DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV – A Detailed Comparison

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DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV

DirecTV stream and YouTube TV compete for your attention as the better live TV streaming service, but which one is the most deserving of your hard-earned money and space in the living room? It may be necessary to install a sizable satellite dish or run special wiring to receive TV service from some companies.

Key Takeaways

  • DirecTV stream and YouTube TV have entry-level plans that start at $64.99 or $69.99 a month, which is not so high that you feel like you’re being ripped off.
  • Both services are upfront about their prices and don’t try to sneak extra charges under the rug. When it comes to pricing, you can count on what you see.
  • YouTube TV has one plan available, but DirecTV stream provides several different tiers of service that rise in price in proportion to the number of channels you receive.
  • The bare bones DirecTV stream plan costs more than the lone tier of channels on YouTube TV. If you want triple-digital channel counts, DirecTV stream is your only option.

Since both DirecTV stream and YouTube TV transmit their signals through the subscriber’s existing internet connection, the setup is simple for either service. You can view live TV services from any location with an internet connection or an internet-enabled device such as a computer or smartphone.

Which Streaming Service Is Better: YouTube TV or Directv Stream?

Compared to the DirecTV stream, YouTube TV’s channel lineup falls short. However, the service with the most channels isn’t always the best option. Choosing a service with the channels you want to watch is more important than paying for hundreds of channels you won’t care about. Be sure the DirecTV stream package or the YouTube TV service you choose has the channels you want to watch and can satisfy you.

YouTube TV has a comprehensive and outstanding channel choice. However, DIRECTV Stream is the clear winner regarding sports channels and package deals. The question then becomes how to choose the best one for your tastes on live TV. Read on for our comprehensive analysis of YouTube TV and DirecTV streaming to help you decide.

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Is There Anything Better Than YouTube TV?

The approximate cost of hundreds of channels from a streaming service is almost the same. You may subscribe to Hulu with Live TV, Fubo, and DirecTV Stream at the same approximate price. 

However, other options exist that are significantly cheaper. Sling TV (at $35), Friendly TV ($6), Philo TV ($25), Xumo TV ($10), and PlutoTV ($10) are all cheaper than YouTube TV. Whether there is anything better than YouTube TV, depends on what you are looking for.

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Which TV Streaming Service Is Best?

Hulu’s extensive channel library and limitless cloud DVR storage make it the best service for watching live TV. Hulu’s live TV plan includes subscriptions to Disney+ and ESPN+. So you’re getting three streaming services for the price of one. The on-demand content you receive when you sign up for live TV tips the scales in Hulu’s favor.

Hulu’s range of add-ons consists of individual channels and themed bundles (such as entertainment and sports) that allow for more specialized viewing. The best thing is that there is no long-term obligation, so you can easily add or remove these supplementary networks as your needs change.

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Is Directv Streaming Worth It?

DirecTV Stream is not among the top-ranked live TV streaming service of 2023. Satellite TV provider DirecTV and cable TV provider U-verse have teamed up to offer a live TV streaming service. 

Since it is DirecTV’s streaming service, experts agree that it provides the most cable-like user experience of any of its rivals, but at a far higher price. According to research, it is one of the priciest options for streaming live TV.

The Strengths of Directv Stream

DirecTV is best for the following:

  • Multi-user streaming in a large family home
  • Accessing international programming from nations such as Brazil and South Korea, or channels in the Spanish language
  • Extensive coverage of sports and other premium channels for those prepared to shell out more cash

Drawbacks of Using Directv Stream

DirecTV is not fit for the following:

  • Customers on a tighter budget
  • Users who want to avoid paying hidden fees
  • Those who own a gaming console or select smart TVs and wish to use them to stream

Whether DirecTV streaming depends on the nature of the services, you are looking for. However, the high prices charged for the service make DirecTV less popular.

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Directv Stream vs. YouTube TV Channels

Both streaming services have good features. It depends on what you want to have. Which features of DirecTV and YouTube TV are similar or different?

Feature DirecTV YouTube TV
Free trial It has a 5-day free trial It has a 7-day free trial
Base priced package  $69.99 monthly $64.99 monthly
Channels count More than 65 More than 85
Local channels Available Available
User profiles No Yes
Kid’s profile None  None 
DVR cloud storage unlimited unlimited

Picture Quality Directv Stream vs. YouTube TV

Perhaps you are concerned about the picture quality of your TV? DirecTV and YouTube TV offer good picture qualities, but your device and internet strength matter. Your screen’s resolution determines the quality of the picture you will receive.

Directv Stream vs. YouTube TV vs. Hulu + Live

YouTube TV offers the most competitive pricing in the premium streaming TV service category and a good mobile interface. Hulu’s service includes original programming and Disney Plus and ESPN Plus. Some sports fans will benefit most from DirecTV Stream.

A closer look at DirecTV Stream’s price reveals some room for improvement. For example, regional sports networks are unavailable online unless you pay $90 monthly for the service. However, we can’t hold it against individuals who use it to watch MLB games online. 

Some stations may offer live feeds of the Red Sox and Yankees, but New Yorkers will require YES to watch Game 3 of the series.

Switching From Directv to YouTube TV

You can watch YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and more. A smaller pool of devices can use DirecTV Stream, as it is only compatible with Samsung smart TVs and no gaming consoles.

On the other hand, YouTube TV is compatible with a wide variety of smart TVs (including Samsung, Vizio, HiSense, and more) and game consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4). Both can be accessed from any modern web browser and work with streaming players like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. You may download both apps on Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • To switch from DirecTV to YouTube TV, you only need a device that accommodates both.

Directv Stream vs. Hulu Live

Hulu + Live TV is a hybrid live TV and on-demand streaming service. It provides access to Hulu’s extensive library of on-demand TV shows, movies, original series, and more than 70 live TV stations. To assign blame, we can say that Hulu + Live TV was the first streaming service to include the “+” symbol in its name.

The DIRECTV satellite TV service has an internet-streaming sibling called DIRECTV STREAM (previously AT&T TV). It costs more than most live TV streaming providers but has similar capabilities to the satellite service in terms of plan offerings and channel counts.

  • Hulu + Live is a top pick over DIRECTV STREAM because you get greater value for your money with Hulu + Live. However, DIRECTV STREAM may be worthwhile if you value access to many channels (including major sports networks).

YouTube TV vs. Sling

With its low base plan and flexible add-on packages, Sling TV is a better alternative to YouTube TV. YouTube TV is the best option if you want access to a broader variety of channels (including local and premium channels) and unlimited cloud DVR storage.

YouTube TV vs. Fubo

The 85+ channels available on YouTube TV are all high-quality offerings with no filler. It also features unlimited DVR capacity for recording your favorite shows. Depending on your plan, fuboTV can provide anywhere from 140-240 channels, many of which are dedicated to sports. Furthermore, its dollar-to-channel ratio is unparalleled.


DirecTV stream has everything a customer might want in terms of live and on-demand television. When cost-effectiveness is considered, YouTube TV is the viable option. Neither service demands a long-term commitment, and both offer free trials. This means you can try them out risk-free. 

Regarding sports, the DirecTV stream provides RSNs that will get you pumped up. On the contrary, YouTube TV will seem like home if you’re used to the site’s layout. YouTube TV and DIRECTV STREAM are solid options for a slim package. Choosing one that meets your taste in live TV boils down to personal preference.

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