Ultimate Review Of Best Carpet Cleaners Of 2023

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A dirty carpet can incubate dangerous bacteria, exacerbate asthma and even lead to a variety of allergies. While your carpet doesn’t necessarily need to be sterile in order to ensure your home is safe, it does need to be clean and dust free to ensure your loved ones are healthy throughout.

The best way to ensure your carpet is clean always is by using a quality carpet cleaner. In the past, finding a quality carpet cleaner was a relatively simple task. However, today, with so many varieties in the market it’s very easy to get confused with all the technical jargon and details.

Below is a list of 10 of the best carpet cleaners whose abilities and specifications have been explained in simple language to help you understand what they’re all about.

By using this comprehensive no-nonsense guide you are guaranteed to find a carpet cleaner machine that will ensure you not only maintain a much cleaner home environment but one that will also give you greater control (i.e. more options to choose from) especially when you have a lot of cleaning to do.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight (Pounds)

Water Tank System


Hoover FH50150





Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro



Other Great Recommendations


2-In-1 System

Hoover F5914900 SteamVac



Hoover Max Extract DualV F7452900PC


Smart Large









TTop Rated Carpet Cleaners of 2019 In The Market That Money Can Buy!

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Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe - Best For All Surfaces!

<a href=Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub" width="1024" height="1024" title="Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub" data-id="8549" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Hoover-FH50150-Power-Scrub-Deluxe-Carpet-Washer-1a077e53-12db-4b55-98c9-74beb4bf35af-1024x1024.jpg" style="">

Are you searching for a portable carpet cleaner that can clean rugs and other surfaces with ease? If so, look no further than the Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe. This state of the art machine features a SpinScrub multiple brush system, a DualV nozzle, an automatic detergent mixing feature and a rinse option. The DualV nozzle facilitates faster drying of the cleaned surface by working as a channel through which heated air is forced out at a rapid rate. This cleaner is also very easy to use. The Smart tank system is built to ensure the cleaner is easy to fill, empty and clean.


  • SpinScrub technology — The Hoover FH50150 can clean carpet fibers from all angles i.e. 360 degrees courtesy of its counter rotating brushes.
  • SmartTanks system. — This allows emptying and filling the Hoover FH50150 to be easy and effortless, with no messes courtesy of the quick pour spout.
  • It has a net weight of below 19 pounds.
  • Automatic detergent mixing system. — Provides the right proportion of water and detergent depending on the cleaning mode set.
  • Easy access handles. — Comes with up to 4 handles that allow easy handling and transportation of the unit.


  • The cleaner’s turbine is made from non-stainless steel which means it rusts quickly thus shortening the life of the cleaner.

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Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Machine - Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains!

Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Machine

Do you have pets and need a cleaner that can quickly and easily remove those pesky pet hairs off the carpet and other surfaces? If this is the case you might want to consider the Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning machine. This is one of the best Bissell Pet carpet cleaners in the market. It is built to remove ground-in dirt and even tough pet stains deep in carpet fibers. To facilitate this, the manufacturers incorporated rotating DirtLifter power brushes that can dig deep into carpet fibers to get rid of the dirt. They also included a variety of cleaning attachments such as a 6-inch stair tool and a 9-foot hose to ensure hard to reach areas can be cleaned with relative ease.


  • Rotating DirtLifter. — Loosens and removes deeply embedded dirt in carpet fibers.
  • Large capacity tanks — Separate large clean and dirty water tanks save time by reducing the number of trips to the sink.
  • Long hose — Makes cleaning hard to reach areas easy.
  • Flow indicator. — Notifies the user on the appropriate time to replace the water in the tanks.
  • Tough stain tools — Removes tough stains in hard to access areas.


  • Sometimes the suction may malfunction after a few months of use.
  • It really is BIG weighing around 42 pounds

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Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro, FH50220 - Best For Rugs & Carpets

<a href=Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro, FH50220" width="1024" height="1024" title="Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro, FH50220" data-id="8552" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/999999-073502032039-1024x1024.jpg" style="">

The Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro carpet cleaner is a machine that can be relied on to thoroughly clean rugs and carpets. It uses pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning to achieve a much higher degree of clean. Basically, this involves using pressurized water with relentless spray. The pressurized water gently loosens dirt as well as stubborn stains from carpet fibers. Another trait that sets this cleaner apart from the vast majority is its ability to extract water from surfaces which was found to be very high. Compared to other models, this portable carpet cleaner was found to leave carpets almost dry. The cleaner is also relatively easy to use requiring little reference to the user manual.


