Ultimate Review of Best Treadmills For Home Use In 2023

best budget treadmill

While many of us usually have the best intention for a gym membership, we cannot deny the fact that many a time, we find ourselves busy with work and daily life that doesn't allow us to visit the gym or even exercise altogether.

Understandably, you might get tempted to throw the towel and grow your sadness in a pack of chips (French Fries, for those of you American) but before you do that, you need to consider a treadmill for home use.

Treadmills, along with stepper machines, pilates reformers and vertical climbers have been a staple in the fitness domain for a long time, and they will put an end to working out in sweaty and crowded gyms, or even having to change in musty-smelling lockers.

Moreover, if you live in a metro city as I do, a treadmill will save you from the numerous challenges of outdoor running, including having to make close calls with the drivers or dodging piles of dog waste on the sidewalks.

That being said, if you're in the market for a new home treadmill, there're several vital features that you should look out for.

The best home treadmills, for instance, should be conveniently sized to suit your household. They should also be fitted with features that deliver a valuable workout regime, and they should be versatile enough to meet the needs of all your family members.

As you can see, there're numerous factors to consider, and given that most of the models come at a hefty price, you don't want to be stuck with a defective and dysfunctional unit that cannot meet your fitness needs.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the top 5 best treadmills for home use in the market. We'll briefly go over each type, and hopefully, you should find a unit that will fit your needs.

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The Top 5 Treadmills For Home Use In The Market For The Money!

Best treadmill For Home use

Adidas t-19x -Editor's Choice

You probably know Adidas for their shoes and athletic wear rather than their hardware division, and few people, indeed know this brand for the cardio equipment.

Their first offering, T-16, was a decent first effort, but it definitely had its flaws. The new model, however, builds up the T-16 and offers all the performance specs you need, alongside a variety of amenities to make your run more enjoyable.

Adidas t-19x


Adidas t-19x is quite the functional unit that professionals, as well as a hobbyist, are looking for. It comes with a footprint of 61″ x 34.5″, which in our opinion is certainly neither small nor too big to fit it into a room. 

However, we were concerned with the 59.5″ x 20″ running deck, which we think is a tad narrower than a majority of the treadmills within its class. Sure, on paper, the metrics might seem quite marginal, but in the flesh, you'll surely notice a huge difference. But still, we had no issue with the length as there's sufficient room, and indeed long enough even for the tallest runners. 

NRG Cushioning Technology

To promote safety and proper form, Adidas has incorporated NRG Tech cushion elastomers on the deck, which do an impressive job of absorbing the shock of impact.

We found the deck neither too soft nor too rigid, and it offered a sweet and soft landing as well as a good launch, and this is quite handy to the users who are concerned about the safety of the joints and those with conditions such as arthritis.

Powerful Motor

Under the hood of the Adidas, we have a large and dynamic 4.0 HP motor that can keep up with the most demanding workouts and ensure a smoother and quieter ride.

Quite surprisingly, however, the performance of this motor ties up with that of the Nordic Track, translating to just over 12.0 mph, and this makes the unit a great choice for the runners who are looking to burn as many calories as possible.

Gradient Option

For HIIT enthusiasts, you'll definitely love T-19x power incline levels that range from a flat surface to a full 15% gradient, which we think is quite a bargain since a majority of the treadmills within the T-19X class offer incline up to 12%.

While the 15% incline is not the highest we've come across, it will still offer a decent level of difficulty even to the seasoned runners.

Ultra X Console

A 10.1" touchscreen is at the core of the Ultra X console, and this keeps you engaged with a variety of programmed workouts, videos, and entertainment.

Users love the internet connectivity that allows them to watch TV, browse social media, and stream their favourite shows on Hulu, Netflix, and even YouTube.

On a practical note, though, the touchscreen displays an outstanding amount of performance data such as distances walked, calories burned, average speed, steps taken, and even heart rate.

Easy to Assemble

If you've used a treadmill before, you know how tiring and challenging it can be to assemble one.

Fortunately for the Adidas, they've made the assembly a cinch since the machine comes partially assembled inside the box.

As we found out, there's nothing really to scare you, even if you've not assembled a treadmill before, as most people will have this machine ready in less than 30 minutes.


