5 Hacks That Will Improve Your Gaming Skills Considerably

by Lisa Hayden
Improve Gaming Skills

5 Hacks That Will Improve Your Gaming Skills Considerably

There are all kinds of gamers in the world; there are professional players, there are amateurs who are too good and then there are noobs! One foolproof way of bettering your gameplay is practicing! But I’m sure you knew that already, right? Therefore I have decided to come up with a short list of hacks that will alter your gaming skills considerably and in a good way!

Now I must say I’m not just going to give you tips that will have you buying tons of expensive gears. Gaming gear is necessary; you can’t question this fact; however, that’s not all you can do to improve your skills. 

These hacks have been tried & tested by people who have been playing for decades now, and I am sure they would prove equally helpful to you! Enough yapping, I’ll quickly get to explaining all these hacks to you. 

Figure Out Your Niche!

This is probably the most important tip that I can give you. Unless you know what’s your niche or your favourite genre, you won’t be able to give it your best. Once you have figured your interest, you will be able to play a lot better. 

On the contrary, if you are not interested in playing a particular genre or games altogether, I can guarantee you that you won’t be able to do well at it. 

Another tip is being focused. Once you have figured out your interest, you need to focus on it entirely. Avoid straying from the genre that you like to play and keep practicing the one you’re good at. 

Also, make sure that your hands pressing the controller buttons and your mind is in sync. Synchronicity is the key to perform flawlessly during a match. 

You might need to start playing with a manageable level, but eventually, you will need to keep raising the game difficulty level so that you actually learn to play the game. Also, try to form a technique that is unique to you and suits you the best. A method tailored to suit your style of playing would help you succeed quicker. 

If you’re not aware of your style or you think there is something wrong with it, consider watching replays of your gameplay. Compare it with replays of professional players so you can figure out your mistakes. Then, when you play next time, keep those highlighted points in your mind and consciously make efforts to eradicate those mistakes. 

Lookout For Mods & Cheats

Okay, so this is another tricky method that you can use to make your gameplay better instantly. There are quite a lot of games that offer a wide range of mods that you can use to play games. These mods come in quite inexpensive, and you can count on them because they will assist you with performing better. Mostly, it’s the modes that play a significant role in a game’s success at a commercial level because hardcore players love to use these mods. 

As for the cheat codes, you can use them to unlock new levels or get gear that you otherwise cannot afford in a game. You can also get an infinite amount of lives etc. 

In video games, cheating is mostly done by a third party modifying the game code. Or if you understand the software of a game really well, you can utilize an existing glitch to use it to your advantage. If you’re a newbie, I would suggest that you limit yourself to playing with cheats instead of mods because cheats help make a game a lot easier. So let’s say you’re playing difficult higher levels and you run out of resources or life, then cheat codes can handle that for you. 

Even then, I don’t recommend depending on the cheat codes entirely because you won’t be improving your skills by using cheat codes. 

Minimise The Distractions!

Hacks Of Gaming

Okay, this one is significant! You need to make sure that you are not being distracted by something continuously. I see a lot of my friends playing background music, and that is JUST NOT RIGHT! Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that listening to background music can affect your ability to focus on something? Sure, you can listen to music while doing mundane tasks such as copying assignments but you can’t enjoy this luxury while playing a video game!

Make sure that the screen’s brightness is well-adjusted. I generally keep it at maximum, but you can adjust it according to your feasibility. Another little tip that helps stay focused is customizing the game controls. There are a lot of mental exercises that you can do to increase your focus. 

Invest In Gaming Gear

Alright, let’s talk about how expensive improving your gaming skills can be for you. Firstly, we have discussed that it is going to cost you your time because you need to practice and focus a lot. Apart from that, you obviously need the right gear to establish your position as an amazing player! I mean, let’s get real, no matter how skilled you are if you don’t have a nice pair of headphones and a good monitor you can’t win against a mediocre player. 

So you have got to invest in gear that is going to pay off in the form of performance.  

Start off by buying a nice pair of headsets. It will help you enjoy the game to perfection, and you would be able to communicate with other players in a better way if you have good gaming headphones. If you play PC games, you need a good quality Bluetooth mouse

Make sure you have good quality controllers, and you should also invest in gaming gloves because holding the controller for hours can lead to developing moisture and that’s when the controller starts slipping from hands. You wouldn’t want to lose just because your controller slipped. 

You’re also going to need a good quality gaming keypad. Wondering where to find one? I can suggest to you my trusted option! Check this out: http://dimble.games/best-gaming-keypad/.

And if you’re not short on budget, you should definitely consider investing in a good quality gaming chair that will keep your back straight and won’t tire you as you play for hours & hours!

Remember, it is the combination of skill and good gear that yields a professional gamer. 

Enjoy It!

Last, but certainly not the least is: Have fun! I know that staying stuck on a level for days can get frustrating and people tend to become obsessive about games. That’s not the right way of approaching this problem. Gaming is a form of entertainment; you have to learn to enjoy even if you’re failing.  

Don’t lose your confidence at any point in time. You have to stay confident and steadily build your skill. 

You should also do mental exercises to help increase your cognitive functioning because it helps with improving your gameplay. 

Gaming doesn’t have to be a chore. If it is stressing you out instead of relaxing you, then need to rethink your entire relationship with this particular mode of entertainment. Don’t worry if you’re not one of the best players in your group of friends; you’ll eventually get there. 



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