Ultimate Review Of Best Stepper Machines Of 2023

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Both at the beginning of each new year and other times, setting fitness goals is very easy. Everyone can do it. But one thing that everyone can hardly do is to find sufficient time for visiting the gym as often as required. In this and other scenarios, the best stepper machines can help you experience the benefits of regular low impact exercise without commuting back and forth to the gym.  

For some other reasons, there are people that have a strong desire to accomplish their fitness goals but the idea of monthly gym membership fees make the whole thing unappealing. Add work-related demands of adult life to the mix and you'll see why so many people wake up and sleep with their dreams of becoming healthier through regular exercise.  

Yes, we all have a limited amount of time, around 1,440 minutes in each passing day. Even with all that time available to us, family responsibilities also contribute to making things really hard for us. But you and I know you don't have to wait for perfect conditions to align together before making a commitment to your fitness goals. Or would you keep waiting forever?  

Unless you are wrestler, an athlete or swimmer training for a competition, the intensity of your exercise routines doesn't matter more than the frequency. Here is one of the reasons why stair stepper machines were built in the first place. Depending on your office settings, nobody ever said that this exercise equipment is meant for home gyms alone. That means you can also use it to get workouts done within convenient workplace contexts. Through this stepper machine buyer guide, we'll bring you the top-rated brands and bestselling models in the market. But first, let's look at some basics.  

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight Capacity (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)



16.5 x 12.2x 8


24.5 x 17 x 11.38


30.2 x 16.2 x 54.5

Other Great Recommendations


20 x 13 x 3.5


48 x 40 x 16

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Types of Exercise Stepper Machine

Regardless of your reasons for looking into stepper machine reviews, there are different types of stepper machines in the market. Perhaps, if this isn't your first time, you may want to skip this section entirely. But if you still need a little clarification of the core types you'll find in the market, let's look at them below. With these clarifications, the exact type that suits your current need will become clearer.  

Stair Stepper Machine

– this particular type is used to provide up and down stepping motion for low impact workout. In practical usage contexts, it provides exercise engagement for the lower muscles in your body. Among the things that make it really appealing is stability for long term usage.  

Twist Stepper Machine

– in accordance with its name, when you step on this one it starts to perform twisting motion. It is mainly designed to target your obliques, abs and lower body. Some models in this category come with resistance bands. These bands make it possible to train your upper and lower body.  

Mini Stepper

– this is a compact variant of the standard stepper machine we've talked about above. If you need the practical engagement of your leg muscles, this is the best machine for you. Many brands selling this type of stepper machine often have stair, twist and side-stepping models. With the resistance bands that come with it, you can engage your whole body in medium to low-intensity exercises.  

Elliptical Stepper Machine

– fluid and round motion define how elliptical stepper machines work. It usually comes with a pedaling system that makes the engagement of your whole body very easy. Sometimes, this type is also called elliptical cross trainer.  

Benefits of Stepper Machine Workout 

In case you are one of those people that are yet to start using a stepper machine, the real benefits may still be unclear to you. That's why I have dedicated this brief section to discuss the benefits of stepper machine workout. Without further talk, here are some of the facts that make this type of home exercise equipment appealing to a certain group of people.  

Lower Joint Strains 

If you are a constant runner like me, you probably know how it feels. When you get lost in what the experts call ‘the runner's high', you'll become practically mindless of the pains and strains on your joints. But after the exercise, you begin to experience mild pains on your joints. Interestingly, the best stepper machine can give you the same benefits of regular exercise without much strains on your joints 

Cardiovascular Health Improvement  

When it comes to exercising generally, it is not every form of it that can engage your cardiovascular systems in order to stay fit and healthy. The other way to look at it is that all the types of workout you know are very unlikely to yield equal effects with regard to cardio health systems. With moderately paced exercises on your stepper machine, you'll be positioned to experience consistent improvement on your lungs and heart functions. Remember, it is not the intensity but frequency of your exercises that matter the most.  

High Calorie Burn Rate  

Do you need the benefits of resistance and cardio workout at the same time? If your answer is yes, making the commitment to buy a stepper machine will make that happen for you. The interesting fact is that a regular workout with this home exercise equipment will burn a lot of calories. Fortunately, this will also result in noticeable weight loss. By adding some upper body workout with dumbbells, you'll also increase the rate of burning calories as well as weight loss.  

Easily Affordable Home Fitness Equipment

Making real commitment to accomplish your fitness goals doesn't have to cost a lot of money. In addition to the time you save when commuting is eliminated, these machines are practically affordable among different classes of users. On a simple stepper machine comparison with exercise bikes, standard treadmills, affordable ellipticals and cross trainers, you'll see the huge price difference. While it is possible to find the best stepper machines under $100, these others are usually sold between $300 - $1000. 

At this point, let me reiterate that these are some, not all of the benefits you can get when you buy stepper machine on Amazon or any other online retailer. In other words, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. However, you can still see other benefits like increased muscle endurance and the fact that these low impact exercise machines often take less space.  

The Best Stepper Machine Reviews In The Market For The Money!

