extensive database.

While Cinema HD is a great app and has offered value for a long time, users have reported issues with the app, for example:

  • Constant download errors
  • Geographically restricted content
  • Issues with buffering
  • Battery drain issues
  • Increase of bad links
  • Black and gray screen errors

All this indicates a neglect of the app by the developers. For the ardent movie lover, you need to start thinking of other video-on-demand streaming services that you can use.

Key Takeaways

  • The best legal Cinema HD alternative streaming application is Crackle from Sony
  • Kodi and Stremio offer the best streaming alternatives for the iOS platform
  • The latest available version of Cinema HD is V2.4.1, released in December 2022
  • To run Cinema HD alternatives on android platforms, you require a device running on Android version 5.0 and above.

Free Cinema HD Alternatives

These alternatives don’t require a paid subscription. You’re free to use them upon downloading them, provided you have an internet connection. They include:


Viva TV

It is a third-party streaming application popular with users because it offers a simplistic user interface. With three tabs on the platform, mainly; Watchlist, Discover, and Search, users can find the content quickly.



It is a streaming application that offers quality streaming links. BeeTV is popular because it provides almost the same streaming functions as other apps, yet it is lightweight. It won’t hog the space or memory on your device because it derives content from its partner websites



It is a streaming service with a broad library of movies and TV shows. To use TeaTV effectively, you must install the TPlayer.

Cyber Flix


It is a third-party streaming application that you can use to watch your favorite movies and shows. Its most useful feature is that users can integrate it with Real-Debrid. It means that they can download content much faster.



Stremio offers a modern interface to watch movies, shows, and even live TV. To enjoy the app’s full functionality, you must install third-party add-ons. It also allows for a seamless entertainment experience across your devices when you use a Stremio account.



Kodi is a media streaming application that operates under open-source licenses. It is a successor to Xbox Media Center (XBMC) and, therefore, a trusted media player. It has several add-ons and supports installation on several platforms.



Filmplus provides a massive collection of movies and shows to stream. It provides content in various resolutions like 4k, Full HD, and HD resolutions. Users aren’t required to subscribe to use the app; it is entirely free to use it.

Ocean Streamz

Ocean Streamz

It is a streaming application that allows users to stream a variety of content with ease. It works well with a Real Debrid account to fetch high-quality links from partners. Users also have the option of streaming content ranging from 360p to 1080p.



It has a free selection of movies and TV. To watch content on TubiTV, you must have a Google account to get content with limited ads.

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Legal Cinema HD Alternatives

To use them, you must pay a monthly subscription. The subscription gets you special features and perks that many free alternatives don’t provide. Here are the legal alternatives to Cinema HD.



Netflix has grown over the years and is now producing its own exclusive movies and shows. It provides a monthly plan, and you can choose between four plans. They include;

  • Basic plan with Ads – $6.99
  • Basic – $9.99
  • Standard – $15.49
  • Premium – $19.99



Hulu’s edge over the free Cinema HD alternatives is that it provides more recently released content. At $7.99 per month, you can get the ad-supported plan. For $14.99 per month, you can get the ad-free plan. Hulu also offers additional live TV and other add-ons at an extra fee.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers a wider range of movies and shows than free Cinema HD alternatives. For $14.99 per month, you can get Amazon Prime content. It also offers its own produced original content.


Crackle Website

It’s a free streaming service from Sony with several movies and TV shows for its users. Crackle’s most significant advantage over third-party streaming apps is that it is legal and secure to use. However, it currently only offers streams to people in the US.

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Use of VPN as an Alternative to Stream Cinema HD

Use of VPN

Cinema HD provides a wide range of content to users worldwide. Depending on your location, some content may be geo-restricted. A quality VPN can help you navigate around this restriction by masking your real IP address.

Though a VPN may provide a useful way to navigate around restrictions, it can also be disadvantageous. For example;

  • The use of a VPN is illegal in some countries, so you need to be aware of your country’s rules regarding VPN usage.
  • It is an added expense if you’re looking for free streaming
  • It also affects internet speeds.

Cinema HD V2

The Cinema HD V2 is a series of updates from V2.0.1 up to the latest version released in December 2022, V2.4.1. You can check out the list for all their other updates here.

The developers keep making changes to the application to improve the service for its android users. They have made a series of changes starting from their first-ever version (Cinema APK v.1.4.2), which was a major success.

Safety and Security Measures When using Cinema HD Alternatives

Mainstream application providers may not provide Cinema HD and other alternative streaming applications. It raises issues regarding the safe use of streaming software.

Safety concerns may include the presence of bugs or malware in the application, installation from third-party sources, and the use of copyrighted content. Here is a detailed look into Cinema HD alternatives’ safety and security measures.

Cinema HD Security

The Cinema HD application is safe. There have been no significant security concerns from active users. Running the software through an anti-virus also yields no malware embedded in the software.

The only serious issues in the application only result from copyrighted material.


To download, install and use most of these video streaming applications, you need to sideload them to your device. Sideloading involves installing software from a third-party source from the internet or through a link like a USB or wireless connection.

It is in direct contrast to the standard way of installing apps through the Play store and Apple store. Sideloading increases the risk of attack from viruses and malware.

You should be careful not to download applications from shady sites as you may infect your device with malware and viruses. If you’re unsure about a download site, invest in a quality antivirus that will make you aware of potential hazards.

Copyright Content

When using any of the free alternatives of Cinema HD, remember that if you use them only for streaming, you’re less likely to break any law. However, if you download content from streaming sites and even distribute the downloaded copy, you risk prosecution as you’re breaking several copyright laws.

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Cinema HD Alternative: FAQs

Is There Anything Better Than Cinema HD?

Yes. Some platforms provide more content, especially recently released movies and shows like Hulu. There are also alternatives with better user interfaces, like Viva TV.

However, Cinema HD does win in requiring no subscription to use it. It is free to access its movies and shows, provided you have an internet connection.

Is Cinema HD Still Working?

As of January 2023, Cinema HD is still functional. Their latest update was in December 2022, which indicates that the developers are still monitoring and trying to improve the application.

Why Does Cinema HD Keep Closing?

Possible reasons why your Cinema HD application keeps closing include the following;

  • A bug that causes the app to stop abruptly
  • A security measure in your device settings could be stopping the app from running
  • Corruption of the app’s files in your device
  • Low RAM and storage on your device
  • Restrictions by your internet service provider

Does Cinema HD Have 4K?

Yes. The streaming application offers HD quality resolution ranging from 720p, FHD 1080p, and 4K HDR. To take advantage of the 4K resolution, sign up for a Real Debrid account to get premium streaming links. 

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The 13 alternatives in this article will give you decent options if you’re looking for another application apart from Cinema HD. Depending on user preference and needs, there are free and legal options to choose from. 

While using the alternatives, ensure you’re aware of the safe use of the applications, like downloading copyrighted content and sideloading.


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