Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Review – Are They Worth The Money?

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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Review - Are They Worth The Money?

Ever since 1914 when the Kirby Company was founded, they have been developing innovative and reliable vacuuming solutions that are perfect for residential and commercial purposes. A household name for many living in both the United States and across the world, they are often thought of as one of the market leaders in the industry. However, the supposedly high-quality performance comes with a large price tag that will make many customer’s eyes water. To demonstrate the power of their vacuums, a door-to-door salesperson is often sent out to show you their newest model available. Trying to convince you into purchasing and leaving your old vacuum behind, this tactic can either be seen in a positive or a negative light. 

But are the vacuums worth the thousands of dollars that they cost? This article will take a short look at the features, accessories and more, to help you determine whether a Kirby vacuum is the right vacuum cleaner for your needs

Woman Using Kirby Vacuum

Why People Love Kirby Vacuums?

One of the main reasons as to why people love Kirby vacuum cleaners is their longevity. Well-built machines, they are expected to last up to 20 years (if they are kept in good condition) and can be bought with an annual maintenance cover – meaning that each year your vacuum will be fitted for new parts if any become faulty. They also come with a HEPA filter technology, which ensures that your home if free from harmful dust or contaminants – this feature is incredibly helpful for those suffering from allergies. It is undeniably a tough machine that can pick up fine dust with ease (it has a TechDrive Variable Power Assist Technology which helps it to get into tight corners). But with this durability, comes a hefty weighted machine.

What Are Some Of The Features That Kirby Vacuums Offer?

Depending on which model vacuum cleaner  you choose, a Kirby can offer you the following:

  • A carpet shampoo system 
  • It is a self -propelled machine that can be made hand-held portable 
  • HEPA Micron Allergen Filtration 
  • Air pump
  • Portable carpet shampoo function 
  • Upright suction 
  • A Turbo-Powered pet hair vacuum
  • A hardwood vacuum

 And many more... 

Most of the parts are also manufactured with aluminum, adding to their durability.

Another reason as to why many people love their Kirby, is that, if you already have two separate vacuum and a carpet shampoo devices, you can combine the two with a Kirby vacuum cleaner. This will not only save you money in the long run as many people replace their vacuum and carpet shampoo device every few years, but it will also make the process a whole lot easier. 

If you want to invest in additional fans, belts and bags for your Kirby, you can also buy them from a variety of stores – from Amazon to Bed Bath & Beyond. 

One downfall of the removable tools that come with the Kirby vacuum, is that although they carry many purposes, it can take a while to get used to. This is meant in the sense that many believe that the process to attach these tools is time-consuming. 

The Vacuums Are Constantly Evolving 

The Kirby Company is constantly undertaking enhancements to each of their products – therefore, you know that you always have a chance of buying the most up-to-date model that is available. One of their main creations that have caused traction in the last few years is their dirt and water separation technique. This innovation is just one of the reasons as to why Kirby has been one of the market leaders since its conception in the early 20th Century.

It Doesn’t Have To Cost You The World

As mentioned above, a new Kirby vacuum can cost you anywhere from $900 up to $2500. But if you don’t want to spend that much, you can always buy it second hand online. Although it might seem a little risky at first, used machines are also a great investment. If it does become faulty, the price that you pay to fix it will be a lot less than it would be to buy a whole new machine. You can also have your Kirby vacuum cleaner repaired at your local vacuum repair stores as the company ensures that real spare parts for all of their vacuum models are available. 

It’s An All-in-one

Kirby is known for the multiple features that each of the vacuums has. But one that stands out above the rest is its ability to be a handheld, canister, an upright vacuum cleaner and a carpet shampooer – all in one. As mentioned above, this saves you on the money that you would have spent on a separate vacuum and carpet shampooer.

This also allows you to use the vacuum cleaner to buff your floors and use the vacuum to clean your mattress/couch. The Turbo-Powered pet hair vacuum can pick up any pet hair that exists within your home, pollens, debris and more from both fragile surfaces and your hardwood floors. If you do want to power buff your floors, the clever and powerful Turbo Accessory System can also be utilized. These benefits allow you to clean your property easily and efficiently in no time at all – giving it a professional standard of cleaning that other vacuums cannot achieve. 

