Ultimate Review Of Best Smart Garage Opener In 2023

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Garage doors have vastly improved over the years.

With the advancement of the internet and wireless connections, the smart garage openers have become a popular and often invaluable part of the smart home system.

The best smart garage opener needs to be able to fulfill certain requirements that are important to every homeowner.

Quality and reliability are at the top of the list; it has to have the power of lifting heavy garage doors without a problem; so that your wet hands having power washed your car can stay free of dirt and grime of the doors, and, of course, be convenient.

We put together a list of the top five smart garage door openers to help you select the best one for your home.

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Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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The Best Top 5 Smart Garage Openers In The Market For The Money!

top smart openers for garage

Chamberlain B970 - Editor’s Pick

Our top pick, Chamberlain B970, ticks all the right boxes where quality and convenience matter.

By picking this product, you get more than a unit that merely opens and closes your garage door.

Instead, Chamberlain B970 is a full-featured model, and you get pretty everything you need to get your garage running, including remote controls, outside wall controls, safety sensors, and a wireless keypad.

Chamberlain B970

Features and Benefits


The design on Chamberlain B970 is more or less what is offered by other openers, yet, it’s one of the best inline.

The plastic and metal combination on the B970 makes it as durable as it can get, and it’s not easily affected by the elements, including the humidity or heat of your garage.

However, it’s the shape of this opener that will grab your attention; the oval-shaped, oblong body makes it easy to conveniently place the opener on your garage ceiling, where it’s easy to lift the garage door.

Smartphone Control

The B970 can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet for convenience.

The smartphone integration is reliant on the industry-renowned MyQ system to keep you connected at all times.

This software application does more than allow you to open or close the garage door wirelessly, but it allows you to personalize your home access set up.

This includes getting real time alerts of your garage door status and getting notifications such as when the door opens or closes.

Better yet, B970 gives you the option of creating schedules by programming your garage door to close at specific times. However, this functionality is sold separately.

Belt Drive System

The railing on the B970 is a belt-drive system, an essential design component that sets this model apart from other garage door openers.

Contrary to the chain drive openers, B970 will not fill your life with unnecessary noise.

Instead, the belt drive delivers a seamless and noiseless operation, and so, it doesn’t matter whether you’re returning home in the dead of the night as it won’t wake up anybody.

This is further assisted by the proprietary anti-vibration technology that negates any distraction.

1 ¼ Horsepower

With a motor that can deliver a power of 1 ¼, the B970 boasts of the highest lifting capacity in its class.

To give you an idea of what it can lift, the B970 can handle a two-car door up to 7 feet, which is more than enough for most garages.

Even so, like a majority of the belt systems, the B790 struggles with the clunky and heavy doors. The extreme heavy doors can cause the rail to flex.

While this issue is usually corrected by attaching support halfway between the motor and wall mount, B970 doesn’t allow this.

TriBand Technology

B970 model features two separate remotes, each featuring three buttons.

The TriBand frequency on the remotes allows you to control up to three different openers.

While still at the remote, B970 boasts of industry-leading range and will let you work up to 1,500 feet away to provide plenty of time for quick entries.

Battery Backup

If you’re worried that you won’t access your garage in times of blackout, B970 solves it all.

It comes with a battery backup, implying that you’ll no longer have to worry about power anymore.


The Chamberlain B970 is secure equipment, thanks to Security+2.0, a system that employs 100 billion code encryption to deter hackers and any potential home invasion.

Further, the equipment features a Posilock Anti-theft protection that ensures your garage door always remains locked once it’s closed.

Finally, the auto-reverse system, alongside the motion sensors ensures that the door doesn't close when there's an object or human to avoid accidents.


The B970 seems to be having difficulty using signals other than 20MHz, and as a result, it comes with limited compatibility with routers as it requires variable bandwidth to be set at 20MHZ only.

Secondly, users are having a difficult time programming the opener, leaving plenty of owners frustrated during installation.

  • Ultra-quiet
  • Generous lifting capacity
  • Smart operation
  • Extended range
  • Challenging installation

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Genie ChainMax 1000 - Most Secure

If you’re in search of a model that is geared towards safety and convenience, the Genie ChainMax 100 is one such product.

Though it comes with a budget-tag, it’s flush with security features that will ensure your home smart access is as solid as it can get.

That said, it's doesn't mean it keeps its primary role of opening, closing, and lifting garage doors at the back seat.

Instead, it comes with several components that help to enhance its overall functionality.

Best Smart Garage Opener

Features and Benefits


First things first, the design on the Genie 100 looks modern, and I find the entire componentry well-made.

For instance, the central console is deluxe and elegant.

The same sophistication and grandiose is similarly manifested in the same controllers and other components.

Chain Drive System

For a chain system such as the Genie 1000, we expected a loud vibrational noise. 

To our surprise, the chain technology on the Genie 100 is rather quiet than some of the openers that employ the belt-drive system.