  • DualV nozzle technology — Facilitates more efficient suction of water to ensure carpets and floors dry quicker.
  • SpinScrub technology. — Ensures a 360 degree contact with carpet fibers to ensure a deep and thorough clean.
  • Heated cleaning. — Comes with the option of using heated air to speed up dry time.
  • SmartTanks System — Clean and dirty water are housed separately for efficiency.
  • Pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning. — Involves the use of pressurized water to loosen stains and dirt from carpets.


  • Sometimes the suction and brushes can stop working after a few months of use.

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BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner, 1622

BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner, 1622

Are you looking for a Bissell pet carpet cleaner that you can use to supplement your regular Bissell vacuum machine? If so, consider the Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright deep cleaner, 1622 model. This cleaner can be used to remove the micro pet hairs and dirt that remain in the carpet after regular vacuuming. This is made possible by the 4-row DirtLifter PowerBrush attached to the machine that penetrates deep into carpet fibers where it loosens stains and dirt. A powerful suction is then used to remove the debris from the fibers. Alternatively, the machine can inject a warm cleaning mixture deep into carpets that can eliminate grime and dirt thus giving carpets new life.


  • 2-in-1 tank system. — Allows easy filling and emptying
  • Removable nozzle — For improved ease of use
  • 4 Row DirtLifter PowerBrush — Removes deeply embedded dirt that the vacuum can’t get.
  • Easy Cleanup. — It comes with an easy to use lint-screen plus a removable nozzle that are easy to clean.
  • 8 oz trial size formula. — For testing the cleaner.
  • Powerful suction. — The cleaner can generate a suction force that loosens debt and debris in carpet fibers.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Some units malfunction after a few months of use.

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Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900

<a href=Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900" width="1024" height="1024" title="Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900" data-id="8554" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Hoover-F5914-900-SteamVac-Deep-Cleaner-with-Clean-Surge-52401095-5178-40cd-a292-38f4ad3ec8aa-1024x1024.jpg" style="">

Looking for a carpet cleaner machine that has a powerful motor that will make your carpets, rugs and floors truly clean? If so, consider the Hoover carpet cleaner SteamVac with clean surge F5914900. This cleaner comes with a powerful 12 amp motor to easily clean carpets, upholstery and other surfaces. The F5914900 also comes with patented SpinScrub brushes that enable the cleaner to loosen dirt and other debris to a greater degree than most cleaners. This is accomplished through the scrubbing of carpet fibers from all sides by the brushes to remove dirt from every angle. Other great features of the tank include a 3-speed brushroll control, dual tanks and a SpinScrub powered hand tool.


  • SmartTanks system. — Involves the use of separate tank compartments for clean and dirty water.
  • Powerful motor. — Uses a 12 amp motor to guarantee clean carpets and floors.
  • No belts. — Minimizes maintenance since no belt replacements will be needed
  • 3-Speed Brushroll control. — Can be set to off, low or high depending on the level of cleaning required.
  • SpinScrub powered hand tool. — Makes it easy to clean stains in hard to reach areas.


  • The cleaner is quite heavy at 29.1 pounds.

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Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V, F7452900PC

F7452900PC <a href=Hoover" width="500" height="500" title="F7452900PC Hoover" data-id="8565" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/F7452900PC-Hoover.jpg" style="">

The Hoover Max Extract DualV all terrain carpet cleaner was built to deep clean a variety of surfaces (hence the term “all terrain”) including hardwood floors and carpeted areas in your home. It comes with a variety of unique features such as an automatic detergent mixing system, patented SpinScrub brushes, an auto-rinse feature and DualV nozzle technology which combine to provide superb carpet and floor cleaning performance. SpinScrub technology allows for 360 degree cleaning of all carpet fibers. It thus allows for the gentle loosening of dirt and other stains from carpet fibers from all angles thus ensuring a higher level of cleanliness is achieved.


  • Dual tank system — Separates clean water from soapy water to facilitate the easier removal of foam and residue.
  • All terrain cleaning feature. — Can easily clean a variety of surfaces with ease.
  • Automatic detergent mixing system. — Mixes detergent and water in the right proportions to facilitate optimal cleaning depending on the cleaning mode selected.
  • Auto rinse feature. — Rinses hard floors and carpets eliminating all foam and residue.
  • Extension tools for upholstery. — Facilitates quick dry time after clean up.


