How to Get Rid of Shadows in Pictures on My iPhone

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How to Get Rid of Shadows in Pictures on My iPhone

If you’re noticing shadows in your iPhone photos, it’s likely because of the lighting conditions when the photo was taken. However, there are a few things you can do to try to reduce or eliminate the shadows in your pictures.

  1. Adjust your iPhone’s exposure: When taking a photo, tap the area on the screen where you want to focus. Then, swipe up or down on the screen to adjust the exposure. If the photo is too dark, swipe up to increase the exposure. If the photo is too bright, swipe down to decrease the exposure. This can help to balance the lighting and reduce shadows.
  2. Use the HDR mode: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it can help to balance the lighting in your photos. To turn on HDR mode, open the Camera app, and tap on the HDR icon at the top of the screen. When HDR is on, your iPhone will take multiple photos at different exposures and combine them to create a single image with more balanced lighting.
  3. Use a third-party editing app: If you’ve already taken a photo with shadows and want to edit it, you can use a third-party app like Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom to adjust the shadows and highlights. Look for tools like “Shadows” or “Highlights” in the app’s editing menu to adjust the lighting.
  4. Use external lighting: If you’re taking photos in a low-light environment, adding external lighting can help to reduce shadows. You can use a portable LED light or even a flashlight to shine a light on the subject of your photo and reduce shadows.

By following these tips, you should be able to reduce or eliminate shadows in your iPhone photos and get the results you want.

How Do I Remove a Shadow From a Picture on My iPhone?

What do you do when you take a photo using your iPhone, but a shadow ruins everything?

You can use photo editing tools to get rid of the shadows. Some tools you can use include:

  • Photoshop Fix
  • Pixelmator
  • Enlight Photofox

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Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is a free photo editing tool that many photographers and editors enjoy. The app offers a variety of features that make photo editing seamless.  It has the best tools you can manipulate to achieve your desired results, including removing shadows from photos. 

How can you use the app to remove shadows from a picture?

  1. First, download and install the app on your iPhone and then launch it when the installation is complete.
  2. Import the photos that you want to edit using the software
  3. Next, click on the pen tool and use it to create a path around the shadow or any other unwanted object. To achieve the best results, ensure you keep the spaces at the edges as little as possible
  4. Make the path into a selection. You can do this by right-clicking on the path and the drop-down menu and choosing “Make Selection.” This allows you to set the Feature Radius
  5. Next, set the Feature Radius to 0 pixels and then click “Ok”
  6. On the edit options, select “Fill”
  7. On the dialogue box, select the content-aware option
  8. Finally, select the “Normal Blending Mode” and a 100% opacity


If you’re looking for a substitute for PhotoShop, Pixelmator is an excellent option. The app comes with various editing tools, and it’s perfect for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. 

It also allows you to save and access your photos from iCloud Drive. Removing a shadow from a photo using the app is as simple as brushing over it. 

To remove the shadow, use the following steps:

  1. Open the photo you want to edit
  2. Select the Magic Eraser Tool from the app’s tools palette
  3. Click the tool and drag it over your image
  4. Wait until the shadow gets lost

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is an iPhone photo editor, famous for its various editing tools and settings. The app is easy to use, thanks to its easy-to-use features. 

 Some of the features the app comes with include:

  • An instant removal of all the unwanted objects in your photo
  • Smart and efficient brush tools
  • Dual filter application
  • Easy to control and adjust

Here are the steps to use in removing shadows from a photo:

  1. Download, install and launch the app on your device
  2. At the bottom part of the screen, slide the images to select the photo you want to edit using the tool
  3. Go to tools and select “Heal.” This helps you to access the healing tools
  4. Next, go to the “Mode” option, and from the drop-down menu, choose between heal and patch
  5. If you have two areas in the same version, select “Heal.” On the other hand, select “Patch” if you want to copy pixels from one area of your picture to another
  6. You will get a circle that’ll appear. Place the circle over the shadow of the image you want to remove
  7. Use featherings and fuse options to achieve the best results


For most iPhone users, especially those who don’t have a lot of experience with photo editing, TouchRetouch is a favorite since its easy-to-use. 

With only a single brush, the app allows you to hide the shadow or any unwanted object in your photo. 

To remove a shadow using the app, use the following steps:

  1. First, download and launch the app on your device
  2. Import the image you want to edit using the app
  3. Next, go to the menu bar and select the output image resolution
  4. Choose either the Brush tool or the Lasoo tool to help remove the unwanted objects or shadows in your image
  5. If you go for the Brush tool, first select the brush size and then draw it over the shadow on your image. If your selection is the Lasso tool, draw a continuous line around the shadow you want to remove
  6. Finally, go to the bottom part of your screen and click on the “Start” button
  7. Wait for a short while to allow the shadow to disappear

How to Get Rid of Shadows on Face in Pictures

If you want to make your selfies more perfect by removing the shadows, the Facetune app comes in handy. It’s user-friendly and allows you to remove the shadows in a few minutes.