However, one thing to consider about this all-in-one functionality is that it isn’t the only one available on the market. Brands such as Vax have wet and dry vacuums which allow for carpet cleaning. Therefore, it is important to do some research before investing in your Kirby vacuum cleaner to give you an idea of what is available and how the vacuums fare in comparison. A vacuum cleaner is a big investment and something that you should think about before diving into the deep end. A good way of getting a better idea of how it performs is reading a range of reviews online, watching a demo video of someone using the vacuum within their home and reading up on what the vacuum includes.

What Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Models Are Available?

Male Maid Using A Kirby Model

Ever since the Vacuette was developed in 1920, the Kirby vacuum cleaners have been evolving. In competition with other brands such as Hoover (which was founded around the same time), throughout the years they have introduced new models with different features that make them stand out from their competitors.

So what are some of the types of Kirby vacuum cleaners that are available on the market today?

Kirby G3

firstly, the Kirby G3. This model has the feature of a self-propelling drive system (aptly known as Techdrive) and is considered one of the heaviest models in the Kirby catalogue. Its style makes it one of the most retro-looking vacuum cleaners out there which can either appeal to those who want a simpler model or have the negative effect as it is quite an old model.  

The Kirby G3 was released back at the start of the 1990s and sold to consumers until 1993. The vacuum was Kirby’s first attempt to marry high-technology with the humble vacuum cleaner, leading to a whole series of improvements over the previous generation. 



  • Toe-Touch Control. Kirby introduced toe-touch control to allow users to use their foot to lock and unlock the vacuum head from the body, making it easy to transition between storage and cleaning modes. 
  • Belt Lifter. The Kirby G3 comes with a belt lifter, a device that rotates a hook that lifts and lowers the vacuum’s drive belt on and off the motor shaft. This allows the user to disengage and engage the brush rolls while the vacuum is in operation. 
  • Tech Drive Power Assist. Kirby realized a long time ago that pushing a heavy vacuum backward and forward over a floor was hard work. So in the 1980s, it began looking for ways to make this easier. The solution was Tech Drive power assist, a technology that made it easier to push and pull the unit while the motor was in operation. 
  • Adjustable Brush Roll. The G3 has an adjustable brush roll designed to increase the longevity of the appliance. Over time, the bristles on the brush roll can wear down. The adjuster allows the owner to manually extend the brush roll and make it closer to the carpet.


  • Robust cleaning action
  • Ability to change the height of the brush roll, increasing the life of the vacuum
  • Convenient toe-touch system makes it easy to transition between cleaning and storage modes
  • Power assist motor makes it easier to push and pull the vacuum across the floor


  • A corded vacuum may not be convenient for all homeowners
  • Heavy construction makes the vacuum difficult to lift and put away

Kirby G4

second on the list is the Kirby G4. The next model created after the G3, the Techdrive system was improved allowing for a smoother glide on surfaces when cleaning. It also added a new and innovative filtration system, coined the Magic Micron Filtration which was the predecessor to the HEPA filtration system that they created a few years later.

The Kirby G4 was the successor to the G3, released by the vacuum company in 1993. The G4 made a series of technical improvements over the G3, including a helpful new 3-position locking mechanism that made the vacuum more maneuverable than any other model that the company had so far created. 

Kirby G4


  • HEPA G4 Vacuum Bags. The G4 was compatible with Kirby’s “Micron Magic” technology, a kind of HEPA filtration system that ensured that vacuum particles couldn’t escape the bag once inside. Despite being a legacy product, Kirby still provides support for people who own the G4. The company will supply replacement product manuals and provide more information about how to use the product through its customer service department. 
  • Belt lifter. Just like the G3, the G4 comes with a belt lifer, allowing the user to engage and disengage the brush rolls for replacement.
  • Toe-touch control. The Kirby G4 features an upgraded toe-touch control system with three locking mechanisms designed to make life more convenient for the user. The new locking positions helps to improve maneuverability - something that is important, given the weight of the product. 
  • Tech Drive Power Assist. The G4 keeps the Tech Drive Power Assist technology from the G3 and provides users with a relatively effortless vacuuming action - at least while the unit is switched on. Turn it off, and the power assist stops.