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Sunny Health Twist Stepper Machine 

Sunny Health Twist Stepper Machine

Within the category of the main exercise machine reviews here, Sunny Health & Fitness is a leading brand to reckon with. Based on its strong and durable construction, this equipment is meant to help you exercise almost your entire body including shoulders, chest, back and arms. Refer to the section on types of stepper machines above and you'll see immediately where this one belongs to. In vivid terms, it makes use of a twist motion system. With this Sunny Health stepper, you'll become able to tone your thighs as regularly as you want.  

The main thing that makes total body workout an enjoyable experience is the resistance bands that comes with it. In addition to that, there is a digital LCD monitor on it. Through this feature, you can get clear information on the total count, calories burned, time and rep count. According to the manufacturer, the height is also adjustable. Another impressive feature I found is the firm footplate. Looking at how the edges were constructed you can stand firm to do both low and high intense stepper machine workout without worries about slipping out of the machine 

Assuming you put on a Fitbit fitness tracker when using this stepper, your steps will be perfectly counted as well. Before you read further, please note that this one does not go in reverse. It is also important to note that the weight of this machine is about 16 lbs.  

In order to avoid squeaking, you may want to use WD-40 lubricant or any other equivalent that will work well on this tool. If you want to know how big the pedal is, the size is 13 inches long.  


  • Slip resistant foot plates 
  • LCD monitoring system 
  • Strong iron material  
  • Simple and durable design  


  • Low weight carrying capacity (250 lbs) 

Check Sunny Health & Fitness Price On Amazon

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer 

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Here is one of the best stepper machines you can use both in standing and sitting positions respectively. Moreover, you can choose to make use of forwarding or reverse pedal options. These alternatives make it very easy to engage different muscle areas in your body. And that's how Stamina In-Motions gives users the experience of balanced home workout. Depending on your preferences, the intensity of your exercises can be adjusted to suit those preferences. When you start making use of it, you can see your activity stats on the display monitor. Beyond a mere display, you can use the data from your monitor to set and accomplish fitness goals.  

For people that have aesthetic preferences, you can find this product in three different colors including black, green and orange. One thing you have to note in this case is that there is a slight difference in price regarding these color variants, but all of them are priced under $100.  

Having 24 lbs weight makes this particular stepper very easy to move from one place to the other. One other product that can be compared with Stamina In-Motion is FitDesk stepper machine, but this competitor is priced slightly above $150.  

In terms of the warranty, only the frame has 1-year warranty. But the part is just about 90 days. Please note that shipping and handling are not covered. Based on the experiences of past users, this product is best suited for home use. And if you are making use of a standing desk, you can as well do some low paced workouts at the same time.  


  • You can burn calories while sitting or standing  
  • Stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals with the monitor 
  • Very easy to move around because of the lightweight  


  • You may experience occasional clunking  

Check Stamina In-Motion Price On Amazon

Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper 

Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper

Following a recommendation from a friend or satisfaction from previous purchases, there are people that come into the market looking specifically for the best folding stepper machine. While there are many other competitors in this category, Stamina 40-0068 SpaceMate is one of the bestsellers found through my research. On the very first impression, you'll notice the simple but unique design of this product.  

In order to provide squeak free motion, this stepper machine comes with hydraulic cylinders. And then there is a foam that covers the handlebars. This feature makes it possible to have a comfortable grip regardless of how intense your workout becomes.  

Unlike some others included among the best stepping machine reviews here, the LCD monitor on this one was placed on top it; just between the handlebars. The real benefit is that awareness of the activity data will make it possible to stay engaged in your routine until you hit the desired threshold. According to the manufacturer, the stipulated weight limit is 250 lbs. In that case, if your weight is above this limit, you'll be better off with other ones like Wagan EL2273.  

The fact that minimal assembling is required makes Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate very easy to use. During my research, I found that this is one of the few stepper machines that doesn't make any noticeable noise at all. Interestingly, this makes it suitable for home and office use as well.  

By sliding the shock adjustments, you can set the resistance level that is suitable for your personal needs. Depending on what your endurance level permits, you'll have no problem working out for a really long time. Before you make the commitment to buy this machine online or offline, be informed that the handlebars are not adjustable. Regarding your height, you may want to ask the seller especially if you want to order online. Like I always say in my product reviews, don't forget to test everything when it arrives in your home or office.  


  • Top position LCD monitor 
  • Hydraulic drive system  
  • Smooth foam-covered handlebars  
  • Adjustable resistance system 
  • Easily foldable for storage and transportation 


  • It is considered to be heavier most competing models  

Check Stamina 40-0068 SpaceMate Price On Amazon

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster 

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Obviously, there are times when a commercial stepper machine is needed more than the ones made for home use. In most cases, public gyms that serve a lot of users is one specific context where this is needed. Whatever your purchase intent is at this time, Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster has great features that will serve your needs perfectly. The other thing worth noting is that this is not made for commercial use cases only.  

Among other things, this stepper can help you tone your abs while burning calories and losing weight at the same time. Besides normal uses that most people make of it, you can as well use this for sprint training, HIT and aerobic protocols. Without any assembling headaches, you can start using this machine just as it arrives. The weight stands at 13.5 lbs while the dimension is 21 x 14 x 4 inches.  

