Adjustable Bed Bases: A Wired Bedroom


One of the most recent revolutions in the bed business is the adjustable bed frame. While these types of beds have been around for quite some time, they previously were only found in hospitals or other medical settings. Now, anyone can enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed base from the comfort of their own home.

Whether you have severe back pain at night, problems snoring, or looking to better promote circulation, an adjustable bed frame could be one of the best investments for a peaceful night’s sleep.

In this blog, we will look into the benefits of owning your adjustable bed, what types of bed frames are available, and hopefully answer any questions you have so you can decide whether an adjustable bed is right for you.

What is an Adjustable Bed Base?

An adjustable bed base is a type of bed frame that allows the person sleeping in it to adjust the position of the mattress. While typical bed frames are flat and motionless, adjustable bed bases are powered using a remote control, allowing you to completely customize your sleeping position.

Some adjustable beds even allow 2 separate sleepers to make custom sleeping adjustments to the same bed, meaning both sides have separate controls. Some more advanced bases even are powered by apps on your smartphone rather than a remote.

Features of an Adjustable Bed Base

Customized Sleeping

Some people find traditional mattresses uncomfortable due to the flat surface. Adjustable bed bases allow you to position your body in any way you want. Additionally, couples might find their partners preferred sleeping arrangements uncomfortable. Some frames allow adjustments to both sides.

Remote Controlled

These bed frames are easy to control and change in an instant. They are either powered by a remote control or an app on your smartphone.

Massage Capability

Most advanced adjustable bed opinions offer built-in massage features. Therefore, your sleeping space doubles as a massager for ultimate relaxation.

Types of Adjustable Bed Bases


These are your most common type of adjustable bed bases. Typically, they look like a traditional flat bed frame, but the frame itself includes motorized parts that allow for the frame to change.


These types of bed bases allow for bedside tables and nightstands to remain within reach, even when the bed position has changed significantly.

Split King

A split king base is when both sides of the bed offer different sleeping positions. This means people sleeping together can adjust to different positions while being in the same bed.

Benefits of Going Adjustable

Investing in an adjustable bed frame can be a fantastic option for those with medical problems, mobility issues, or just looking for the best night’s sleep.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed Bases

adjustable bed bases a wired bedroom
  • Fully customizable sleeping position.
  • Relief from a variety of medical issues such as sleep apnea, snoring, back pain, and joint pressure.
  • Accessible options for those with mobility issues.
  • A great option for partners with different preferred sleeping positions.

Medical Issue

Those with certain medical issues can benefit from adjustable bed bases. Specifically, those with severe back pain or joint pain could find relief from altered sleeping positions. Additionally, individuals with sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, and mobility challenges can also benefit. 

Back Pain

Those with back pain tend to find relief when sleeping with their legs elevated. Adjustable bed frames offer the perfect customized height for all kinds of back pain.

Acid Reflux

People who suffer from acid reflux can benefit from sleeping with their upper body elevated. These types of beds can be adjusted to calm any type of acid reflux.

Sleep Apnea/Snoring

Individuals can find their ideal sleeping position to alleviate these symptoms.

Finding your New Adjustable Base

If you are considering investing in an adjustable bed base, make sure to figure out exactly which type of bed will work best for you. While they all might seem like a great option, they all have their unique functions that work best in different scenarios. For example, if you are sleeping with another person every night, and you both have different sleeping preferences, a split king might be best to accommodate you both.

It is also extremely important to make and stick to a budget when purchasing your new adjustable bed base. These beds can get quite expensive, so making sure you can find the features you are looking for at an affordable price is key.

The size of your adjustable bed frame is also an important factor to consider. As this will be where you sleep every night, it is necessary to choose a size that feels comfortable and big enough for your needs. Testing the size of the beds in store is a great way to be sure you have picked the right one.

You can purchase adjustable bed bases and a variety of different stores. Furniture stores, mattress stores, or even appliance stores will carry these bed frames. It is best to check them out in person before purchasing to ensure you find the right one. Though if you already have your mind made up, some mattress-in-a-box companies offer adjustable bases online.

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