Hulu Ads vs No Ads – A Detailed Comparison

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Hulu Ads vs No Ads

Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers users the option of watching their favorite TV shows and movies with or without ads. Choosing between Hulu with ads and Hulu without ads largely comes down to personal preference and budget.

Hulu with ads is the cheaper option, as it costs less per month than Hulu without ads. However, users who choose this option will experience ads throughout their viewing experience, with a typical ad break occurring every 10-15 minutes. These ads can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length, depending on the content being shown.

On the other hand, Hulu without ads is a more expensive option, but it provides a completely ad-free viewing experience. This means that users can watch their favorite TV shows and movies without any interruptions. This can be particularly appealing for users who value their time and do not want to be interrupted during their viewing experience.

It’s also worth noting that some shows on Hulu may not be available without ads, even for users who pay for the ad-free version. This is because Hulu does not have complete control over the rights to certain shows and may be required to show ads as part of its licensing agreement.

Ultimately, the choice between Hulu with ads and Hulu without ads comes down to personal preference and budget. If you’re willing to pay more for an uninterrupted viewing experience, Hulu without ads may be the best option for you. However, if you’re on a budget or don’t mind occasional interruptions, Hulu with ads can still provide a great streaming experience.

What’s the Difference Between Hulu and Hulu No Ads?

Hulu is a popular streaming platform for TV and movies. The plan differs from its competitors because it costs $6 a month. However, it comes with ads, which can be a nuisance for people who like to binge-watch shows. Hulu No Ads will set you back $12 but does not have ad breaks.

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Hulu With Ads

The Hulu ads plan comes with ads. However, my experience with the plan shows that the ads are more populated in some shows than in others. For instance, you will find more prolonged and more ads in shows running for extended periods but fewer ads for shorter shows like comedies.

The Hulu Ads plan will suit you if you are on a tight budget. It could also be a consideration if you are okay with watching TV commercials. Most importantly, you could consider it if you primarily consume short comedies and can tolerate the few to No-Ads that come with it.

The ads are also minimal in Hulu Originals. An ad might appear just before an episode or in the middle of a show. However, it will more often be one 3-seconds ad. Some people can tolerate that if it does not interfere with their watching experience.

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Hulu No Ads

Ads can be a nuisance, and a big bother to some people. You know you are one of these if you watch commercial-free TV or constantly find yourself fast-forwarding ads when they appear. An upgrade to Hulu with no ads should be on your bucket list.

It will only cost you about $12 a month to run ad-free. This might give you the best watching experience as you binge-watch your favorite shows. This is a suitable option if you watch shows for long hours.

But is Hulu No-Ads free of ads? Well no. You will encounter promotions on a few shows. 

You will encounter ads on the Hulu No-Ads plan due to licensing issues. However, the ad-free plan has one critical advantage – it is the only plan where you can download content for offline use. 

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Hulu Ads Vs. No Ads Price

These are the key features of Hulu Ads and Hulu No-Ads:

Hulu Ads Hulu No Ads
  1. It costs $6 a month.
  2. It has ads one or ads on short comedies.
  3. Multiple ads on longer shows
  4. Longer ads on shows that run for extended periods
  5. You cannot download to watch offline.
  1. It costs $12 a month.
  2. It has no ads on most shows.
  3. Provides a smooth experience for binge-watchers.
  4. It has a few ads due to licensing agreements.
  5. You can download it to watch offline.

How Much is Hulu Without Ads for Students?

Hulu offers a student discount, where college students can sign up for $1.99 a month. For eligibility, you must be enrolled in a graduate or an advanced degree program in a Title IV accredited institution in the US. 

Are you new to Hulu? 

Follow the following steps to subscribe to Hulu’s Student Discount:

  1. Go to Hulu through a browser or your mobile device.
  2. Create an account and input the required information.
  3. Verify your student status upon being redirected to SheerID.
  4. Click continue.
  5. Input your billing info, and you are set to go.

Is No Ads Worth It on Hulu?

Do you watch Hulu content for extended periods? Then the Hulu No Ads is worth it. You will get access to premium content that is free of ad breaks. 

However, it might only be worth it if you are more into watching. Ads on short comedies run before or after the videos. Easy to put up with, right?

Hulu No Ads is not worth it if you are on a tight budget. Some shows might also not be populated with ads.

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Why Is Hulu Still Giving Me Ads When I Have the No Ads Plan?

Licensing agreements ad streaming rights will see ads run on a few excluded shows on Hulu, even if you are on the Hulu No Ads plan. You can view the list of excluded shows here

When you are on the Hulu No-Ads plan, you can stream everything on the Hulu streaming library free of ads. However, if you are on the plan and a Live TV subscriber, the subscription comes with on-demand shows brought by Hulu partners. Please note that the content is not part of Hulu’s library.

Hulu still needs to develop a way to identify what shows might experience ads. But they are open to suggestions on how to improve your experience.

You might also have ad breaks on Cloud DVR recordings during live broadcasts. However, you can fast-forward to skip the ad breaks if you upgrade to Enhanced Cloud DVR

You will see ads just like everyone else on Live TV.

Sometimes there is promotional content from HBO, Cinemax, and STARZ. These only come before the videos start streaming. However, you will not have ad breaks here.

If you are not on the above subscriptions and still experience ads, head to your Hulu Account page and verify that you have subscribed to Hulu No-Ads or Hulu No Ads + Live TV. If the problems persist, contact Hulu so they can resolve the issue or provide you with an explanation.

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Hulu Without Ads and Disney Plus

Can you have Hulu no ads with Disney Plus? Absolutely. All you have to do is subscribe for $19.99 a month. But you have to purchase the bundle through Hulu.

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Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV

Hulu No Ads and Live TV will set you back about $75.99 a month. However, it has the advantage of Disney Plus without ads and ESPN with ads. However, they plan to increase the price to $82.99 on 8th December 2023.


Hulu No Ads should be considered if you enjoy binge-watching shows for hours. However, it also depends on what you watch because most short shows, like comedies, don’t have ad breaks.

However, they will have promotional content before and after the videos. So, you can still manage with Hulu Ads. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the plan.

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