But how do you use the app?

How to Get Rid of Shadows in Pictures Facetune 

Facetune helps create a balance in lighting that helps achieve the best results. With a few tweaks, Facetune allows you to get rid of the shadows on the photo on your iPhone.

Here are the steps you can use to remove the shadow:

  1. Identify the image you want to edit and open it using the Facetune editor app
  2. Using the Tip tool, counteract where lighting has formed a shadow on your image
  3. At the bottom right corner of the screen, you can use the Compare tool to look at the original photo and see if your edits look natural
  4. If the shadow is due to some terrible lighting, use the Relight tool from the main menu and move it until the new light cancels the shadow and makes the image look normal
  5. The Blend and Softness tools ensure everything looks natural

How to Remove a Shadow From a Picture for Free

If you have a shadow on your image that’s spoiling an otherwise perfect shot, it’s possible to remove it for free.

But how? 

 There are several available free apps that you can use to get rid of the shadow. Such apps include:


If you’re looking for a free app to help you remove shadows from a photo, Inpaint is a perfect pick. 

Here are the steps to help you use the photo-editing software:

  1. After downloading and launching the app on your device, open the image, you want to edit in Inpaint.


2. Go to the toolbar, select the Marker tool, and then select the shadow area. You can resize the marker to ensure a fine collection.

INpaint Toolbar

3. To restore the photo, click the “Erase” button. The app will help remove the shadow and the other unwanted objects in the image.


Snapseed is also a popular app that you can use to remove shadows from your images. It’s available for Android and iOS devices. 

Photographers and editors prefer the app due to its user-friendly interface. 

Its features include:

  • Multiple effects for editing your photos
  • It’s easy to use, saves you time, and gets rid of the shadow with just a click
  • A healing tool that allows you to clone the shadow and create a blending effect

How do you use the app to remove shadows?

  1. Download Snapseed from the Apple app store and install it on your device. The whole installation process takes a few minutes. After launching the app, tap on the big “Plus (+)” sign. 


2. Chose the image from which you want to remove the shadows

3. After importing the photo, tap on the “Effects” and select the “Healing” tool. Use the tool to mark the shadow area

Snapseed effect

4. Remove your finger from the screen and leave the tool to work. A touch of the healing tool will remove the shadow and blend the background

Remove Shadow from Photo Online

You can use online tools to remove a shadow from a photo. Online tools are advantageous as you don’t have to download them on your device, which helps save space. 

Some online tools you can use include:

It’s a free online photo editor that you can use for other purposes, such as creating cartoon selfies with 3D effects. 

You can use it to remove shadows from your images, and they’ll immediately be replaced with the background to make them natural. 

To use the tool;

  1. Open the site and on the top menu bar go to “Products” and click on “Photo retouch”
  2. Tap on “Upload image” to upload the image from your device
  3. Select “Smear Repair” and draw over the image to select the shadow
  4. Leave the right-click of your mouse after drawing over the image and the selected area will be removed automatically

Is There an App to Remove Shadows From Pictures?

Yes, you can find several free third-party apps that you can use to remove shadows from your images. 

Some of the apps include PhotoShop Fix and Pixelmator. 

How to Get Rid of Shadows in Pictures in Photoshop

You can use various methods to remove a shadow in pictures in Photoshop. These include:

  • Using the Patch tool on the toolbar. By clicking the “Content-Aware” option, you allow Photoshop to create pixels from an existing background sample. Use the tool to remove the shadow and Photoshop uses pixels from the background to make the new area natural
  • An “Adjustment Layer” comes in handy if you don’t want to remove the shadow entirely. The feature helps soften the harsh shadow around the subject in a photo

 How to Get Rid of Shadows in Pictures With Lighting

If you want to get rid of shadows in pictures with lighting,  you can find various apps to help you do it. Some of the most efficient apps include Snapseed and Facetune. 

How to Get Rid of Shadows in Pictures on My iPhone FAQs

Is it possible to remove a shadow from an image?

Yes, there are ways you can remove shadows from images. You can use free apps that you can download on your device or use free online apps.

Can you do side-by-side photos on iPhone

Yes, you can do side-by-side photos on your iPhone. This can be done using the built-in photo app or downloading a third-party app. To use the built-in photo app, open the app and tap on the “collage” icon. Then, select the photos that you want to use and tap on the “create” button. Download an app such as Pic Collage or Photo Grid from the App Store to use a third-party app. Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and follow the instructions to create a side-by-side photo collage.

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