  • New three-position locking system makes the G4 more maneuverable than its predecessor
  • “Micron Magic” HEPA filtration helps to contain dust inside the bag and provides additional support to people who suffer from allergies
  • Power assisted motor makes cleaning action less effortful
  • Belt lifter makes replacing brushes easier
  • Adjustable roll height allows users to get maximum life from the unit


  • Unwieldy and cumbersome, especially compared to modern equivalents
  • The cord may be unsuitable for some homes and cleaning jobs
  • Designed primarily for vacuuming large open areas, rather than small, fiddly sections, like carpeted stairs

Kirby G5 

one of the issues that was faced with the above two models is that if a hard material or metal object was sucked up, it would cause significant damage to the plastic fan blades – meaning you either had to purchase a new fan blade or wait for a Kirby employee to fix it for you. Kirby realized this fault and ensured that with the Kirby G5 model, they included a kevlar fan that prevented this. Attachments were also improved as was the overall look of the vacuum cleaner.

The Kirby G5 was, unsurprisingly, the successor to the Kirby G4. Just as the G4 offered small improvements over the G3, the G5 was a continuation of Kirby’s product evolution. It went on sale from 1997 until 1999. 

Kirby G5


  • Lexan Fan Blade. Although the outward appearance of the Kirby G5 was similar to that of its predecessors, the G5 offered some fundamental improvements in the underlying vacuum technology. Kirby developed a new kind of fan called the Lexan fan blade with the help of NASA, which improved suction performance over the previous design. The G5, therefore, was a genuinely next-generation product. 
  • Tech Drive Power Assist. As with the other models the company released during the 1990s, the G5 came with Tech Drive Power Assist, making it easier to glide over floors. 
  • Power nozzle height adjustment. The Kirby G5 used a similar design to the G4, which allowed users to raise or lower the power belt to engage and disengage the brush rolls. 
  • Toe-touch control. The G5 used a similar chassis to the G4 which included the company’s toe-touch control system. 
  • Portable cleaning. The G5 gave users the ability to perform both upright and mobile cleaning. This feature was a step up from previous models which had focused heavily on providing upright-only cleaning solutions.


  • The new Lexan fan blade improved the suction performance of the vacuum, providing users with a more robust and reliable cleaning experience
  • The G5 is optimized for both upright and portable cleaning, making it a more versatile device than the vacuums which preceded it
  • Tech Drive power assist makes the vacuum easy to push and pull over the floor. 
  • Power nozzle height adjustment allows the user to adjust the height of the roll or replace it altogether


  • Relies on the same heavy construction as other Kirby vacuums of the 1990s
  • Suction performance poor compared to many of today’s vacuums

Kirby Gsix

as this was the first model to feature the HEPA micron filtration system, Kirby was yet to realize the amount of power the system used. To improve this, they added a mini-emptor which allowed for air flow to exit and enter the vacuum more freely. 

The Kirby Gsix was Kirby’s answer to some of the more advanced vacuum products that were hitting the market in the later 1990s and early 2000s. The company released the Gsix in 1999 and sold it until the release of the Ultimate G in 2002. 

Kirby G5


  • Improved Filter Bags. The Gsix offers several substantial benefits over the G5, including improved filter bags. These bags could trap finer particles of dust, preventing them from slipping out into the surrounding environment. The improved technology helped to improve living environments for allergy sufferers. 
  • Improved brush roll. The brush roll is an essential component of any vacuum cleaner. Kirby, however, found a way to refine the brush roll on the Gsix to make it more useful for cleaning up dirt trapped in lower layers of carpet. The roll was better at disturbing particles, bringing them closer to the surface. 
  • Tech Drive Power Assist. As with previous models, the Gsix came equipped with power assist, making the unit easier to push and pull over floors. 
  • Improved portable shampooer and spray pattern. Kirby also dramatically improved the accessories that came with the Gsix, giving the portable shampooer better performance than previous generation models.
  • Handle tilt latch. The handle tilt latch is a new feature on the Gsix which locks the handle in an upright position for more comfortable carrying and storage of the unit.


