Who is the best assistant Siri or Alexa in 2023?

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Who is the best assistant Siri or Alexa

The best assistant depends on individual preferences and needs. Siri is integrated into Apple’s ecosystem and is considered more sophisticated in terms of understanding and processing natural language commands. Alexa, on the other hand, is available on a wide range of devices, has a large number of “skills” or third-party integrations, and is often used for home automation. Both have their strengths and weaknesses; the best one for you will depend on what you want to use it for.

Quick Summary: who would most benefit from Siri or Alexa


  • iPhone and iPad users who are looking for a personal assistant integrated into their device’s operating system.
  • Users who prefer a more sophisticated virtual assistant that can process natural language commands, perform a wide range of tasks and provide information about various topics.


  • Users who have multiple Amazon devices, such as Echo speakers, Fire TV sticks, or Kindles, want to control them with voice commands.
  • Users who want to use a virtual assistant for home automation and smart home control, as Alexa has a wide range of compatible devices and third-party integrations.
  • Users who prefer a more open platform, as Alexa has a large number of “skills”

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Which voice assistant is best?

AI-controlled assistants have become essential to both smart home experiences and smartphone devices. The demand by tech shoppers has led to upgrades and the development of new assistant tech innovations. Alexa and Siri are popular digital assistant tools that Amazon and Apple computers innovated, respectively.

Which voice assistant is best?

Amazon’s Alexa had a head start on the Google home AI while Siri was the first ever voice bot to be put into a phone. Siri is the most experienced AI-controlled personal assistant. There are many features and benefits for each virtual assistant that might tip in deciding which assistant is best for you. Here are some traits to help you choose.

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Answering Questions

Voicing your queries out loud rather than typing into your phone makes day-to-day activities easier. Siri has always been at the top regarding handling daily tasks at ease. The ability of a voice bot to perform an accurate task is crucial. Siri has the potential to make accurate answers at a rate of 83.1%, while Alexa has 79.8% accuracy.


Playing Music

‘Play music is the most given out command to a voice bot or smart speaker. It’s no lie that people enjoy easy access to their favorite tunes whenever they want. Alexa and Siri allow users to play their favorite songs from Spotify or Youtube with just one command. Regarding playing music, Alexa wins because the assistant supports Spotify better.

Voice assistant to play music


Shopping Assistant

One-click shopping makes life easier. Amazon’s Alexa has a shopping advantage because the assistant offers more choices of products and Amazon services. On the other hand, Siri isn’t developed enough for shopping. If you are looking for an AI-powered personal shopper, Alexa is an ideal choice.

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Infographics and Comparison Table

Alexa Siri
Connects easily to multiple devices within the home environment Connects only with Apple devices
Shopping apps are powerful due to strengthened backend support from Amazon Not powerful enough for Shopping
Its presence is not widespread. The voice bot is present everywhere globally and is available in 20 languages.
The voice bot responds to queries with short and straight answers. Siri sometimes gives roundabout answers.
The echo device is available in more than seven colors HomePod is availed in white or black color only
Alexa maintains voice profiles for varying users in multi-user mode Voices of different uses need to be recorded before engaging in personalized services
Voice bot work in an interactive mode but can be woken using commands Siri is voice controlled platform
Echo speakers aren’t dexterous like HomePod HomePod is packed with seven beam tweeters plus a high excursion woofer. It has an A8 chip to enhance sound quality.
Users can control Alexa easily through compatible devices Siri supports Apple devices only, and operational boundaries are limited to Apple devices

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Emphasizing the above round-up comparison, both platforms’ features and functionalities are on par. Due to its seamless universality in connecting multiple devices, Alexa wins over Siri, a premium, sophisticated system.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release) - Smart speaker with Alexa

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Initially, Siri was innovated as a stand-alone app for iOS with limited capabilities and functions, including making calls and searching files. Due to modern technological advancements, Siri has been upgraded to assist with voice commands.

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Siri is a digital virtual assistant software tool well incorporated into the ios platform to enable users to get in-time responses to their queries. Siri allows users to get feedback regarding nearby restaurants, the latest movies, or weather conditions. In addition, you can authorize Siri to perform actions based on commands like sending emails, booking tickets, and calling someone over the phone.




