Why Is My Alexa Going Red and Not Working?

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Why Is My Alexa Going Red and Not Working?

Has your Alexa turned red? No need to worry! The red color means that your device cannot hear you for various reasons:

  • The microphone is not working 
  • The microphone has been turned off 
  • If you are using the Amazon Echo Show, the red light might mean that your camera connection is faulty.
  •  The microphone button on the Echo was pressed, disabling its functions
  • Something is not right with your internet connection
  • Your device has been knocked or dropped, causing physical damage. 

Take note that there is no remedy in case of physical damage to your Alexa. You will be required to buy a new device.

How Do I Fix the Red Light on My Alexa?

You have several ways to solve your Alexa red light. The method to use depends on the potential problem. They include:

  • Enabling your Echo microphone
  • Resetting your Echo device
  • Updating your Alexa Echo device 
  • Connecting your Alexa to Wi-Fi.

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Here are step-by-step methods to help restore your device to working.

Enabling Your Echo Microphone

Resetting your Amazon Echo’s microphone is a simple process. You can disable or enable the feature by pressing a microphone button on the top of the Echo. The button will also be red if the microphone has been disabled.

All you need to do is click the button, and your Alexa device’s red light will turn off immediately. Your commands to Alexa should now be understood, but if not, try resetting the gadget. Any Echo device can be restarted by disconnecting it from the power for 20 seconds and then plugging it back in.

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Resetting Your Echo Device

The factory reset process for each Amazon Echo device is slightly different because many distinct models are available. The good news is that the Amazon Alexa App for iOS or Android allows you to reset the Echo device using the same procedure. 

The Alexa app device settings no longer include the Factory Reset option that was once there. For this reason, deregistering the device is the only option you have to get the same outcome.

Go through the following deregistration steps:

  • Select “Devices” in the bottom bar after launching the Alexa app
  • Select the name of your Echo device under “Echo & Alexa”
  • To view the device settings, tap the “Settings button” (the gear icon)
  • Scroll down to Registered To, click “deregister,” and then confirm your choice

Resetting Your Echo Device

Resetting Your Echo Device 1

Resetting Your Echo Device 2

An orange light on your Amazon Echo indicates that Alexa has acknowledged your command to reset and is currently performing the reset procedure. Once the orange light turns on and off, it indicates the gadget has reset and is in setup mode. By now, your gadget should be back in working condition; go through the setup procedure as usual.

Updating Your Alexa Echo Device

Some faults in earlier software versions of your Alexa device may still exist. As a result, your red light can suddenly turn on for no reason. You may resolve any technical issues and, ideally, get rid of the red ring light by updating your Echo device’s software. This is how:

  • Open the Alexa app, then select “Devices”
  • Navigate to “Echo & Alexa” and choose your device
  • Tap “About” from the Settings menu (the gear icon) and install the software update available

If the microphone was functional, you could say, “Alexa, update yourself.” If the update is available, Alexa will ask you if you want the update to be installed. This is not necessary if your Echo is showing a red light, but it is a helpful command for the future.

Connecting Your Alexa to Wi-Fi

If your internet connection is poor, your device will struggle to hear your commands and display a red light. To fix this, check your router connection for connection strength and adjust it accordingly.

What Does the Red Light on Alexa Mean?

If your Alexa device is red, it cannot hear your commands either because the microphone is not working or has been turned off.

Why Is My Alexa Red and Yellow?

A solid red indicates that the microphone has been turned off and that Alexa is not currently monitoring your commands. Similarly, the yellow light indicates you have messages in your inbox.

Why is My Alexa Yellow?

Your Alexa devices’ yellow rings or flashing lights signal that you have notifications from Amazon. Your Echo is connected to your Amazon account, and thus it will show you updates on any order you’ve made from Amazon. 

 How to Dismiss Your Alexa Yellow Ring

When your device flashes yellow light, the easiest way to dismiss it is by speaking to it.

You can say:

  • “What notifications do I have?” 
  • “What messages do I have?” 
  • In the Alexa app, update your notification settings.

After speaking to it, Alexa will read off your notifications, informing you whether your package has been shipped, is on its way, or has already arrived. The yellow light will go once Alexa has finished speaking and won’t reappear until you receive another message.

Alternatively, you can read your messages by logging into your Amazon account on your phone or other devices. You may view your notifications here and erase them if you’d like.

If you do not want Alexa to list the products you have ordered in your entire house! You will continue receiving notifications, but your package contents won’t be disclosed, hence keeping them a secret. To achieve this, you should follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Alexa app on your smartphone
  • Go to the Menu and tap “Settings”
  • Navigate to the notification and choose “Amazon Shopping”
  • Toggle off the “give ordered items” titles notification
  • You are done; Alexa will no longer list the items you have ordered by name

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Disabling Your Amazon Yellow Ring

You can turn off the yellow ring notifications on your Amazon Echo if you don’t want them. To disable the notifications and get rid of the yellow ring, follow the steps below:

  • Using your phone, open the Alexa app
  • Tap Menu and then select “Settings.”
  • Click the notification and navigate till you see Amazon shopping
  • Toggle off the yellow ring notifications
  • You will no longer get the yellow ring notification

How to Get Rid of the Red Line on the Echo Show?

If your Echo speaker has a red ring around it, it implies your microphone has probably been disabled. You can eliminate the red line by switching them back on or performing a factory reset to restore the gadget to its default settings.

Alexa Glowing Green

A glowing green light means you are receiving a call on the gadget. If the green light is whirling, your device is on an active call or a Drop-In.

Why is Alexa Flashing Blue and Green?

It shows that Alexa is paying attention to you and trying to understand what you are saying.

Typically, the solid Blue color will be accompanied by a rotating light-blue/cyan light. The cyan will remain motionless and point in your direction as you converse with your Echo. When Alexa responds to your request, the blue light will flash.

Why Is Alexa Flashing White?

If your Alexa has a white light that is constantly spinning, it means that Alexa Guard is ON and the device is in listening mode. This feature detects suspicious noises to alert you something is happening at home while you’re away. White light also appears momentarily when you turn up/down the volume of your Echo device to designate the level you’ve set.

What Does a Flashing Purple Light on Alexa Indicate?

A purple light ring will appear if your Alexa device experiences a Wi-Fi connectivity issue. These signs typically show up when you are configuring your device, which is not connecting to your home Wi-Fi network.

However, when Alexa is set to “Do Not Disturb,” the same purple light appears. On the same note, a violet ring will appear to show that the smart assistant has heard your command.

Alexa Lights Meaning

The color blue indicates that your Echo is listening or acting on spoken command. Purple typically denotes the Do Not Disturb mode, whereas yellow denotes a message, reminder, or notification alert, green denotes a call, and yellow denotes a message. 

White indicates volume adjustments or the turning on of Alexa Guard’s Away mode. Orange denotes setup mode or an internet connection attempt on a gadget. Red indicates that a microphone, camera, or inability to access the internet is active.

To Sum It Up!

Your queries concerning your Alexa flashing different lights have been extensively answered. If you have one in your home, you now have detailed information on how to use and troubleshoot it if necessary.

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