Ultimate Review Of Best Pressure Washer In 2023

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Pressure Washer Top Man spraying Water

Looking at all the grime in the driveway, hardened dirt and grime in the bathroom and slippery mildew on the decks, you wish there was a shortcut from the hours of backbreaking labor spent cleaning it.

You’ll be happy to know there is a solution in the form of the best pressure washer which shoots a powerful jet of water to clean everything imaginable ranging from filthy cars and bikes to your dirty patios!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight (Pounds)

Cleaning Power



Up to 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM


Up to 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM


Up to 1900 PS

Other Great Recommendations


Up to 2200 PSI at 1.8 GPM


Up to 2800 PSI at 2.4 GPM


Up to 1600 PSI at 1.25 GPM

The Best Pressure Washers In The Market That Money Can Buy!


Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric – Best Pressure Washer in 2019

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030

Instead of spending hours spring cleaning this year, why not buy the Sun Joe SPX3000 and save on your cleaning time? This pressure cleaner is perfect for most of your cleaning tasks like cleaning cars, driveways, lawn equipment, boats, buildings and homes.

It comes with 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree and one soap quick-connect spray tips to choose and use for light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks. It has a powerful 14.5 amp/1800 watt motor which generates a maximum of 2030 PSI/1.76 GPM to provide maximum cleaning power.

The San Joe SPX3000 can be conveniently used by both men and women in both hot and cold weather. Though it is a bit heavy at 31 ponds, its two wheels make moving the product around so easy.


  • Helps complete scrubbing and washing tasks around the home in a shorter time
  • Its TSS (Total Stop System) automatically shuts off the motor when the motor is not in use to save energy and prolong the pump’s life
  • dual 0.9 lt. removable detergent tanks to store different detergents for simultaneous cleaning projects
  • 2 year warranty
  • Additional features like spray wand holder, hose adapter, detergent selection dial and five spray nozzles
  • Excellent in performance


  • Instruction manual is difficult for beginner users to understand
  • It’s plastic adapter is difficult to connect and tends to leak at times
  • Plastic parts have sharp edges which can cause bruises

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SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM Powered by HONDA with OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump – Best Gas Pressure Washer in 2019

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100

The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is the perfect buy for ardent DIY enthusiasts as it gives maximum performance for minimal investment! Fitted with premium Honda OHC GC190 engines, this washer is still lightweight and small enough to carry around while tackling most cleaning jobs like cleaning outdoor furniture, decks, house siding and patios and to prepare your home exteriors for painting.

The gas jet washer offers excellent cleaning results as its Honda engine is famous for its consistent easy start and optimum performance in harshest environments. It’s optimal cleaning performance and impact is attributed to its maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial camp pumps responsible for maximum pressure at the nozzle.

The Simpson washer offers durability with its heavy gauge frame components and welded steel construction while its 10” pneumatic tires ensure ease of mobility. Its 5 pro-style quick connect nozzles prove worthy to use in most cleaning tasks while its siphon tube simplifies detergent application.


  • Runs on a Honda GC 190 engine and maintenance-free OEM technologies Axial Cam Pump
  • Durable structure with its heavy gauge frame components and welded steel construction
  • All cleaning tasks tackled with its 5 pro-style quick connect nozzles
  • Easy to use and move around with its 10” pneumatic tires
  • Comes with a convenient hose, spray gun/wand and siphon tube for easy use of detergents
  • Proper maintenance assures significant investment
  • Reduced fuel consumption because of its overhead cam design, compact combustion chamber and uniblock construction.


  • Some complain that the bolts holding the motor to the frame were loose and rattling
  • Poor customer support
  • Some complain difficulty in getting the engine started as its air filter was clogged with pump oil spilled out during shipping when the package was upside down

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AR Blue Clean 1900 PSI – Best Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean 1900 PSI

You no longer need to spend a fortune and so much time sanding, scraping or painting your wood surfaces like fences and siding to get rid of all the dirt, mold, moss and grime on it. a small onetime investment in the AR Blue Clean gives you the outdoor cleaning power to blast away all the moss, mold and grime on wooden surfaces, driveways, patios, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, RVs  and more in minutes to give a fresh and clean look.

