How to Connect HomePod to Wi-Fi – Follow These Simple Steps

How to Connect HomePod to Wi-Fi

Is your HomePod not connecting to Wi-Fi? It could be your iPhone doesn’t have a connection, which will affect HomePod’s internet connectivity. Or you have moved to a new school and want to connect HomePod to school Wi-Fi.

Key Takeaways

  • To connect your HomePod to Wi-Fi, get an internet connection> plug in the pod to the power, then to iPhone and network.
  • We have used HomePod synonymously with HomePod Mini because they have the same functionality and connectivity to phones and networks.
  • Problems that may cause trouble connecting HomePod to the network include changing the network, using multiple networks, and changing ownership.
  • Resetting your HomePod/HomePod Mini solves most, if not all, of its connectivity issues.

To connect HomePod to Wi-Fi, you can find the HomePod’s MAC address and connect manually using the home app. If that method doesn’t work, you will need several devices, including your iPad, iPhone, a computer, and an Android smartphone. Here you’ll learn easy steps to connect HomePod to Wi-Fi or fix it if the pod is not connecting to Wi-Fi. So, have a look. 

How Do I Update HomePod/HomePod Mini WI-FI?

If you have updated or changed your Wi-Fi, taken your HomePod to your friend’s house, or are in a hotel or new school and want to update its Wi-Fi, follow these steps to connect your HomePod to the new Wi-Fi.

1. Ensure your iPhone has a connection. Check in the shortcuts section, then to a webpage to be sure. If it doesn’t have a connection, the HomePod won’t work.
2. After ensuring you have a proper connection, tap the home up and scroll down to HomePod. To show that you’re having a problem connecting the HomePod to a network, it will show “Wi-Fi Network” in red. 


3. Click and hold the HomePod button. It will open a new page that shows its former network, which is not the one your iPhone is on, and it’s why it won’t connect. 

4. At the bottom-right of the HomePod Wi-Fi page, there is a gear you can use to push up into the new Wi-Fi page. Press it and scroll up. 


5. You’ll have the same message as in the previous network.

6. Tap on it to make the change automatically.

Here’s the final appearance of the new Wi-Fi. The HomePod is now back online on the same network as your iPhone. 

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What to Do if HomePod/HomePod Mini Is Not Connecting?

If your HomePod is still not connecting, it could be your device doesn’t have permission to access the network. Therefore, if it’s in a hotel or School, you need your School/hotel’s IT management to white-list your device so that it can access the network without having to use a password or username. 

So you must get a mac address on your device manually because Apple doesn’t offer a HomePod mac address in the box packed inside. So if you had used it in a previous network, you would see the mac address easily. 

  1. Tap Home Application and scroll down to settings
  2. Hit settings and scroll down, and select “Wi-Fi network.” Tap it again, and you will see the “Wi-Fi address.” 
  3. Write the 12 digits, excluding colons. These make up the device’s mac address. 
  4. Have the IT person white-list it, and you’ll be all set. 

If that doesn’t work, you’ll require several devices, including your iPhone, a computer, and an Android phone. Then follow the following steps. 

  1. Download the Network Analyzer Application on an Android phone. That’s because iPhones don’t use it after iOS 11.
  2. Turn on your iPhone’s “personal hotspot.” If you can’t, you want a second option, like a friend’s phone. 
  3. Connect the HomePod to the hotspot. If it doesn’t, you will need to reset the HomePod.
  4. Open Network Analyzer on the android phone to scan the network for the HomePod. 
  5. Send the code to IT in a white-list memo. 

If the process doesn’t work, it’s time to reset your HomePod. Here’s how to reset your HomePod.

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Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini

You need to reset your HomePod to use it for a new phone, gift it to someone, or clear your data from the pod. Also, you can reset it if it’s not working on your Wi-Fi or you want to disconnect from your iPhone. Do the following.

  1. Disconnect the pod from the source for 10 seconds. 

    2. Plug it back in and wait for five seconds. 
    3. Press and hold the top part. Hold on. The flat top will light up red, and the red light will move circularly. 

4. Keep holding. Siri will say it’s about to reset, so hold on until you get three beeps. The red light will turn off. You can now take off your finger. Give it two minutes to complete the process. A white light going in rounds appears during the one minute of resetting. Once the operation finishes, it will beep, and the white light on top blinks.  

After the sound, you can reconnect it to your iPhone. Follow the steps in the section below to connect to your iPhone. 

How Do I Manually Connect my iPhone to my HomePod?

To connect to HomePod manually, do the following.

  1. Plug it into the power source and wait until white light appears on the top side. 
  2. Unlock your iOS device, then hold it next to the HomePod until it appears on the iPhone/iPad screen. 
  3. Click “Set-up”
  4. Center the HomePod using the viewfinder in the iOS device, or get the code manually if the camera is not working. For the manual code, Siri responds with the 4-digit code. 
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to customize & manage your HomePod using the Home app. 
  6. Wait for your Homepod to complete setup, then click done. 

If, in step 6, the setup screen doesn’t appear, set it up manually. That is only possible using iOS devices like an iPad or iPhone but not macOS like a MacBook because you can’t set your HomePod using a MacBook. To do that:

  1. Click your Home Application, tap + (add), and then hit “Add-Accessory.”
  2. Hit the “more options” button
  3. Click HomePod, then follow the instructions on the screen. 

Wrap Up 

Connecting your HomePod to Wi-Fi is a simple DIY process that you can do. However, several things may hinder your HomePod from connecting. So check if your iPhone has a connection. Then ensure that your HomePod is on the allowed list of devices that can connect to the particular network. 

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