Ultimate Review of the Best Smart Lock in 2023

Best Smart Locks

Did you just tug that main door to lock it? The deadbolt needs some checking, maybe? Oh, gosh, you didn’t forget to lock the door before driving away for work, did you? This happens quite often to some of us, right? We know how annoying it can get. Imagine wondering if you locked the door or not and having to go back and check it. Sigh! 

And let’s not even talk about the keys. Among the thousands of things we need to carry, taking care of a tiny key is no small feat. We can’t always be fully organized, can we? There are way too many things to deal with, and things tend to slip from the mind. 

There is no point in blaming ourselves for it. But keeping the home safe and secure is important just as having the keys to open the lock and walk in after a long day. So how do we manage to make sure of it? Is there a smart way to ensure that our home is safe from intruders, and we don’t have to worry about misplaced keys?

Yes, there is. The question has the answer. What? Smart, of course. Aha, now you get it. Perfect. Let’s talk about smart locks then. From seeing how smart these locks can be to how much protection they provide and understanding which smart lock is right for your home, we are going to deal with the best smart locks in detail. 

All that you will need to know about smart locks will be here, or at least, most of the information you need to gather. What are you going to do with these details? Yeah, we know. You want to buy and install the best smart lock for your home, obviously!

Shall we get started? Let’s go and learn about the best smart locks available in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick




Mobile App

Smart Devices


3.4 x 2.22 x 3.4 inches



Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri

10 x 4.6 x 4.5 inches



Alexa, Google Assistant

5.5 x 5.5 x 10 inches




Other Great Recommendations

3.54 x 5.51 x 9.29 inches




4.50 x 3 x 8 inches



HomeKit, Alexa

Best Top 5 Smart Locks in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Smart Locks in the Market for the Money

August Home Smart Lock Pro - Editor’s Choice 

The first place on our list and the editor’s choice of the best smart lock goes to none other than August Home Smart Lock Pro. It comes as no surprise that this lock grabs the first position. The lock comes with a Wi-Fi bridge connector, a door sensor, an adapter, the required hardware to install the look, and 4 AA batteries. 

Whether it is the installation, the mobile app, or pairing with the smart devices at home, Lock Pro is undoubtedly one of the best options to choose for your home. It has a one-year manufacturer warranty, and we haven’t had any issues with the lock so far. 

Take a look at the below details to know more about how the lock works. 

August Home August Smart Lock Pro + Connect with Wi-Fi Bridge

Features & Benefits 


Lock Pro is a third-generation smart lock from August Home. It is especially known for its looks, though. The design is a simple round in metal. While it is not attractive, we can’t say it looks bad. The best part is that the lock covers only the back part of the door. It works will single-cylinder deadbolts, which can be replaced if the lock malfunctions. It sure makes us feel better, doesn’t it? 


Installing Lock Pro is one of the easiest things to do according to us. Some smart locks can get really messy, but not this one. All you need to do is put an adhesive on the other side of the deadbolt so that it doesn’t move. Then remove the thumb turn and backplate on the other side. Install the mounting plate of Lock Pro in that place and then choose the right adapter to connect to the deadbolt. This is a crucial step.  

Make sure you fix the adapter backward. Then fit in the smart lock, remove the faceplate, check the batteries, and close it again. That’s it. Simple, right? 


After the latest updates, the August Home app is super cool and very easy. Setting up a new device (lock) hardly takes any time. If you already own an August lock, it is even simpler to add the new lock to this app. 

The new Door Sensor allows you to control, lock, and unlock the door remotely.. It also has an auto-locking and unlocking feature, which for us, is the biggest plus point. It saves us the worry of having to remember about locking the door, doesn’t it? 


August claims that it is one of the first brands to create a smart lock that obeys commands from Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. The lock is easy to use (there isn’t much you have to do to lock it). Another thing we love is that Lock Pro+ comes with a Wi-Fi Bridge adapter that makes it super simple to connect and pair with all smart devices at home. We haven’t experienced any connectivity issues, either. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Auto-locking and unlocking 
  • Can be used with most standard deadbolts 


  • The design isn’t as attractive 
  • The lock is bulky 

See August Home Smart Lock Pro Price on Amazon

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro - Best 6-in-1 Deadbolt 

What makes U-Bolt Pro take the second place on our list? The answer is simple. This is one of the best locks that can be used in six different ways. Yes! You can lock or unlock using the mobile app, your fingerprint, voice command, a keypad that comes with the lock, and the regular door key. Isn’t that amazing? 