  • Better ergonomics, thanks to the new handle tilt latch feature
  • More versatility with the inclusion of an improved portable shampooer and spray pattern
  • Improved filtration system making the Gsix better for allergen sufferers and those who do not want the dust from the bag escaping into the surrounding environment
  • Better roll brush, designed to disturb and release particles trapped in the carpet


  • Despite the improvements, the Gsix still relied on a bag and a cord, limiting suction and maneuverability
  • Difficult to use some of the accessories, including the shampooer. 

Kirby Ultimate G 

not only was the brush roll significantly improved in this model from the last, but many power improvements were made that made the model far more versatile. 

The Kirby Ultimate G was intended to be the final iteration of the company’s wildly popular G-series. The vacuum took everything that the firm had learned about cleaning performance and consumer needs and tried to put it into a do-it-all product. All kinds of new features made it into the final design introduced to customers in 2002. 

kirby ultimate g


  • Better Outer Bag. Kirby had invested considerably in its Micron Magic technology in the 1990s, but that was mainly a technology that applied to the inner bag. The company still needed to improve the performance of the outer bag. That much-needed improvement came with the Ultimate G, where both bag and liner improved filtration performance. 
  • Extended Fan Blades. It became clear that there was still room to improve fan blade performance, even with the help of NASA. The company, therefore, extended the fan blades further to increase the rate of air flow compared to previous models. 
  • Better roll brush design. The Ultimate G introduced a paddle roll brush design that Kirby claims reduces debris accumulation around the brush roll end caps.


  • Increased suction performance, thanks to extended fan blades
  • Better paddle design on the roll brush making cleaning easier and preventing the buildup of debris around the end caps
  • Improved outer bag filtration
  • Improvement in the design of the disposable bag to prevent dust from escaping when the bag is changed or closed
  • Lighter design


  • Not compatible with some of Kirby’s earlier accessories, including old-style inner bags
  • Corded unit which requires the user to fold the cord away on the side of the unit after each use

Kirby Ultimate Diamond 

undeniably one of the most renowned Kirby models that are sold globally, it features a 2-speed motor. This motor has the benefit of allowing for a variety of uses – from tough carpets and hard surfaces to delicate surfaces. 

The Kirby Ultimate Diamond followed hot on the heels of the Ultimate G in 2003, after the former had been in production for less than a year. The Ultimate Diamond had all of the features of the Ultimate G but added a few extra for good measure. The Diamond become one of the best-known Kirby vacuums of all time. 

Kirby Ultimate Diamond


  • 2-Speed Motor. Kirby decided that it made sense to offer their customers a two-speed motor that would vary the suction power of the unit. Customers could turn their vacuums to high-mode for tricky jobs requiring a lot of suction power and then turn the power down to save energy for regular vacuuming performance. 
  • HEPA filtration. Just like other models in the series, the Ultimate Diamond had full HEPA filtration compliance - great for allergy sufferers.
  • Kevlar fan. A kevlar fan provided increased durability, strength, and performance over the plastic variety on models like the G4. 
  • More powerful motor. The Ultimate Diamond not only offered a two-speed engine, but Kirby also found a way to make it more powerful too, leading to a 5 percent performance boost over the previous generation.


  • HEPA filtration technology to prevent dust from escaping back into the room and leading to allergies
  • Two-speed motor to tailor performance to particular situations: high suction for demanding jobs, and regular suction for regular operation
  • Stronger, more robust components, including the kevlar fan


  • One of the heaviest vacuums that Kirby ever made, weighing in at more than 23.2 lbs, considerably heavier than both earlier and later models. 
  • Despite advancements in the underlying technology, the vacuum still relies on cords and bags

Kirby Sentria 

one benefit which makes this model a little better than the above, is the fact that it is lighter. More modern in appearance, but still durable, it had a new bumper and is 1.2 pounds lighter than the previous model. 