This is an environmentally friendly jet washer which uses 80% less water to produce 40% more power than standard garden hoses. It even makes less noise than gas engine models and is safe to use on most concrete, stucco and stone surfaces.

The AR Blue Clean comes with various attachments; 2 different wands, a professionally designed gun, 20 ft. high pressure hose, a 14oz. detergent bottle and various nozzles.


  • Lightweight and easy to assemble to use to get brilliant cleaning results
  • Best customer support services
  • Blasts away mold, moss and grime on most surfaces including vehicles, furniture and equipment
  • Safe to use on concrete, stone and stucco surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly- uses 80% less water to produce 40% more power than most machines
  • Less noise than gas washers
  • Comes with attachments including adjustable spray, pressure wands and pressure hose


  • Plastic hose adapter tends to leak water
  • Spray gun is made of stiff plastic which tangles easily and is difficult to manage while moving around
  • The built-in reel for the hose does not efficiently store it

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Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM with Power Hose Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand

vation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM

Looking for versatility in a pressure washer? Well, the Ivation is just what you are looking for. It’s designed with optimal versatility to easily handle all your home’s, patios, lawn equipment’s, vehicle’s and lots more cleaning tasks.

It’s 1800 watt/14.5 amp motor generates the jet washer’s 2,200 PSI and 1.8GPM for maximum cleaning and scrubbing power to get rid of gunk, oil, rust, dirt, grime, mildew and grease even from the toughest spots.

This device comes with 5 interchangeable high and low pressure nozzles with various surfaces and a bonus turbo wand. It’s automatic total stop system conveniently shuts off the unit when not in use while its self-suction feature helps you use standing water if there’s no garden hose around.


  • The perfect cleaning solution for removing grime, gunk, oil, rust and the toughest spots in vehicles, homes, driveways, patios and decks
  • So easy to use, it needs just 30seconds to setup.
  • Its copper connections easily join to the hose and nozzle for an effortless hookup
  • Comes with 5 interchangeable high and low pressure nozzles with various wash surfaces to chose the perfect stream and pressure for all surfaces
  • Additional features include a turbo wand for hard-to-reach areas, Automatic Total Stop System, soap dispenser and optional self suction
  • Has a 1 year warranty


  • Some complain the wands were loose in the box
  • Some complain that the washer sprays only plain water and no soap
  • Its two wheels are not much use as it’s difficult moving device back or forwards

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Generac 6922 2,800 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac 6922 2,800 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas Powered Pressure Washer

The Generac 6922 is perfect for taking care of medium duty residential cleaning tasks. It’s user-friendly design makes connecting hoses, assembling and moving the jet washer around so easy for the efficient cleaning of everything from patio furniture to decks and driveways.

This gas powered washer has an ergonomically designed spray gun where it’s cushion grip handle makes cleaning so comfortable as it’s spray trigger is easily pulled with minimal effort and fatigue.

It’s on-board integrated ¼” gallon detergent tank provides you with onboard storage space for your cleaning detergents. Hose connections are a snatch with the Generac 6922 as it’s Axial camp pump is at about the same level as the engine.


  • Has 10” never-flat wheels which provide for easy maneuverability and mobility across all terrains
  • Includes quick-change nozzle tips of 0, 25 and 40 degrees and soap for efficient tackling of all kinds of cleaning jobs
  • An on-board detergent tank provides convenient on-board storage for cleaning detergents
  • Produces 2800 PSI of power
  • Its 25-foot high pressure hose is connected to the spray gun’s back to easily reach hard-to-reach areas
  • User-friendly jet washer as all controls are in a single location including on/off, fuel and choke shutoff


  • Pull cord has a design flaw and tends to rip apart

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Karcher K2 Plus 1600 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric – Best Portable Pressure Washer

Karcher K2 Plus 1600 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric

Cleaning and maintaining your home and cars is a tedious job, and everyone looks for help in this direction. An electric power washer like the Karcher K2 provides a solution through its various features to tackle the most stubborn stains in minimal time. Moreover as it’s not so pricey, it’s affordable to most homeowners.