Above the capacity of other competing products in this category, this commercial stepper machine supports users with 400 lbs weight and below. If you observe all the stepper machine comparison in this buyer guide, you'll notice that most of them are meant to carry only 250 lbs weight.  

During my research, I also confirmed that this machine had been proven to be suitable for stand-up desks. Based on this fact, both home and office users can make good use of it.  

As an aluminum-made machine, you can expect this to last long enough for you to get impressive value for your money. In reality, the results you'll get and price, which is a bit higher, cannot be compared at all. When you are ready to start your home exercise routines, you may want to adjust the resistance level to suit your current needs. This is very important as your moods and strength levels can change from time to time. Regarding all the features that made this tool outstanding, the only comparable competitor that comes close is HARRISON Mini Stair Stepper. But this HARRISON model is far cheaper based on its price that is below $200.  

Even though you may notice little noise at some points, all you have to do is spray moderate volume of WD-40 on the connection bolt and you'll get it back to quiet mode.  


  • 16 resistance adjustment levels 
  • Max trainer app 
  • Interactive blue backlight display 
  • 400 lbs carrying capacity  
  • Suitable for diverse workout positions  


  • Far more expensive  

Check Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster Price On Amazon

Kettler Montana Stepper Machine  

Kettler Montana Stepper Machine

Coming from a German brand is this stair stepper that is made of high grade, strong steel material. Even though it is not a popular brand when compared to Stairmaster, Goplus and Sunny Health, it is still a strong contender based on its affordable price and great features.  

Unlike many others included in this stepper machine reviews, this one offers you up to 12 resistance adjustment levels. Beyond mere statement of this particular feature, it means that people with higher weight can make comfortable use of it at any preferable level of workout tempo. To provide maximum safety for weighty people and everyone else, the footplates were designed to prevent slipping. Please note that in order to get the resistance level you want during exercise you really have to stop to do it.  

Like many other products in the same category, you'll get an LCD monitor which provides real feedback data including pulse rate and room temperature. Generally, there are seven total display functions available on the monitor. Dimension is 37 x 60 x 29 while the weight is about 80 pounds. However, the weight level makes it a bit heavier than other competitors in the same category. Regardless of your level of experience with this type of home fitness equipment, you can have it set up within one hour or less. As stated on the sales page, you are sure of getting a 3-years warranty on this one.  


  • Comparatively more affordable  
  • 12 resistance adjustment positions 
  • Detailed data display on LCD monitor  
  • Very quiet operation at all times 


  • Weak calorie monitoring  

Check Kettler Montana Price On Amazon


What is a stepper machine good for? 

Please refer to the benefits of stepper machines in the previous sections of this buying guide. Meanwhile, using home exercise equipment like this, you can be able to burn calories, lose weight, improve cardiovascular health functions and stay fit. The other benefits include the time and money you'll save by skipping commuting and gym membership.  

Can you lose weight by using a stepper 

Yes, it is perfectly possible. Both in standing and sitting positions, regular use of this home fitness equipment can help you lose weight. The interesting thing is that if you make regular use of it and then track your weight from week to week or month to month, you'll certainly see the real difference in terms of weight loss. But please bear in mind that using this equipment alone cannot get you the results as fast as you want.  

What part of the body does the stair stepper work 

When you start making use of this machine, both the front and back of your thighs will be engaged fully in the workout. Moreover, engagement of the whole body – your legs, arms, heart and buttocks, is always possible because of the diverse workout positions that you can use with this equipment.  

Does the stepper tone your bum 

Because of the movement of your glutes and legs through varying motions, your bum can get toned as well. Based on the experiences of past users, this is one good thing that regular use of stepper machine can do for you.  

Where can I buy stepper machine 

Having arrived on this page, you don't need to go further. What you can do is to click and follow the appropriate links around each of the stepper machine reviews here. By doing this, you'll arrive on Amazon where you can buy the best stepper machine of your choice.  


When in need of a good stepper machine, a lot of factors determine your final selection. After reviewing all our previous options, Sunny Health & Fitness is still our best pick. This is because of the ability to support heavyweight and also offer longevity when in use. Additionally, the stepper machine is simple to use and will benefit all levels of training. 

Another good option and best-selling unit from the same company you can try out is the Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper. It is priced fairly and will meet your needs for a small stepper that takes little space without compromising the outcomes. You'll also like the hydraulic system, the wide, nonslip pedals, and the height adjustment.


With most products like the best stepper machines reviewed above, there is a chance that one or few features matter to you more than all others. As you can see from the reviews in this buyer guide, there is always a variation between one product and the other. However, having the top-rated models compiled on one page will make it easier for you to find the one that suits your current need.  

Whether you are looking for the best commercial stepper machine or the one that is suitable for sitting position, you can find one or two options worth considering. In terms of affordability, most of these fitness tools are moderately priced within the reach of people currently in need of them.  

Finally, it is worth reiterating that the frequency of your home exercise routines matters more than intensity. Regarding your current fitness goals, the best way to make it happen is to simply get started 

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