  • Some units are poorly assembled and tend to break easily.

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Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell ProHeat 1548 promises to help you tackle your biggest pet messes in order to refresh and restore your carpets. This device can help eradicate tough pet stains with relative ease. Users have the freedom to choose from multiple cleaning modes depending on the nature of the stain they wish to remove and the amount of time they have to clean. In a busy household, the express mode can be used to achieve a quick clean. Conversely, if the user has time to spare, the deep clean mode can be used to remove deeply etched dirt and pet stains. Whichever cleaning mode is used, the carpet is guaranteed to dry in a relatively short time – usually in an hour or less.


  • 1 Gallon tank capacity. — Reduces the frequency of water replacement.
  • Weighs less than 18 pounds.
  • Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes. — In conjunction with Heatwave Technology remove stains and dirt from carpets with relative ease.
  • Tough stain and pet stain tools. — These further facilitate the removal of dirt and debris from carpet fibers as well as odors.
  • 2 cleaning modes. — Express clean offers a powerful general clean while the deep clean mode offers a more comprehensive and thorough clean for carpets and floors.


  • The suction is prone to malfunction.

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Bissell Spotbot Pet Handsfree with Deep Reach Technology, 33N8A – Corded

Bissell Spotbot Pet Handsfree with Deep Reach Technology, 33N8A

Looking for a portable carpet cleaner that can clean stains and spots off carpets without any human guidance? If so, this Bissell pet carpet cleaner might be exactly what you’re looking for. With the simple push of a button the Bissell Spotbot 33N8A cleaner can spray, brush and suction general stains as well as set-in pet stains from carpets and other surfaces. The deep reach technology incorporated into the device facilitates a high degree of dirt eradication by delivering water and cleaning formula in the required proportions in the carpet fibers depending on the cleaning mode that is chosen. When used in conjunction with the Bissell pet stain and odor and pet oxy Boost formula tough pet stains are removed permanently.


  • 2 Preset cleaning cycles. — Set the machine, walk away and let it do the job.
  • DeepReach technology. — Cleans from the bottom of the carpet upwards to thoroughly eliminate stains.
  • Hands free cleaning. — Does not require human guidance and involvement to clean.
  • Hose and tool. — Allow easy cleaning of hard to reach areas e.g. stairs and tucked away corners.
  • — Weighs less than 20 pounds.
  • Compact design. — It is easy to carry and store.


  • It is challenging to clean the water holding tanks particularly the one housing dirty water.
  • It is challenging to remove pet hairs from the brush head attachment.

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Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Looking for a carpet cleaner machine that combines scrubbing action with a powerful vacuum suction and cleaning solution to provide professional results? Look no further than the Bissell 3624 professional portable carpet cleaner. With a large capacity ¾ gallon tank and an assortment of professional state of the art cleaning tools, this cleaner is designed to remove tough stains and stubborn dirt with relative ease. This cleaner also comes with a powerful suction that not only helps to eradicate spots, stubborn dirt and stains but it also allows for the cleaning of multiple surfaces e.g. rugs, upholstery, stairs, auto interiors e.t.c. Its long reach power cord ensures easy maneuverability and access to tough to reach areas.


  • Superior suction. — It is built with a powerful motor that eliminates stubborn dirt, spots and stains with relative ease.
  • Cleans multiple surfaces. — It can eliminate stains on carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto-interiors, rugs, e.t.c.
  • Long-reach power cord. — Has a 22-ft power cord for greater convenience.
  • Large capacity tank. — Holds up to ¾ a gallon.
  • 6-inch stair tool. — Easily attaches to the hose. Is excellent for cleaning large furniture areas as well as stairs and other hard to reach areas.
  • 2 year limited warranty.


  • The hose is prone to breakage and the sprayer sometimes malfunctions after a few instances of use.

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BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, 14259

Are you searching for a green machine carpet cleaner? If so, the Bissell little green ProHeat 14259-corded carpet cleaner might be suitable for you. This machine is equipped with powerful suction and powerful spray that enables it to easily clean spots, stains and spills. Further, it has a built in water heater for enhanced results i.e. easier lifting of tough stains. The Bissell 14259 can also clean stains and messes from multiple surfaces e.g. rugs, stairs, carpets, auto interiors, upholstery e.t.c. This is made possible by its powerful suction and spray as well as the variety of onboard tools e.g. tough stain tool and crevice tool that make it easy to clean different mediums.


