Best Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi And Buying Guide

4 Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi - No Security Concerns

Best Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi

As a parent, you would want to spend your day beside your little one, developing that parent-infant bonding. But what if you have to leave them alone for some emergency, urgent travel, or a business meeting that isn’t ending soon?

Key Takeaways

    • Baby monitors with a two-way noise system let you communicate with your little one.
    • If you’ve got the cash to burn, I suggest a monitor with real-time breathing monitoring that measures your baby’s respirations per minute.
    • If you want to keep a constant tab on your little one without moving the camera around, at least two cameras are recommended.

For these situations, a baby monitor is a worthy investment. 

A small device, it’s designed to keep all your worries about your baby at bay while you’re away. From keeping a constant tab on your little one to playing their favorite lullabies to calm them to sleep, you can achieve both (and much more) with a baby monitor. 

But with so many tech-savvy baby monitors with distinct functionalities, getting your hands on the best baby monitor isn’t a walk in the park anymore. 

Don’t fret; here are my top 4 recommendations for the best baby monitor, loaded with all the essential features you’d want. 

Take advantage of the buying guide towards the end to make an informed decision. 

Can A Baby Monitor Work Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, a baby monitor can work without Wi-Fi. Instead, such a monitor uses a local radio frequency to transmit video/sound to your parent unit.  

These RF-supported baby monitors have a few advantages over their Wi-Fi siblings, for example, more reliability, low costs, no chances of hacking, etc. 

4 Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi – Summary 

What Features To Consider When Buying A Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi?

Look for the following features when buying a baby monitor without Wi-Fi.

  • Night Vision 

Many monitors manufactured today feature “night vision” that lets you see your little one even when it’s sleeping in a dark room. 

If not night vision, you’ll probably find a mini “night LED light” on the nursery unit that you can activate via the parent unit. 

  • Temperature Sensor 

Do you constantly worry about the temperature of your baby’s room? If yes, ensure that the baby monitor you choose has a temperature sensor. It’ll monitor the room’s temperature and display it on your parent unit.

Note: The best room temperature for babies is between 68°F to 72°F (or 20°C to 22°C.)

  • Connectivity 

Is the screen size of your baby monitor’s parent unit too small? Why not connect it to a VCR/DVD recorder or television and get more viewing space? For this, check if the baby monitor has the supported ports. 

  • Expandability 

If you have more than one kid or want to check in on multiple rooms/places, the monitor’s ability to connect more cameras is a big thumbs up. This way, you won’t need to invest in more monitors. 

Ideally, 2-4 cameras are sufficient for most parents. 

  • Remote Adjustments 

If not more, you would at least be able to adjust the camera angles remotely from your parent unit. This is a necessary feature for you if your kiddo doesn’t sleep in one position. 

  • Two-Way Audio 

Two-way audio lets you communicate with your baby from your own room, in case your baby is restless. This way, you need not risk waking it up by going into the room. 

  • Lullaby Mode 

When activated from your parent unit, the lullaby mode will play lullabies to calm down your crying or restless baby. Certain monitors will have built-in tunes to play and the option to transfer your favorite tunes from outside. 

4 Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi – Reviewed in Detail  

After extensively using over some time, below are my favorite baby monitors you can invest in. 

Disclaimer: Since few good monitors are available without Wi-Fi functionality, I’ve also included some Wi-Fi-based ones for your reference. 

Best Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi & 2 Cameras 

Moonybaby No Wi-Fi Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras 

Moonybaby No Wi-Fi Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras

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  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Screen Size: 4.3 inches
  • Special Features: Auto night vision, 2-way talk, voice activation
  • Number Of Cameras: 2

The first baby monitor without Wi-Fi is this model from Moonybaby. A top pick for parents, the monitor comes with everything you would ask for under $120. 

To begin with, the product comprises 2 360° cameras and one 4.3 inches baby monitor. Thus, you can monitor your baby from two different locations by utilizing the split-screen functionality of the monitor. 

For the best views, you can also manually rotate the cameras.

Note: The monitor supports 4 cameras simultaneously. 

Talking about the setup, it’s pretty straightforward. Since there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity, a single power button push is all that’s required. 

The key highlight of the monitor is the power-saving mode. When turned on, it extends the battery life to 8 hours by switching OFF the screen but keeping the audio ON. Don’t worry; the screen will switch ON automatically as it senses your baby crying.  

There’s also an auto night vision mode. When you switch to it, you can see your little one in the dark. Hence, no need to keep the lights on. 

Do you often worry about your baby’s room temperature when you’re not around? This is a common worry among parents; thus, this Moonybaby monitor is equipped with a “room temperature monitoring” feature.  

The in-built sensors keep a constant tab on the room temperature and notify you through the monitor if anything is wrong. 

Lastly, the two-way talk feature lets you talk to your baby from your room. This comes in handy when the baby is crying or restless.  


  • Support for 4 cameras 
  • Power saving mode to avoid abrupt monitor shut off at night 
  • Best-in-class night vision 
  • Split-screen feature to keep a tab on multiple cameras simultaneously


  • No auto camera rotation 
  • Small monitor screen 

Check the Moonybaby No Wi-Fi Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras’ latest prices on Amazon.

Best VTech Baby Monitor With No Wi-Fi

VTech VM818HD Video Monitor

VTech VM818HD Video Monitor

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  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Screen Size: 5 inches
  • Special Features: No glare night vision, 2-way talk, wide angle true color 720p display
  • Number Of Cameras: 1

Are you looking for a cheap baby monitor under $100? If so, this VTech VM818HD baby monitor is a steal deal. And here’s why. 