This quiet, yellow jet washer provides 1600PSI at a flow rate of 1.25 GPM, making it light duty pressure washer perfect for light duty household chores. Made using rubber material, the 16 pound pressure washer offers the longest service life with extended durability.

It’s Vario Power Spray wand makes adjusting the spray from the wand so easy without changing nozzles while its 35foot GFCI power cord detergent siphon hose makes using detergent for cleaning tough greasy and oily stains so easy.

Easy to use and carry around, the Karcher K2 can be used by experts and beginners alike. It’s 5 piece clean kit consists of a wash brush, dual purpose sponge, 3 measured Karcher soap packets and a wheel rim brush.


  • Low noise levels
  • With an electric powered motor, it doesn’t produce toxic fumes
  • Optimal power output
  • Easy to use with its Vario power spray wand and detergent siphon hose
  • 2 year warranty
  • Has a unique dirt blaster and washing brush for a sparkling clean
  • Can pull water from a standing source of water like tank or bucket


  • Not designed for frequent and heavy duty purposes like industrial cleanings
  • As it runs on electricity, it’s portability is limited.
  • As it uses only cold water, can be difficult to use for cleaning oily and greasy surfaces
  • Flimsy design may lead to the tool breaking down after 5-6 months of use

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What Is The Best Affordable Pressure Washer?

Woman With Affordable Pressure Washer

Pressure washers or jet or power washers like Lowes use a powerful concentrated jet of water to remove dirt much better than a brush and using less water than a garden hose.

These washers use only 400 lt. of water an hour to produce 100 bar pressure while a normal garden hose uses about 3500 lt. of water to produce just 4 bar. So you could consider them to be motorized hosepipes using pumps to create a high-pressure water flow to effectively remove dirt.

They are powered by either gas or electricity and save you time and money as you no longer need to wash items by hand. Just aim the wand to the surface and the jet washer does all the cleaning work for you.

Features To Consider Before You Buy

Washer machines have some basic features you should know about:


The body is made of plastic and covers the washer’s motor and pump. The body is heavier and more robust in machines which have a more powerful washer machine pump and motor as too light bodies are easily knocked over while moving around the house.

The body also houses the pressure washer’s main on/off switch and fittings connecting the hosepipe and washer hose. Hoses are quickly attached and removed from the power washer through push-fit connections with provisions for stowing the washer’s lance and accessories.

Quick Connect Feature

You can quickly change nozzle attachments and save time with the pressure washer’s quick-connect capability. It also increases the power washer’s cleaning capability and in case your machine doesn’t have this feature, buy adapters.

Washer Hose

This hose can be anywhere between 3m for cheap pressure washers to 10m long for the more expensive ones. Obviously devices with a longer hose are much easier to move around while cleaning as there’s no need of moving the entire washer.

The more powerful jet washers can reach a maximum of 25 feet for high-powered cleaning power for siding, rooftops and other difficult-to-reach places. They are usually wider and thicker hoses made of reinforced materials so that they don’t burst under the water pressure. Pressure hoses are usually stored by winding around the body, hung on a body hook or in expensive models, may end up retracted into a hose reel.

Trigger & Handle

You need to squeeze the trigger after switching on the motor for water to start flowing from the nozzle and most machines automatically stop when the trigger is released. The triggers of the more expensive jet washers are made of thicker plastic, have a handle with a more ergonomic shape and soft-touch surfaces.

They also have safety locks to prevent the machine from accidently turning on. It’s always better to check the designs of pressure washers to find out how to use them and if pressure washer repair is possible if something goes wrong.