  • Strong spray suction. — Has a powerful spray that can clean pet accidents and stains.
  • Cleans multiple surfaces. — Can eliminate stains on rugs, upholstery, carpets and other surfaces.
  • Easy to use. — It is light which makes it easy to maneuver.
  • Built in water heater. — To realize better cleaning results.
  • On board tools. — They make it easy to clean carpet edges, upholstery and stairs.
  • 2X spot and stain formula. — Maximizes the performance of the Bissell 14259 machine in removing stains, spills and spots.


  • Some parts e.g. the heating element, or the whole unit may stop working after a few months of use.

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Advantages of Owning A Carpet Cleaner

Advantages Of Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

When it comes to cleaning carpets, some people choose to rent carpet cleaners while others prefer to own their personal cleaning devices. While it’s true that there are some advantages to renting these machines it should be noted that there also some significant drawbacks associated with this approach.

Below are a few advantages of owning a carpet cleaner instead of renting one.

  1. You’ll save more money in the long-term

There’s no doubt about it: owning your personal carpet cleaner will save you a lot of money in the long haul. Granted, the initial investment of owning a personal cleaner is higher compared to the sum you’d pay for a one-time rental but this figure, when taken in perspective, is much smaller in comparison to the accumulated rental fees if you plan to rent a cleaner severally.

There are also other perks that ensure long-term savings such as the fact that some carpet cleaners sometimes come with complementary stain formula as part of the package. This means the owner will not be required to spend money to acquire cleaning formula for a while thus saving money. It’s also not uncommon to find some manufacturers offering large quantities of stain formula at discounted prices as part of the deal for buying their machine. This works to the benefit of the buyer by helping reduce associated cleaning costs.

  1. You’ll save more time in the long-term

Users can save a lot of time when they purchase their own cleaner instead of renting due to familiarity with the device. When renting, some time has to be spent acclimating with the equipment’s features. This is because when you rent you will, in most cases, receive different models of carpet cleaners. When you have your personal machine, there is no time wasted in getting to learn how to use a specific machine since you are already familiar with its specs. All that is required is to simply retrieve it from its storage point and quickly set it to perform in order to enjoy a clean environment.

  1. You’ll avoid extra costs associated with renting

When you buy your personal carpet cleaner you are assured to never make another payment again – ever. However, renting is different. Usually when someone is renting the price listed is assumed to be for the main machine only. This means that the user will be required to pay extra for some accessories that come separately with the machine. Some rental establishments also tend to impose penalties if the rental period is exceeded. Sometimes, through no fault of the user, the rental costs can increase significantly as a result of these penalties, if the device is not returned in a given period, say, perhaps due to bad weather e.t.c.

On the other hand, there are no penalties if you own your personal cleaner. Additionally, you’ll get to avoid extra costs associated with renting such as high costs of detergents and stain formulas. This is because when you have your personal machine you can purchase large quantities of stain formula usually at discounted prices because you’re most likely going to use it all. However, when renting, the costs of stain formula and detergents will generally be higher since they are bought in small quantities on a day-by-day basis.

Other expenses associated with renting include transportation cost of the cleaner from the rental establishment to the user’s premises and back. This cost is not incurred when one owns their own cleaning unit.

  1. You’ll save yourself from potential frustrations

Generally, renting a carpet cleaner is more inefficient as opposed to buying your own. When you choose to rent, more often than not, your choice is restricted to the models that are available for rent. This means you have limited say on the size, brands and accessories that you can use and consequently, the cleaning solutions you have to buy. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, it can pose a significant problem depending on the type of cleaner you get and what your needs are.

For example, if you have a big home and you get a small or medium sized cleaner you will end up taking much longer to clean than you would like which can be frustrating. Conversely, if you own a small home and you get a large cleaner you might end up having to pay more for electricity since the cleaner requires more power to run. Ultimately, this makes it expensive to use. Large carpet cleaners will also inconvenience small households since they use more water which in turn takes surfaces a longer period to dry. Additionally, depending on the size of the room, a large machine may present a challenge when it comes to maneuvering and can potentially cause damage not only to the walls and furniture but also to itself.

  1. You’ll be able to clean more often

By choosing to purchase your own cleaning unit instead of renting you’re according yourself more freedom to clean when and as you choose. This is a huge contrast to renting which restricts you to clean your carpets and surfaces a specific number of times in a week since you are sharing the cleaners with others. In some instances, you may not be able to clean at all for a given period depending on the availability of the machines which can be caused by factors such as a delay in return by other renters, breakdown of the cleaners, e.t.c. This means you might have to contend with a dirty environment longer than you’d like – a definite inconvenience.

