How to Connect Alexa to SmartThings and Set It Up (Updated)

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By this time, you’ve probably heard enough of Alexa to know what she, or rather, it is. Alexa is the newest toy in the street because it has helped a lot of people do other things than do manual labour.

Just say “Alexa”, and it will play, turn on or off, start, or do whatever it is that you ask them to.

But there is one thing that Alexa lacks - the ability to think ahead and to make things more automatic for you.

What does this mean? Well, Alexa is a stand-alone device that just connects to other home appliances and fixtures in order for them to control it. However, you always have to give the Alexa command in order for these things to happen.

What if you don’t need to bark out commands? What if you just set your schedule in your home and everything just does what it is supposed to do without you saying it? That’s where SmartThings come in.

What is SmartThings?


Before getting all confused with SmartThings and Alexa, the former is a Samsung app that converts your home into a smarter place. It is literally the personal assistant you never asked for.

In a nutshell, SmartThings connect to your other smart devices (like lights, airconditioning units, sprinklers, etc.) so that you can control and monitor them. By controlling them, you can set when it’s supposed to go on and off depending on your schedule.

For monitoring them, you’ll know if your smart appliances need maintenance or if it’s working correctly or efficiently.

Can I Connect SmartThings with Alexa?

Yes, you can connect the two. The added value you get here is that you can activate voice commands through Alexa and set it all on SmartThings.

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How Do I Set Up Alexa and SmartThings?

smarthings connections to alexa

If you want to connect Alexa and SmartThings, here is a step-by-step guide to set it up. Don’t worry, this guide is straightforward and fast to do so your way to having a smart home is just a few clicks away.

Step 1: Download all the apps.

Before you get to set it up, download the mobile app of SmartThings and Amazon Alexa. You can find them in the Play Store or in the AppStore for Android or iOS, respectively. It would also be better if you set up your Alexa now if you haven’t.

Step 2: Connect it through the app.

This is why you need the Amazon Alexa app first. When you enter the app, go to the Home menu, which is found in the bottom right. It’s the “house” shape.

  • Scroll down to the “Your Smart Home Skills” and enable it.
  • Once this is enabled, search for “SmartThings” and enable it, too.
  • You will now be asked to enter your SmartThings app to connect the Alexa and SmartThings.
  • If you don’t have a Samsung or a SmartThings account yet, you can go to the SmartThings app first and create an account. It’s important that you have this ready because as you’ve seen, you need your SmartThings account to connect it to the Alexa app.

Step 3: Login.

When you already have the SmartThings account, you go back to the Alexa app to complete the connection. All you need to do now is place your account details, log in, and then authorize your SmartThings location.

When you log in, you will see a “From” field where you place your location. If your SmartThings device is connected to your home, then place your home here.

Take note that you can use Alexa to control several devices. There’s also an option where you choose which devices Alexa has access to.

FAQs on Connecting Alexa with SmartThings

smartthings with alexa

1> Are there other Amazon devices that can be connected with SmartThings?

Yes, there are other devices that you can connect with SmartThings. Some of them are the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot. If you want to connect them to your SmartThings app, you can do so following the same steps mentioned here.

2> Can you use Alexa for different SmartThings locations?

Unfortunately, you cannot add more than one SmartThings location to an Alexa app. However, one of the newest features that will soon be launched is using several Amazon accounts to control SmartThings in different locations.

3> Can you use more than one Alexa on the same SmartThings locations?

On the other hand, you can connect more than one Alexa to a single SmartThings location. Usually, this is helpful if you have several Alexa’s spread around your home.

However, before you add them to the SmartThings app, you have to connect these Alexa devices first on your Amazon account.

After you’ve done this, you can now follow the same steps above to connect the other Alexa devices.

4> How do you unlock or lock your door using Alexa and SmartThings?

First, you have to connect your lock to the SmartThings app. Do this before installing your lock on the door. Once you’re done, install the lock and then connect it to Alexa.

Usually, Alexa finds new devices that are connected to your SmartThings app. If you’ve seen your lock, tap on it and enable “unlock by app” or “unlock by voice”.

5> What are SmartThings Routines?

You’ve probably heard of SmartThings Routines. Routines is a single command that does several tasks. For example, if you use the default setting “Good Morning!”, then this creates a set of tasks associated with starting your day.

You can set if the lights will turn on, the door unlocks, the airconditioning unit turns off, and other commands that you need to be done in the morning.

SmartThings has other default Routines like Good Night, Goodbye, and I’m back. You can edit these default commands and do customized routines.

You can create a new Routine under the “Automations” tab > SmartApps > Amazon Alexa.

Overall, there’s so much you can do with both Alexa and SmartThings. If you have the time, it’s highly encouraged that you tinker with it a little bit so you can discover other features and commands that will make your life easier.

After all, both apps are compelling, and they can do a variety of tasks.

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