  • Elegant
  • Folds
  • Comfy for seniors with joint conditions
  • Great media centre


  • Display screen a tad smaller

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Proform Performance 600i -Best Budget Model

Proform Performance 600i is one of ProForm's budget treadmills. However, despite the relatively lower price tag, this machine is a performer, and we love that it comes with an array of ProForm's signature features like ProShox(™) cushioning a roomy belt, and a core-positioned fan. 

Nonetheless, keep in mind that it's a low-tier treadmill, and don't expect it to be as fully kitted out like the more expensive treadmills.

Proform Performance 600i

Full Size

When searching for a budget treadmill, space, especially the running deck, is a crucial component. Fortunately, Proform Performance 600i didn't disappoint, and we were impressed by the extra-long 60-inch belt, which you don't usually find under this price tag. 

The running deck measures 60" by 20," which we find quite generous and will comfortably accommodate the tall users, including those that are above 6'5 and won't feel like they're about to fall off the end of the treadmill.


ProForm is powered by a 2.5 CHP motor that lets the treadmill operate continuously and translate to a top speed of 12 mph.

I understand that the overall performance of the motor might not suit the needs of the professional athletes, but it's good enough for users who are looking to improve their general fitness level. Nonetheless, we found it easy to achieve sprint training with speeds that reach 12 mph.

One thing we like about this drivetrain is that it doesn't heat up even when users are performing the complicated and lengthy workouts.

Additionally, it provides users with a 12% incline that users claim gives them much better workout in a shorter amount of time, whether walking, running, or jogging.

Advanced Shock Absorption System

Where ProForm really excels is the cushioning technology that provides a comfortable run and protects your joints.

You definitely fall in love with how the four shock absorbers give you support and comfort, whether running, walking, or jogging, and we found this feature quite handy for users with joint conditions such as arthritis.


Proform has brilliantly equipped this treadmill with a state-of-the-art console that comes preloaded with 22 workout programs for the ultimate variety. 

More importantly, the console is internet-enabled, and users found it easy to connect the treadmill with other devices, apps, and even keep track of their progress through the internet.

Easy To Use

Another major highlight of ProForm is the practicality of its fold-up design and ProForm's Easy-Lift System, a system that makes it painless to old up and stores the treadmill.

Combined, both of these mechanisms make it a cinch to fold and unfold this treadmill, and even if you struggle with mobility issues or are of limited upper body strength, you'll find the process incredibly simple and hassle-free, too.


  • Long tread track
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in training programs


  • Could benefit from a faster motor

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NordicTrack 1750 - Best Universal TreadMill

Year after year, Nordic Commercial 1750 has consistently secured a top spot in customer reviews around the globe; with just the right ratio of features, this fitness machine has a universal appeal.

Let's see what the Nordic 1750 has in store for us.

Nordic Commercial 1750


If you're like me who loves to give a treadmill a little jingle every time I jump on one, you'll be surprised that this model has no jingle to it. It's super stable and is designed with stability in mind, which is actually quite surprising for a treadmill under this price point, and one that is built to fold up and store nicely.

Powerful Motor

For the Nordic price point, we weren't really expecting anything that packs a punch, but Nordic surprised us.

Though the 3.75 CHP motor isn't the most potent drivetrain, it's pretty robust. It delivers a max speed of 12 mph, which I find quite useful as it allows all my family members, including my grandpa, to keep up with the machine's performance with no concern.

We also love that the motor is equipped with tech that allows for self-cool and less vibration, which guaranteed us a smoother ride.

Gradient Option

Gradient option is probably one of the unique features that push 1750 slightly ahead of its peers.

Users were impressed by the 15% incline that delivers a steep slope, which enhances a variety of workouts, including HIIT to marathon training and the -3% decline that imitates as a slight downhill slope.

We've to be honest though, the declining gradient was not entirely useful to the daily runners, but still, we've to admit that it boosts the versatility of this running machine.

Workout Programs

Speaking of versatility, Nordic includes a dozen of built-in workouts routines alongside with unlimited iFit Coach Programs, both of which will help you realise your specific fitness goals.

Weight Capacity

Our only gripe was probably with the weight capacity; at 300 pounds, Nordic will leave several potential users high and dry.

Though the machine is sturdily built and comes with a robust motor, meaning it can support heavier users, a majority of the competition at this price range offers a capacity of an upward of 350 pounds.

Another disappointment we had with the Nordic, though a common flaw among all treadmills at this price point, is the foot space. When running, you're bound to overrun the machine, but gladly we found this a minor disappointment because we avoided that by falling back and running "behind" the device.