Thrown in remote locking to the list, and we have a highly worthy smart lock to talk about. While it does have a few issues such as working on doors only with a thickness between 33m and 50 mm, it has a lot of plus points that make it a desirable lock. Shall we know more about U-Bolt Pro? Yes, please.  

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint and Keypad

Features & Benefits 


We must admit that U-Bolt Pro looks quite classy and attractive. It does score a point in this department. Made of Zinc alloy material, the lock has the fingerprint scanner in the center, surrounded by a circular keypad. 

The keyhole is hidden behind the keypad. To access it, you have to pull out the keypad and fold it down. It’s like a secret method that no one else would know. At the bottom, under the rubber cover, is the slot for a micro USB port in case the internal batteries die. 


Installing U-Bolt Pro is again very easy. It is similar to how you install August Lock Pro. Remove the existing lock assembly and fix this in that place while attaching the wires. The only thing you need to be careful about is the tailpiece. If the door isn’t too thick, the tailpiece has to be trimmed out. And just make sure you don’t overtight the screws. 


U-tec mobile app works on iOS and Android devices with ease. The button in the app glows green when the door is unlocked and red when it is locked. You can check the timeline of activity, the battery level, enable and disable fingerprint and auto-lock features. The app also has a Magic Shake feature, which isn’t fully useful as yet. 


Connecting to the app and creating an account hardly takes any time. Besides this, you can lock and unlock the door in many ways as per your convenience at that moment. Connecting to Wi-Fi is also simple, thanks to the bridge that comes with the lock. You can also buy the lock without the bridge. We are just a wee bit sad that U-Bolt Pro doesn’t work with Apple Homekit. You can also connect to IFTTT. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Comes with the Wi-Fi Bridge 
  • Has auto-lock feature 
  • Has fingerprint sensing feature  
  • Anti-peep keypad  


  • Doesn’t work with Siri (Apple Homekit)
  • Works better on thick doors 

See ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Price on Amazon

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave - Best for Z-Wave Users

Yale Assure is a smart and decent lock that works great with HomeKit, Z-Wave smart integrations. If you have any of these or are planning to buy them, Yale Assure would be a good choice for a smart lock. The design is quite elegant and neat, which also results in some complications if you are not careful. 

Before you worry about it, let us assure you that with a little care, you can avoid that problem from arising. Read on to know how and what other advantages Yale Assure has to offer. 

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

Features & Benefits 


The lock comes in four cool shades, all of which are equally beautiful. Unlike other deadbolts, that can be locked and unlocked from outside, Yale Assure has only the keypad on the outside. This does worry some people as they fear they might be locked out off their own hones. Especially without any backup key to help them get in. 

You will need to connect a 9V battery to the lock and open the door. While carrying a battery can be a pain, you can avoid the mishap by keeping an eye on the low-battery warning the app shows. Yep. That’s safer, right? 


You get all that you will need to install the lock along with it. The process is similar to installing the deadbolt. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to have the required tools and items within reach before you start installing the lock. The kit has screws of different lengths so that you can pick the one according to the thickness of the door. 


The Yale smart app is quite simple and straightforward. It doesn’t have too many functions as the focus is more on connecting the lock to SmartThings and HomeKit network. However, you can get notifications for low battery, change codes, and more. It supports multiple homes but isn’t a full HomeKit app. 


The lock is highly responsive to commands through HomeKit. You can use Siri or Alexa through HomeKit connection to give voice commands to the lock. The lock as auto-locking and unlocking feature and can be controlled from a remote location through the app. 


  • Clean and neat design 
  • Can connect with any smart hub at home
  • Simple and easy programming 
  • Keypad backlighting 


  • No backup key 
  • Needs external battery if internal ones die

See Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Price on Amazon

Reagle Smart Lock - Best for HomeKit Integration 

If you are looking for a reliable smart lock that works without Wi-Fi, Reagle Smart lock is for you. It uses Bluetooth to detect your presence and unlock the door. You can lock the door with one push of a button. The lock looks stylish and sits well on different doors. 

We like its looks from the outside. Also, we love how easy it is to install and use the lock through the app. The only issue we have with this lock is that it can be connected only to HomeKit and controlled through Siri. If this is what you have at home, you’ll have no trouble using this lock. Why don’t you take a look at other details as well? 

Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt

Features & Benefits 


The lock comes in two colors, Dark Bronze and Satin Nickel. Both of them manage to look modern, stylish, and cute. The use of Gateway to add more connectivity to the app is a plus from our side. The lock needs 4 AA batteries and weighs around 2.73 pounds. 