While the noise rating cannot match that of the premium models such as the B970, the overall performance of Genie 1000 is seamless and less clunky.


The 140V DC motor makes it easier to open doors of 7 feet, and with an extension, the opener can open doors of 8 feet.

Further, this opener will open your doors at a speed of 7 inches per second. Yes, this is not the quickest time, but still, it's quicker than the old traditional methods.


We can't speak about the performance of the Genie 1000, without mentioning the C-Channel rail.

This feature is designed to prevent dirt build up in the rail itself while allowing the device to run smoothly and optimal speed.

Contrary to other smart openers, this design allows the Genie 1000 to stay operation fully for a long period without needing maintenance.


The safety element is probably the greatest attribute of the Genie 1000.

We appreciate how the manufacturer has taken a multi-dimensional approach in the overall structuring of Genie 1000 regarding safety.

Notably, however, three of the essential safety features on the Genie 1000 are:


This feature generates invisible beams across the door opening, and if any obstruction passes through it while closing the door, it automatically halts the process and instead reverses the closing.

GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology

This technology continuously monitors your smart garage system and provides alerts if any abnormal access notices.

IntelliCode Access Security System

This technology changes the access code on each door to prevent unauthorized access for extra safety.


Genie 1000 is a highly flexible smart garage opener option as it works fine with any Homelink and Car2U system, regardless of the year of construction.

I find the compatibility with the above system easy and practical to use in modern society.

But we must also add that it’s compatible with Aladdin Connect.


Programming for Genie 1000 is significantly more complicated, and users had a difficult time personalizing this smart garage door opener.

  • Quiet
  • Sleek
  • Powerful
  • Plenty of safety components
  • Difficulty in programming

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Chamberlain MYQ - Best Value

Along with Genie, Chamberlain is one of the biggest garage door openers, and this should help to give you an idea of what to expect with the Chamberlain MQ.

MQ, pronounced as My Queue, is a premium smart garage door opener that comes with plenty of desirable features for garage openers.

Even though it’s not the least expensive item on our list, it’s decently priced, and considering the features and benefits it offers, you’ll see why it’s our best value option.

Best Smart Garage Opener

Features and Benefits


Like the Chamberlain B970 we had earlier reviewed, this model is sleek and well-designed.

However, rather than the oblong, oval-shaped design on the B970, it comes with a small square-shaped body that you’ll find similarly easy to fit inside of the garage door.

The ease of use and installation is further helped with the 2-pound weight.

Better yet, the installation requires hardly any wire.

Smartphone Integration

Chamberlain MQ seamlessly integrates with your smartphone through the MyQ app, which is well-designed and offers full remote access and control of your garage door.

Further, I love that I can personalize my remote access through the app. For instance, I can set up alerts when the door is closed or open.

Unfortunately, there's no automatic close feature included, and so you need to configure the alerts manually and the interface for setting the alerts is not the friendliest.

Even so, once you get the hang of it, you’ll easily notice how it works fine and see how easy it is to keep track of everything happening in your garage.


Generally, MyQ works well, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it doesn't have any reliability issues even when the Wi-fi signal is between poor and good.

Also, I love the MyQ is compatible with some of the biggest smart devices companies like IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Unfortunately, though, they require additional purchases.


The MyQ door opener allows you to connect with virtually any garage remote, even with openers as old as a 1993 manufacturing date.

Basically, MyQ won’t limit you on the garage door type to use, provided your current door opener has safety sensors installed.


Speaking of safety sensors, MyQ will provide you with the ultimate sense of safety.

With this device, you'll no longer have to get worried about the garage door crushing on your, your kids, or even pets because it features safety sensors that will reverse the direction of the garage door in case they notice anything in between.


When you use the app to close the garage door, you’ll hear a loud beep sound that lasts for approximately 30-plus seconds.

While it’s a necessary safety precaution that alerts anyone standing under the door that it’s about to shut on them, it’s nonetheless a grating nuisance.

In my opinion, it’s simply unnecessary given the already in-build safety features on the device.

  • Ease of installation
  • Close and open the door from anywhere
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • The learning curve on app usage can be steep

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NEXX Garage NXG-100b - Budget Pick

Nexx 100b is technically classified as a garage opener, but in reality, it's an external device that works with your main garage door opener.

It’s an ideal option for the individuals who aren’t willing to buy a new garage opener. Instead, they want a simple upgrade of their openers to meet the latest requirements.

NEXX Garage NXG-100b

Features and Benefits

Ease of Installation

As a supporting device, installation should be the main concern, but fortunately, installing the NX isn't much of a hassle.

Smartphone Integration

Nexx comes with two sensors that will connect with the existing Wi-Fi network, thus turning your door into an integrated device that you can easily control and monitor virtually from anywhere.

This model, however, connects to your smartphone through the Nexx Home app, and through this application, it becomes easy to monitor the status of your garage from any corner of the world.

