How Much Is Hulu Live TV? – A Detailed Guide

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How Much Is Hulu Live TV

Hulu has over 45.6 million subscribers, making it one of the market’s most sought-after subscription-based streaming platforms. The streaming service offers numerous plans, including Live TV channels. Its Live TV streaming service has over four million subscribers. Scroll below to know how much you’ll pay if you want to subscribe to Hulu Plus Live TV.

Key Takeaways

  • Hulu offers Live TV with premium channels and complimentary access to Disney + and ESPN+ add-ons.
  • Hulu Live TV plan without add-ons features a monthly subscription fee of $69.99.
  • Hulu Live TV plan with add-ons retails at a monthly subscription fee of $75.99.
  • Hulu has a Live Only subscription plan retailing for $68.99 per month.
  • Hulu + Live TV has no free trial period for new customers.
  • Hulu Live TV broadcasts national news outlets, entertainment channels, kid-friendly channels, and educational channels.

Subscribers can watch Hulu + Live TV at a monthly subscription fee starting at $69.99 up to $75.99. Let’s dive into an in-depth price breakdown for various Hulu plus Live TV packages.

How Much Is Live TV Only on Hulu?

The Hulu Live TV package plan varies depending on the availability of Ads. Hulu with Ads and without Ads includes free access to Disney + and ESPN + add-ons. Hulu (with Ads) plus Live TV plan retails for around $69.99 per month. The Hulu with Ads plan limits access to Hulu’s extensive streaming library. Viewers may not access classic TV series, Hulu Originals, and exclusive movies.

On the other hand, Hulu (No Ads) plus Live TV retails for a $75.99 monthly subscription. Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV includes an add-on of Disney +, ESPN +, and unlimited access to a streaming TV library. 

Enjoy an ad-free viewing experience and offline streaming. Hulu (No Ads) plus Live TV is ideal if you seek uninterrupted viewing that competes with cable. Hulu + Live TV integrates benefits like Cloud DVR, which allows the housing of unlimited streamed content.

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Hulu Live Sports

Hulu’s Live TV plan streams over 75 Live TV channels where subscribers can view on-demand sports, news, and entertainment channels. Some sports channels broadcasted through Hulu Live TV include CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. 

Other available channels include; CNN, Fox News, ABC News, Crime & Investigation, CNBC World, BET, Syfy, Comedy Central, Lifetime, MTV, TBS, Telemundo, OWN, BRAVO, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Discovery, Nickelodeon, NASA, Universal Kids, History, National Geographic, and Cooking channel. 

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What Is the Downside of Hulu Live TV?

Hulu + Live TV subscription is a perfect money-saving solution, but you’re only allowed to watch on two screens at a go unless you upgrade. Viewers are restricted to simultaneously using Hulu plus Live TV on two devices. You must upgrade to unlimited screens for an extra $ 9.99 per month.

Hulu plus live TV is accessible on limited devices. Some of the compatible devices supported for Live TV include:

Another con is that you can’t access Hulu on a device outside your home network. Hulu Live TV is designed for single-household usage.

Hulu + Live TV plan rules out subscription sharing if you have more than one residence. Thus, you will be required to pay for a second subscription.

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How Much Is Hulu a Month in 2023?

Viewers who seek to access The Handmaid’s Tale, Little Fires Everywhere, Only Murders in the Building, and other TV shows can subscribe to Hulu’s monthly package starting at $7.99. The Hulu package plan with ads costs $7.99 monthly, whereas the package plan with no ads costs $14.99 monthly.

Hulu Packages

Hulu (with Ads) plan is the most accessible service for most subscribers. The plan features a vast library of TV shows and films. The Basic Hulu plan allows viewers to access Hulu’s Original content. Hulu without Ads enhances your viewing experience as it eliminates any ad interruptions.

Hulu’s ad-supported plan features a student discount of $1.99 per month. Hulu users can subscribe to the Disney Bundle for $13.99 per month. 

Below is a comparison table for the four Hulu monthly package plans:

Plan Monthly Price Trial Period
Basic Hulu Package (with Ads) $7.99 30-days
Hulu (No Ads) $14.99 30-days
Hulu (with Ads) + Live TV $69.99 No
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV $75.99 No

Is Hulu Live TV Worth?

Hulu + Live TV is worth it because it offers numerous ways to enjoy Hulu’s content. Subscribers can record content on Hulu thanks to the cloud DVR. Thus, you can watch Hulu + Live TV from the comfort of your phone, computer, or tablet.

Hulu Plus Live TV is an excellent option for general family viewing and sports people. With over 75 channels, you will access a massive on-demand streaming library of shows and local channels. In addition, the package plan is a plus because subscribers have complimentary access to Disney + and ESPN+.

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Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus has become more competitive in the watch subscription market as it remains one of the most cost-efficient platforms. No matter what membership tier you want, Hulu is fully customizable to fit your live-streaming needs. Subscribers can customize Hulu Live TV for no Ads, premium channel add-ons, and unlimited screenplay.

Hulu offers custom bundles such as student bundles and Disney Plus bundles to enhance your viewing experience. Unlike other streaming options, Hulu provides price-match discounts and flexible payment terms.

Hulu + Live TV Free Trial 30 Days

Hulu + Live TV doesn’t bear a free trial for the Live package plans. But Hulu subscribers can get a free 30-day trial on the Hulu base plan. You can feel the features and design of the services before purchasing a full Hulu + Live TV subscription.

Hulu Live TV vs. Youtube TV

Both streaming services offer excellent choices during live streaming but vary in content and channel availability. 

Here is a comparison table to showcase their features:

Youtube TV Hulu Live TV
Costs $65 Costs $70
It has over 85 channels It has over 75 channels
Offers 4K video quality Offers 1080p video quality
Unlimited access to tons of add-ons Integrates a vast list of add-ons
It comes with a free trial period It doesn’t include a free trial
Allows 3 simultaneous streams Allows 2 simultaneous streams


Hulu + Live TV package plan is best suited for streamers who seek both Live TV and on-demand content. Hulu live TV is an excellent choice for overall streaming, especially if you want to cut off Cable Company and access Hulu’s on-demand library for free. Subscribers get to access over 75 TV channels, including sports, news, and local channels.

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