Canon T5i vs Canon T6i – Which One Should You Buy?

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Canon has been in the camera business since 1984. If you ask any camera lover about the best cameras in the market today, I am sure that Canon will feature on your topmost list of manufacturers.

Over the years, the company has made technological advancements on their cameras to satisfy the needs of their customers such that today you can find a dependable and reliable camera to use whether you are a beginner or professional in photography.

If you want a camera with a sturdy body construction, incredible features, gorgeous photo production, and so on, look no further than Canon cameras. In this article, we want to take a look at two Canon cameras which are Canon T5i and Canon T6i

We will look at their similarities and differences and announce which one performs better between the two at the end.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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$$$ + 10%



24.2 MP CMOS (APS-C)/ 

Shooting Frames

5.0 FPS

5.0 FPS


9 Point

19 Point

Touch Screen?

Yes 3" MultiTouch

Yes 3" MultiTouch


ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)

ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)


1080 (30, 25, 24 fps) and 720 (60, 50 fps) HD video (29min limit, H.264 format)

FHD 1080p

WiFi Compatible




Dimensions (Inches)

5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1

5.2 x 3.07 x 3.98

Weight (Pounds)



people holding canon cameras

Things in common between Canon T5i and Canon T6i

 Without a doubt, your life as a photographer entails moving from one place to another, capturing people's favourite moments, which is why portability of your gear is paramount.

When you get the Canon T5i or Canon T6i camera, you are sure to have an easy time carrying them around as they have a compact design and manageable thickness, which makes your grip firm on the camera.

How do you capture fast-moving objects in your photography? Capturing moving objects can be a challenge for ordinary cameras, which is not so for T5i and T6i as they both feature a burst mode that allows you to shoot at 5 fps (five images per second), and you can sort them out later to take the best.

What's more? The cameras offer you a high resolution so that as you shoot your videos, they will be high quality and look real.

I know it would be fun for you if you were able to see the photos you capture with your camera on an extended screen.

Canon T5i and T6i make this dream come true for you as they come with an HMDI feature that enables you to connect your camera with an extended screen so that you can see your photos on the screen.

In terms of battery life, the two cameras offer you a long battery life that allows you to take up to 440 shots with a single charge without the battery running low, which gives you the confidence to go out and enjoy your photo sessions without worry.

Additionally, the cameras feature a bulb shutter that helps you to manually hold the shutter open for long exposures and they also come with an eye-level viewfinder that enables you to frame the photos when the sun is out.

Canon T5i and Canon T6i also come with an external mic that helps you in capturing the voice of the speakers when you are recording a video so that you will end up with a high-quality video where the viewers can hear what is being said.

Autofocusing points (what the camera uses to focus on a subject) are vital in helping you in taking quality photos, and the more AF points your camera has, the better the quality of photos.

Canon T5i and Canon T6i may vary in the number of AF points that they offer, but both offer a wide range of the points so that whichever you choose between the two, you will end up with high-quality photos.

Having seen how similar the two cameras are, let us now look at each one of them in-depth and decide which one is the better pick.

The Duel: For The Best Canon DSLR Camera

Canon T5i

As you look for a camera to use in your photography, whether for fun or professional purposes, you should get one with a large sensor as it will have more pixels, more vibrant colours, and better low light sensitivity. With the Canon T5i camera, you get all the features as it comes with an 18MP APS-C sensor, which ensures you have more control over the quality of images that you capture with the camera.

Canon T5i

In terms of battery life, the camera features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that guarantees you a long battery life that will allow you capture up to 440 shots depending on the features and functionalities that you will apply in the shots. Note, if you are going to shoot for long hours, it advisable for you to carry spare batteries.

Operating the camera can never become more natural. T5i features a contact-sensitive touch screen that you can use in operating the camera and carry out functions such as specifying the point of focus that you want to use for your shoot.

What's more? The camera offers you a 9-points Autofocus so that you can have a more accurate focus on your subject, leading to a better quality image that looks more real.

Are you looking for a camera to help you do a professional, high-quality video recording? Canon T5i is your camera of choice as it allows you to shoot in a variety of recording sizes and frame rates. It also allows you to have manual control of the focus, live view features, and in-camera editing, all of which work together to give a high-quality video recording.

The T5i camera enhances your creativity as it comes with a Canon EF/EF-S mount that allows you to use about 304 available lenses with your camera; thus, you can experiment as much as you want with your shots.

Are you looking for more? Canon T5i offers you more with its burst mode that enables you to shoot at 5fps so that you can capture the fast-moving objects. Additionally, the Movie Servo AF allows you to focus on moving objects when you are recording a video.

Finally, the camera comes with an in-camera editing feature, manual control of the focus, live view features, a variety of recording sizes and frames, and so much more that ensure that you will have a high-quality video recording.


The Canon T5i camera will cost you ~$550.

Additionally, it also comes with optional bundles that will cost about $200 though you would still be okay doing without the extras that the bundles offer.


The design of a product is vital as it makes the customer attracted to it instead of buying another product.