I mean, if you’re always on the go as I am, then this device will permit you to close or open the garage entry without being physically present.

Better yet, you can personalize the app to receive notifications if the door is open, and it gives you a way to close it.


For even greater convenience, Nexx Garage is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to allow you to admit a guest to your garage through a voice command when you're busy.

So, with this device, you simply need to say “Open up the garage” and the garage door will automatically open.

Security Protocol

Like a majority of the smart garage openers on our list, the Nexx utilizes the latest security encryption and is based on a single controller, thus making it easy to manage your garage door.

  • Conveniently open your door from anywhere
  • Works with Alexa and Google voice commands
  • Secure and reliable
  • The app cloud could do with some improvement

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Garadget Garage Door Opener - Best for Smart Home Integration

If you're in search of a simple but effective smart garage door opener; then the Garadget could be the one you’ve been looking for.

With this device, it becomes easier to control your garage door from anywhere and check whether it's closed or opened.

For the price you pay for this device, Garadget offers plenty of features and benefits.

Garadget Garage Door Opener

Features and Benefits

Smartphone Integration

Once again, this device is smart, and so, it easier to integrate it into your smart hub that might already be installed in your home.

With this device, it now becomes easier to monitor your garage wirelessly, and you don't have to worry whether you left your garage entry open or closed.


Generally, Garadget is compatible with a majority of the new and existing garage doors, and since it’s small in stature, it won’t take much of your space.

The software compatibility is even more appealing, because like the Nexx 100, Garadget also supports IFFFT and Google Assistance. 

Better yet, it gives users access to voice control, and this allows you to operate the garage door even without any physical contact remotely.


What I like most about the app performance is that it comes with a revolutionary APP that includes a smooth surface and allows users to use the app free from other distracting features.


The encryption on this unit is among the best in its class and will ensure that you can trust the system to have the door closed to remain shut.


While I admit Garadget is quite a functional smart door opener, we found it to lag periodically, especially when closing.

  • Inexpensive
  • Compatible with Google Assistant
  • Easy to use
  • Lagging from time to time

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Smart Garage Openers Buying Guide

smart garage opener buying guide

While these nifty gadgets might appear similar, there’re differentiating factors that make one perform better than the next.

Ideally, when choosing a smart garage system, you need to spend money on a system with features that work for you.

Consider the following factors, so you invest in the right opener.

Smartphone Compatibility

To enjoy the convenience of a smart garage opener, you first need to ensure that it’s compatible with your mobile device.

Compatibility is vital as it determines the apps can be used with your device and more, importantly, the kind of access you’ll get.

Generally, however, we recommend choosing those that will allow users to monitor the garage door remotely for added security.

Better yet, consider models that give you the option of adding a camera so you can visually monitor your garage.

Number of Doors

What if you’ve multiple doors to close?

Some of the units allows you to control multiple doors while others don't.

For the latter, it means getting more than a single garage opener.

However, it's not a problem because it's easy to sync them all on the same app for a convenient solution.

Remote Controls

How easy is your garage door opener to operate?

Do you need installing a remote before use?

Generally, garage openers give you two options; either get a pre-programmed or one that is already installed.

Video Monitoring

As we had indicated earlier, some of the devices normally give you the option of monitoring what’s happening in your garage through video.

However, this functionality is a little bit expensive, but we reckon it’s worth it.

That said, you must check the system is compatible with your smart home system.

Opening Speed

The opening speed for the smart garage openers varies from one device to the next.

You’ll find with some model, the door opens almost instantly, while with others, the door delays a bit.

Opening speed aside, you also need to consider the noise. Not all the systems function quietly.

If you found a system that offers a seamless and noiseless operation, that would be ideal.

Generally, those that offer a noiseless operation are fitted with an ultra-quiet belt.

The benefit of a noiseless operation is that you don’t get to disturb your neighbors or even your family members inside the house.


Whether it’s in the pouring rain or the scorching sun, having a smart garage opener lets you drive straight into your garage without having to step out of your car.

Whatever your reasons might be, having a smart garage door opener is extremely helpful.


My smart garage opener isn't working?

If your smart garage opener isn't working, check to see if the power is available. If the power is low, you can recharge the batteries. Additionally, you can check the latest updates available and update the app for smooth operation. Also, you can contact the manufacturer about the issue for a solution.

How will I know my garage opener is Wi-Fi ready?

When you buy the opener, check the ‘Wi-Fi’ logo on the garage door opener. This logo is still on the box. You can also check in the model number for a ‘W’, which indicates the Wi-Fi feature.

How does the opener work?

You'll need to check the manufacturer guideline for the systematic guide on how the unit works. Different openers operate differently, which means that the opener you have will work according to the guideline available. Ensure your gadget is Wi-Fi compatible, then install the app for remote control.

Are smart doors secure and safe?

The doors are good to prevent burglars who use crowbars. However, they still have the risk of hacking. This means you'll need to get the latest updates to keep the smart garage door secure.

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