All in all, the running space is generous, and we had no problems with the kickback or even felt as if were constricted of the available space.


  • Variety of workouts
  • Easy to use
  • Techy console
  • Stable


  • Limited weight capacity

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Sole TT9 -Best Sturdy Treadmill

Sole TT9 is the latest treadmill offering in the Sole Fitness lineup and is designed with longevity, power, and comfort in mind.

In one way or another, it's similar to its predecessor, the TT8, but it does come with some significant upgrades such as higher weight capacity, 10" touchscreen, AC motor, and comfort features such as online connectivity and compatibility with a variety of online apps.

Sole TT9


Sole TT9 is designed for both in-home and light commercial use, and as you rightly guessed, it has been built to put in the miles.

Sporting a commercial-grade heavy-duty steel frame, Sole TT9 has a sturdy build quality, so strong that it can handle the user's weight up to 450 pounds and will support users of all varieties from walkers to advanced runners.

Powerful Motor

In the introduction, I had hinted that one of the major upgrades on this treadmill is on the motor department, and it's time to dive in.

See, a majority of the home treadmills usually come with DC motor, while the commercial-type treadmills come with AC motor. I'm not an engineer, but I have done some research and concluded AC motors are way superior to the DC motors.

Like a commercial unit, TT9 comes with a club-quality 4.0 CHP AC motor, one of the most advanced drivetrains in the market today. If the reviews are anything to go by, this drivetrain optimises the operation of TT9 to smooth, quiet running experience and can adequately handle the intense workouts by multiple users.

Further, the motor is capable of reaching a max speed of 12 mph and offers 15 levels of incline and six levels of decline. Now, remember, few treadmills at this price range usually offer decline levels, and we found this feature quite handy as we were able to target different muscle groups and ramp up the cardio training at the same time.

Large Cushioned Deck

When searching for a treadmill, I usually start with the deck surface, and as you might guess, the larger, the better.

With the Sole TT9, you get a generous space of 22" by 60" long, which we found quite spacious and gave us the feel of a treadmill you would find in your local gym. In any case, the running belt gives you plenty of wiggle room, and I found this quite practical, especially considering I tend to sway from side to side in my workouts.

The running belt isn't brawned either; it has been fitted with the advanced Whisper Quiet cushioning technology that will reduce the impact on your joint up to 40% and make your workouts comfier.


At the core of the TT9 console, we have a 10" touch screen display, perhaps the only thing that has been missing from the brand's arsenal.

In our opinion, the inclusion of console positions the Sole TT9 to favourably compete with other brands such as NordicTrack and ProForm, who have had touchscreen of their higher-end models for years.


  • Extensive deck
  • Large weight capacity (450 lbs)
  • Commercial-grade quality


  • Non-foldable

Check Sole TT9 Price On Amazon

Bowflex Results Series BXT116 - Best All-Round Model

Bowflex is among the pioneers of the fitness revolution today, and in their stable, they've a multitude of fitness machines, including elliptical hybrids, treadmills, tread climbers, and more.

And today, we're going to explore one of its offerings, Bowflex BXT116, a more traditional machine that is part of Bowflex's new treadmill and elliptical line.

Bowflex Results Series BXT116


While we don't advise buying a treadmill based on looks alone, we've to admit that we were tempted with the BXT116. Sporting a robust yet stealthy all-black design peppered with red highlights, this treadmill will complement your house, gym, or even apartment.

We mention apartments because this treadmill is foldable and doesn't take up much space in your room. 

Still, on the design aspect, we were impressed by the SoftDrop feature that ensures the deck doesn't slam to the ground when unfolding-instead; we found that this running machine eases down gently to the ground with the push of a button.

Powerful Motor

BXT116 is equipped with an impressive 3.75 CHP motor, which promises a quite operation-though we found it not as completely as silent as Bowflex would want as to believe, but still, it's eerily peaceful.

Alongside the quiet operation, the motor offers a top speed of 12 mph, a standard rate for most general fitness users, and made it easy for users to perform a variety of fitness activities such as walking, jogging, and sprinting. Sure, while a majority of the elite runners found the speed wanting, but it offered reliable performance for most users.

Power Incline

BXT116 offers a motorised incline, which delivers up to 15% gradient, which is ideal for adding variation, flexibility, and the extra mile to your workouts.