Siri assistant recognizes the user language as naturally spoken. You don’t have to speak in a sophisticated way for Siri to act. Constant interaction with Siri makes the virtual assistant understand long sentences spoken by the users and execute the task.



Bixby is intended exclusively for Samsung devices. Bixby provides optimized device control and strength, especially when setting up quick command voice notes. Bixby allows users to get highly granular. You can command your device to switch your display to grayscale or even increase the zoom on the screen reader.




Cortana is a Microsoft innovation compatible with Google Android and Apple devices. Artificial intelligence has become a crucial associate with Microsoft applications. Cortana assistant allows you to keep steady over your day and accomplish specific tasks.

Microsofts’ AI-powered tool isn’t designed to understand humans but rather to react and manage basics like climate or control schedules. The assistant requires directions from someone in an email. Microsoft features Cortana within the Edge internet browser to help complete online tasks such as scanning for a discount offer while shopping.


Mycroft Lyra

The Lyra personal assistant is an AI and cloud-based assistant app for smart devices founded in 2017. The virtual assistant enables the user to perform multiple tasks such as translating multiple languages, messaging, making calls, saving reminders, finding local restaurants, checking the weather forecast, playing songs, adding events to calendars, and starting a map navigator. Mycroft Lyra is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Who is Better, Siri or Google Assistant?

You are probably wondering which assistant can make your life easier. Siri and Google assistant are voice bots to help take care of your daily tasks. Siri is commonly found in the ios platform, while Google assistant can run on anything with Android, iPhone, or chrome.


In recent research, the two assistants were induced to test their ability to make correct responses. As per the results on answering complex questions correctly, Google Assistant ranked top with 70.18% and Siri with 41.32%. Siri is most reliable for communicating regularly. Below is a comparison of the two AI-powered virtual assistants.


Best in Giving Directions

Virtual assistants are prominent to guide on the shortest routes and appraise you regarding traffic congestion whenever you are traveling. Siri is more reliable because it not only humbly guides you but also hints at the exact time required to reach a destination. Siri automatically starts GPS navigation to direct you and addresses the traffic on the road. Google Assistant offers fewer features regarding directions.


Best in Articulating Email Command 

Siri and Google assistant are rivals when commanding to send emails. Upon command, the virtual assistants will search for the specific person in the contact list and immediately send the mail. Siri works with Apple Mail, while Google Assistant works with Gmail.


Siri delivers more accurate commands regarding emails. If you command Siri to open unread messages in the inbox folder, it will immediately open them. On the other hand, Google Assistant will be silent or display the last two emails without a direct link to Gmail.

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Who is Better, Google or Alexa

Every AI-powered assistant should be able to handle both device settings and routine tasks like timers, alarms, launch apps, sending text messages, or making phone calls. The better virtual assistant here is Google because there is a very minimal action you can’t handle via Google assistant prompts. Google Assistant possesses the ability to recognize various voices and support interpreter mode.


Fully customizable wake words can activate both Alexa and Google Assistant. Alexa allows you to choose wake words from the app. Alexa is the most insightful assistant at setting calendar reminders and news briefings. 

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Who is the best assistant, Siri or Alexa FAQs

Which Voice Assistant is Best?

The best voice assistant should recognize and answer your queries clearly, aid in completing tasks, and allow you to access services. Siri is perfect for language support as it can understand multiple languages. Alexa virtual assistant offers the most seamless shopping experience and has the most significant amount of compatibility with home devices.


Siri or Alexa for Android?

Siri has a full range of functions on iOS than on Android devices. Alexa is not pre-installed on mobile phones, but you can still use the voice assistant by downloading Amazon’s Alexa app. It is easier to activate Siri by voice than by downloading the Alexa assistant.


Summing up!

Every virtual assistant has its own merits and demerits. Choose voice assistants that suit your needs since some excel for specific use. You should consider Amazon’s Alexa if you need an AI-controlled assistant compatible with the latest applications. 


The features and functionalities of both these platforms are on par. But due to its universality in seamlessly connecting multiple devices, Alexa wins over Siri, a premium sophisticated system. If you want a reliable assistant that guides you in your daily tasks, then Siri is an ideal option.

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