Wheels & Telescoping Handles

This is an important feature for moving heavy and bulky machines around. A handle which easily goes up and down lets you quickly pull or push the unit around when needed. However wheels are of no use if you plan to carry your jet washer over steps or uneven ground as you’ll have to carry your washer around!

Lances, Nozzles & Spray Tips

The long plastic tube connecting the device’s handle and trigger to the nozzle creating the spray jet is called the lance. While basic units have only one lance and nozzle, the more expensive models have lances and nozzles of various jet spray strengths and shapes.

The various pressure washer tips and nozzles let you use various spray speeds and mists for different cleaning jobs. While the smaller items need a lighter spray, large and more soiled items need a high, wide-powered spray to remove dirt and grime.

Fixed Jet

The jet’s shape and pressure cannot be adjusted. You can reduce the force only by holding it farther away from the surface.

Variable Fan Jet

This is also called variable pressure lances which lets you change the jet’s force from a focused to a broad fan. This feature proves helpful while cleaning fragile surfaces like decking and cars.

Rotary Jet

It is also known as dirt blasters or ‘roto-power’ lances which provide powerful and focused jet spins for optimal cleaning power, best for removing the heavy soiling from paving slabs.  They however should not be used on block paving, decking or cars as the water jet is so strong, it may cause damage. It’s only by moving the jet closer or farther from the surface can you vary its cleaning power.

Angled Lances

They are usually used for cleaning under cars and garden furniture.

Detergent Tanks

Detergent or other cleaning agents are used in detergent tank for cleaning dirty items. However as harsh detergent can ruin the tanks not meant for it, it’s better to read the pressure washer’s manual before use.

Accessory Storage

Some jet washers have a provision for storing extension cords, extra spray tips, extension cords and other similar accessories inside the machine.

Hot Or Cold Water Use

Some models let you choose between using hot or cold water for different levels of cleaning power. While hot water does help clean heavily soiled items, make sure your washer is a hot water pressure washer or steam pressure washer. They are specifically designed for use with hot water as tanks meant for cold water use cannot be used with hot water.

Types Of Available Washer Models


Pressure washers are divided into two types based on the type of power it uses. There are electric-powered washers which work quietly, are easy to use and affordably priced between $100-$250.

They are great for small jobs around the house, and need an outlet and extension cord to work. These machines work at the flip of a switch and are much cleaner than gas washers.

There are some electric power washers like Snap on pressure washer which have to be plugged directly into an outlet with its built-in cord and not using an extension cord. So take this into consideration and follow the manufacturer’s instructions about connecting the device to a power source.

Just make sure your hands are dry while using electric pressure washers and that its electrical connections and dry and off the ground. As lower pressure is used while washing, they take longer to clean.

Gas Or Petrol Powered Washers

Gas or petrol powered pressure washers like Honda are more expensive, between ~$250-$500 and more powerful than electric ones, making them the perfect choice for heavy duty use.

As they are powered by fuel, they needn’t be connected to mains electricity, don’t have any interrupting trailing cables and are thus free to be taken anywhere. They however can only be used outdoors as its engine generates carbon monoxide. While some models crank with a manual pull-start, other models come with an electric starter.

Gas powered jet washers deliver higher-pressure washer to quickly clean large areas like decks, driveways and siding without using chemicals. However they are rather noisy and need frequent tune-ups. It’s pressure washer pumps have to be winterized with antifreeze in colder climates as these washers can’t be stored inside.

No products found.

Common Accessories


Brushes are great for washing cars and for cleaning greenhouses and conservatories. Fixed brushes let the water flow out through holes in between bristles while rotary brushes use the water power to rotate a circular brush.

Patio Cleaner

Patio cleaner attachments may come with the machine or may have to be bought separately. They are circular plastic hoods with a brush around its bottom edge and a have a pair of jets inside rotating at high speed near the ground to remove dirt much faster than lances.

Some models also have hand grips for easy cleaning of vertical surfaces like fences and walls. Patio cleaners make cleaning easier and less messy than using a standard lance as you needn’t stoop while using them. Its plastic hood also prevents dirty water from spraying everywhere.

