Ultimate Review Of Best Vertical Climbers In 2023

Girl On A Best Vertical Climber

Keeping fit should be more than a habit, but rather it should be a lifestyle everyone should adopt.

With the increasing sensitization on the benefits of keeping fit, new and innovative fitness machines are being introduced, and one such class of fitness machines are the vertical climbers.

Vertical climbers mimic the workout provided by fighting resistance and gravity.

The best vertical climbers available today emulate climbing stairs, climbing rocks, using a sloped treadmill or any other exercise that requires lifting body weight. They usually incorporate a variety of workouts to provide you close to total body workout. 

Complementing to a traditional stepper, a vertical climber is designed to strengthen your core; boost your muscle mass, and even offer an incredible workout for those recovering from injuries. 

Be as it may, the market is full of vertical climbers that choosing the best vertical climber for your needs might spin your head into confusion.

It’s for this reason we’ve created this massive guide that reviews the top 5 vertical climbers in the market.

Better yet, we’ve created a buyer guide at the end that will help you chose the best climber for your fitness needs.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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Climber Height (Inches)

Dimension (Inches)

Max Load (Pounds)



57 x 10 x 6.0



27 x 17 x 54



36.5 x 27.5 x 78


Other Great Recommendations


25.6 x 30.2 x 50.2



59.65 × 11.42 × 12.6


5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Choosing a Vertical Climbers

Adjustable Resistance

Having an adjustable resistance on your vertical climber is probably the biggest and most crucial feature to have.

An adjustable resistance will allow you to tailor the resistance levels to meet your fitness levels.

Versa Climber Girl


If space is of the essence and maybe are low on space, having a foldable climber is quite useful.

With a foldable climber, you'll simply fold it and store it under your bed and thus saving on space.

Pedals/Foot Rest

Ideally, you should choose climber with an anti-slip mechanism to increase your stability as you exercise.

Additionally, opt for the large pedals with an adjustable strap to provide you with a sufficient climbing platform.


Mobile handles are a plus as they provide full-body workouts, while static handles offer sturdy support during motion.

Besides the adjustability, you should also look for handles with cushioning to help in enhancing the grip and limiting the occurrence of sores.

Digital Panel Display

Some of the vertical climbers are built with LCD screens that calculate readings and display them to users, keeping them aware of their progress.

The LCD is also crucial at helping users to set certain targets, for instance, calories burned or the number of steps taken.

The Best Vertical Climbers In The Market For The Money

Climbers In The Market

MaxiClimber(r) - The Original Patented Vertical Climber

Topping our list of the best vertical climber is the Maxi Vertical Climber.

With the Maxi Climber, you can enjoy the benefits of rock-climbing right in your home.

This climber is ergonomically designed to work with various body sizes.

The Maxi is an incredible cardio training tool that will strengthen your muscles, and burn your calories, all while at the same time maximizing the time spent working out.

MaxClimber Review

Why We Love the Maxi Climber

Build Quality

The overall structure of the Maxi Climber is solid and tough, thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction.

The steel construction provides the frame on this climber with the strength and stability to support users up to a 240 pounds weight.

Moreover, the steel construction renders the unit durable and even with the frequent unit, you can expect Maxi Climber to last or a long time.


Ergonomics are an essential part of a vertical climber, as they determine how comfortable you’re and how long you’ll last on the trainer.

Maxi Climber has an array of ergonomic features that will guarantee a comfortable user workout experience.

For starters, this unit comes with isometric, non-sticky grips, which boost comfort and safety to the users.

The mobile handlebars are further bolstered with high-density foam rollers that are soft on your hands and will exert minimal pressure. As such, you can use the Maxi Climber without having to worry about your hands getting sore and blistery.

The pedals, on the other hand, are sufficiently large to accommodate your feet. They also come with a rubbery, anti-slip surface inundated with tiny spikes to boost your stability while standing.

The ability of this unit to adjust in height is a key component as it lets Maxi Climber to accommodate varying users, and its use is not restricted to any body type.


The built-in timer that is conveniently placed on the front panel of the user will provide you with a convenient view of the time while exercising.

As a bonus, the timer on Maxi Climber is further accompanied by a Fitness App that will monitor the progress of your overall performance.

Easy Storage

Though the Maxi Climber has a generous weight capacity of 240 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight and compact.

Weighing at 33 pounds, the Maxi Climber is easy to move from one place to the other without strain.

More importantly, this unit is foldable, meaning it easier to store it compactly.

Finally, users love the fact that Maxi Climber comes 90% pre-assembled, meaning it's almost ready to use right away.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Stable and does not tilt during exercising
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height to accommodate various users
  • Foldable & comes 90% pre-assembled


  • The resistance/tension intensity is static

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Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Right off the bat, Sunny Folding climbing stepper is a unique climber that offer low-impact workout.