By having your own machine you’ll get to clean frequently without any of the inconveniences mentioned above. This will ultimately lead to a much cleaner environment. If you happen to house pets, it will also lead to improved health as unwanted dirt and pollutants carried by pets are removed from the home environment more frequently.

Tips to Consider Before Buying A Carpet Cleaner

Generally speaking, quality carpet cleaners require a substantial investment to acquire. Just like any other investor, you undoubtedly want to receive the most that you possibly can from your investment. This means you not only want your cleaner to serve you for a long time but you also want it to look good longer and function without any major hiccups during its life. While a small portion of this depends on luck, a significant portion however depends on controllable factors.

Here are 5 things that should be considered before buying a carpet cleaner to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

  1. Warranty

The warranty is a good indicator of the quality of the machine you intend to buy. Generally, the longer the warranty period: the greater the quality of the machine and vice-versa. When dealing with warranties, it is also important to understand the warranty stipulations. In order to benefit from your warranty you need to confirm that the warranty requirements are reasonable especially if you plan on making a heavy investment. You can ask for a copy of the warranty guidelines to read at your own leisure to help you make a more informed decision.

  1. Motor size 

The motor size is a good indicator of the power of a carpet cleaner although it should not be used as the sole factor to determine the level of suction. Most cleaners have between 8-12 amps powered motors. While it is generally a good idea to purchase a motor with a higher rated amp, this does not mean that it is necessarily the most powerful. Other factors you need to take into consideration include the design of the motor, the design of the nozzle and hose, the airflow specification, the height adjustment that is allowable on the carpet or surface, e.t.c. If you’re not sure how to judge these factors you can ask the sales specialists to help you figure them out better.

  1. Number of motors

Sometimes a cleaner may have only one motor with a high amp. That’s fine. In another case such a cleaner may have several “small” motors which are connected and still work to the same degree as in the first scenario.

This is to say don’t be quick to discard one model for another based on perceived motor power due to the size and number of motors. Take time to inquire if other motors are present which can deliver great suction similar to that of a cleaner with only one motor. A cleaner may have one big motor that powers the brushes and the vacuum or a cleaner may have two separate motors with lower power that complement each other in powering the brushes and providing suction.

  1. Tank capacity

The size of the tank mainly determines the level of convenience the user gets to enjoy. The larger the tank the greater the convenience since the user spends less time adding water to the cleaner. The opposite is also true. The smaller the tank, the more the trips the user has to make to keep the machine’s cleaning operations going.

  1. Construction material 

The material used to house the cleaner should be given high priority since it determines the durability of the cleaner and to a large extent the duration of service that can be expected from the machine. Depending on the brand, the external material can vary from polished chrome to brittle plastic. In some cases, the cleaner may be built with an assortment of materials making certain parts more prone to damage than others. Consider the environment you plan to use the machine in to help you determine the quality of material you should have on your machine.

  1. Ergonomics

Simply put, ergonomics refers to the general efficiency of the cleaner. This is not determined by considering one factor but rather by taking into consideration multiple factors and how they blend in. For instance: the construction of the handles, how the wheels are positioned, the maneuverability and the length of the cord, the weight of the cleaner, e.t.c. All these factors when analyzed collectively determine the usability and efficiency that can be achieved.

  1. Total ownership cost

Sometimes a cleaner may be relatively cheap to acquire but the ownership costs may be high. In other cases, the cleaner may be expensive to acquire but has low ownership costs. Factors that determine ownership costs include power consumption, the amount of physical energy required to handle the machine, the number of repairs and frequency of repairs required in its lifetime, e.t.c. As a first time buyer it is advisable to spend some time to learn about the intricacies, costs and benefits of a particular brand unit in order to make a highly informed purchase.

Editor Notes:

We found the  Hoover FH50150 as the overall best unit for your house cleaning. Unlike the others that will work on a specific area, this model is equipped with high-quality cleaning brushes to run all surfaces and leave a sparkling surface. The auto detergent mixing and rinse feature makes your work easy. 

The Dual V nozzle helps dry the cleaned areas faster since it allows rapidly heated air to flow out of the system. Similar to the other units with a smart tank system on our list, the process of emptying and filling is effortless. At 19 pounds and with four handles on the carpet cleaner, you’ll simplify portability and easily handle the cleaner for long-term use.

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