On-Board Storage

Best pressure washer have on-board storage for keeping the hose, cable, lance and nozzles in order and ready for use. They may also have a storable handle which makes the pressure washer less bulky and easier to store. Unfortunately, only few models have provisions for storing patio cleaner attachment.

Cable Tidy

Simple machines have a single cable tidy to prevent the power cable from getting tangled while better machines have a two-hook winder or integral cable reel.


Detergents not only help penetrate dirt but also protect and maintain your outdoor areas. There are various detergents with specific formula available to choose from for cleaning your chosen surface.

Foam Nozzles

Foam nozzles help at applying detergent and are useful while cleaning vertical surfaces like cars. Just apply the detergent to the surface as thick foam and it clings to surfaces so that the formulae have more time to work.

While there are many accessories available to help get the most of your pressure washer, it’s better to get them in a bundle as its cost effective. So decide what accessories you may need for various tasks before buying your machine and look for them accordingly.

Surface Cleaner

This is an essential pressure washer attachment used for cleaning flat floors where instead of rotating polish pads, rotating nozzles in their head clean your floor surface. It’s special guards prevent the spraying out of dirt and grime on the floor’s clean areas.

They are best for cleaning smooth floors like linoleum, tile and marble and not for cleaning outside decking. However read pressure washer reviews and manufacturer’s recommendations before using a washer surface cleaner.

How Do They Work?

Pressure washers increase the pressure of water it receives from a common standard garden hose. The garden hose is the low pressure connection (IN) to the pressure washer and the high-pressure connection (OUT) is the pressurized water which goes through another hose to come out of a hand-held wand aimed at whatever is to be cleaned.

The spray pattern is controlled using differently shaped, interchangeable nozzles where light sprays of 100-110 bar pressure clean cars, woodwork, plastic and small areas like driveway. A high pressure spray of 120 or more bar is powerful enough to clean brick, stonework, metal and large areas like patios, decking, paths and driveways.

Maintain a habit of using a pressure washer pump protector after each use as it lubricates the pump’s seals and prevents the accumulation of corrosive minerals and ice.

How To Choose An Affordable Pressure Washer?

Now you know all about the various types, features and accessories of pressure washers, you next need to choose the right jet washer to buy. This is not an easy thing as there are so many different models to choose from.

The best way to make your final decision is by deciding how often you will be using it, and what you will be cleaning it with. If you plan to use it for light work around your house, a basic, cheap machine is all you need. However if you need something for frequent large jobs, a gas-powered, stronger and more expensive option is a better choice.

Generally speaking, the higher specification machines are more durable, have longer guarantees and have a wider working cleaning width for faster cleaning of clean outdoor spaces. But they will not be of much use to you for cleaning small outdoor areas or only one specific task.

Machines with adjustable pressure settings give more flexibility for your jobs. If you don’t have much storage space, look for jet washers with built-in storage to store your cables and hoses.

If you opt for more powerful power washers, remember that they are heavier. So make sure they have wheels and a handle for moving it around. If required, you could buy a pressure washer with additional features like longer hoses and on-board detergent tanks to simplify your cleaning task.

Choose your washer based on its cleaning power, which is measured by pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) and which determines the speed and strength of the water stream.

Pounds per square inch is the water pressure created in the machine, and determines the strength of water when it is released from the machine’s wand. Gallons per minute is the amount of water delivered through the machine and determines the machine’s debris cleaning speed and efficiency.

Multiplying the PSI and GPM gives you the cleaning power of the pressure washer which you can use to compare and choose the right model for your cleaning job. Electric powered machine have a PSI of 1300-1800 and a GPM of up to 1.5, making it fit for light-duty work like washing cars, shutters, light mold, furniture, patio furniture, mildew and grills.