Designed to mimic mountain climbing, the Sunny Folding offers a plethora of health benefits, including toning your hips, thighs, glutes, and claves.

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Why We Like the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Build Quality

Sunny Folding Climber is constructed using high-quality metal that incorporates high-grade plastic.

In reality, the Sunny Folding is an extremely sturdy climber that is not going to all apart anytime soon, even after frequent use.

The sturdy construction on this unit lets it support a generous weight of up to 220 pounds.

Ergonomic/Ease of Use

Sunny Climber comes with an array of features that promote ease of use and comfort.

For starters, this unit sports patterned plates that will prevent you from any possible slips.

The handholds, on the other hand, are ergonomically built to promote a natural climbing position. Also, the handhold feature foam covering that will not only offer an excellent grip but keep your hands comfortable as well.

The stabilizing bar is similarly padded for an improved grip and stability. The stand end caps will keep the entire edifice sturdy and prevent any movement or tipping during exercises.


A major selling point on the Sunny Folding is the presence of an adjustable level.

This is a unique add-on, which was absent on the Maxi Climber we had reviewed above.

The resistance level on the Sunny Folding is provided by dual hydraulic cylinder pistons, which function pretty in a similar way as the hydraulic pumps.

However, rather than using fluids, the hydraulic pumps using muscle power and can be adjusted to suit your fitness needs.

The hydraulics, which have an incline setting from 1 to 12, will allow you to increase or decrease the tempo, letting you handle new challenges every time to hit the climber.

What we like about this hydraulic feature lies in its ease of use; to adjust the tempo, you simply need to twist a well-positioned knob.

Digital LCD

A digital LCD monitor at the front panel of this climber will provide you with easy reading of all your performance metrics such as calories burned, time, scan, and distance traveled.

Easy Storage

From the word go, the Sunny Climber comes with a subdued profile. The slim nature of this unit allows easy storage and makes it a suitable option for those low on space.

And like its name suggests s, the Sunny Folding Climbing is "foldable," further underlining its suitability where space is of the essence.


  • Stable
  • Generous weight capacity (220lbs)
  • Resistance adjustment
  • Foldable


  • The handlebar is static, thus eliminating the possibility of working out the upper body

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Conquer Vertical Climber Cardio Machine 3.0

The Conquer Vertical 3.0 is apt for short and effective workouts.

This unit distinguishes itself from the rest of the vertical climbers with a slew of updated features.

The Conquer is primarily designed for low impact workouts and a suitable option for those who desire to improve their fitness or those with joint issues.

Conquer Vertical Climber Cardio Machine 3.0

Why We Like the Conquer Machine 3.0

Build Quality

First off, we need to mention how this machine has an awesome design, and it looks really impressive from the outside.

Aesthetics aside, the Conquer is a functional unit, built using durable steel.

As such, you can expect this unit to be incredibly durable and to serve you for a long time.

Despite the ruggedness, this unit is extremely lightweight, with a weight of just 29 pounds.

The unit can further accommodate a generous weight limit of 240 pounds.

Low Impact Exercise

Now, as we had mentioned in the beginning, Conquer offers a low impact form of exercise.

This unit comes with two handle sets, with one being mobile, thus allowing you to move it up and down.

These handles will allow you to target the lower and upper parts of your body. In particular, this equipment will keep your core braced throughout the movement for added stability.

Now, regardless of the handles, you choose to use, the Conquer Machine 3.0 will always let you have 100% control of every movement that you make.

Ergonomic Design

This machine is designed from ground up with a prime concern for efficiency and comfort.

The handles, for instance, are non-sticky and non-slippery.

The Adjustable handles, on the other hand, will let you adjust the height of the Conquer, depending on your needs.

Finally, the foot pedals are rubberized and sufficiently wide to cater to different classes of users.


Safety is always paramount when using vertical climbers.

Conquer has gone above and beyond to ensure you’re always safe when using this unit.

The manufacturer has equipped this unit with a total of our rubberized feet that are resistant to skidding.

As such, you can confidently work out intensely without worrying about the climber moving around.

At the same time, the climber will uphold the structural integrity of your floor, and you'll not have to worry about the sore scratches made by the climber.


  • Low impact exercises
  • Lightweight
  • Durable steel construction
  • Does not skid


  • No progression scheme to follow

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SportsRoyals Vertical Climber

Combining weight resistance, muscle toning, and burning calories, Sportsroyals Vertical Climber offers a full-body workout.

Let's see some of the features and befits that make Sportsroyals such a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.

SportsRoyals Vertical Climber

Why We Like this SportsRoyals

Whole Body Workout

According to the manufacturer, using Sportsroyals Vertical Climber for one hour will result in the burning of approximately 500 calories.

Besides burning calories, Sportsroyals Vertical Climber offers a whole-body workout that combines muscle toning, weight resistance, and aerobic exercise, all under a single setup.