Like a majority of the premium models on our list, BXT116 comes with a full-fledged console that hosts a whole variety of features, including a large 7.5" screen. 

From here, users can see all their performance metrics, including distance, travelled, speed, calories burned, and more.


  • Easy to use
  • 375 lbs weight capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy design


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Check Bowflex Results Series BXT116 Price On Amazon

Best Treadmill for Home Use Buying Guide

best treadmill for runners

Now that you already have a list of the best treadmills in the market, let's look at some of the key features you should consider when purchasing a treadmill for home use.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity refers to the maximum weight that a treadmill can effectively handle.

The optimal weight should depend on your weight, but a majority of the treadmills for home use have a weight capacity ranging from 300 to 450 pounds, which we think is an ideal weight range, and should fit everyone in your household.


A treadmill for home use stays at your home, and so, you should get a unit that is foldable for secure storage. Similarly, when unfolded, it should not consume a lot of space in your household, allowing you to work around your home's aesthetics. We strongly recommend you look into a folding treadmill if space is of a premium.


The best treadmills have a sturdy design and are constructed from premium and high-quality materials such as metal. The running surface and/or belt, although quite often than not ignored, should be carefully selected to allow good grip at various speeds with and without proper trainers.

Always go for a treadmill that is stable and one that doesn't wobble when you're working out. And remember to actually walk and run on it at various speeds before finalising a model.


Speed and incline are considered as two deal breakers in the fitness world when choosing a treadmill. For home use, you could probably get away from a bit of relaxation on the speed front.

The speed of a treadmill is usually determined by the motor, which is, in turn, measured in Continuous Horsepower (CHP). If you're like many people who simply need a treadmill to get fit with a little jogging, a top speed of 5 to 8 mph is ample.

If, however, you're looking to add more oomph to your regime by running or sprinting, you'll require at least 10 to 12 mph to feel unrestricted.


Many of the treadmills usually offer the option to add slope to the surface, and this gradient helps to work both your muscles and cardiovascular system in different ways.

Adding incline also helps to mimic outdoor running more effectively.


Every treadmill comes with some sort of cushioning, though like any other features, the level and quality you get depend on the money you spend.

Cushioning, also known as shock absorption, is necessary as it protects your joints from the stress exerted on them as you run. However, if you'll be using your treadmill for walking alone, you'll probably don't need as much cushioning as for runners.

Bells & Whistles

As fitness equipment enthusiasts, we are not big on bells and whistles but are sticklers for essentials like heart rate monitor and blood pressure indicators. While touchscreen display, built-in workout programs, smartphone and tablet holder are great, we recommend relying on your personal trainer choose treadmill features that will eventually aid your health and fitness goals.

Remember speed and incline are the two deciding factors, especially for home use. We are not suggesting to stay away from Smart Home connected machines but it just not a game changer as you can replace them with gadgets you already have at home

best overall treadmill


As we've previously highlighted, treadmills are one of the essential equipment for achieving fitness at the comfort of your house, office, or garage.

With a treadmill, you can walk yourself lean, answer a call, engage in HIIT, and even train in a marathon while catching your latest show on Netflix.

All the models we've listed above represent our top picks cutting across various price range and are easily among the best treadmills for homes use you'll find in the market.

Whatever model you choose to go with, ensure that it will address all your fitness needs, and don't forget to invest in a pair of shoes to enjoy it with.


What does CHP stand for on a treadmill?

CHP replaced the HP horsepower previously used to describe the motor speed and power for moving the treadmill. Continuous HorsePower (CHP) is now used in describing the power of the motor to move the treadmill.

Is it advisable to run on a home treadmill daily?

First, you'll need to know if you have enough time to do this every day as it will help you burn more calories. You'll also need to know your goals for your training before you decide to use the treadmill daily.

What is the disadvantage of a home treadmill?

In most cases, you train alone on the home treadmill, and unless you are disciplined, you might not accomplish your goals at home. Additionally, the treadmills are expensive, and having one for your home use may drain your pockets.

Are there better treadmills?

Yes, there are powerful and louder treadmills that will benefit you in case you want intense exercise. However, if you don't like noise, the louder unit will interfere with your calm training environment.

Is it easy to use the home treadmill?

Home treadmills come with guidelines to ensure you use the correct steps when using them. We have beginner-friendly speeds and advanced speeds that require experts to train.

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