Despite its low price tag, you get a wide 5 inches screen with OSD controls for easy navigation. As for the picture quality – it’s at par with other high-end models. Thus, be it day or night, watch your baby’s little moves in 720p high definition. 

On the security front, the monitor is fully secured and transmitted via an internal 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology. Hence, no one can tap into the monitor or hack it. 

For restless babies who start crying out of nowhere during peak night, VTech has also installed a soft night light and lullaby feature. Controlled from the parent unit’s settings, you can turn on soft night light or play 4 calming ambient sounds and 5 peaceful melodies from the camera to soothe the baby. 

If these don’t work, you can also turn on the two-way mic and speak to your baby without going to the other room. 

Since a too high or too cold room temperature can also cause discomfort to babies, the monitor automatically senses any abrupt change in the room temperature. If so, you’ll be alarmed via the parent unit to act suitably. 


  • Nine soothing system sounds for restless babies 
  • Plug & play functionality 
  • 2-way communication from a 1000-ft range 
  • Decent battery life of the monitor


  • Picture quality slightly dips at night 
  • Average build of the camera

Check the VTech Upgraded Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor’s latest prices on Amazon.

Best Baby Monitor With Screen & App

VTech Upgraded Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

VTech Upgraded Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

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  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Screen Size: 5 inches
  • Special Features: Auto night vision, 2-way talk, motion sensor, sound activation
  • Number Of Cameras: 1

If you’re interested in a Wi-Fi-supported baby monitor, here’s what I’ve got. This smart baby monitor from VTech is truly “smart” to look after your baby while you’re away. 

The product comprises one 360° camera and a 720p True-Color wide-angle screen. Hence, you get sharp and crisp images of your little one, which has 7x more pixels than other monitor screens. 

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can pair your monitor to the official MyVTech Baby app (available on Android & iOS) and track your baby on the go! At home, you don’t need any Wi-Fi or an app. 

As for the camera, it enables 4x and 7x local and digital zooms, respectively. You can do both remotely if you want to focus on the baby alone or look around the room. And don’t worry about the streaming quality, as the integrated CMOS lens ensures HD video streaming.

Other features of the camera include built-in auto day/night vision, 120° broad angle view, temperature sensor, lullaby player, and two-way talk. I recommend keeping the camera close to your baby’s crib to best use the last three features.

Overall, this VTech intelligent baby monitor is “smart” enough to keep all your worries at bay. 


  • The best monitor for on-the-go monitoring 
  • Works with and without Wi-Fi 
  • Free access to the MyVTech app 
  • Highest picture quality from all viewing angles


  • Quite complicated setup
  • No night light

Check the VTech Upgraded Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor’s latest prices on Amazon.

Best Baby Monitor With Wi-Fi

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

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  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Screen Size: 5 inches
  • Special Features: Auto night vision, 2-way talk, humidity sensor, cry detection
  • Number Of Cameras: 1

If the above monitor’s 720p video quality doesn’t impress you, this ARENTI baby monitor will surely leave you in awe of its 2K UHD video streaming (on the app!)

One of my favorites on this list, the monitor features a 5 inches wide LCD screen that’s big enough to cover your baby’s entire room from any angle. You can further 4x zoom in or zoom out per your requirements. 

Note: Don’t forget to use the camera’s 355° pan and 60° tilt functionality to cover every angle when viewing your baby. 

Despite being Wi-Fi-based, you need not worry about your privacy or security as the monitor uses robust encryption technology, providing additional protection layers. As a result, no one can tap into your baby monitor to see what’s happening inside the house. 

Another cool aspect of this baby monitor from ARENTI is its built-in FAT32 SD card storage worth 256 GB of space. Hence, you can capture your baby’s funny moments in videos or screenshots to enjoy later. 

Other features include the standard night vision mode, temperature & humidity monitoring, sound sensitivity adjustments, etc. In addition, this baby monitor unit has dedicated sensors for your baby’s motion detection, cry detection, etc. Isn’t it cool?

Lastly, you can set up to 4 feeding periods in the monitor. And the monitor will notify you of the same. 


  • Built-in Alexa/Google support for voice control 
  • 4 times feeding reminders 
  • Electronic fence feature to alarm you if the baby goes outside the camera view 
  • 2K video quality, irrespective of day or night


  • Only 1 camera setup 
  • Battery life could be better

Check the ARENTI Video Baby Monitor’s latest prices on Amazon.

Best Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi FAQs 

  • What Baby Monitors Do Not Need Wi-Fi?

Ans: Baby monitors with radio frequency (RF) functionality do not need Wi-Fi for streaming anything on the parent’s monitor unit.   

  • Are Baby Monitors With Wi-Fi Safe?

Ans: No, not entirely. Baby monitors with Wi-Fi are both safe and unsafe. They are safe as your baby isn’t exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation as in RF-based baby monitors.

On the other hand, baby monitors with Wi-Fi are unsafe due to potential privacy breaches, as such monitors are hackable. 

  • Can I Travel With A Baby Monitor?

Ans: Yes, you can travel with a baby monitor. 


Here you go, peeps. That’s everything you should know about the best baby monitor without Wi-Fi. Whether traveling without your little munchkin or unable to be at their side all day long, a baby monitor has your back. 

From helping you monitor your baby’s movements from a distance to sleep training, these monitors from the 1940s have come a long way. 

But which baby monitor should I choose? This depends on your desired features, such as night vision, 1 or 2 cameras, two-way talk, lullabies, etc. 

Thus, analyze your requirements and keep a 24/7 tab on your baby.

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