12 Awe-Inspiring Smart Home Tech Startups That Changed Our Lives!

by Lisa Hayden
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Did you know that most college kids today can't remember a time without the internet? That means no Google Maps, no Siri, no other apps or tech that we've come to rely on so much today. Smart tech has made our lives so much more convenient, and it hasn't stopped at smartphones. These days, smart tech can be found in our cars and kitchens as well.

Smart home tech startups allow us to save money on heating costs by automating to fit our schedules or to use an app instead of keys to unlock the front door. Not only have smart home technology startups enabled homeowners to automate many actions, but they also allow homes to be safer and more energy efficient than ever before.

The ubiquitousness of smart home tech reveals several key aspects of human nature:

  1. We desire connectivity - when our devices talk to one another, it makes things easier for us.

  2. We desire convenience - anything that allows us to check items off the to-do list is something we will invest money in.

  3. We desire control - this doesn’t mean a total surrender to the machines, but being able to control things at a more granular level than ever before.

  4. We desire coolness - there’s no denying it; smart home tech is really cool and this bragging factor is a valuable investment

The integration of technology has spread to our home utilities, appliances, safety features, and even kitchen gadgets. Startups are constantly developing new and innovative ways to make our home life as easy, efficient and connected as possible through new Internet of Things (IoT devices.

So, what's next for the IoT? If the past is anything to go on, it will be something that allows humans to reach even higher levels of control and connectivity. Some of the most disruptive smart home tech inventions of the past decade include:

  1. The Nest Learning Thermostat, which programs itself to the user's home schedule in order to save energy.

  2. August Smart Locks, which allow homeowners to grant “virtual” keys via the app to visitors.

  3. The Jibo Personal Assistant Robot, which although failed, demonstrated amazing potential for AI assistants in the future.

Take a look at the graphic from The Zebra below to learn about the top smart home tech startups that have disrupted the industry and shaped the way we view the possibilities of smart tech. Though not all of them made it out of the gate, these startups paved the way for future entrepreneurs.

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Originally posted 2020-02-17 08:26:54.

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