How To Make Projector Screen at Home & Can You Hang Them From Ceiling?

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Can You Hang Them From Ceiling?

If you are dissatisfied with your usual TV set and want to build your home theatre, then you would need to invest in a projector for the full cinematic experience. You will need a projector screen on the wall where the images will be projected onto, just like in the cinema.

If you prefer to create your own screen, then you would be happy to know that this is completely doable. After all, you might prefer to design your own that will fit the room where your home theatre will be. Another common question is whether you can install it from the ceiling instead of the wall. This is also possible, and below you will learn how to do it.

Creating Your Own Projector Screen

There are many projector screens for sale in your electronics store or wherever you purchased your projector. These are normally ready to be installed on the wall, and they come with the instructions and materials needed. If you choose not to buy them or if you prefer a different size, then you can also build your own.

Building your own frame means you need to buy the materials. There are flexible options, and there are stiffer materials you can choose from. They can be stretched to a wooden frame, with flexible raw materials the easier choice. When looking for the right material for the screen, ask at the hardware store or an expert for advice. Otherwise, you might end up with a project too difficult for you to build.

There are also techniques you can choose from when building your screen, either using a wrap technique or a non-wrap technique. Both are great ways of creating your screen, so you can do a bit of research to find out which method you prefer.

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Moreover, there are projector screen kits you can purchase instead of having to buy each piece yourself. There are also hanging kits available for sale out there to make it easier for you to attach it to the wall or to the ceiling if you prefer.

While these are your options for creating your own projector screen, you might still find buying it ready to mount the easiest.

Where To Hang Your Projector Screen?

The most obvious way to install your projector screen is to attach it to a wall opposite to the projector. But if you want to build your home theatre in a different place, like in a den or in a spot where a wall installation is complicated, then you can hang it from the ceiling or get a stander.

A stander is a good idea if you do not want a permanent screen installed, but it may not be as flat and stable as a wall or ceiling attachment. But before you decide how to attach it, you need to find the perfect place for it.

The best location for a screen is in the part of the room that has no direct light. Any light hitting the screen will create a washed-out image. The solution is to find the right corner without direct light or by blocking this light. A third option is to use an ambient light rejecting screen.

The next step is to plan how high the screen will be. A general suggestion is about 24 to 36 inches off of the floor (measuring from the bottom of the screen).

However, if you will have more than one row of seats, you will need to install it a little higher so that the people in the back have a clear line of sight. You also need to make sure there is enough space below for other equipment like the entertainment centre or centre speaker.

Try to picture the seats where they will be and check how they will be looking into the screen, whether it is too high or low. A rule of thumb is that the viewer does not have to look up more than a 15-degree angle.

projector screen diy

Installing The Projector Screen

Based on these dimensions and how the room is like, you can decide how to install your projector screen. While a wall attachment is easier if your screen is too small to hang from the ceiling, you shouldn’t rule it out as an option just yet.

Most screens come with a set of tools needed to mount it, but there are other products you can buy if you want to hang it from the ceiling. In fact, it shouldn’t be much of a trouble to install it anywhere you want, as long as there is a wall or a ceiling to attach it to.

Before you make it final, you might want to see how it works out. Either have someone hold it out or try to hang it temporarily first before checking the picture quality before making holes in the ceiling or wall. You will also want to check how the projector will be installed before setting everything up. Watch a few minutes (sitting on the actual seats you plan for the home theatre) to be sure that the dimensions are perfect.

When you are sure, simply follow the instructions of your wall or ceiling mount to finish your brand-new home theatre.

Completing Your Home Theatre

Beyond finding the right spot and way to install the projector and the screen, you will want to consider the whole home theatre experience. For example, some people prefer having a completely dark room, so you would need window blinds.

If you also install your projector screen from the ceiling, you need to reduce any strong wind flow or anything that can move the screen. They usually have a sturdy frame, but unless it is mounted on a wall, you can still expect the screen to be movable. This can severely affect the quality of your movie-watching experience.

The best thing about designing your own home theatre is that you can design it any way you want, especially since there are tons of materials out there to help you custom create and install it. In the end, you get your dream cinema without leaving your house.

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