Following the Ultimate Diamond, Kirby released the Sentria, a vacuum which offered a number advantages over the previous generation. Not only did it have many of the features of the legacy products, but it also included a variety of new features designed to make the vacuum more user-friendly. 

Kirby Sentria


  • LED headlight. Kirby realized that customers sometimes found it difficult to see the areas that they were vacuuming, often believing that they had effectively cleaned a section of floor, only to find out later, on closer inspection that a particular corner or crevice was dirty.  Clearly, this was not an ideal state of affairs. It would have been much better if the user had been able to spot the debris before putting their vacuum away. The Sentria, therefore, has an LED headlight mounted towards the front of the unit that lights up even the darkest corners of your home. 
  • Carpet shampooer included as standard. The carpet shampooer allows you to give your carpet a genuinely deep clean and leave it smelling beautiful and fresh. 
  • Mini Em-Tor Collector. The mini Em-Tor collector is a device that collects large and heavy objects. To empty it, you disconnect the bag, remove the Em-Tor unit, and then shake it over a piece of newspaper.


  • Lightweight compared to the preceding Ultimate Diamond model
  • Similarly powerful motor
  • LED cleaning headlight, making it easy to see spots that you’ve missed - great for cleaning in low light conditions, including the attic and basement
  • Carpet shampooer for giving carpets an exceptional, deep clean
  • Systems in place for safely disposing of larger particles which had an annoying habit of blocking filters and reducing suction on previous models


  • Lighter than previous versions, but still surprisingly heavy and awkward to maneuver
  • Many of the adjustments designed to make the vacuum more versatile still need to be rendered manually, such as adjusting the height of the roller brush

Kirby Sentria II 

what differs this model to the original model is that it features a more durable brush roll and is available in a wider range of colors – which makes it more appealing to those of all tastes. 

The Kirby Sentria II took the lessons learned during the development of the original Sentria and expanded on them. The idea of the Sentria II was not only to overcome the problems with loss of suction owing to large particles but also to provide an extensive range of accessories for practically any cleaning job. 

Kirby Sentria II


  • Pet tool. The Kirby Sentria 2 comes with a pet tool, allowing the owner to gently clean their animal’s coat and pick up fur from carpets and flooring
  • Hardwood floor kit. The hardwood floor kit was a special addition that improved the vacuuming performance of the Sentria over hard surfaces. 
  • Tech Drive Power Assist. The Sentria II, like other models since the G3, offers Tech Drive power assistance. 
  • Toe-adjust. The toe-adjust system allows the user to change the height of the vacuum depending on the height of the carpet. 
  • LED Headlight. Just as with the original Sentria, the Sentria 2 comes with a handy headlight, allowing you to see poorly lit areas of your home.


  • All the accessories that you could ever need, including pet accessories, carpet shampooing attachments, and hardwood floor settings 
  • LED headlight for exceptional visibility in difficult-to-see areas, such as in dark alcoves, the attic, and the basement
  • Power assist, helping users operate the unit while the motor is switched on


  • The three-year warranty is significantly shorter than on many other premium vacuum models
  • Warranties apply only to the original owner and are not transferable, so be careful when buying second hand
  • Despite advances in technology, the unit remains heavy

Kirby Avalir 

the second most recent iteration, the Kirby Avalir features an impressive 12 cleaning functions and an all-in-one function, making it a carpet cleaner and vacuum. 

The Kirby Avalir is one of the most recent vacuums from Kirby. Released in 2014, the original incarnation of the Avalir was designed to deliver Kirby’s legendary quality and allergen control, all at an ultra-premium price. 

Kirby Avalir


  • A wide array of attachments. The Kirby Avalir wasn’t so much a vacuum but more of a complete floor cleaning system, building on the versatility of previous-generation models. The vacuum includes accessories that convert it into a carpet shampooer, a powerful upright vacuum, and even the equivalent of a mop for hard floor surfaces for people who want to make their flooring extra clean. 
  • No need to store multiple cleaners. Kirby market the Avalir as an all-in-one product, negating the need to store lots of separate pieces of equipment, like mops and specialist carpet cleaning machines. 
  • Auto rewind cord. The Kirby Avalir is still a corded model, thanks to the demands of the powerful onboard motor. Battery operation isn’t practical. But Kirby decided that they would make living with a cord more bearable for Avalir users by including an auto rewind function. You unplug the cable from the wall and then use the auto-rewind feature to rewind the cord into the unit. 


