Why is My Alexa Yellow? All The Explanations

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If you own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with Alexa, you may notice that the device’s light ring changes colors to indicate its status or to provide feedback. One color that can cause confusion is yellow, which is not as commonly seen as green, blue, or red.

If you see your Alexa light ring turn yellow, it could indicate several things, including:

  • A message or notification
  • A Wi-Fi connectivity issue
  • A problem with the device itself.

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why your Alexa is yellow and provide some solutions to help you fix the issue.

Reasons Why Alexa Lighting Yellow?

Blinking yellow light means you have a notification or a message from Alexa contacts. The notification can also come from Amazon to update you on your ordered package. Note the mode of the yellow light depends on the kind of alert it’s sending to you.

Reasons Why Alexa Lighting Yellow?

Read on and learn what other indicators mean and how you can turn them off on Alexa. 

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How Do I Turn Off Alexa Yellow Light?

You simply turn off the yellow Alexa light by saying, “What messages do I have?” or “What notifications do I have?” Once Alexa reads the messages or tells you your notification, the yellow light will switch off.

On the other hand, if you need the privacy of your purchase information, read the messages on the Amazon app instead of commanding Alexa. The light will switch off.

Nevertheless, you can completely turn off the notifications to avoid yellow light. Simply go to Amazon Alexa App and click settings. Then, scroll until you find a disable notifications option. 

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Why is My Alexa Yellow Green?

Alexa indicating yellow and green simultaneously, gives you various indicators. With slow yellow bursting lights, there is a notification or a message. In contrast, the pulsing green light on Alexa means there is an incoming call on your device. However, when you see a spinning green light, you have an active call or an active Drop In.

Why is My Alexa Yellow Green?

So, having yellow-green indicators is signaling you of all the above notifications. 

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How to Stop Alexa From Flashing Yellow Light?

If the yellow flashing light on Alexa annoys you, follow the following steps to disable it: 

Step 1: Open Amazon Alexa App on your gadget. 

Step 2: Go to settings. 

Step 3: Select notifications and click on Amazon shopping. 

Step 4: Scroll to find an option, “Let Alexa say or show your ordered items.” Under the option, uncheck for delivery updates. 

How to Stop Alexa From Flashing Yellow Light?

Step 5: You can also find an option to disable all yellow light notifications.


Why is Alexa Flashing Orange?

Swirling orange light on your Alexa means the ECHO speaker is in set-up mode. Also, an orange line on the smart display indicates your Alexa is trying to connect to the internet.

Why is Alexa Flashing Orange?

Why is My Alexa Green?

Alexa’s green light signals to inform an incoming call: other times, the green light spins. A spinning green light means you already have an active call or an active Drop In

Why is My Alexa Green?

Usually, once you see the pulsing green light, Alexa notifies you who is calling. Once you answer the call, the green light will spin until the call ends. 

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Why is My Alexa Blinking Yellow and Red?

A combination of red and yellow signals on Alexa gives you a warning and notifications. When you notice the solid red light, your microphone is off. Typically, you may have accidentally pressed the microphone on/off button. Press the button to switch on the microphone. 

However, you have new messages or notifications if your Alexa shows slow yellow burst lights every second. Yellow indicators can also tell you of a missed reminder. Command Alexa by saying, “What are my notifications?” or “What are my messages?”

Why is My Alexa Red?

If Alexa shows a solid red signal, you are getting a warning. You have turned off the microphone, and Alexa cannot take any commands. Usually, you may have pressed the on/off button unknowingly, so Alexa switches off the microphone. However, it will keep signaling you because it’s connected to your devices. 

Why is My Alexa Red?

How Do I Get Rid of the Red Button? 

Press the microphone on/off button, and the microphone will switch. Once the microphone hits on, the red light goes off. 

Alexa Lights Meanings

The different lights you see on your Alexa are how your device communicates with you. However, for a new user, these lights can be confusing, and as a result, they can render the device difficult to use. 

Thankfully, we have compiled all the indicators and clear explanations of their meanings. Note that you may have the same light indicator with different modes. Keenly read on and learn how to interact with your Alexa. 

  • White – when you adjust the volume on your Alexa or the App, the white light moves up, down, or around. But when the white light spins, it means your Alexa Guard is on but in Away Mode. 
  • Purple – a purple light or ring indicates you have the Do Not Disturb feature on the speaker. The feature blocks notifications, messages, and calls. However, it cannot turn off the reminders, alarms, or timers. Any time you try to call or perform other actions, the device will flash purple to warn you. You can turn off the Do Not Disturb feature on the Alexa app or the device itself. 

Other times, Alexa shows purple when you are performing the initial setup. The signal means your device couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi during setup. Don’t confuse this with the orange, which means it’s trying to connect. 

  • Green – pulsing green means you are receiving a call on Alexa. And the spinning green light means your Alexa is on an active call or an active Drop In. 
  • Orange – swirling orange light means your Echo speaker is in set-up mode, and the orange indicator on display means the device is trying to connect to the internet. 
  • Teal and Blue – slowly spinning blue and teal means the Alexa is starting up. When it fails to set up, the light turns orange, meaning it’s ready for a reset.

Alexa color code

  • Cyan on a blue ring – cyan spotlight appears on a blue ring when Alexa is listening to your commands. The light glimmers when the device takes your command and starts to process them. Glimmering blue lights may indicate Alexa is getting software updates. 
  • Red – solid red light indicates you have turned off the Alexa microphone. But the red light bar on the device camera means the video you’re taking will not be shared. 
  • Yellow – Alexa yellow light means you have received a new message, notification, or missed a reminder. 

Why is My Alexa Blinking Yellow But No Messages?

Apart from message notifications, Alexa sends email notifications and other shipment updates from Amazon. If you notice the blinking yellow light and no messages, say, “What messages do I have?” or “What notifications do I have? Alexa will read all the notifications and messages and then turn off the yellow light. 

However, open the Amazon Alexa App and turn off the yellow light notification settings if the yellow light blinks continuously. 

Alexa Spinning Blue Light at Night

Spinning blue light means Alexa is processing your commands. Also, the blue light at night means the device is probably receiving software updates. The Echo device waits for quiet time to load updates automatically. 

Alexa’s Orange Ring Won’t Stop

An orange ring means your Alexa is undergoing a resetting process. Also, spinning orange means the device is trying to connect to the internet. If the orange light takes too long to switch off, the resetting process or network connection is probably taking too long. 

Alexa Yellow Signal Recap

Slow yellow bursting lights on your Alexa mean you have a notification or a message. “What notifications do I have?” or “What messages do I have?” for Alexa to inform you. 

Enjoy an excellent time with your Alexa!

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