Canon T5i does not disappoint in the design aspect as it features a plastic body construction that not only makes it sleek but also durable, while the big body gives you a secure grip of the camera.

You can never get it wrong when it comes to controlling the T5i as it comes with an intuitive touch screen that allows you to operate the camera effortlessly, and you have the option of switching off the touch screen and use the manual screen if you so wish.

Plus, it has a lot of control points on top of the camera, including a power button that is located next to the mode dial.

The camera also comes with HMDI ports, USB ports, and an external microphone socket, all of which enable you to connect to external devices for improved functionality of the camera.


  • Long battery life
  • High-quality images
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • 18 MP sensor
  • 9-point Autofocus
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Burst videos
  • High-resolution videos


  • Pricey
  • The battery is not ideal if you are shooting for long hours

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Canon T6i

One selling point of the T6i is that it supports WiFi and NFC connectivity, which means you can share your images instantly to your social media accounts, and you can also share pictures between two cameras wirelessly. 

Unlike its predecessor, T6i comes with a 24.2 MP APS-C such that you have more vibrant colours, better low light sensitivity, and more control over the quality of the image that you capture with this baby. What more would you look for?

Canon T6i

If you are shooting through the viewfinder, T6i offers you an impressive 19-point Autofocus so that you can have a better focus on your subject. Additionally, it has the Hybrid CMOS AF 111 system, which has Tracking AF, FlexiZone-Multi and FlexiZone-Single modes, and Faces detection that is available during live view

Do you want to enjoy flexibility and ease of operation while doing your shoot? Canon T6i got your back. The camera has a 3 inch, 1,040,000-dot touch-sensitive screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2, which makes it easy for you to operate the camera while the hinges on the side of the body allow you to tilt the screen to your desired angle thereby increasing the flexibility in your shooting.

If you want to stretch your creativity in photography to the limit, Canon T6i is the camera for you as it features a Canon EF/EF-2 mount that you can use with the 304 available interchangeable lenses so that you can push your shooting experience to the next level.


You will part with ~$750 if you want to own this photography bad boy, which also has a variety of bundle options that will cost you an additional $200.


If you were looking for an eye-pleasing camera that is also sturdy, then Canon T6i is the camera for you as it has an alloy, aluminium, and polycarbonate body construction, which not only makes it sturdy but also beautiful.

Additionally, the camera is effortless to operate as it comes with most of the control buttons at the back of the camera for easy access, and it also has a touchscreen with the contact-sensitive technology, which also enables you to operate the camera efficiently.

As photography involves a lot of moving, it is vital to have portable photography gear. T6i performs well in the portability aspect as it is both lightweight and has a compact design, which makes it easy for you to carry around.

The camera also has an SD slot on the left side where you can put an SD card to boost your storage, and it also has an I/O port on the left side.


  • WiFi connection
  • 24.2 MP sensor
  • NFC connection
  • 19 points autofocus
  • Contact sensitive screen
  • 5 fps responsiveness
  • 304 interchangeable lenses
  • Advanced imaging processor


  • It does not give the best video performance
  • The camera is also expensive

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comparison of t5i and t6i

Differences: Canon T5i and Canon T6i

  • Canon T5i comes with 9 points Autofocus while T6i comes with 19-points
  • The Canon T6i is WiFi compatible, while T5i is not
  • The two cameras also differ in terms of cost where T5i costs $550 and the Canon T6i costs $750.
  •  Canon T5i measures 79mm in thickness and weighs 580 grams while T6i measures 78mm in thickness and weigh 555 grams; thus, T6i is more compact and lightweight, which makes it more portable.
  • Canon T6i has a 24.2MP sensor while T5i comes with an 18MP sensor.
  • Canon T6i has a more advanced imaging sensor, DIGIC 6, against DIGIC 5 by T5i.


The two cameras have a lot in common that it may be challenging to choose one over the other. If you are working on a tight budget, you can go for the Canon T5i, and you will still be good to go, and the 18 MP that the T5i offers is enough to take quality photos.

Canon T6i, however, stands ahead of the T5i because it comes with some more advanced features though you will have to pay more for them. Canon T6i offers better Autofocus with the 19 points against 9 by T5i. It also has a more advanced image processing engine, DIGIC 6, against DIGIC 5 by T5i.

One feature that puts T6i many steps ahead of the T5i is WiFi connectivity, which enables you to share real-time photos on your social media accounts. The 24.2 MP camera will also offer you better quality images than the 18 MP that T5i offers. Finally, though they do not have a very significant difference, Canon T6i is more compact and lightweight than the T5i making it more portable.

Editor Notes:

As we can see, T6i is outstanding and our best choice. This is because of the high sensor, which is three times better than the T5i. The autofocus is also exceptional, and at 19-point, you are sure to capture remarkable images without blurred effects,

The resolution is 1080 full HD, which delivers the crystal clear images you will least get from standard competitors.

Canon T6i supports WiFi and NFC connectivity, promoting instant transfer and sharing of photos.  Additionally, the T6i is lighter than the T5i. The price is high but the outcomes are unmatched.

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