Installing Reagle smart lock is one of the easiest things we’ve done in a while. All we needed to do was follow the instructions given the manual. It just takes a few minutes to fix it on the door before you can go ahead and start pairing it with HomeKit. Just be careful not to use an electric drill to make holes in the door for the screws. 


The initial app connectivity can take a bit of time if there is the latest firmware update. Once done, the app works like a charm, sending you notifications and allowing you to lock and unlock the door. Pairing with HomeKit was again quite easy as we simply followed the instructions that came with the lock. 


With the app, two backup keys, and a backlit keypad, there is nothing complex or tough about using this lock. The only point to remember is that the backside of the lock is made of plastic and can break if the door bangs the wall. 


  • Easy app usage 
  • Auto-lock feature 
  • Wi-Fi not needed
  • Comes with two keys 


  • Works only with Apple HomeKit
  • The lock’s backside is made of plastic 

See Reagle Smart Lock Price on Amazon

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt - Best Sturdy Smart Lock 

What we love the best about this lock are the strength and material. The lock doesn’t just look sturdy and imposing; it is very strong and has been certified as commercial-grade. That alone gives us relief that the lock cannot be broken or tampered with easily. 

Apart from the fact that there is no support for Android, we love just about everything else the lock has to offer. Shall we check out what they are? Oh, yes. 

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim

Features & Benefits 


The lock is strong, reliable, and durable. It looks simple yet elegant with a keypad on the top and a keyhole at the bottom. It is neither too big nor too small and is a perfect fit for most main doors. The lock is available in three colors- Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze, and Matte Black. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for electronics, and lifetime warranty for mechanics and finish. 


All you need is one screwdriver to install the lock. Yes, really. Some people said it took them a while to figure it out (due to its size), but we were lucky enough to get it done and dusted in around 15 minutes. Yeah. That’s how long it takes to fix a deadbolt, right? You did notice that most of the smart locks we listed are easy to install, right? 


Do you have Apple TV at home? You can manage and monitor the lock remotely. That’s because it is fully HomeKit-enabled and is very easy to connect to the network. You can also use Siri to give it instructions if you are within the Bluetooth range. 

Apart from the app, you can also use the smudge-proof keypad or the backup key to unlock the door. Do you know that you can assign as many as 30 different codes to the lock? Yes. It’s that useful. 


To start using the lock, you’ll need to set it up in the app first. Once you get it connected, you can track history, create codes, add and delete them, and get notifications about locking and unlocking. You can set alerts and access (in three modes- temporary, recurring, always) through the app. The lock accepts voice commands through Apple HomeKit and Siri.  


  • ANSI Grade 1 rating 
  • Easy to install 
  • Super sturdy and complete deadbolt
  • Seamless connectivity at all times 


  • Doesn’t have an auto-lock feature
  • Doesn’t support Android

See Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Price on Amazon

Best Smart Lock Buying Guide 

Best Smart Locks Buying Guide

That’s an impressive list, isn’t it? Look at all those features these locks have. We so love them for the safety and convenience they provide. But knowing which lock to choose and what factors to consider is equally important. The last thing you want is to buy a lock that doesn’t suit your main door, right? 

Before we dive into the factors to consider, we’ve got something more important. What is it you ask? Take a look below. Let’s see the benefits smart locks offer over ordinary locks. Knowing the benefits will also help in decision making, isn’t it?

Benefits of Installing Smart Locks

The peace of mind you have when you know that your home is safe cannot be compared to anything other emotion. It’s as if the weight is off your shoulders, and you can tackle the world with ease. Is that right? Yep. It has always been that way for us. And why not? Home is a safe haven. It’s a place where we feel secure and happy. Whether we are inside the home or working outside, knowing that our comfort zone is protected gives us a lot of strength. 

  • Extra Safety: Cracking the passcode of a smart lock is quite hard for intruders. And you are going to get an alert about it on your mobile phone. Prying the door open when it has a smart lock is difficult compared to regular locks. 
  • Entry without Keys: We’ve talked about misplaced keys, haven’t we? Why worry anymore when you can enter the passcode on the keypad, give your fingerprint, or use your mobile app to unlock the door. Moreover, you can give guests special passcode from them to unlock the door. This way, you will know who entered your home and when.  
  • Voice Commands: Why use your hands at all to unlock the door? So how do you do it? Voice commands, of course. Pair the lock with Alexa or Google Assistant and voila, order it to open and close. 
  • Smart Home: Well, smart isn’t limited to opening and closing doors. Then what? We’ll tell you. Before that, let us ask, how many of you are afraid of stepping into a dark house after opening the door? Do you hate groping in the dark for the light switch? Worry no more. Smart locks when paired with smart home devices can turn on/ off the lights as you want. Yes! Wonderful, isn’t it?  
  • Automatic Locking Feature: We can’t tell you how much we love this feature. All we have to do is program the locking schedule, and we’re done. The smart lock is smart enough to lock itself. You don’t have to worry about being in a rush. 
  • Lock and Unlock in Many Ways: The same smart lock can be locked and unlocked in many ways. Use the key that comes with it. Use voice commands. Use biometric locking feature. Use your smartphone. Phew! Use whatever suits you. 
  • Keypad with Backlight: Do you always come home late at night? Instead of struggling with the bags and mobile phones and the lack of proper light, a keypad with backlight would solve the problem, isn’t it? 