  • Includes combination floor head, hardwood floorhead, electrobrush floorhead, and standard upholstery tools
  • Features automatic cable rewind, making it easy to store the cable on the unit after use
  • More than just a vacuum - should be thought of as a complete floor cleaning system, negating the need to keep lots of different pieces of equipment and accessories separately
  • Can be used as both a carpet cleaner and a vacuum


  • Heavy compared to similar, modern premium vacuums
  • Expensive compared to the vast majority of vacuum products on the market

Kirby Avalir 2 

this is the newest model that Kirby has created. Advertised all over their website, it has dry foam tech allowing for a thorough carpet and floor wash, a mop and scrub feature, a shampoo feature, a HEPA filtration system and more. Undoubtedly the most expensive model as it is the newest, it is a very powerful machine that can easily pick up fine dust as well as other materials.

The Kirby Avalir 2 is the latest product from Kirby, taking us right up to the present day. First released in 2018, the Avalir 2 promised customers a system that provides for all their vacuuming and carpet cleaning needs in the most convenient package to date. Kirby is asking for a lot of money for its most recent model - probably double the next most expensive premium brand in the market. But the company has a marketing advantage: the Avalir 2 is perhaps the only floor cleaning product you’ll ever need to buy. 

Kirby Avalir 2


  • HEPA filtration for allergy sufferers. Kirby advertises the Avalir 2 as an ideal product for anybody who suffers from an allergy. The streamlined HEPA filtration system helps to keep all of the dust collected from the floor safely contained within the bag. 
  • Multiple accessories. The Avalir 2, like the Avalir before it, offers a range of accessories, including a two-gallon tank for carpet cleaning and a specialized pet attachment. 
  • Mop and scrub. Kirby wants you to leave your mop and bucket in the closet. But arguably, if you own an Avalir 2, you shouldn’t need one at all. You can quickly convert the Avalir 2 into a mop-and-bucket system with a range of attachments. Kirby includes rollers for polishing hardwood floors, mopping hardwood floors, and scrubbing tiles and grout.


  • All-in-one device that provides owners with practically every carpet cleaning tool that they can imagine: great for cleaning up regular dust as well as cleaning carpets after a spill
  • Helpful fill line, telling you when the bag needs replacing


  • Some people may find the noise level at 70 dB a little excessive
  • The weight, at 23 pounds, is still heavy compared to the weight of many other premium vacuums
  • There is no cordless option, although Kirby has made it easier to put the cord away after use with an auto-rewind system

Do Kirby Vacuum Have Any Negatives?

It is heavy

Mentioned a little earlier in this article is the great expense of the vacuum. Over the years with the good reputation that Kirby has acquired, the price has risen. This is also because of how the vacuums are built – with sturdy material (which is mostly metal). However, this sturdy material also means that the vacuums are heavy making them not suitable for those of the older generation or those suffering from conditions such as arthritis. When you are cleaning your home, you want to be able to carry the vacuum around your home with ease. The fact that the Kirby vacuum cleaner is a little on the heavy side will mean that it will take a little longer for you to get used to. If you purchase a vacuum after having it promoted to you by a salesperson, be sure to have a go with the vacuum yourself. If it is too heavy for you, maybe it isn’t the right model for you. 

They Are Costly

Following on from the above point, it is clear that many people might not have a large budget to spend on their vacuum. This extortionate price means that not many can afford to pay it outright. If you are still interested in buying one but can’t pay for it all at once, there is an option to pay it over a certain amount of time in smaller installments. One thing to consider with this method of payment however, is that often, you are paying out more than the vacuum is worth in the long term. 

