What Is a Good Download Speed for Gaming?

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What Is a Good Download Speed for Gaming?

The Internet is a convenient tool you couldn’t imagine living without. But you’d want the internet that serves you well, especially while gaming. 

Your internet might have high download speeds and relative upload speeds, and very high ping. And hence when gaming, the experience isn’t enjoyable. For instance, while drive-gaming, you have weird maneuvers and slow motions in combat and shooting games. That’s because of latency which has everything to do with your internet speed. Note the following.

  • A good download & upload speed will most likely solve latency and prove perfect for gaming.
  • Good internet download speed for gaming should be at least 3mbps &1mbps upload speed.
  • These are in the least, so ensure that your internet goes over that because higher is better while lower is worse. 

What Is a Good Latency for Gaming?

Hung around, and let’s see what’s a good download speed for gaming. 

What Is a Good Download Speed for Gaming PS4

There’s a low requirement for gaming download speed. Sony ensured that 3 megabytes per second of download speed and 1 Mbps are okay for gaming PS4

That’s low enough compared to the current standards. That’s good news because internet speeds are at 19 Mbps on average.  With an average connection, you’ll be fine to play PS4. 

What Is a Good Download Speed for Gaming PS4

If you have the PS4 or play station four pro, you agree that it’s notorious for latency as games get larger. And hence, chances are you’ve had issues with download speed as the games get bigger and bigger. There are several tricks you could pull up to make that less painful.

  • Use a wired instead of a direct Wi-Fi connection. A direct link can increase latency, especially with many devices connecting. A wired connection is faster and prioritizes gaming info while playing, which reduces latency. 
  • Stop the download, then resume. That’s a common trick. But good gracious, don’t cancel it; you’ll regret it. Pause and resume, and it works all the time.
  • Remove items in the download queue. It slows downloading by staying in the line and not taking any bandwidth. That’s a bit controversial because you’d expect that a long cue shouldn’t affect the service provider’s service if there’s a long queue. But with PS4, it just does. For instance, if you have two things in the line, it seems to download faster than when you have four or six items. So, updates, DLC packs, Straight Games, etc., do one at a time. 

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Best Internet Speed for Gaming and Streaming

Now that you’ve seen the ideal Gaming internet, the soundest internet speed for gaming & streaming should be over 15 Mbps. But that figure largely depends on how fast you want your downloads. For example, let’s say you want to download a 2GB video.

If your network download speed is 100mbps, you need about 2 minutes. That difference is what you’d need to prepare a bucket of popcorn, so it’s perfect, right? 

But what if you have a YouTube Channel or regularly upload short films on Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter?  In that case, you need a marked upload speed too. So if you’re uploading a 2GB file, you’d need a network upload speed of 100mbps to upload it in 2 minutes. 

Nowadays, it’s hard to find an Internet Service Provider offering equal download, upload, and ping speeds.  So if you go for an over 100Mbps download and 50mbps upload, the ping will most likely be close, like between 40-90milliseconds. 

But often, some internet connections have high uploads and downloads but high ping, like in the example above. So if you have such, try using a cable connection to your gaming device, and you’ll see a significant drop in latency. You’d want the latency between 10ms and 60, but up to 100 is also okay.

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Is 1,000 and 1200 Mbps Good for Gaming?

A 1200mbps internet or 1000mbps one is perfect for gaming. Xfinity recommends 300mbps internet speed for an out-of-this-world gaming experience, and Xbox says 3mbs download and 1-5mbs upload speeds will be okay for playing.

With 1200 Mbps internet speed, we’re talking about 124mbps-200mbps download speeds and almost equal upload speeds, meaning a latency of below 20ms. That’s perfect for gaming, streaming, uploading, and everything the internet can offer. 

Is 1,000 and 1200 Mbps Good for Gaming?

For instance, such speed allows over 300 people to get into gaming sessions concurrently. And not only that, you can download a 234GB game like COD or Modern Warfare on your PC or console in less than 40 minutes. 

What else does it offer?

  • If you love streaming 4k or HDR, this speed allows up to 20 people to stream 4k videos simultaneously. 
  • It is enough to have over 600 people doing HD Zoom calls at the same time
  • And 3600 are streaming Spotify and TikTok, while 200 people are using YouTube to stream HD videos. 

How to Get the Best Internet Speed for Gaming

To get the best Internet Speed for Gaming, do the following.

  • Do an Internet Speed test to determine how much more internet you need for your wireless connection.
  • Check out your internet. Monitor the router, replace if it’s out-of-date, adjust antennas, or reboot it. 
  • Carry out bandwidth management. Here close internet insurgent apps, stop updates temporarily and see if you can disconnect some internet-connected devices like smartwatches, TVs, Chromecast, etc. 
  • Use a gaming network stabilizer that stabilizes and speeds the connection for gaming. Also, consider wired connections, which are more stable and faster. 

These steps will help optimize your Wi-Fi network and improve your gaming experience. 

Is 10 Mbps Upload Speed Good for Gaming?

Yes, it’s somewhat okay, but no, it’s not good. Ten Mbps upload speed is good for gaming because it surpasses the Xbox minimum; if your internet speed has an upload speed upwards of 5mbps, it will be good but not offer a perfect gaming experience because it will be pretty slow.

Is 10 Mbps Upload Speed Good for Gaming?

Therefore, chances are it will have high ping, which causes game lag. Also, uploading a file would take a lot of patience. But it’s better than 1 or 5 upload speeds. 

Gaming Internet Speed Test

The gaming internet speed test helps you determine if your internet speed is fast enough for a good gaming experience. To carry out a gaming speed test, do the following.

  1. Go to your browser while connected to the internet that you use for gaming
  2. Then search for your favorite speed test. Fast.com is ideal and straightforward. When you click the tool, it will show you the internet speed.
  3. Click show more details to see the latency, download, and upload speeds.

Seeing your internet speed helps you know if you need to upgrade to a better package. 

But be careful with Internet service providers because their services may promise high internet speeds. Then in their package offer of upload or download is not proportionate.

In that case, the speed will serve you better in streaming or uploading and not be very effective with gaming or other things. The best ratio for download and upload speed should be 10:1. The download is always higher than the upload depending on the service provider. 

What Is a Good Download Speed for Gaming FAQs

Is 100 Mbps Good for Gaming?

A hundred Mbps is the average internet speed. The gaming experience will be average or below average because of the high ping.  

Is 70 Mbps Download Speed Good for Gaming?

Yes and no. You’ll have a below-average gaming experience. But the best gaming experience is when you have a latency below 60ms which is hard to achieve with a low-tier network with a 70mbps download speed.  

What Is a Good Speed for Gaming?

The ideal internet speed for gaming should be average and above. The average internet speed is 100mbps and 300mbps, which should be good for gaming. But the lowest internet speed that can support online gaming is 3mbps for upload and between one to five Mbps upload speed. But the gaming experience won’t please you. 

Is 300Mbps Good for Gaming?

Yes, it’s good for gaming. The 300mbps speed means the upload and download speeds are higher, between 300 and a thousand. That results in a relative ping that will be lower than 100ms. In that case, you’ll have a relatively good gaming experience.  With that speed, you can perfectly game Xfinity and PS4 and four Pro. 

Final Word

In conclusion, the average network in American homes should be good for gaming. But since we want to enhance your experience, consider going for a data plan above 100mbps. But first, ensure that you carry out a speed test to identify what you need to adjust. Happy Gaming. 

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