The gas powered pressure washers have a PSI of 2000-3000 and a GPM of up to 2.5 for heavy-duty and more frequent jobs like cleaning decks, sidewalks and siding. There are also professional washers in the market with a PSI of 3000-4000 and a GPM of up to 4.0, making it fit for tough and frequent use by contractors and professionals in industrial jobs, tough stains, paint stripping and concrete cleaning.

Other Features To Consider Before Purchasing

Besides the above mentioned specifications, there are a few other things to consider while choosing your jet washer.

Suitable Power For Your Cleaning Needs

While professional pressure washers are strong, it’s not necessary that more power is always better. In fact, experts warn that buying too strong a machine than required for your job not only overkills, but also makes damaging paint finishes or outdoor products like lawn furniture so much easier if used improperly. So choose a machine with a higher PSI only if you need it, and not otherwise.

Manageable Maintenance

Though gas power washers are strong, they require frequent servicing and maintenance like checking and changing of engine oil and servicing of spark plug. On the contrary, electric models are not so powerful, but handle household jobs without much maintenance needs.

Adjustable Water Spray

Water pressure and scope can be adjusted using an adjustable spray nozzle or by changing the spray tip. Thus a hard-blasting jet spry can be adjusted to a broader fan-spray for better cleaning and protection from potential damage.

Easy Setup And Portability

It’s easier moving pressure washers with large wheels and if there’s storage space for the water hose, power cord and trigger. Moreover, larger wheels give added stability and prevents the machine from tipping over while spraying.

Pump Protection

With overheating being the leading cause for pump failure, the best pressure washers offer pump protection. Electric jet washers stop the pump as soon as its trigger is released while gas power washers have a thermal relief valve which circulates cool water through the pump when idle.

Sufficient water Coverage

As even the best pressure washers have a short life span of a few years, electric jet washers should have at least a year’s warranty and gas pressure washers offering a year’s warranty with extended coverage for important parts like the motor. However warranties for accessories like hoses and spray tips are usually short; for about 90 days.


You will naturally want a long-lasting electric pressure washer, so look for a model with a triplex pump and stainless-steel or ceramic plungers as they are superior and longer lasting than axial cams or wobble pumps. Induction motors are the best motors for electric power washers as they are quieter, run cooler and last longer than universal motors.

Your DIY Skills

There are two parts in pressure washers which are most troublesome for consumers – plastic water connections and water hoses. They are easily repaired if you are a DIY person as the rater connections just have to be replaced with a brass fitting or the threads wrapped using plumber’s tape.

If you don’t like fiddling with devices, it’s better buying a pressure washer with upgraded water hoses like a steel-braided line are less likely to create problems and are easier to handle than plastic water hoses.

Size & Weight

If you plan to carry the jet washer around, or store it on a shelf, look for a lightweight and handheld model. If power is your priority, most gas pressure washers have an upright design or foldable handle which reduces its required storage space.


With so much to take into consideration and know to buy the best pressure washer, it may be difficult for one to make the right choice. So to help you out with this, here are some electric pressure washer reviews of the more popular and best pressure washers in the market today!


Can I use hot water with the pressure washer?

You should avoid using hot water with a pressure washer as it may cause damages to the pump and o-rings. It will be better to use cold water to enhance your washer's durability and enhance its effectiveness. 

Should I use water from the lake?

Using water from the lake with a pressure washer can be risky. 

The water can contain debris which can destroy the pump. Plus, the pressure washers are not designed to collect water from a stationary source. Trying to use water from the lake may shorten the life of your pressure pump. 

What type of oil should I use with the pressure pump?

Using the right oil is essential in ensuring the pump performs effectively. It also enhances its durability. Most of the pressure washers from various manufacturers come with an instructions manual that includes the type of oil to use. Ensure you use the oil as using a different type may lead to deteriorating performance, and it can also void your warranty.

Should I drain the gasoline in the pump? 

If you plan on storing the pressure pump in your store or basement, you should drain the gasoline. You should also drain the gasoline if you want to transport the pump in a vehicle. 

This reduces the chances of hazards. 

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