The Vacuum Bags

One thing to consider about a Kirby vacuum cleaner is that it takes vacuum bags. Many newer models by other vacuum companies have a filter and container that stores the dirt, which you then throw into the trash. Having a vacuum bag means that you have to purchase extra bags and detach/reattach them. However, these only need to be replaced every six months (depending on the amount of dirt you are clearing). This older feature might not appeal to many who want lighter, more modern looking vacuum cleaners. 

It Can Be Confusing To Use

As the Kirby has so many different tools and features, it takes a while to get used to. Although it comes with a DVD and instructions, it might take some time to get used to changing the bag or the hose. This can make it very confusing to muster by many – who generally want a machine which is easy to use so that they can start using their vacuum cleaner right away.

The Warranty

Although the warranty and rebuild plan is an undeniable bonus that comes with Kirby vacuum cleaners, one thing to consider is that models that are purchased from a separate retail store or from companies such as Amazon are not covered by them. This puts the pressure on buying them directly from Kirby, rather than trying to get a deal online. 

What Do You Think About When Someone Mentions A Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?

Many people associate the brand with the door-to-door salespeople and its rich history in the industry. There are plenty of sales-driven articles and reviews out there that will tell you about the benefits that Kirby vacuum cleaners have. But many fail to mention the negatives. Yes, all vacuums from a variety of brands have advantages and disadvantages, which makes it easier to determine which vacuum is right for you.

When the salesperson demonstrated these benefits within consumers homes, the love for the vacuums was born. The power of the brand was built on the cleaning power that they provided – not a hype. Which is why so many people across the globe favor their Kirby vacuum cleaner over other brands. 

The personalised feature of a salesperson coming to your home to demonstrate the vacuum cleaner adds a unique selling point to the brand that others don’t offer. This technique is either liked by homeowners who need a new vacuum and are aware of the brand, or hated as it can be seen as a pushy sales tactic. If you don’t want a new vacuum, you might feel as though you are being pressured into buying one – which at the prices the Kirby vacuum cleaners are, can make for an extremely negative buying experience. 

It is undeniable that Kirby vacuum cleaners will be around for many years to come. The durability and versatility that they come with means that you can rely on your machine for more than a few years. Plus its annual maintenance plan (which although does cost you annually) means that you can have parts of the vacuum replaced if need be, giving your vacuum a refurbished feel. Kirby vacuum cleaners can be passed through your family due to this durability, plus it is easy to pick up parts for it, no matter what the age. 

Overall, it is your decision as to whether or not you purchase a Kirby vacuum cleaner. It is a good idea to take a look at the pros and cons for each of the models and if you want to purchase one, see if it is possible to request a demonstration. This will give you an idea of how heavy it is and if it is really worth the money. 

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Rick Ward May 17, 2020 - 10:41 pm

I worked for a Kirby distributor for a VERY short time and was totally disgusted with the price of the vac and the sales practices associated with this company.
The distributor pays 400.00 dollars for the unit and sends their sales staff out to primarily military housing and pushes them for 2400.00. You can finally pay 900.00 after a 3 hour demo and feel like you got a good deal. 110% profit for the seller, however.
Why Warren Buffet owns this stock is a mystery.

Lisa Hayden May 18, 2020 - 2:14 pm

The art of brand equity marketing, I would think- making it as exclusive as possible akin to why large premium luxury brands burn their stock every year rather than selling it in the mass market. Unfortunately, most people in this capitalistic world believe mystery, intrigue, exclusivity and limited availability equal greater quality!

Mike September 14, 2020 - 3:02 pm

I bought a G3 back in around 1993 for £950. At the time this was an outragous amount to pay for a vacuum cleaner but the salesman really was amazing and overcame all objections I had. Now in 2020 and it is still going strong and it really has been used and abused from vacuuming up concrete dust in commercial spaces to car interiors and filty disgusting carpets and outperforms any other vacuum cleaner I have tried. I have only had it serviced once in the entire time and replacement parts have totalled around £75. It is heavy and using it for doing stairs is not ideal but for regular flooring spaces it does an amazing job.

ps: Regarding Rick Wards comment: something is worth what someone is willing to pay. Having worked in retail myself for over 10 years, those kind of profit margins are not uncommon.

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