Can you think of more benefits? Yes? That’s great. It goes to show how valuable smart locks can be for a home. Now, why not make a note of the factors you need to consider when selecting smart locks? These are important too, aren’t they? 

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Smart Locks 

While there can be many factors you will need to consider, we’ve listed some of the most important ones. 

  • Do You Want to Replace or Refit?

Not all of us want to replace the doorknob with a smart lock. Why? If we’ve designed our home with a certain theme in mind, a metallic lock is going to look quite odd, especially if you have an antique-looking door with intricate carvings. So do you have to compromise on safety and convenience? No way. 

Not all smart locks need to replace your existing locks. They can be fixed on the inside of the door by replacing the deadbolt. You can use your keys or the smartphone app to lock and unlock the door

  • How Does Alternate Entry Work?

Forgetting keys can be managed. But what if you forget your phone? Ouch! That would be tough. Not exactly! If you have a smart lock that has a touchpad or a mechanical pad, you won’t need to use your phone to unlock the door. Phew! That’s the advantage with smart locks. 

  • Do You like Geofencing?

Don’t you like locking and unlocking the door when you go out and come home? We’ve got a solution for you. Geofencing will detect you in the vicinity and do the job for you. Feels like royalty, isn’t it? How cool it would be! 

  • Did You Consider Battery and Power Backup?

Smart locks operate on battery. But batteries have a problem with life span, don’t they? You don’t want the batteries to die and lock you out, do you? Don’t fret. Smart locks allow you to open them in different ways. Whether you use a key or connect with an external battery, you won’t be locked outside or inside no matter the battery life. 

  • How Smart Should the Lock Be?

Now, this question can be confusing. We understand. But what we want you to think about is what smart features you wish for the lock to have. Some ‘smart’ locks are not smart enough to work with apps or voice commands. They are just another version of electronic locks with a keypad and alternate means to unlock the door. You wouldn’t want to spend as much on a lock that isn’t really smart, would you?  

  • Do You Want a Smart Home?

If you already have Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, or Apple TV, you would invariably want a smart lock that can be paired with these devices so that you can schedule, sync, and connect them to as per your convenience. While most smart locks have Bluetooth connectivity, not all of them can be paired with smart home devices. 

  • Which Type of Smart Lock Do You Prefer?

Even though there are quite a few types of smart locks, two of them are most common. One is the touchscreen, and another is the mechanical keypad. Each has its advantages, and it depends on your preference to choose which is more convenient. 

Some touchscreen models also have fingerprint/ biometric locking facility. Others mostly make sure that they are fingerprint-resistant so that intruders cannot guess your passcode. Mechanical keypads have tiny buttons that may wear out over time. But these models also have manual keyholes so that you can use the key to lock and unlock the door. 

  • What are the Dimensions of the Door?

Smart locks are indeed universal. They should work with any door and any dimension. But that’s not always the case. The sizes of smart locks are different based on the models and brands. Some have a different design that may not fit on your existing door. You wouldn’t have to change the door to fix the lock, right? Unless the door is very old and starting to lose its strength. 

  • Do You Want to Provide Guest Access? 

Some smart locks allow you to provide a temporary passcode for guests. You can delete these codes once the guests leave. That way, you don’t have to share your passcode with them or keep changing it each time you have guests over at home. Also, you will get mobile notifications about the number of times the guest passcode has been used and at what point of the day.


Do you have all the information saved with you? We hope you do and that you also understood how to choose the best smart lock for your home. Warranty, installation, and maintenance are a few other factors you will need to consider when investing in a smart lock. Check the best locks listed above and pick the one that matches your requirements. We have a feeling you already selected yours. Did you? If yes, do let us know. Have a happy home.

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Will the speaker pair to my devices when in the water?

The Bluetooth signal will work in the depth of one meter, and this means your waterproof speaker can lose a signal if the water is too much and deeper. Ensure the pairing options are within the range to get a clear signal.

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