Build Quality

The frame on the Sportsroyals Vertical Climber is constructed from frosted steel that can stand up against corrosion.

Further, the steel construction renders this unit extremely durable, allowing it to stand up to whatever you throw at it.

Regarding stability, this unit comes with a unique triangular base, with suction cups at the bottom. The tripod-like base lets you perform all your exercises on this climber without worrying whether the unit will move and skid or topple.

Though lightweight (32 pounds), the Sportsroyals Vertical Climber has an enormous weight capacity of 300 pounds, the highest we’ve seen on our list.


The Sportsroyals Vertical Climber is an all-inclusive equipment ideal for use for the entire family.

This is largely because it's highly adjustable, with a total of 5 adjustable height settings (3.0-19.7 inches).

Therefore, this vertical climber is fit for all body types as it can be easily adjusted to fit the fitness needs of the climber.

Efficient Operation

The operation of a machine is largely dependent on the individual components, and Sportsroyals has done a great job of integrating premium components on Sportsroyals Vertical Climber.

For instance, the presence of build-in wear-resistant pulley on the frame offers less friction, allowing your workout to be quiet and smooth.

The steel springs, on the other hand, will reduce the overall impact force on your joints, especially knees and ankle during exercises.

And as such, it makes Sportsroyals Vertical Climber and inspired choice for those with degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis, Polymyalgia rheumatic, or even those recovering for injuries.


Like a majority of the best vertical climbers on our list, the Sportsroyals Vertical Climber plays host to a variety of comfort-enhancing features.

Some of these include sufficiently large non-slip foot-pedals to enhance comfort and safety while climbing the Sportsroyals Vertical Climber.

LCD Monitor

For easy tracking of your performance, this unit comes with an LCD monitor.

This panel will track your climber workout as well as keep all your fitness metrics such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned.


Sporting a slim profile, the Sportsroyals Vertical Climber comes with a foldable design that will ease the hassle of storage.


Whole-body workout

  • Easy tracking of performance
  • Comfortable


  • A tad heavy

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Kepteen Vertical Climber Folding 2 in 1 Climbing Stepper 

Versatility at its best, Kepteen Vertical Climber, is value-packed equipment with plenty of desirable features.

Highly versatile, this unit can either be used both as a vertical climber, and it doubles up as an exercise bike. So, this equipment will offer more and efficient exercising.

Kepteen Vertical Climber Folding 2 in 1 Climbing Stepper

Why We like Kepteen Vertical Climber

Full Body Workout

Like any other vertical climber on our list, Kepteen Vertical Climber will provide you with a full-body workout.

By mimicking a natural climbing motion, this unit is suitable for fitness as well as styling.

The Kepteen Vertical Climber will help you sculpt lean and sexy legs while promoting rock-hard abs.

Build Quality

Constructed from durable steel alloy, Kepteen Vertical Climber is both lightweight and sturdy.

The steel construction means that this unit is durable and can handle whatever you throw at it.

Despite the sturdy construction, this unit has an awesome weight capacity of 220 pounds.

The greatest attribute regarding the design of this unit is that it can be used by two people, and this increases the overall utility of the Kepteen Vertical Climber.

Performance Tracking

The LCD monitor on this unit lets you track your performance metrics, and here, you can see the calories burned distanced traveled, speed, and even time.


The inclusion of a quick-release pin will allow for quick and easy folding.

This unit is easily foldable and can even be placed under the bed or closet for storage.


  • Value for money
  • Full body workout
  • Easy to store


  • Tad heavy (50 lbs)

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Verticler Climber Conclusion


Will I build muscles with a vertical climber?

You'll get full-body toning which means all your muscles are exercised during the training. This helps in building up strong muscles for the body. While working out, be ready to gain lean muscles.

Are vertical climbers affordable?

There are different budgets fo different vertical climbers. Fortunately, you'll get something within your budget to exercise. Most expensive types will work well for advanced training, while beginner levels will be ideal for new users on a budget.

How long do you need to use a vertical climber?

If you are a beginner, you'll need less than a ten-minute interval to ensure you don't strain your muscles. Because of the intense sessions, training for extended hours can lead to injuries. You will also have your training goals to guide the entire process.

Will vertical climbers help in weight loss?

Climbing on this equipment helps burn calories and improve the circulation of oxygen in the body. During a workout, you need to maintain a steady pace and observe your diet to lose weight.

Is it easy to use the mountain climber?

Yes, the climber is easy to use with all the guidelines provided. Ensure you read carefully to avoid injuries to the muscles.


We have already outlined the best vertical climbers in the market and provided you with a rough guideline on how to choose a suitable climber.

The ball is now in your hands; carefully consider your fitness needs, and weigh the options we've provided, before making a selection.

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